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JULY 2020

Danish Troops Testify To Greater Damages At US Base in Iraq, As Well As To NATO’s Lack of Readiness


Danish Troops Testify To Greater Damages At US Base in Iraq, As Well As To NATO's Lack of Readiness

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On January 8th, Danish sergeant John and the other Danish soldiers waited for several hours for the Iranian attack on the Ain al-Asad military base in the Al Anbar province in western Iraq.

“It was terrible. It cannot be described and it should not be experienced. We could do nothing; we could just accept it. So, we couldn’t use our training in that situation,” the sergeant said.

A correspondent for Danish TV 2 interviewed him, after most of Denmark’s 133 soldiers, part of Operation Inherent Resolve were evacuated from the base and to Kuwait.

Several sources tell TV 2 that about six hours before Iran targeted the two military bases in Iraq with ballistic missiles, the Danish government and the Defense Force knew about the impending attack.

Thus, John and the other soldiers at the base were notified of the attack several hours before it happened, and they waited for hours in a bunker for the attack to happen.

“We really sat down for a while and waited for them to finish, so we could return to everyday life again. I don’t know how long we waited, but it was several hours,” John said.

The attack came and it still surprised them.

“Suddenly, the first wave came, that’s what I call it. Nine rockets at barely a ton each. It cannot be described. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and I hope to never come to it again,” the sergeant said.

The entire bunker shook, and there was dust falling from the ceiling.

“We had to keep scarves on our faces just to be able to breathe,” John said. According to him and the other Danish soldiers, it was the ignorance and powerlessness that were the worst.

“Not knowing how close the next attack is or when it may come. After all, down in the bunker we had no idea. We could just sit and wait. We couldn’t use any of what we had trained for. We could just wait,” John described.

When the attack was done, the Danish soldiers were surprised that the damage was not so great. They initially expected to go outside and see a desert, with everything destroyed.

“The first strikes were so severe that we were sure we were going to a golden desert and nothing would be left. We were really surprised that everything hadn’t fallen on top of our heads. I would estimate that the nearest rocket hit 300 yards from us, and as we walked around afterwards, there were halves of helicopters, and there were holes so big that you could park a van in them,” the sergeant said.

Psychologists are now on their way to Kuwait to help the Danish soldiers recover from the experience.

“We really need them. This was a situation we were not trained for,” John said.

Two things can be concluded from the report by the Danish television and the weeps of the Danish soldiers that can be seen in the video above:

  1. Damages were actually much greater than the US admitted, with even helicopters being destroyed and not just several buildings damaged and hitting open territory in the camp.
  2. The second, is a question: What did the Danish soldiers (and potentially others part of Operation Inherent Resolve, there to allegedly fight terrorists and train the Iraqi army in specifically fighting terrorists) train for, if not being under attack by the “enemy forces,” be it from machine guns, shelling or even missiles? Did they train to fight civilians, or wait for an airstrike to eliminate the enemy and then rush in, simply detaining (or eliminating) any survivors, incapable of resisting?

The report is quite showing of the state of NATO troops and the actual level of combat readiness of the troops that allegedly defeated ISIS, sitting in a bunker, and then in need of a psychologist after surviving a missile strike that they knew hours in advance was coming.




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  • Zionism = EVIL

    What are Danish pastry faggots doing in Iraq kissing Americunt arse anyway?

    • Gary Sellars

      Thats unfair. Their duties require them to kiss much more than US arse. There is cock stroking, ball fondling, and cleaning up afterwards.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        I know I posted their unit photo above :) you forgot to mention arse wiping and a lardarse too….


        • Gary Sellars

          No wonder the US call their elites “Seals”. A bloated fat creature that has difficulty doing anything except eating and lying down.

          • Zionism = EVIL
          • Gary Sellars

            She’s the bases’ Entertainment Platoon. BYO rubbers and puke bag.

          • Jens Holm

            So how much do You pay her?

          • John Wallace

            The biggest pie one can find and a gallon of coke. Yours for the week.

          • Selbstdenker

            Nice hair cut. Not!

          • Jens Holm

            She has not beard as Yours.

            Most muslims are ashamed of the look of the female part of their world. Thats why lots of women wear black tents. When a muslim women in that dress looks fat, some man is hiding in the dress too.

            Sometimes its even 2 men. We hate mixted rooms, they say.

          • Jens Holm

            Someone like her any time can knock out a naughty litle man like You. Thats the point. Most likely she is brighter and payd better too.

          • John Wallace

            What do they do with these . Load them up in a B 52 and drop them on the enemy. No wonder they won’t come out and fight like men..

        • John Wallace

          Yes no one goes hungry in the US army.. Sure beats the couple of dog biscuits and a tin of bully beef ( spam )

      • Assad must stay


      • Jens Holm

        We name it as good relations, which You for good reasons dont know what is.

    • Tommy Jensen

      They said to Denmark if they didn’t buy F35 Fighters for $15 billion and got our arses down to Iraq, they would sanction all our major companies, close access to Swift and Visa cards, and bomb all national museums.
      That’s what they said, honestly. Therefore we had to do it, to save our museums.

      • Assad must stay

        do you have source for that?

        • Jens Holm

          He has not. Only parts are true, but can and could be compensated.

          Fx more new F15s or F18 would have been best for the price. We alresdy has all fav´cilities and training for the F16.

          Others could be used too.

          The F35 is better then them but too too too expensive.

          And we did debate about it for a long time. It was not decided just like that.
          As a private person I would have prefared much less F35 and instead having more missiles and drones.

          We then could try the F35 and decide to but more or instead buy more drones and missiles.

          There are many reltive good jets in the world. A new F16 still would be able to fight mostthings Russai and China has. Some might remember very expensive things are long time investments, so we any way have to keep the old ones for some years too.

      • FilastinHuratan

        True, it’s better to give in to the protection racket and leave the like of Iran to pick up the pieces. You guys expecting to carry on like this for a long time?

      • Jens Holm

        The F35 oart is partly correct. Big pressure. The Iraq part is not.

        News to me danes use swift cards at all or did.

    • Hasbara Hunter

      Where’s Jens? Our Dansk Gris…

      • Gary Sellars

        Consoling himself with a nice pastry or three. Of course, its served up on some Muricans fat arse, but thats the way he has been trained to like it.

        • Jens Holm

          We test our food before we export any of it. We are very good at it. We even make white pigs shave them and sell them to Wahabits:)

          Last year the “pastry” export netto was 14 billion dollars.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Out with his old senile gay friends practicing English :)

        • Jens Holm

          Doctors and lawyer are here again with their pifgin version of english or is it Ladino. Some seemes not well integrated in Europ the next 10 generations.

          Important to keep You alive, so we can repopulate ME again.

      • FlorianGeyer

        “Psychologists are now on their way to Kuwait to help the Danish soldiers recover from the experience.
        “We really need them. This was a situation we were not trained for,” John said.”

        What the fuck do NATO think happens under fire?
        But then I suppose NATO train to train and if things get really tough, to train to play war with ISIS.

        The Easy bit for NATO is murdering civilians with long range artillery and airstrikes. A la Raqqa.

        Jens is still in his basement in Denmark waiting for the all clear, HH. :)

        • Hasbara Hunter

          ZIONATO is a bunch of Pussies like I have always said…they liked playing Call of Duty on the PS4….No Stamina…No Fighting Spirit…They always thought they belonged to the “Winners” Looting Small & Weak Countries….But they are Faggots inside their hearts…

          • FlorianGeyer

            I can only imagine the panic within EU military forces if a terror army similar to ISIS infiltrated the EU and Britain.

            Such terror gangs need financial backing and I am sure there are some mafia types willing to do that. :)

            Afterall, there is a lot of wealth yet to be looted in Europe

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Yeah our Wealthy Elites got Billions upon Billions of Ol’ Money…

    • klove and light

      just take a look at their yearly “celebration” of murdering and torturing thousands of Pilot whales at their shores……were even Kids as Young as 6 years old…..they take a sharp hook and stab the whales into their breathing holes…..watch the Videos..here the “scrweams” of the whales…the laughter and joy of tghe danish pricks……….

      What are Danish pastry faggots doing in Iraq kissing Americunt arse anyway?

      beiing danish pricks

      • Liberal guy

        Danish pastries are nice only tht so

        • Jens Holm

          Thats right. We are just known for that as the greeks for their FETAA cheese.

