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Dark Overlord Hacker Group Threatens To Release 9/11 Documents Unless They’re Paid

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Dark Overlord Hacker Group Threatens To Release 9/11 Documents Unless They're Paid

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Starting from December 31st, the Dark Overlord hacker group began threatening that it would leak more than 18,000 “secret” documents stolen from insurers and government agencies, claiming that it contained the truth of 9/11.

The group said they were putting the documents up for auction.

“If you’re a terrorist organization such as ISIS/, Al-Qaeda, or a competing nation-state of the USA such as China or Russia, you’re welcome to purchase our trove of documents,” they said. “What we’ll be releasing is the truth. The truth about one of the most recognizable incidents in recent history and one which is shrouded in mystery with little transparency and not many answers.”

Initial MSM reports claimed that it was just insurance litigation that the hacker group had stolen and threaten to release. However it seems that there are at least some classified and confidential documents “from FAA, FBI, TSA, USDOJ, and others.”

As proof, the group released a few “teaser documents” for everybody to see:

They requested to be paid in bitcoin in order not to leak the documents. Furthermore, on January 1st the group said it would provide a limited number of keys to specific news publishers.

In the early hours of January 2nd, the group said it was releasing the first key for the “preview_documents” container. Veracrypt could be used to decrypt it and see the contents:

And the key is the following:

Anybody that would like their name redacted from the document can contact the group and, for a fee, have it removed.

The group also claimed that it was behind the April 2018 Hiscox hacking. The firm acknowledges could have exposed 1,500 of its US commercial policyholders. The Dark Overlord claims that while their ransom was paid in relation to that earlier hack, their victim violated the “agreement” by cooperating with law enforcement, necessitating further extortion.

“Hiscox Syndicates Ltd and Lloyds of London are some of the biggest insurers on the planet insuring everything from the smallest policies to some of the largest policies on the planet, and who even insured structures such as the World Trade Centers,” Dark Overlord said.

Furthermore, it hacked “a major and very dodgy offshore investment bank” advantagelife.com:

It appears that the group’s efforts are starting to ramp up. They initially got some friction when they leaked the latest season of Orange Is The New Black in May 2017, after receiving a $50,000 ransom. The hacker group claimed responsibility for the online leak of unreleased episodes of ABC’s new competition reality series Funderdome.

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Pave Way IV

Sure… because who wouldn’t want to see slimy insurers, lawyers Deep State pay up to keep their secrets secret? Oh wait… thedarkoverlord has a backup ‘compensation’ plan:

“… However, in the interest of public awareness and transparency, we’re officially announcing our tiered compensation plan. Below, we’ll announce the required cost to release each layer of damaging documents that are filled with new truths, never before seen. There’s only one way we can be paid: Bitcoin. There’s two ways for you to pay us: you can acquire BTC on your own and send it to our address and build the pool directly, or you can bundle into groups and communities and create…”

So it looks like they don’t expect to get paid by the insurance company and decided to shake down the little people, instead. Trust us. Stick with the plan. This already smells like a bad GCHQ script. I’ll gladly stand corrected if there’s anything earth-shattering or unknown here, but I’m guessing people will lose interest in the boring, irrelevant docs by checkpoint 05.


Checkpoint 01 – 250 USD of BTC = 25 ‘random’ documents from Layer 1. Checkpoint 02 – 500 USD of BTC = 25 ‘random’ documents from Layer 1. Checkpoint 03 – 750 USD of BTC = 40 ‘random’ documents from Layer 1. Checkpoint 04 – 1.000 USD of BTC = 50 ‘random’ documents from Layer 1.

Layer_1.container – 5.000 USD of BTC (All Layer 1 Documents)

Checkpoint 05 – 6.500 USD of BTC = 50 ‘random’ documents from Layer 2. Checkpoint 06 – 8.500 USD of BTC = 50 ‘random’ documents from Layer 2…

all the way up to $2 million for all of ‘Layer_5’ documents.

Pave Way IV

Aaaaand… it’s gone.

https://twitter.com/lor65/status/1080513229384810497 It’s all part of the plan. God damn it, TRUST THE PLAN!

[I did, and now I’m making over $25,000 a month from home on the internet. You can, too!]

Mr Bray

In my experience, coded messages for those intended to see them are often hidden in plain sight. Simple things like a claim for ‘shipping container P2’ can point people in the direction of something very important and incriminating.

As a very imple example, posting on facebook a photo of a receipt for a hotel room, would mean nothing to almost anyone, other than the adulterous person and his guest that night. Should other information be alluded to, ie the full guest details, or even other photographs of a more personal nature, then this gives tremdous leaverage.

My comment above regarding 9/11 disclosure may be interesting.

