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Dark Overlord Hacker Group Releases ‘2nd Layer’ Of Hacked 9/11 Files, Still Nothing Conclusive

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On January 9th, the Dark Overlord hacker group resurfaced, claiming that the group had reached its goal for the Layer 2 encryption key to the hacked documents relating to 9/11.

Layer 1 was released on January 2nd, however the groups posts from Facebook and Twitter have since been removed and its accounts banned.

“Layer 2” comprises over 7,500 files. Similarly to Layer 1, the 2nd batch provides no sensational information incriminating governments or officials.

“The newly released docs largely concern correspondence between insurance companies that were handling the claims stemming from the tragedy. They were discussing who the damages could be claimed for, with options ranging from airlines to the Federal Aviation Authority and terrorists. The litigators were also speculating on whether then-President George W. Bush or the Saudi royal family had foreknowledge of the attacks, but this correspondence fails to provide evidence of government involvement,” Sputnik reported.

Blaming US law enforcement agencies for preventing them from “speaking the truth”, The Dark Overlord has unblocked the next batch after it has reached a certain milestone of payments from a curious public.

“We can’t allow the mainstream media to silence the truth any longer. We must ensure their propaganda is crushed by the truths we’re dealing today”, a statement said.

After apparently failing to secure the ransom, the group then took bitcoin donations from the public, releasing ‘layer 1’ after collecting $12,000 – but then also releasing ‘layer 2’ on January 9th despite not meeting its funding target.

The hacker group has promised three more layers of documents if it receives its ransom demands.

“Continue to keep the bitcoins flowing, and we’ll continue to keep the truth flowing.” The hackers are asking for $2 million in bitcoin for the public release of its “megaleak,” which it has dubbed “the 9/11 Papers.”

The group resurfaced on steemit.com, and their account has since been deleted. However, the posts can still be found on the Steem blockchain, by using the app Partiko.

Many expressed their concerns regarding censorship on Steemit:

and some even published “analysis” in what’s really in the Dark Overlord Files:

The ban from steemit was clarified in a post on the website itself. It clarified that:

“Steem is a blockchain

Steemit is a development company that (allegedly) makes blockchain code

Steemit.com is a web interface to the Steem blockchain run by Steemit inc.”

It also clarified that despite being removed from Steemit, since the company can decide what is shown on its website, all Dark Overlord content is still reachable on Steem, thus there is no actual censorship, at least not on the steem blockchain.

“The steem blockchain is censorship proof

the steemit.com interface is not

the steemit blockchain isn’t a thing that exists”

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You can call me Al

SO nothing yet.

Master Oroko

Hmmm, they could just be making this up for money. Still, they have me interested.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Yeah, my thought is that they are in it purely for the money, not “the truth”

Master Oroko



Id save my money. In my best assumption there might be some finger pointing at the Saudis, but nothing as wild as the stories the Truthers make up.

Lazy Gamer

I think there are already important allegations, inductions, and deductions to be made from the two layers. We just have to wait for somebody who has the time, is meticulous and with a smart mind.

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