          We produce a lot of different kinds of food in many versions, so they can be prepared as you wish yourself.

          If You take our Carlsberg Beer its not the same all over the world but adapted to local taste or bought to produce eer and minerals as they are used to.

          Most food we make here from many countries also are kind of inytegrated into what danes mainly use.

          So look well if You eat danish pastry. You might have a small try or be allowed to use your nose first.

          If there are bakers here, You can make several simple and very good one. An owen with almost accurate temperature is needed. You probatly can buy everything needed in Your homeland if You are in a bigger town or visit one now and then. I bake in the wintertime, where I in periods has to be in. It smells good and warm up my house too. Beware of smoke ha ha.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Especially frilly ones :)

    • Jens Holm

      We are in Coalision with the Bagdad Governess and asked in to help them to fight ISIS as well as reagining their military forces from nothing.

      If we controlled anything these soldiers was not kiling peacefull and very relavant demonstraters for less corruption and more jobs as well a good drinking water.

      Irs pathetic You can write here again and again not knowing vital things and so many things in You are more upside down the Yoga.

    • John Wallace

      Australian and New Zealand troops are in Iraq training Iraqi’s to be soldiers so they can look after their country on their own.. They went their to do that when IS took over part of Iraq.

    • Jens Holm

      Danes are asked in by the Bagdad Goverment to reagain the Iraqi forces by educating them as well as fighting ISIS.

      If anything we are kissing many Coalision asses and they also kiss us, because none of us like ISIS.

      Its strange You after Years not even know that and only can relate to cunts and arses.

  • Gary Sellars

    Where the Danish personnel there to bake pastries for the US baby-killers?

    The horror!!! How uncouth!!! Shooting at the US facility while innocent pastry-bakers from a liberal democracy were hiding & crying in a darkened bunker… The sheer inhumanity… LOL!!!

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The pastry Danish faggots needed a psychiatrist just because a few missiles fell near them, so sensitive babies :)

      • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

        LOL they join the MILITARY willingly, deployed to an active warzone, and as soldiers, need psychiatrists after (military events occur near them)? What a bunch of pussies XD

        • Jens Holm

          Thats no active warzone and has been protected well by Iraqian forces. For good reasons they are not armed with anti ballistics.

          Most of them are not soldiers as You assume. They are very good teachers for educating soldiers.

          • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

            do they teach the talmud?

          • Jens Holm

            Parts of the Talmud is copied by Muhammed, so Yes.

            Israel fx traded bullets 1967 and and 1973.

            So one of our first assignment was learning soldiers to spend less bullets and even so hit much more often.

            We also learn them, that even few, they under partly independent fightings right away has to take the good oppertnies themselves and by that be winners.

            They also learn to see what the weakness of their enemies are and use that as a weapon against them.

      • Jens Holm

        Its very simple. The war between USA and Iran is not Ours. So why get killed for it.

        And yes, we do DEBRIEFING, which lower the % of homecommers being TRAUMATIZED the rest of their life having big problems back in their families and jobs.

        We prevent.

    • Jens Holm

      The danes as most in the Coalision with the Goverment in Bagdad are teachers for their soldiers and asked in.

      We partly also take care of some good radar.

      You certainly has inflation, where You are using “hiding and crying”. Who would not hide if You knew ballistic missiles were incommers. And cry, well we send help to avoid people gets traumatized the rest of their lives, By that most of them can come home and act normal when a tire explode and not hide in our forrest the rest of their miserable lives.

      Whats wrong with You.

  • Assad must stay

    Hahahhhahha they need psychogists that is too funny, I’m surprised they didn’t just run as fast as they could away from the bases.

    • Gary Sellars

      Can you imagine these pampered Eurotrash faggots deploying to NW Syria and trying to liberate Aleppo & Idlib from die-hard jihadists?

      Just pathetic.

      • Zionism = EVIL
        • Jens Holm

          They are among he best. They pay a lot of tax and makes no children.

          • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

            Hey Jew Boy :)

          • Jens Holm

            How do You know I am a boy.

          • igybundy

            because you take it straight up like a boy…

          • Xoli Xoli

            Yes because their are gays mr Jens their cant make kids.

          • Jens Holm

            As I say its a good thing. They pay to the ones, which do make children.

          • John Wallace

            Meaning ? they don’t pass on their aggressive ” got ta kill” genes so yes a good think. Jens whenever you get a reply on here that could be upsetting for you do you go and see a psychologist . If so we could all tone it down a little for you.. or are you tougher than those ladyboys you for an army.. It was interesting to see the Danes telling the truth re they all knew long beforehand the message to fuck off was coming and had it been a serious one then the base would have been obliterated.. No wonder Trump was shaking like a Danisg soldier afterwards giving his WE are backing down speech..

          • Jens Holm

            The Ladyboys are not in the army. The tuff gay “fathers” are. And we do have women as well ven its only 8%.

            So correct all dont fit in, so tthey are nopt there.

            We dont have forced recruitment, so we dont see those You name as “ladies”.

            We protect our soldiers, so we dont get them home killed as well as traumatized. You write as its honor and respect to go to the doctor when its too late. Maybee You dont have psycologist or dont know what it is.

            We name it “debriefing” and its routine for polices, firefighters, minesweepers and ambulance crew.

            And as for here, they always start talking about something else to make a calm climate.

          • John Wallace

            Look Jens don’t take it all to heart. Our soldiers are there as well teaching them to be soldiers but not fighting .. You are not responsible for what happened in Norway in 1940 or some Norwegians chose to fight with the SS. You are physically connected to Germany so obviously there is some cross border mixing pf people. We can joke about your troops being ladyboys but did they ask to be removed too Kuwait or ask for a psycho . Who knows , who cares. They let the truth out about being pre warned hours before and a dozen or so small payload missiles was a frighteng experience they weren’t expecting. Had it been a couple of hundred missiles with maximum payload then there would have been a mess. I see on RT video of US ladyboy troops cleaning up the mess so the media can take pictures and show .. look sweet FA happened. Time for Norway to tell the US , you start it you are own your own..

          • Jens Holm

            Yes, there are important good relations to Germany but I will remind You thats we have been in war with them in 1848 as well as 1864.

            In 1864 Preussen took by Krupp and Mauser took a great part of Denmark.

            We were neutral in WW1 making a compomice with both GB and Germany.

            After WW1 we voted for a new border between Germany after Der Kaiser and Denmark. By that we only took back the parts, where danes were majority. We also decided that danish and german minorities should be protected well and have minority equal rights and money for schools and culture.

            The Danish monarcy has their roots from that half Danish areas and by that also German titel for their “king positions”.

            After WW1 any could have taken as they wished to decimating any corner of Germany. France would have loved we took “Our part” back and even more – As they and others did.

            Thats were the good relations are. We also were on the peacefull Chamberlein line not havin many soldiers as well as a peacetreaty with Germany.

            So we hoped and expected we would not be in WW2 as well. Denmark was needed because of Norway.

            So You bias a lot we are some Germans. Denmark up to 1600 or something like that was a small very well expected superpower.

            We had more parts of Germany. We had big corners of Sweden. We had Norway, Faroe Island, Greenland and even 3 small colonies.

            So we have declined a lot, but those countries are kept as friends. When Norway became independent from Denmark, they took a Danish Prins as their first King.

            You also forget there hardly was any united German state but many many small ones. Denmark by that was not as small as You expect compared to them.

            When we were defeated in 1864 it was because Preussen grew taking a lot of land from Denmark, Austruia-Hungaria and France as well as by family relation with other German small states.

            We ceratinly are not Germans more then parts of Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Tjekkia, Netherland, Belgium and Elsass Lorraine(France). Then You should say most parts of GB is too.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Jens you got a Faggot-Army…

        • Vollkrassmann

          That is a plausible explanation…
          Another one would be the feminism that is ruining the whole Nordic culture…

      • Assad must stay

        Hahahaha that would be even more hilarious

      • Liberal guy


      • Jens Holm

        The stupid thing is, You propose it at all. None here will die for anything like that – both ways.

        We can only hope all the abnormal in the Region kill each other there incl. presidents and warmongols.

      • Jens Holm

        24 support science fiction haha.

