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Daraa Militants Infiltrate Beit Jin Pocket With Help Of Israeli Army – Reports

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On November 30, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the local National Defense Forces (NDF) captured the strategic Bardae Hill in the Western Ghouta region, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

Thus, the SAA effectively besieged the Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS)-held village of Mughr al-Mir from the northern, western and eastern directions.

Furthermore, the  Bardae Hill overlooks the HTS stronghold of Beit Jinn from the northern direction. Thanks to this advance, the SAA will be able to increase pressure on the terrorist group in the region.

Syrian pro-government sources reported that the SAA and the  NDF ambushed a group of HTS fighters during the clashes in the Bardae Hill and killed three HTS fighters. The sources said that all the fighters who were killed in the ambush are from Daraa governorate and claimed that they entered the besieged region of Western Ghouta with help of the Israeli Army.

Meanwhile, Syrian opposition sources reported that Syrian attack helicopters conducted several airstrikes on Beit Jinn. The SAA also shelled Mughr al-Mir with dozens of Syrian-made heavy rockets.

The SAA and NDF military operation in Western Ghouta is a direct response to the HTS attack on the Druze town of Hadar, which took place on November 3. The SAA may aim at dveloping its military operation until it’s able to secure the entire Eastern Ghouta region.

Daraa Militants Infiltrate Beit Jin Pocket With Help Of Israeli Army - Reports

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Daraa Militants Infiltrate Beit Jin Pocket With Help Of Israeli Army - Reports

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Vince Dhimos

Israhell can keep up its evil tricks until it is stopped. If China really intends to get involved in Syria (as might be expected given the decades of cooperation between Beijing and Damascus), then it is hard to imagine Netanyahoo challenging them. That could be game over for him and his thugs.


I think izraeli regime controled by dictator netanyahu won’t last for a long, after their suported terorists are done, will come time to pay for their suporters

Vince Dhimos

That is possible but most observers think the Saudis are paying the terrorists.


You people will never get it. As I’ve seen, you all believe in a so called “deep state” consisting of the most powerful Jews right? Why do you still believe the presiden/prime minister has any power or knowledge of what’s going on. Mossad and the CIA has been feeding false information to manipulate head of states. For instance, look at trump and Obama. Both pledged to work with Russia but now both lied. Both pledged to stop war mongering interventions and look at Libya. Look what they did to Syria. These filthy zionists operate behind the scenes and seem to choose individuals that are easy to manipulate to advance with their agenda.

Keep in mind that these are not ordinary Jews but rather filthy ones that only seek worldly domination. The Zionism conspiracy started with the belief that the US government spies on majority of countries and civilians to gain an advantage in the geopolitical stage. Thanks to Wikileaks, we now know it’s true (NSA spying).

Vince Dhimos

the Deep State is overrated. Without the Shallow State, ie, the US public, and particularly misguided Christians who believe that the modern Israel is identical to ancient Israel, all based on a misinterpretation of the Old Testament, the Deep State would fail. My colleagues and I think “Christian” Zionism is the most dangerous cult in the world, as explained here: http://www.newsilkstrategies.com/culture/the-worlds-most-dangerous-cult-its-not-wahhabism-part-iii


True – but only because it fits the strategy of the real powerbrokers – CIA and State Department who craft Foreign Policy (Foreign Policy hasn’t changed since post WW2 no matter who the prseident was). US foreign policy isn’t ideologically driven – it is driven by neo-colonial corporate interests. It is at its most dangerous when those interests intersect at the White house – ie eg Bush era ( Bush-Cheney oil interests). No pain for Deep State to join Christian Zionist interests with Israeli desires and score trillions on oil theft while using US military as a private army to steal resources – it is happening in Eastern Syria right now. Oil being stolen by US and US refuses to leave to allow Bashar to use oil for reconstruction. Also, US-Israeli joint excercises to help destroy Hizbollah and secure Golan oil and Block 9 offshore Lebanese oil.


Yes, its quite likely that the Israelis charge the KSA for military assistance to the terrorists :)


Saudi money. Israeli + NATO strategic support.
but Putin and Iran out manuevered those monkeys. Thats why US is getting desperate threatening to bomb SAA – for defending their own country! how perverse.


yes i hope so, as russia doesnt seem to be too keen on challenging israel, seems like theyre actually friends more than anything which is rather disappointing to say the least!!


I don’t think so – Putin is playing a long game – wait and see.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Its too long for me lol


What is the difference between Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Israel? All are vicious brutal global terrorist groups but Al-Qaeda, ISIS are defeated and Israel will be defeated.


I think the Zio’s know whats coming – thats why USA is in Israel – ready for the big fight. For Iran and Hizbollah not to attack Israel and at least retake Golan would be counter productive considering the sacrifices for the past few years. Also, the region is desperate for stability with Israel and US gone, they will be one step closer to peace and Saudi monkeys will not be able wag their tails any longer.


Iran and Hezbollah are not lonely they are working as members of a big team. Don’t worry.