Zionism = EVIL

Don’t forget the dancing Jew “arts students” filming and dancing in Brooklyn :)

Pave Way IV

Well, THAT escalated quickly. thedarkoverlord booted from Twitter, so they moved to Steemit. https://steemit.com/@thedarkoverlord The BitCoins have been rolling in from an interested public, and they have published keys for all of Layer 1 and checkpoints 06 and 07 of Layer 2. Nothing particularly interesting from what I’ve managed to see so far except the FBI and TSA trying to protect their ‘secrets’ from the lawyers and WTC1 storing 6000 gallons of diesel fuel on the 21st floor for the emergency generators prior to 9/11. Even the New York Fire Department didn’t think that was a particularly safe practice.

thedarkoverlord also has some compelling dox with pics on a few Brit celeb’s boob jobs I’ve never heard of. That is, I’ve never heard of the Brit celebs listed, much less their obvious ‘work’. But back to the boring legal docs, etc:

“9/11 Papers” MegaLeak – Layer 1 + Checkpoint 03, 04, 05, 06, & 07: Cyber-Cash For Cyber-Cache

You can call me Al

Something does not feel or sit right about this to me.

Mr Bray

You are correct to feel that way. See my comment above regarding 9/11 disclosure.


I’ve got some oceanfront in Kansas for sale

Mr Bray

There is is a much (much!) bigger issue going on here behind the scenes.

The following may be very difficult for some people to comprehend, that is why very few people have worked out the link (although some can ‘sense’ there is more to this). Sadly most people are still clueless and wont ‘get it’ unless a government official explains it to them on TV.

Basicaly this 9/11 documents hack, and the Kerch Strait incident of November 2018, are linked to full 9/11 disclosure.

To be more specific, it is all to do with forcing full-disclosure that the 9/11 twin-towers demolition was the result of non-conventional explosives (for those who are still clueless, the twin towers were demolished using compact neutron type demolition devices).

This was to be exposed in mid 2019 by the Russians, during the trial and prosecution of the British Agents captured during the Kerch Straight / Crimea bridge incident of November 2018.

The public were to be presented with many ‘parellel revalations’ during the Kerch Strait incident trials, including confirmation of the existance of small size, low-yeild nuclear devices (they burn very very hot – ideal for melting steel – but provide little in the way of blast and radiation making them ideal for use in populated areas, or where collateral damage is not an option).

Footage of NATO and Soviet era nuclear demolition charges being detonated was to to be shown next to the twin towers falling and the various sizes/shapes/patterns of the explosion and clouds of dust.

The evidence to be presented, even without the actual recovered NATO SADM type device being presented (which was to be the icing on the evidential cake), was to be so compelling (and obvious) that even the ignorant could not fail to compare the two incidents and draw logical conclusions regarding the actual existance and actual use of such nuclear demolition devices, and therefore the truth about 9/11 without it actually being ‘officially’ disclosed.


Clearly some sort of deal/agreement/arrangement has been made between the US/UK and Russia not to pursue this matter as the Kerch Strait incident has been allowed to slide into oblivion.

Speculation suggests that the immediate pull out of US Spec Ops (to be followed by other deployed units afterwards) from both Ukraine and Syria, and potentially also Afghanistan, is linked to the agreement with Russia to let the nuclear demolition aspect of th Kerch Strait incident slide into the oblivion of the Orwellian memory hole.

It has also been sugested that the non-disclosure deal included the putting on a leash of extremist Ukrainian elements (regarding further provocations towards Russia and the calling off of any Donbass Christmas offensive / chemical false flag).

Fortunately, many people have already made the intellectual link between the Kerch Strait incident and 9/11 disclosure. The comparisions are actually quite obvious when considered by a working mind. Discussions have also apeared on Youtube, which means many more people will begin to get it. Two of the most interesting videos I have so far come accross are linked below:




Pave Way IV

Well then… that pretty much explains everything. I’ll inform the Commander-in-Chief immediately. He’s very interdasted in these… matters. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c24918c144d29681707163e68c12d2119b8821ad83b5311108c3db7b1233ac2a.gif


Very funny. Now who are these trolls?

AM Hants

I do like articles focusing on the work, plus, who is behind the ‘Integrity Initiative NGO’. It was thanks to ‘hackers’ that the works of the ‘Integrity Initiative’ became known, without the need for a ransom to be paid.

Integrity Initiative: How Media Promote Military Intelligence Propagandist Nimmo… https://sputniknews.com/europe/201901031071174759-nimmo-integrity-initiative-propagandist/

Kelli Hernandez

Whatever They would stop leaking if paid. All in the name of self interest and not that of the public or the 3,000 Americans on 9/11. Anyone with integrity or a true whistleblower would have already released for nothing This is just a MAJOR scam. They have nothing of value that exposed the major players who committed this crime.

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