      • igybundy

        Maybe John wants his mother to come and comfort him and maybe nurse him some strength.. hugs john.. for facing the likes of ISIS..

        These people never defeated ISIS.. they never faced ISIS.. Those they trained to defeat ISIS run faster than ISIS can catch them.



        • Lonesome Cowboy Burt

          Instead of medals and recognition of their fight against the psychopath terrorist gangs they get assassinated. I hate this world I’ve been born into more with each passing day.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            That is the way it has been for at least 500 years…time to chop up Evil AngloZioNazi Elites…

        • Jens Holm

          Thats no excuse …

          More like we should kill more Leaders of that kind instead of all the ones he ALSO has killed.

          Churchill only was good in WW2 and even there made very big mistakes.

          After so many years even Stalin is bad for the Russians.

          Saddam sometimes was a nice guy too…Wasnt he.?

    • AJ

      They no longer have any of that Viking toughness in their blood.

      • Liberal guy

        Ya viking valour is history in such these modern days Scandinavians slaves of the empire of babil

        • Jens Holm

          We hardly has and had had soldiers there, so how do You know anything about it. You cannot be a guy. Maybee You just are too unshawed in Your niqab and cant see and listen.

          • Liberal guy

            Ya hardly any soldiers were their u r right all were cowards in face of soldiers u scum

          • Jens Holm

            It was decided by Our Goverment, there should be peace by treaties and therefore only few soldiers being very low armed.

            Denmark at that time also was very poor.

            Next time we are much more prepared. What did You expect ? should we let civilias bit them in their behinds ?

          • Liberal guy

            Ya u r right their were no soldiers just cowards in disguise face of soldiers u scum

          • Jens Holm

            It was because I wasnt born.

          • Liberal guy


      • Assad must stay

        Nope lol

        • Liberal guy


      • d’Artagnan

        Danes were not real Vikings, they are mixed up Germans and that is why they collaborated with Nazis. The Norwegians and Swedes are real Vikings.

        • Liberal guy

          Still some blood of vikings through

        • Liberal guy

          The Northern vikings where there in Denmark pal

        • Liberal guy

          But u r right most of them are not real vikings

        • Jens Holm

          Danes avoided to be in WW1 being neutral. Thats what we hoped for in WW2 and as many others we were at the “Chamberlein mode” havig very small low equipped units.

          And I remind You Nazis just had taken Poland being 10 ties bigger then us – like that. Well Copmmunist took half of it.

          So the choise was being alive or not.

          Hard to see there was anything for real named Germany. Danes had Angel, which today name Britts as Anglo Saxens. We in oeriods also had part of the northen Saxens or at least dominated them.

          Vikings spread out in several directions and sometimes was mixted. Danes certainly took England but not Scotland and Ireland. We mainly took Normadie.

          Norweigians and scotts took Iceland, Greenland and even went to New found land. That british is danish/norweigian = ny funnet land , ny fundet land.

          Many Brittish words are taken in by danes comming there.

          Swedes went east and were Russ and made the Kiev Kingdom, which later became a state taken by Moscow renaming themselves as Russians.

          Thatshow it is. Joke about it. But You assunption mainly is in the dark.

          We did have a choise but nazis here had less then 5% of the votes in their best. We are not proud of that choise its realisme in its worst. But we did save almost all jews and are proud of that.

          • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

            look how fast Denmark was defeated in WW2 by the Wehrmacht

          • Jens Holm

            We are not Sparta. It was 2 millions against 20.000.Germans just had warmed up in Poland.

          • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

            lol no where near 2 million, are you delusional? Germany only had 2 divisions, less than 100,000 men.

          • Jens Holm

            Thats was 1933. Nazis took Poland with 2 million in 1939.

            Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasion_of_Poland

          • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

            I’m talking about the invasion of Denmark, Retard.

          • Jens Holm

            Denmark was invaded just after Poland and then Germany had 2 million soldiers and we had 30.000(and a small navy).

            Untill Hitler took over its true germans only were allowed to have 100.000 soldiers and no tanks.

            Check facts before You name me as retard.

          • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

            You’re incorrect again, the Denmark invasion included only 120,000 German Troops, not 2 million soldiers like you claim. Are you trying to word it another way, because you keep repeating the same bullshit over and over again and it’s completely wrong.

            Here’s your proof, Jens https://wow.link/1Gd

            I chose that name carefully, as your comments prove repeatedly that you lack normal judgement and possibly any normal intellect whatsoever. Then again it could be your horrible English usage and lousy google translation skills. So who knows, right?

          • Jens Holm

            Thats right. 120.000 attacked at the same time. Germany had more then 2 million soldiers as reserve after we have killed the 120.000 and lost none Ourselves :)

          • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

            Except Germany never lost 120,000 during invasion of Scandinavia. Sorry to inform you :/
            Denmark had British, French, and Polish to help them and still the Wehrmacht crushed you and the allies badly. If it wasn’t for the Eastern Front, Germany would have conquered Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. and you’d all be speaking German right now. Except you already do speak German, isn’t that right Jens ;)

          • Jens Holm

            None of them helped us with a single bullit, when Germans attacked.

            Go and buy a calender or learn to use the one in Your computer.

          • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

            Denmark surrender in less than 1 hour 1940

          • Jens Holm

            A sober link about it.

          • John Wallace

            Holland , Belgium , France , Norway amongst others were over run pretty quickly as well. Huge inroads into Russia made in days in operation Barbarossa. The only thing that saved England at that time was the massive moat they had dug around themselves. Norway stood no chance and they weren’t the only ones that had volunteers join the SS..

          • Tudor Miron

            Regarding England – it was nothing to do with “massive moat they had dug around themselves.”

          • John Wallace

            Joke !!!!

          • John Wallace

            Well in fact that moat did prevent a German invasion straight after Dunkirk when the UK would have been ripe for the picking .. It gave them time to re organise and prepare. How would it been if the might of the German military was able to roll up the road and hit Britain with everything they had while all the equipment was rusting on the beaches of Dunkirk. Oh I forgot , Dad’s army would have come to the rescue with pitchforks. That moat saved your arse ..

          • PZIVJ

            In the battle of Britain, Hitler was trying to get the UK to sue for peace.
            Threat of Operation Sea lion was may have been just a pressure tactic, with no real chance of success. Invasion using barges!?

          • John Wallace

            Yes of course you are right. Hitler though the British being Aryan would join with him which is why ? his No 2 flew to England to discuss that. That is why he ended up in a prison for the rest of his life being the last one to die in that prison guarded by the 4 powers and not allowed to talk to anyone. The other possibility was that Hitler was backed into power by England and assisted by America so that he would invade Russia and teach them a lesson for killing the Czar and family who were afterall closely related too British Royal Family. Who knows the truth of such matters if one is not in a position to know and more importantly , talk of it. So perhaps Hitler had good reason to believe Britain would join him against Russia.

          • Tudor Miron

            Those huge inroads into Russia made in days was very different than what was happening in Europe and German memoir’s tell the story about it. Fortress of Brest kept fighting for more than a month being totally encircled. Apart of that there were multiple examples of heroism and self sacrifice. Yes, lots of soldiers surrendered but comparing to Europe’s “fight” against wehrmacht is the same as saying that UK/USA won the war against Hitler :)

          • John Wallace

            You completely missed what I was saying . Germany at that time was geared for war while most countries thought they were but were not ready for what was thrown at them. Denmark with its small population and army was not capable of standing up to Germany. France which was much larger and more prepared with the aid of the British didn’t last long either before going for a swim at Dunkirk or surrendering . It took years for the tide to turn and Russia took the brunt of the action and the brunt of the German might which left little for the allies to face at Normandy. Had Hitler not attacked Russia and held the line in Poland and their forces were in Italy and France instead would the allies lasted very long in Normandy or would they have more likely been pushed back into the sea.. Who knows as history is what happened , not what may have happened. Who cares if Norway surrendered in an hour ?? or was it a day .. . Maybe pragmatism was a better road to take than obliteration afterall they were neutral with no interest in war. The Norwegian resistance did fight back with honor until Germany capitulated . The point being Norway was not the only country to quickly fold under the German onslaught of that time. It is thought there were 5.7 million Russians who became POW’s of Germany . Vast swathes of land lost . But they did recover and crushed the bulk of the German best forces allowing UK/USA the glory of beating the rest.

