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Daraa: Four Intelligence Officers, Former Rebels Targeted In Separate Attacks

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Daraa: Four Intelligence Officers, Former Rebels Targeted In Separate Attacks

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On April 16 and 17, three attacks targeted Syrian intelligence officers and former rebels in the southern governorate of Daraa.

  • The first attack targeted Yasin Juma’a al-Aboud. Unidentified gunmen shot and killed the former rebel, known as “al-Nisr” [the Eagle], on a road linking the towns of Om Elmiathin and Elnaymah in eastern Daraa on April 16. Al-Aboud, a former fighter of the Free Syrian Army, joined the reconciliation process in 2018. Since then, he has been leading a unit of the Syrian military’s 4th Division.
  • The second attack targeted two officers of the Military Intelligence Directorate. The officers, identified as Wassim Mahmood Na’im from Masyaf and Sakhr Fou’a Suliman from Jableh, were shot and killed by unidentified gunmen near the town of Nawa in western Idlib late on April 16.

    Daraa: Four Intelligence Officers, Former Rebels Targeted In Separate Attacks

    The two slain officers. Click to see full-size image.

  • The third attack targeted former rebel Amir al-Nasar. A suicide bomber attacked the man in the town of Namar in northern Daraa early on April 17. Al-Nasar, who was wounded in the attack, joined the reconciliation in 2018 and is now working for the General Intelligence Directorate.

No group has claimed responsibility for any of the attacks, yet. The three attacks were not likely linked or carried out by the same side. ISIS remains a main suspect, especially in the suicide attack on al-Nasar in Namar.

The situation in Daraa has been spinning out of control for over a year now. Government forces and local fighters made immense effort to secure the region. Nevertheless, very little has been achieved, so far.


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klove and light

and the story continues……. great work for Putin -brokered reconciliation deals…..

hey they truly work………. the question is for whom???

zionists are jubilant…….

putin you treacherous zionist pig.

now either putin is the dumbest russian leader ever…. ( see the patehtic ridiculous turkey agreements in afrin idlib and north east syria… while turkey is arming and sending speical forces to nazi(zionist) ukraine..lolol and sending islamist turkish troops to jemen…..sending islamist turkish troops to libya………. in each and every OCCASION, turkey is on the side of zionism….in libya, in syria, in jemen, in ukraine…..

one sure has to be totally BRAINDEAD or a zionist BRAINWASHED dummy not to see through this treacherous behaviour.

putin you treacherous zionist pig.

death to america death to israel curse on the jews..houthi slogan, the bravest of the brave

All nations that RECOGNIZE the evil criminal satanic entity named israel are part of the agenda.
A one world government with jerusalem as its capital under satanic leadership.This includes russia,usa,uk,eu,china etc…..

What YOU are witnessing in “world politics”, is a THEATRE play for you 99% dummies……putin, biden/trump,merkel,macron,johnson etc… are all part of the THEATRE play for you 99% brainwashed dummies.


There is a lot of effort on SF being put into casting Putin as a Zionist. Why? Who wins should such a belief take hold and morph into behaviour? I’ll leave that answer to you.

Supreme Blyat

He is not a zionist, he is very weak dealing with Israel. Putin would dare to threaten USA but not Israel. That makes some people upset as he acts almost like a zionist.

Lone Ranger

Thats why he blocked the Greater Israel Project and New Khazaria…
Oy gevalt…

Supreme Blyat

And the Anunakis, and Nibiru, he saved us in 2012 from imminent alien invasion.

Lone Ranger

No that was glorious bandera returning from the grave, leading Ukropisstan to ethernal glory…

Supreme Blyat

Exactly. And Putin saved Russia from imminent genocide by the zombies.

Lone Ranger


Jens Holm

We denied Lone ranger acces too:). I dont think he is a real alian but more like those Kyklops having only one eyas and no glasses.

Supreme Blyat

He has one eye but it’brown and can see sun light only when bends over.

Jens Holm

No its not.

Lone Ranger

Your blue twos are especially yummy this morning aren’t they jens…

Jens Holm

Thats how a large groups is here. They want to unite arabs with them even they are minorities themself. As here they insist and insist in forcing to.