Vince Dhimos

You are right on all counts. But there is a dimension that escapes the keenest analysts. The Saudis are the underlying cause and the Israelis are the pretext that keeps the cud-chewing church going American Shallow State happy. The Saudis made an agreement with the US in 1973 whereby the US supposedly “defends” the royals and their oil fields and they in turn charge only US dollars for their oil and keep USD on reserve — all to float the dollar. It is only a theory but believed implicitly by Nixon and since then by the billionaires who run Wall Street. The fact is, the Saudis are getting much more than protection, aren’t they? Look closely: ALL US wars outside the New World have had ONLY benefits for the Saudis (and hence for Israel, whose interests happen to be in line with theirs), and particularly for their fanatical wish to spread Wahhabism/Salafism—the sects that all ISIS Al-Qaeda members and rebrandings subscribe to. All of them. All Sunnis, not a Shiite amongst them. That is why the US attacks and destroys national leaders who are either secular (like Saddam and Assad) or Shiite (like Assad again and Iran) and either refuse to enforce Sharia or who threaten US interests, which are identical to Saudi and Israeli interests as it happens. Even Kosovo, whom few would expect of benefiting the Saudis, started receiving “aid” from the Saudis just after the war, in the form of mosques and imams who preached Wahhabism. Kosovo is the region that has sent more jihadis to the Middle East than any other. It’s as plain as the nose on your face, but that is how the Zionists play – everything in the open, doing one thing – fighting Saudi-Israeli wars, saying another – declaring war on terror, and counting on US Gullibilism for cover. But China is the fly in the ointment. Quietly, they are offering countries like Egypt, for example, loans and deals denominated in yuan. Besides, even the Russians can block the US dirty work in Syria. Recall Gerasimov’s promise to retaliate if any country attacks Russian allies (meaning Assad) in E. Ghouta. If the Chinese lure away the Saudis, or if Russia blocks the Neocons/Zios militarily (Putin’s scary arms speech helps), it is game over.
The US is beholden to this tag team, which explains the seeming irrationality of US war strategies and policies, and their desperation now that they are blocked on all sides.
The Saudi role: http://www.newsilkstrategies.com/opinion/making-saudi-arabia-great-again-pt-1
The Israeli role: http://www.newsilkstrategies.com/culture/the-worlds-most-dangerous-cult-its-not-wahhabism


To be honest the war of US against Middle East makes many regional countries united and make them stronger. While it make US lonely and weaker. One time Pakistan like Iran was a strong ally of US and now they are standing with Russia same for Iran, Turkey, Egypt, even recently Saudis interest shift from US to Russia because Saudis see that what’s going on in Middle East. In the Middle East war Russia have tested their weapons like T-90 tanks, S400, S300 and SU-35 and SU-57, TU-160, Kliber cruise missiles etc. The Russian S400 can shoot down any fighter jet, cruise, midium / Intermediate range ballestic missiles. S400 range and quality is much better than Thad missiles. Many weapons Russia have not tested if needed then these weapons will also be tested if Trump escalate war against any Russian ally. These weapons are still hidden.


The Syrian Arab Baathist Army will be victorious !
Reporting the truth: smoloko.com purestream-media.com syriatruths.com informationclearinghouse.info
electronicintifada.net http://www.12160.info
to fight and resist the evil zionists ZOG ,the evil zionists rothschild’s evil israHell and and the evil house of saud crypto-jews in saudi arabia wahhabia who do nothing but damage ( who’s king in the late 1960’s addressed all the UN and arab countries requested them to recognize and accept israHell as a country) and their allies’s control/occupation of governments and the arab land of palestine and its neighbouring arab countries, to fight and resist those zionists is to fight to remove them from governments and economic power without removing them out of these office from these positions and freezing their USD currency assets monopoly dominanting global markets and trades( the 1 dollar bill has shapes of the stars of david ) wars instigated by zionists bankers on sovereignt independent states and and against their territory’s integrity will continue and the zionists’s scheme to establish a one global government control could be all set .

they must be removed from these positons (by us who are fighting them and only by us ) in order to get international peace progress prosperity and a good better and more positive dialogue between all countries and their peoples who their own peoples will lead and decide what to do by and for themselves. manage what their internal and foreign affairs to other countries and people’s would be and not led by some private zionists’s monopoly organisation who wages wars on whoever they want and on behalf of whoever they control and whoever bans rothschild influence and rothschild’s-controlled banks into their country!

should such a future international peace progress proccess dialoge between countires is to be then israHell turkey saudi arabia eritrea/ethiopia and pkk-rojava-peshmerga-kurdistan could be excluded because of their evil role of their tyranny and the logic of them even not being officialy recognised as countries (or maybe even by then they would already cease to exist before that) but rather occupiers of stolen lands by wars of aggression who occupy arab Palestine land and other neighbouring arab countries’s lands and their natural resources assets illegally from wars of aggression like e.g. Yemen and Somalia afghanistan with daesh and AQAP muslim-brotherhood-extremists and taliban and other plots of the the mossadistic so called “alliance of periphery” with their puppet collaborators alCIAda and MI6 .

all of Western Sahara and its people will be freed from the corrupt dynasty government of morocco’s illegal occupation which has a long history of collaborating with the zionists’s mossad and will be a recognised country by all nations ( hassan II and the mossad were behind Mehdi Ben Barka’s dissapperance / kidnap / assassination !

The jewish autonomous oblast in the far east isn’t enough for the evil zionists’s obssesion of world domination conquest . .
History wasn’t written in ink , history was written in blood

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