          • Jens Holm

            Hard to see the succes in ME for Your way.

        • FlorianGeyer

          There are a lot of ethnic Khazars in Denmark. Many have changed their names, this was common for jews in the 18th and 19th centuries and a way to blend in.

          The 18th and 19th centuries were ones of mass migrations due to wars in Europe.

          • Jens Holm

            I dont care at all. Jews to me are religion and culture.

          • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

            A khazar religion and culture that belongs at 980 degrees celcius. And no, I’m not talking about pizza lol

          • Jens Holm

            Maybee You shoud learn some Islam and see 3 religions being written and being respected. You know none of that too.

            I am sekular and do respect that as long as it does not harm others. They have to pay for most of it themselves.

          • John Wallace

            960 C is molten aluminium red hot which would turn a pizza to ash in seconds so yes slightly warmer than needed for a suntan.

        • Tudor Miron

          I would not go that far as saying about their stage of development but I agree that they have little to do with Vikings.

        • Daniel Vogel

          The Danes were the most successful Vikings actually. They conquered England and Norway was part of Denmark.

      • Jens Holm

        You know nothing. For us the Iranians has bombarded a school with our teachers. We are not in war with Iran and learn Iraqian Bagdad Shiits to fight.

        • Liberal guy

          Which school u zio boy

          • Jens Holm

            Its a training center for Iraqian soldiers we are asked in to educate.

            We learn them everything we can down to use less bullets and even then hit many more enemies. In that level we also learn low ranked officers to be more independent as most armies have it and here use opportunies fast. Thats very important by Guerilla infantery like ISIS and semilar SDF kurds and Pehmerga in Kurdistan.

      • Jens Holm

        It was outdated by assimilation and partly warfare being repaced by well armered knight in big castles.

        I do think we are tough compared with how few we are. Our newest invension is windpower to the whole world. Danes themselves now has 50% of Our electrity covered by windturbines.

        Older stuff world wide could be LEGO.

        We also have + + trading with USA.

      • igybundy

        The vikings were killed off.. Thats what happens when you are tough rough and look at stealing what others have long enough.. You get killed off and the genes get wiped out.

    • Jens Holm

      Our forces are not spendables like Yours being killed in 1000s for nothing as slaves for Your Masters, so they get any help they can.

      Pathetic to see 13 sheep make + + to that.

      Danes dont run away, and we are not in War with Iran at all. Those soldiers of Ours do jobs the Iraqians so far connot do themselves. And we do help them to better and they do improve. Many therefore are not digting troops at all but to compare with first class teachers, which can teach even stupid boneheads. And they sometimes do.

      Another part are to be radarspecialist with others. We also update all kind of logistics which is verymuch needed in a country with long and very expensive supply line.

      If we should go into combat, we will send combat troops.

      • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

        Danes ran away pretty fast from the Wehrmacht and SS in 1940 :)
        and don’t say “we”, you’re not a Dane, you’re a Jew.

        • Jens Holm

          No, there is no amputation below, so I am no jew or muslim even my wife has teeths.

          • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

            You’re definitely not a White Germanic Dutchman as you claim :)

          • Jens Holm

            I never has claimed that. I am Dane and has been for many years. If You read my stuff You and do have a memory(I sometimes doubt that), You woud know a lot about me.

            And I am not surpiced today. When a Danish journalist in a very sober way are at a base and registrate damage, You find danes as targets even talking about pastry.

          • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

            Except Danish troops were talking about pastry with their psychiatrists after the missile strike XD

          • Jens Holm

            Thats normal procedure talking about anything else and later on the important stuff. The name for it is “debriefing”.

            If I give first aid. I have with children several times, I always says its not as bad as it looks and then about anything else of no importance.

            I never mention father, mother or sister until they almost are there.

          • John Wallace

            No he always said Dane or Denmark which is why I sometimes mention Caroline , (Coroline Wozniacki ) is so much nicer than he is.. Not sure if he ever understood but then again who understands most of what he attempts to write without his translator present.

          • John Wallace

            Thanks Jens but I don’t think we need to know that your wife doesn’t bite so you don’t look like a Jew..

        • FlorianGeyer

          Many Danes then joined the German forces in various units. One being the Nordic recruited Waffen SS Viking. They did not need Head Doctors and safe Places. :)

          • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

            They helped cleanse europe from the khazar fake semites :)

          • FlorianGeyer

            But now the fake semites are showing their true colours again as they have done between every pogrom. It must be their DNA :)

          • PZIVJ

            “The enrollment began in April 1940 with the creation of two regiments: the Waffen-SS Regiment Nordland (for Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish volunteers), and the Waffen-SS Regiment Westland (for Dutch, and Flemish volunteers).”
            2 motorized regiments formed from all those countries for Waffen SS.
            Not really that much for the Eastern front, some like to claim greatly exaggerated numbers. :/

          • FlorianGeyer

            I agree. It was akin to the US using NATO as ‘partners ‘ in military adventures today.

      • Simon Ndiritu

        Iraqis not Iraqians

        • Jens Holm

          Sorry, but I hardly care when people do understand.

    • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

      Meanwhile Donbass Commander Givi calmly smoking a cigerette while dozens of grad missiles rain down less than 100 meters from him. NATO, Israel and US are a bunch of snowflake pussies. Their technology and long range weapons are their only hope, without air support and nukes, they are toast in any infantry battle.

      • Jens Holm

        Thats right. Warfare like that are the bad old days for us. Instead we pay a lot for other kinds of warfare with much less soldiers.

        Thats normal all the way countries can effort it. Americans do it, Chinese do it, Russia do it.

        I was reading at least twice why USA would loose against Iran because Iranians was so many well armed soldiers.

        But USA never will invade. They will use long range weapons and take arms and legs away. Iranians probatly will shoot down several missiles and a few jets, but thats it. After that anything important for a country alive wil reduced to bicycles and water from rivers with buckets.

        • Harry Smith

          Sorry Jens but you don’t really understand how missile strike works. Didn’t you read that damages were not so hard? Same thing you can find in USA tomahawks strike against Syrian air base. You can’t destroy a big enough country just with missiles and aviation. Besides it Iran has quite good A2/AD. If it was like you are saying, the North Korea was destroyed by USA a long time before they got ICBM.

          • Jens Holm

            I say it again: USA neer will invade Iran with troops fighting the Iranian low educated hordes. Never.

            I dont care about Your this and that about the rest….

            If needed USA anytime can produce and send more missiles then Iran can shoot down.

            USA never will try to destroy iran as You assume. They will take away all electricity, water, Abadan and try hard for Bandar Abbas.

            Thats enough.

            The defence is same thing. Iran could make peace tomorrow of they stopped all nuke programs.

          • Harry Smith

            It’s very stupid to call Iranians “low educated hordes”. They have build their own ballistic missiles and in few steps from making nukes. If they are “low educated” who then you’re? Bet my old socks you can’t say difference between nuclear and thermonuclear reactions without consulting google and wiki. https://media3.giphy.com/media/iGNiqAuwG9dwQ/giphy.gif

          • Jens Holm

            I relate to facts. USA will never fight with the Iranian low educated forces. This never will be some kind of SADDAM 2.

          • Wayne Nicholson

            “We invented windpower, which has spread out to almost the whole world”

            You’re Sumerian?

          • PZIVJ

            I think Jens means this, but he does not bother to copy and paste info.
            Denmark was a pioneer in developing commercial wind power during the 1970s, and today a substantial share of the wind turbines around the world are produced by Danish manufacturers such as Vestas and Siemens Wind Power along with many component suppliers.

          • Jens Holm

            I do. Some important relative big school made the first as a clever almost amateur projekt and it worked.

            4 companies could see those windmills by science could be much cheeper and produce much more electricity.

            By that we today has Vestas specialized in Sea based systems and Siemens bought the 2 smaller windturbine producers and joined them. Siemsns produce in Denmark.

            We also have a producer for relative small ones, which can be used for 10-50 houses or fx farms and factories.

            But the point is the idea and the now very good economy and no pollutionn has spread out to areas with less wind too.

            So far its the best replacement we have instead of coal, gas and oil even we see solar electricity as well nuclear powerplants.