They are told by their feudal Leaders, thaere are Nobel prices for lying as well as ignoring facts.

We see the no integration for those relative few in Denmark too. Even most of danes and the world eats pigs being good garbage cleaners in the old days, they want them out of the country even those belowed aniamals are a base for feeding to illitaretate non respecting incompetetnt muslims.

Most of them not even has been reading the Choran, but 5 times a day they are told this and that is written – even their Choran version is mens adding for old mens purpose.

People here dont understand that even the Russian T zars tryed to make an o9wn autonome country for the Jews in Sibiria as well as other places in the world. They dont understand even R ussians can feel for, what happend to Jews and many others in Russia dutring WW2.

They dont understand USA mainly support Emmigrants in Israel of today because they are – or were and remain a country with many emmigrants. If needed thats why people in USA has the right to armed defence against anbody attacking them.

And Yes, the many writers here are not representatives for homegrown excuses for non devellopment. In the arab world the Jews had same status as in Russia. They were hated because they learned things by hard work and went into the tiny middle class, because the Tzars and later on the Bolsjevics denied the rest that + +.

Thats why Russia as well as part of the arab/muslim world dont doing well. So many arabs has double standards which mainly are produced by doing nothing about it themself apart from killing jews.

Jens Holm

You again just spoiled his relative sober article very well.

76 mm Super Rapid

Syrian İntelligent Barbecue 😍😍

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Currently there are 2 main groups of people being assassinated in the southern Governorates.
One of the groups being assassinated are reconciled rebels from the FSA who’ve either joined Syrian Air Force Intelligence, the SAA 4th division, and now lately both the Military Intelligence and the General Intelligence Agencies, but all were recruited by Iranian officials and probably receive Iranian paychecks.
And the second group of people being assassinated are the reconciled FSA rebels who joined the Russian backed SAA 5th army Corps, and in particular soldiers from the 8th Brigade, there are also some reconciled rebels who joined Syrian Military Intelligence in this group, as well as a few local Councilors and their administrators. And just lately as announced by opposition media, any prominent opposition leaders who attend the Russian sponsored reconciliation conferences, they’re being targeted too now, and they’re claiming the Iranians are the ones trying to stop them attending the Russian settlement conferences.
So that’s basically who most of the assassination victims are [not all but most], they either have Russian backing or Iranian backing, and lately they’re dying like flies, and most of the ones dying seem to be on the Iranian side.
The Iranians recently replaced the Russians in Tafas and then they shelled Al-Muzayrib township, and as a result this is what’s happened since the 5th of April,

“The assassination of a non-commissioned officer with the rank of assistant and a member of the Air Force Intelligence branch of the Assad government by unknown persons, followed by a campaign of arrests of dozens of rioters in the city of Dael, north of Daraa”.

“Rural Quneitra: Al-Bakr checkpoint was targeted by unknown persons, and all the checkpoint personnel were killed”.

“South Syria: 2 brothers were assassinated today in Sheikh Miskin (N. Daraa). One of them was a former member of the Executive Office for Daraa Governorate (pic). A reconcilied Rebel was also killed by gunmen in Shejarah”.

“Daraa:Three members of the Political Security branch were killed in an armed ambush”.

“South Syria: a fighter from Qomhana (Hama) was killed today by insurgents in Daraa province”.

“South Syria: 2 days ago 2 men affiliated with the Military Security were shot by gunmen in town of Sanamayn (N. Daraa). Both died from wounds”.

“South Syria: a powerful IED targeted today a car near Um Batnah (S. Quneitra), killing 2 members belonging to the Sasa’s Military Security Branch. A 3rd one was wounded in the blast”.

“S. Daraa: an ambush on Military Security patrol near Nawa (NW. Daraa) killed today 2 members from NW. Hama. Gunmen also killed near Naimah a reconcilied Rebel who became the head of a group affiliated with 4th Division. Yesterday another soldier from Latakia was also slain”.

“Two members of the government were killed when their car was targeted, west of Daraa”.

“South Syria: amidst non-stop attacks in Daraa, insurgents killed tonight a former Rebel commander (Yarmouk Army) in Saida (E. countryside) who joined the Military Security after he reconcilied”.

Jens Holm

Some might think Babylon is there.

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