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Daraya to Be Handed to the Syrian Army Following Agreement


Daraya to Be Handed to the Syrian Army Following Agreement

AlMasdarNews reports: Calm reigned over the embattled city of Daraya in the previous day as a government envoy met a rebel envoy to negotiate terms of surrender in the Damascene city of Western Ghouta.

The rebel envoy represented several Islamist factions with Islamic Matyrs Brigade being the most important. Following a few hours of debate in the early morning of Wednesday, an agreement was reached allowing for many militants to take up the amnesty offer given by the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic whilst others would be transported to the Syrian north under supervision of international organizations.

After the execution of the amnesty and relocation operations, the city will be announced liberated and all its roads will open for civil activity after five years of devastating war. Government services will be provided to the city as soon as possible to allow for swift return of its population and the rebuilding process to resume.



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  • Ronald

    With Turkey backed by US air force, invading in the north, good to read some good news for the Syrian government and people.

  • Filip Střízek

    very good :-)

  • VGA

    Would be better if the islamists were exterminated but at least the government is consolidating its territory slowly.

    Now I hope they can get rid of eastern ghouta dissidents…