            We still only have full cover 200 days a year and need better store by batteries. Most of the 200 days we export electricity and has to buy or produce, wen there is no wind and too much by storm.

            We also put up more turbines, because we have to replace our many cars all over the world.

          • Jens Holm

            We also has had the small ones and still has some as museums.

            The windtubines each gives electricity to several 1000 homes.

          • Selbstdenker

            Denmark is not facing any embargos since 1979, or is it? How can you possibly compare the GDP of Denmar with that of Iran, ignoring the impact the embargos have? What was Irans GDP in 1978 compared to Denmarks?

          • Jens Holm

            I relate to facts. Apart from the “Muhammed crisis” and some incidents with China, we have not.

            So You are correct. Its a choise if You insist in an embargo or work for the opposite fx joining EU and Western Economics.

            I just related to someone telling me, that Iran was bigger and more advanced, because of weapon production.

            So You also should relate with how much money You spend to use on what and what You alternative could do in other advanced productions. That also relate a lot to, what You use the many relative well educated to and for or against.

            I gets a kind of angry but not surpriced, when I read most comment here. We are called in by the Iraqian Bagdad public elected Governess to help them to fight ISIS and make them have good military forces.

            Last year we paid in 50 mio dolars for it. NGOs are contributing some few millions too. We pat for many Iraqian refugees and emmigrants here too and mant of them are very difficult to integrate at all as well as they have hard overcrime. The same goes for those in Syria and Iraq.

            The article form a Danish journalist is very sober having good pictures. We are not in war with Iran and hardly has relations to or with Iran even we partly follow their boycut under a kind of pressure.

            Even so we are pussies, gay. People here dont understand we protect our soldiers and we debriefe them talking with them with home things such as danish pastry. Thats an important part of us, that we pay for including all of us. We fx have relative low crime because we pay for educations and other kinds of help, so people dont become criminels or dont do do crime again. I can read we are the racists and by that has to condlude, You are not. I know everything about how it is, where You are. Parts of You are much much worse. You even marry many, where the Young ones decide nothing and divorse even from violent husbounds are forbidden.

            I cant ignore we has chosen other ways then old and new old Iran does. We have chosen to have no priest in the top in Denmark. They are reduced to be under sekularisme. Our top has no powerfull President as well.

            We use Governess by publuc elected Parlament, where they find a majority or enough minority to run us. Here the power is divided out to decentralized structures. That includes those take in tax and decide themselves.

            We also dont execute as You wish as You do. We see totally random Courts based on bad and akward things. We homogenize and as for all, we make space. Criminels in prisons votes too. They are a part of us no matter what.

            It has been allowed Iranians demonstrate for the death of Suleiman here even he has killed so many mainly arabs and Iranians.

            That makes a main difference for most people here support the state. If we dont like our Goverment in the Top or local, we just elect somebody else. You dont.

          • Harry Smith

            First: why do you think that Iranian forces are low educated?
            Second: GDP per capita shows nothing. The modern approach is structure of experiences.
            Third: your wind generated energy will not save you if there will be no NATO neither allies and Iran will decide to destroy your country. Without NATO your country is just a temporary joke on the map of Eurasia.

          • John Wallace

            Iran is allowed to develop nuclear generated electricity. Doing that is miles away from making a bomb. So why should they stop their nuclear program. Norway is lucky they can generate most of their electricity from hydro , like we do , so how about Norway does away with their dams.. and hope the wind keeps blowing strong enough.

          • Jens Holm

            You dont like se-escalating by removing the worst worry for USA and many in the rest of the world.

            So be it. Danes take the wind and now has 50% of our electricity by it. You make storm and blaming others for it.

            I dont like Iranians or most of them. I hardly remember the Shaes as well. When I read about them, they were terrible persons too.

            But everlasting expensive escalation in warfare can I only see is selvmade big problems, which is not even an USA thing, but from the days of Muhammed, Ali and Aysia.

            Maybee You should be inspired by the old movie “Wargames”. They found a game, which had no winners and the manmade machine stopped all wargames.


          • John Wallace

            America created the problem in the first place by murdering their democratically elected leader in 1953 and have been exacerbating ever since. That 1953 coup led by Eisenhower’s nephew result in the revolution kicking out the Shah and the US Embassy hostage drama. That resulted in everlasting American hatred and desire to pay Iran back as how dare they. That also resulted in the fomenting of the Iraq Iran war and sanctions. If Obama did anything right it was agreeing too that nuclear deal and giving them THEIR money back that had been frozen in American banks since 1979, Then Trump comes along and blows it all up again with his ignorant business deal mentality to International Relations. You dislike Iran. Tough shit get over it and leave them be. How many countries has Iran invaded in the last 500 years .. All escalation is caused by the we shall bring you democracy and freedom but we will have to kill you all first and bomb your homes to dust country.. The same one that says you either join us in our wars or we will sanction you to 4th world civilization if you don’t. As for tic tac toe or naughts and crosses. I am the world champion . No one can beat me since high school. If you go first it is impossible to lose which is why that game was chosen for the computer.
            Get the fuck out of Iran and the ME and let them kill each other if they want to . Have you any idea of the Crusades and how they started and what it turned into. The Pope interfering in a small towns small problem creating a catastrophe. Any wonder Muslims hate Europeans.

          • John Wallace

            True compared to Denmark with an adult literacy rate of 99% the Iranian rate of 93% makes them look ever so slightly less educated than your country but to call them uneducated hordes is a gross exaggeration not becoming of you . They are amongst the best educated in the region and have a massive number of female university graduates . I suppose Russia could call Denmark uneducated hordes in comparison to them as they are afterall better educated than your country .

          • Jens Holm

            I look at the result. Our GDP is 10 times more pr inhabitant. We also create jobs, so we have to import low mainly low educated workers.

            As I reacall it some bird has told me yougsters and many others not even having a job. And most people know why – even in Iran.

            Russia is same thing. They dont invent things and are very bad producers.

            I see the same pattern for Iran and Russia. They both mainly export oil, gas and minerals. Well some missiles too, and thats it.

            Most parts of the Iranian forces are – just as the Turkish one – very low educated foot soldiers. For Russia You only see the big towns, which looks relative well. Thats where the Oligarcs spend the rest.

            The big difference for Denmark, most parts of EU as well as USA, Japan and others are Russia and Iran has no productive middle class.

            Russia and parts of Europe only had the Jews, but they were exterminated or emmigrated., because there was no taxsystem for them and not even for the many jobs they created.

            Those always are ignored in Your addictions and subtractions. Middle class, incitatament and You stil dont understand what income tax is and compare with basic tax only and think out high tax is eaten by corruption as the ones in fx Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and even Turkey.

          • FlorianGeyer

            During the Korean War, US General Le May bragged about his pilots destroying every building in NK higher than the ground floor.

            NK had little or no air and civilians defence were deliberately murdered by the US airpower. Another US warcrime.


            With Chinas help the US coalition was driven back to the current borders.

          • Tudor Miron

            I have to say that our pilots also did a thing or two there. Remember Mig Alley?

          • BMWA1

            Pomyel Polk. I. Kozedub!

        • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

          That’s because you’re nothing but pussies. Honor and courage you have none.

          • Jens Holm

            If You say so. Your definitions are not mine.

          • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

            So you like Germany, ya?

          • Jens Holm

            I like all neighbors. They threat us well. We treat them well. We trade with them and has free entrence.

            In my childhood there still was nazis, but germany has changed a lot to the better. The WW2 nazis hardly are there anymore.

        • Wayne Nicholson

          “Thats right. Warfare like that are the bad old days for us. Instead we pay a lot for other kinds of warfare with much less soldiers.”

          Using standoff weapons alone works when you are fighting an enemy that doesn’t have similar weapons and you have a magic printing press.

          Even then a dug in enemy in an mountainous or urban environment still need infantry to go in and root them out. They can sit there and absorb strike after strike … It was such in Stalingrad in ’42 and it was such in Mosul in 2017.

          During the cold war they figured that NATO and the USSR would last about 3 weeks before one side or the other ran out of fuel or ammo. Then it would either go nuclear or into the trenches.

          Against peers today it’s a question of who has the longest reach. Unfortunately in this battle missiles trump aircraft. Missiles can shoot and scoot …. aircraft have to land and re-arm at airfields. Take out the airfields and you take out the entire squadron. Missiles cost in the hundreds of thousands or millions and if you lose a launcher you’re lost a single crew. If their missiles hit an airfield they can take entire squadrons of aircraft off the board costing billions.

          So how much damage can you do with the 60 or so missiles you could buy with the price of a single F-35? Think about a mix of HE, cluster munitions and mines as the payload. That US base in Iraq got hit with a handful of small missiles with HE warheads and look at the damage done to it …. imagine a saturation attack with 60 missiles then working through a shitload of mines to clean up the mess and that’s just for the price of one aircraft that can carry 2 ground attack missiles and stay stealthy.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Running from their bases would have put them in harms way from all the Iraqi children throwing stones :)

      The Danes in the photo were a lot tougher in WW2 and fought in the The Freikorps Danmark for Germany with distinction.

      The current generation are far more gender aware and ‘woke’ NATO boys and girls :)

      “Freikorps Danmark ( WW2) was one of the many European formations that volunteered to fight for the Germans on the Eastern Front. It suffered heavy looses in the savage fighting and only about half of the volunteers returned home again.

      The first commander of the Freikorps, Von Schalbourg with the cap at the back of the photo.


      • Jens Holm

        Yes, about 6.000. When they were decimated the joines the Norland division. Thats wasnt many. Up to 5% voted to the two sanish nazi parties. Thats not mush support, is it?

      • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

        These guys are badass, that’s one thing for sure. I’m sure Iron_Retard trembles in fear having PTSD seeing these photos

      • Assad must stay

        they are on the wroooooooong side of history

    • Tudor Miron

      They actually did run – to Kuwait.

      • Jens Holm

        Name it as You wish. It seemes You have a very limited language for what people do. We are not spendables being stupid not leaving a ballistic zone.

        Danes are in Iraq asked in to help Bagdad and has nothing to do with the war between USA and Iran.

  • klove and light

    lololol….. best to Quote the persian leader

    ” this was just a slap in the face…”

    ps. dozens of american soldiers were killed and injured…….flown out on C-5´s …..there were 9 flights out, for the first 120 minutes after the attack…..flights to Israel and amman!!

    and…. the iranians on Purpose used “smaller” warheads than the maximum available….thus the Overall Damage from a bigger Picture is rather small and surgical.
    and exactly this surgical attack, is it what scares the shit out of the british/american Zionist criminals…..the extreme accuray of the iranian ballistic Missiles…….just 2 days ago, an american Missile expert, Looking at the evidence, came to the conclusion,

    ” it seems that Iran has mastered the accuracy of it´s ballistic Missiles to such an extent, that one can say without Exaggeration, the accuracy of iranian ballistic Missiles surpass ours……….”

    booo woooo

  • Liberal guy

    Hahahahaha so much for there invincibility it’s only in msm and hollywood and net series and series and video games and in the mind of zio followers scums.

  • d’Artagnan

    US is running a coercive thug racket of European and Australia vassal states and gets them involved in its murderous wars for the control of global natural resources. A chit of a country like Denmark simply can not refuse orders and sends it weak unprepared soldiers to die for American oil lust and Zionist financial gain. It is appalling that these Euro-trash populations have been so enslaved that they sacrifice their whimpering children in far off lands for the world’s worst warmongers. Shame on Denmark.

    • Jens Holm

      Those are not soldiers as You asumme. They are teachers and experts in radar and promised to be safe against ISIS and not ballistic missiles.

      We train Shiit Bagdad soldiers there and are not in war with Iran as well. We also are asked for by Bagdad.

      We dont have that primitive version of soldiers Yiu assume we had. We had those like that in old days. We also have in Our own country for own defence or attack.

      Make Your shame. I am against us being in the whole Region and because You are not important persons at all. it. But You lie a lot about our soldiers and seemes not to know, who we are.

      I think You hould registrate that we do know things about it, because er have sober journalists of our own there. SOBER.

      Even that should be sugar for any, You behave like flyes seeing and smelling only shit from goat and sheep.

      • John Wallace

        Honest journalists Jens , honest . one would hope they don;t drink too much and remain sober but journalist who write the truth rather than someones media “reporters” ( ie not journalists ) as they report what they have been told to report without ever asking what really happened. What is important is that they said that they KNEW the attack was coming hours before it arrived. It did more damage than the US will ever admit to and that it was a MESSAGE to say fuck off or get hurt , really hurt .. Trump got the message loud and clear in his we are backing off speech “reported ” as Iran is backing down so no need for us to continue..

        • Jens Holm

          Danish journalists comming there are as sober as it gets and not the kind, You might assume they are.

          The articles, pictures and videos says so.

          • John Wallace

            Would help if you could understand Jens. Sober means not DRUNK , so when you say sober journalists you don’t mean not drunk but HONEST journalists. I said they were honest journalists and told the truth . Same thing.

          • Jens Holm

            Thanks, I will use honest next time.

            We hardly ever use honest in contexts like that but sober ot not sober.

            Asking google “sober means” it also says:

            serious, sensible, and solemn. “a sober view of life”

    • FlorianGeyer

      Zionists have no shame.

  • Pietka

    This might sumon the feeling of the Danish sergeant

    • Jens Holm

      Its so funny reading like that. Danish journalist there are giving very good and sober details, and You act as usual.

      Culturemust be something for cleaning Your bicycles …

  • Damien C

    It’s a whole lot easier firing a missile than suffering the effects of one eh bully?

    Noted with 6 hours notice there was obviously no intention whatsoever of a revenge for Soleimani with this attack. It was rather just a don’t do it again because look what we can do back type of statement.

  • Wolfgang Wolf

    they are just occupying forces, behaving like colonialists… not used to get their asses kicked……

    • d’Artagnan

      US along with a hyena coalition of 56 vassal states attacked and destroyed a small embargoed country like Iraq and are now boasting about stealing its oil. This is worse than colonialism.

      • Jens Holm

        But we left too. we were tolld, we were not needed.

    • Jens Holm

      We are asked in and educate the Iraqi military forces as well as we have been helping ahgains ISIS.

      Wolfie wolfie baw wauv mijav.

    • Jens Holm

      We are asked in by the Bagdad Goverment no matter what Your are told in Your pidgin child care center.

  • CNN visited the base and interviewed U.S. troops and they were surprised at the level of damage, it was not the joke that they were told by the Pentagon briefing (by Esper I believe). CNN is now seeing that you actually discover things by going into the field rather than being spoon fed by govt officials. Is there hope that they will learn to be skeptical? Nah …

    The soldiers at the base distinctly told them that they had a ‘few hours of warning’ before the attack which is consistent with the Iranians giving advanced warning. I’m surprised that Pompeo or the Hasbra trolls haven’t floated the idea that a foreign intelligence service like Israel saved the day.

    • Liberal guy

      It’s all even out there in real the world mr

    • d’Artagnan

      Iran could have done far worse damage and inflicted painful casualties if it had chosen to. Next time it may not be that magnanimous.

      • Liberal guy

        Ya so much for their invincible myth

      • Jens Holm

        Well, an escaltion also say Americans and others put up anti missiles. They have not because ISIS has no ballistics.

        Revenge also say, that Iran can be hit hard itself.

        I am not for any escalation but if I was USA, I partly would put out electricity in Iran. They already live in a kind of dark, so why not.

        • John Wallace

          Iran EXPORTS electricity Jens. They have one of four nuclear power plants working. One was supposed to be up and running a couple of years back . Their electricity generation costs are very high and inefficient. What needs to happen is America return to the JCPA and work on improving it instead of pulling out of something that was working . The world has had enough of Trump unzipping his trousers and waving his dick at everyone.

          • Jens Holm

            I wrote that if the USA-IRAN conflict should escalate, The USA would knock out all electricity and Abadan and certainly dont fight the many low classified.

            I partly agree in the rest, but You forget Iran has do do a lot themselves too.

          • John Wallace

            Sure that is what America does although illegal. Attack radars and defense systems , followed by attack systems followed by electricity water and transport systems to incapacitate response ability. This current bullshit has a long history the beginning of which probably goes way back further to British / French colonial times. Whatever but it has to stop.America does not own the world even though it thinks it does. How about giving peace a chance.

          • Jens Holm

            Thats no new thing. God helped Moses to leave Egypt.

            USA didnt ask for joining WW1 but was attacked by German submarines.

            USA didnt ask for joining WW2 but only tryed to delay the Japanese expansion.

            When Germany attacked France and GB the French Empire collapsed and weapon for the amount of 27 nilion dollars was sold to them. In the same time Russia bought for 15 bilion dollars.

            So USA became big because France, Germany, Japan and GB almost collapsed.

            I dont think that was the intension, but I allow me to add the non peacefull part was Stalin take so much and givig nothing back as a revenge for WW1, where Russians as the obly ones lost WW1 three times.

            A also allow me to add that USA after that helped Western Europe, Japna nad others up in the system, we today name as Western Economics.

            Here USSR denied to join and get that help for their devellopment. And I dont see USA owns the world. We western own them too, we are dependent in a system which I never will change for what I see anywhere else.

            If You want improvements making peace, You should change the many bad systems, we see so many places in the world.

            You could join or affiliate more countries in stead of blaming us for Your no change. Most of Yours in opposition are not even able to copy our good parts – Because You are learned and indoctrinated, we have none.

            And it i possible to change. Look at the millions killed by Chaiman Mao…And now.

            Russians could have done same thing, but they prefared to collapse themselves well assisted by misguided good ideas drien by old men, which was heroes in 1945.

    • Jens Holm

      You are right, but killed or not is the big difference for revenge.

    • bob

      They were actors,i even recognized one from a cheap Steven seagull film

  • Liberal guy

    And trump is modern day queen Esther and pompeo is her notorious uncle and the zio slaves the chosen people.

  • Liberal guy

    Forgot to mention that the zios think of trump the modern day king Cyrus such insane fools

  • Jens Holm

    It seemes the author has done no research for part 2 of the article. We are asked to help the Bagdad Governess from ground zero from their military drowning in corruption and fx ISIS rakung all weapons.

    So number one should be to ask the Bagdad Goverment, what they have asked for. Its quite clear and today seen in Iraq as well as Teheran can be used against own civilians.

    You also can see the Danish budget for the contribution for help by the Coalision. The Coalision asks for – that can be found public. Danes includes what our job is in our budget with headlines. When we not have many soldiers and equipment in a Region, we send money in stead.

    The last budget package was D.Kr. 350 million, which is equi. to 50 mio dollars. Its a little more because they use already paid eqipment. There are few secrets for, what we do.

  • Wayne Nicholson
    • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

      Next Labanon War, Pampers parent company stock is going sky high

    • bob

      Better sell some to Hezbollox

  • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

    oy vey! Jens the Dutch Jew will be very sad to hear about this

  • Azriel Herskowitz

    Good news is that NATO affirmed the US that they will increase their activity in the middle east. This means that Iranian influence will be removed for good!

    • bob

      Strategy, Trump gets NATO involved good, very good

      • Jens Holm

        I dont think that “good” at all.

        • bob

          Strategy dear chap

      • AJ

        Who exactly amongst Nato would send any sizeable force, theres only the Brits or France & then it would just be a token one.

        • bob

          It doesn’t have to be sizable force you nugget

          It’s the fact they’ve become involved,more pressure then on Iran

          And besides this conflict with Iran is gonna be cyber war, not kinetic,although they’ll be a few wiz bangs to keep Southfront distracted and happy

          Its gonna be cyber shock and awe, and tot devastating for the Iranian theocratic dictatorship

    • Jens Holm

      Very optimistic. I would like to see facts bfore I belieeve anything like that

      • bob

        Trump only needs a few logistics units,or combined logistic team, get them killed or injured by the reckless Iranian dictatorship,and bingo!

        NATO invokes Article 5 and Iranian theocratic dictatorship is toast!

        I love the smell of toast in the morning

        • John Wallace

          Why don’t you stick your fingers in the toaster , that does smell better. Try it , you might like it. It will help to brighten your mind as well.

          • bob

            You must have as you seem very informed, if i were you I’d tell mum before you do yourself a mischief!

            There’s a god chappy,see mummy

          • John Wallace

            Well you are welcome to go and join mummy. You only come here to stir the shit . You add nothing . You offer no counter arguments other than bullshit . You are nothing but a superfluous piece of shit but you are welcome to say whatever you like. But if you throw shit expect to get some back. Oh by the way , thanks for recognising me as god , never thought you would be capable of noticing.. Have a nice day .. raspberry jam on butter on hot scones with tea is it.

          • bob


    • AJ

      Given that 60% of Iraq is Shia you will never remove Irans influence, let alone its influence in Syria or Lebanon

    • John Wallace

      Oh dear Azriel , even Jen’s is saying you are talking shit.. Now that really shows how bad you have become. . Netanbooboo shit his pants with Iran’s message and they are still hosing him down trying to clean him up so he can make another , US needs to destroy Iran diatribe but he shits himself everytime he starts reading the cue cards. The only influence being removed is Israels and the US who will soon leave Iraq and of course Syria who they can’t resupply without Iraq. Bye bye dipshit.

  • russ

    Can you imagine how traumatized they will be if they go against Hezbollah? They will be like the IDF Fast Deployment Diaper Division… known as F/3D

    • Jens Holm

      We never will send that part of our forces agains Hesbollah or anyone else. Those are not troops for war at all.

      And we send help, so people dont get traumatized instead of, when many some home and are for life or many years.

      You dont have that system, because Your primitive soldiers all seemes to be like ” shiiits happens “. Thays Your choise. Thats why You make so many children so they only can get a job where they kill each other.

  • bob

    This is fake news

    • John Wallace

      No need to tell us Bob , we already know you write nothing but fake news.

  • Johny Flodder

    You Danish, Polish, etc… keep poking the Russian Bear and one of these days, you will get from Russia 100 times more powerful missiles on your heads than what the US evil got from Iran.

    • bob

      Oh yeah!

      Well my dads bigger than your dad, so there!

    • Jens Holm

      We will see. I dont think we are poking. They had Neo-colonialisme all the way to Berlin. Thats poking.

  • Xoli Xoli

    In Denmark the are lot of lebian,gay,tom boy Police and soldiers.Their actually used by NATO to serve as marine entertainers.It is fair if their really need psychological help.

    • Jens Holm

      You have exact the same percent but keep them in the dark and often threat them bad. We seldom keep them in the dark and treat them bad.

      Thats the real difference.

      Its about doing the job or not but in that also make space. Most women work here and are educated and often take the same jobs as men do.

      Our Queen is a vomen. Our Premiere Minister is a Vomen. Leaders of 6 of 12 policedistricts are women too. They do have those jobs, because they are the best for it and dont get a bunch of flowers in their behind or even are blamed for it, when men in the same kind of job gets a car.

      • Xoli Xoli

        I feel so pity for the queen and premier who really suffer without a real men all the days of their life.

        • Jens Holm

          Our real men obvios are not like Yours.

          Our Queen has 2 children and many Grandchildren. Our premiere minister are much Younger and has 2 children.

          Comparing wirh Your standards for most things, I will never choose Yours.

          We try to include all. What real men are is a result of culture and relgion by raising and after that what are acceptable norms and also, what is done if those are nopt followed.

          You starts Your man version already when boys pr definition are given respect and honor by birth. In poor families the girls are the last one given food and most other things. Education and reading and writing is exact same thing as well as the girls are hindered in rights by control compared to boys and the rest of the world, which also should be theirs.

          i never has liked the result making so many unneeded marcho rooosters. It doesnt matter where they come from. Most of the time, they hardly produce plus for themselves and anybody else.

  • Z.P.

    six hours before Iran targeted the two military bases in Iraq with ballistic missiles, the Danish government and the Defense Force knew about the impending attack.

    • Jens Holm

      Very optimistic.

  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    some understanding of what they have done to civilians across the ME might be in order then, bomb them again

  • Vollkrassmann

    Have these cowards been sent to Iraq to fight ISIS? Earning good money for just staying there for several months? And after explosions – like in a real war :)))) – they need psychologists. Did they tell the rescue service that the helpers should bring a truckload of diapers for them?
    Are these guys the descendents of the famous Vikings? Would be a dramatic loss of battle-readiness since then…

    • Jens Holm

      We are there for what You know nothing about.

      We are ASKED IN. 1) We build or rebuild the collapsed Iraqi Bagdad forces by teaching 2) We do the advanced things, which those forces cant handle – yet. and 3) We have had some few specialforces guiding in missiles fx for the Iraqian ground troops taking Al Qaim.

      Its very difficult to reach Your low level even if I and Others dig deep holes and try that. You not even has a language for, what we do.

      We will not be random victims in the confrontations of Iran versus USA.

      If we should fight, we will send fighting troops even we dont have much against ballitic missiles. We mainly has teachers in warfare on several levels as well as radar experts.

      If Turks had not occupied parts of the Northern SDF we would have minesweepers there.

      Our budget for own pay is very open. We pay 350 mio kroner by Our parlament. In dollars thats 50 millons of those green ones.

  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    No doubt that this have been blown up, no pun intended, by the satanic government and news in Denmark, this is all a political propaganda move against Iran.

    Experienced bunkertime 65 times in Iraq, it was a political move to not respond, so we just sat there and took it.
    Then the UK forces got enough and started sending shit back.
    That worked for a while.

    Probally 1% or less of the users on SF have experienced war first hand, the rest are just yelling and know-it-all couchcommanders and keyboardgenerals.
    They dont know anything about war outside their CGI movies, hi-res games and internet.
    They dont know that just sitting there are the worst, getting told to just suck it up by corrupt politicians that are selected by corrupt corporations and approved by blind and deaf citizens.

    Combat is the easy part, the handcuff are the worst.

    To the author:
    If you ever had experienced war firsthand, you know that no training at all, can prepare you 100% for a “live” encounter; the smells, the sounds, the blast and the explosions changes and are all that more real when you know its live.
    Anyone with experience should know that, but i guess the author dont.
    Like a nurse getting covered in blood in training; that blood smells and sticks differently when its live, even though it is the same blood.
    But i guess theres no point in trying to explain it, because no one wants to know, no one wants to listen, no one cares but everyone blames and judges.
    And judging an entire coalition/army/country based on a single incident is typical CNN/FOX/BBC style, but i guess its ok when YOU do it.

    A fine example of hypocrisy.

    • John Wallace

      That’s right . No one knows until they have faced it for real. It is great being a Gung ho hero before the shit starts coming your way for real.. But regardless the US and the UK shouldn’t be there and Trump got the message . Want heaps of casualties continue with your bullshit. Time for the US to get out of Iraq , Syria , Afghanistan , Yemen , go home and clean up your own country. The US military budget is 700 billion. The budget for education is 70 billion. Costs more for bullets than brains.

      • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

        We fully agree that the US, UK, their supporters, “allies” and their satanic coalition and masters should get out of every country they invaded.

        Uneducated minds are controlable, educated ones are not.
        And by “educated” i dont only mean schools and books.

  • John

    The last sentence in the article says it all.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, dansker, huh, I would be poetic justice if they, the Iranians actually wacked them/you to smitherines, they got not half of what this f…. little creeps deserved, and that goes to the so called Norse division, mercs for the synagog of satan and Yankike bitches, no, this creeps deserved to be slaughtered, period, and I hope this Danish f…. shoots them self with in the first year/s of sivil life, since they knew perfectly well what they are and why they are there, to conquer another mans land and plunder their resources.
    Do you Danes and the Norse ever admit the raw racism you display, huh, like in Norwegian MSM and TV, with lies upon lies, fake history, never admitting anything from Yugoslavia to Afganistan, the war crimes, the spittliking of the UssA/Brits/ISISrael, this articles to comentary fields this days, the brave “vikings” just creams in ever article about anything down there in the Arab world, Kill em all, Yemens, kill em all, Iranians, kill em all, Iraqis, just kill em all, Russians, just kill em all, yeah, the list is long of just kill em all, and now, when somebody finaly shoots back you little creepy f…. whines about war.

    But to my disapointment the Iranians are quite humane, and to be frank, cannon fodders are plenty, just ask the Norse/Danes, and Yankikes alike, but gears are something else, and this attack was not about wacking f….. like You Danes or others, but to show what they can do, and infact did, and I bet it was not only you little rats that got jumpy, others did not expect this to happen and yet it did, with pinpoint acuracy another thing that should not happen.
    The talk about been trained, is to shoot/hunt/capture civlians, etc like good ISISraeli Moral forces are used to do, and like the IDF when somebody shoots back, they flee, but brags about shooting two in one back at the base, and thats what the Norse are there for, guarding oil and gass instalations etc, for the Imperial banana republic UssA.

    I have not an iota of symphaty with this rats aka so called warriors/soldiers/uh…., and I hope the next time, when the war begins, I asume its coming in the spring, purim, and that the next time, you will be hunted down like the scums of this earth you trully are.
    Infact I hope the Iraqis impale you the next time, and you get what you deserve, period, we sould never have been there, never, but our JudenPress is guiding out poltics, and nobody dears to go against our MSM, incl Sweden and DenMarks, the Den of Worms, thats why scums like this creeps are there in the first place, and I have been in the force, scums, but it took me just months to realise that the Norwegians are dumber than briks, etc, and I am also an marksman AG3, and I did things they even couldnt belive, and that wiith an MG3.

    And I come from an line of people, whom have been in centurys of war/s, but I agree, you dont know anything, before the shit flies around your own head, upto then, nothing, but never come to me and demand symphaty, you will get nada, I have much more understanding and hartfelt symphaty with Children in Afganistan, just to give you morons an idea, whom have to grow up with scums like you, going thru an war zone just to get to school, to learn, every f….. day because they want to, to be knowledgable and educated and they dont hide behind walls or APCs.
    That, creeps is bravery.
    I belive me, when one of this girls/boys dies, guess witch would have the gates of Vallhala opened, by the Gods them self, and that, creeps are not you, they kneel for true warriors, not for scums.
    And may you rats burn in hell, ISISraeli bitches.


    • Jens Holm

      We were demanded or asked to leave and did. We were asked to help against ISIS and regain the Bagdad forces which was zero to none.

      Now Danish Journalist gives You very sober of the best kind, and we are blamed for that as well as hated and laughed at.

      I as Dane since Afghanistan has been against being any of Your kinds of Your dirty quagmire apart from topping the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. I also dont blame others for killing bad Leaders inclusive the 2 murder generals.

      But we have our own problems too.

      I read and work hard for Danish invented windturbines should take over as much energy by electricity as well as coooling as possible, so we dont need any oil or gas from You.

      I only see we are Your excuses for almost everything You do and dont.

      Only oil and gas out. Only food in and to fair prices. Strange enough You dont see most refugees in the whole world are muslims. Our fault. Hardly, its only a few milliopns of 40 millions. Strange You also dont see Your muslims prefare to live among Christians and infidels for You.

      A wall ariund You somewhere west of Istanbull might do it. We only should send You sober information to You by radio, TV and Internet.

      I have heard about those palestines and Israeliens since before I was born too. The last time for any solution was 1967. 1973 did it.

      So go on killing each other. Right wings in Europe, USA and many other places in the world might sponsor it.

    • Jake321

      Did that make you feel better? Now take your meds, Adolf.

      • Arch Bungle

        I see you copy and paste the same standard comments all over Southfront. Not very bright, are you?

  • Jens Holm
  • Jake321

    Damn, that top Islamist Iranian general came real cheap! And a half dozen other top Islamist military officers were thrown into the bargain!

  • Davki

    Strange – or not. Well, that’s how those feel who are permanently targeted by the US.
    It also seems to confirm that the impact photos circulating on the web were photoshoped, as I suspected all along. Indeed, Iran did show restrained, the attack could have been much more devastating. Still, I think the message was received. As for the Danish soldiers not prepared – well, they’re just used to talk openly about their feelings, unlike others. Anyone would have felt uncomfortable in such a situation.

    • Davki

      Oh, and those half-wits here that make fun of them… would probably shit their pants right away if they were anywhere near. Being able to admit your fear is more manly than all your juvenile pratter.

  • Paul

    Lucky the special snowflakes had safe space.

  • The Farney Fontenoy

    “…This was a situation we were not trained for.”
    Not trained for an attack by an enemy? This is what happens when an army doesn’t face an equal opponent for 75 years, even kids playing CoD are better prepared for combat than ‘professional’ soldiers.