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Danish Politician Advertizes His Election Campaign On PornHub

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Danish Politician Advertizes His Election Campaign On PornHub

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A Danish politician undertook an innovative action to advertise his election campaign: an ad on PornHub.

Joachim B. Olsen, a center-right Liberal Alliance party MP, told users to “Når du er færdig med at gokke, så stem på Jokke,” (When you’re done “throwing dice,” go vote for Jokke). Jokke is his nickname.

“Yes, it’s me on PornHub. And no, there are no big thoughts behind it – I just hope you get a good laugh. There must also be room for all the serious political messages.”

Olsen, a former Olympic shot putter now standing in the country’s upcoming general election, said while he realized that the streaming porn site was an unusual place to campaign, it was one that had potential.

The Liberal Alliance’s spokesperson said that it is one of the more untraditional platforms for an election ad. But it apparently had great potential.

“You have to go out everywhere, and then we thought it might be fun to make an ad on Pornhub. So half of the internet is porn. And you have to be where the voters are. Also on a porn site.”

When asked if he thought he would get votes by advertising on a porn site, his response was the following:

“I think mostly, it’s a fun feature. My campaign is 95 percent serious, and then there is room for a fun feature. I also think that should be the case in a long election campaign.”

And, of course, campaign funds were used for the advert since seldom anything in the world is free, as Olsen admitted himself.

Responding to a question about expectations of who might vote for him after the campaign, Olsen said that he just hoped people would get a laugh out of it more than anything.

“Well, I hope people get a good laugh. I have received a very positive response to it. It’s smashed in with text messages today. People really think it’s fun. I don’t know if there are votes in it. But if you can make people laugh and not always be so self-absorbed, then that’s fine.”

Of course, some people were outraged, Olsen had a response to that, too.

“I am well aware that some people are outraged. One cannot say anything today without people being outraged. I don’t take that very hard. Those who know me as a politician, they know I’m a serious politician. But I also have humor. And I think this is fun.”

Naturally, people on social media also commented on the campaign.

“Nothing screams ‘Liberal Alliance’ [like] a site filled with people who just want to satisfy themselves.”

As per its own data, Pornhub receives 100 million visits every day and Denmark is the 28th highest source of traffic to the site. Nearly three-quarters of its Danish users are men.

Danish elections will take place on June 5th.

The advertisement decision, fun and all, is an example of the current state of society and the stark polarization between conservative and liberal world views. The globalization and the mass communications mostly manage to make those differences starker, rather than remove them.

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Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Trash like him make the rest of us embarressed to be Danish


Anything for a vote. Another proof of the degeneracy of democracy. And the world clamors for more democracy.
The only freedom that democracy guarantees is freedom from God’s Law and the rise of degeneracy.


Yeah, lets have a control system where hate speech and porn are banned! Lets have a system where there are no show of skin from women! lets cover their heads with hijabs!
You sound like an fuck wit tyrant!
its 2019! If the world has passed you its because of you, not the world!
Sex = love
Sex = fantasy
Sex = enjoyment

Yet here u are on a website wishing for More Deaths of the enemy you hate!


Your straw man argument doesn’t make me a hypocrite. You are apparently an idiot if you thing sex = love or that staying informed about the ills of the world is the same as watching other people have sex. But then all you degenerate like to degenerate everything to try and make yourselves look better. Here’s a hint, it’s not working.
But I’m glad I pissed off another P.O.S. like you.
Thanks for the laugh moron.


I am NOT a hypocrite!
here is why!
I watch porn!
I read politics and geopolitics because i give a shit about the world
so i come here to a war website!
i admit i do it!

But when a PROVEN demographic shows that 90%of internet traffic is porn, then it doesnt take much brain power to KNOW where to get the best outcome for your add campaigns!

Also, Europe is far more liberated than most other nations in the world! I went to a gym in Austria where i could have a sauna with naked 21 year old girls (i had shorts on)! Inside that sauna was old and young naked people!

Yet the opposite is what you would have in Islam!
Perhaps you are better suited to Islam and Communism!
Communism likes to censor, ban certain types of speech! You sound like one of those!

Do u know what i say to those types of countries? FUCK YOU!
Because THOSE countries are hypocrites! go to Thailand and you will see MUSLIM ARABS everywhere! Chinese EVERYWHERE! So in reality their ideologies SURPRESS them! Otherwise why would they travel to the sex capital of the world???

Democracy isnt perfect, nobody says it is! But Communism has failed everywhere! Socialism has failed everywhere (that does not include social reforms or govt services)

If you were a world leader you would claim no wars but u would also censor, ban, hide, cover! People would rebel against you and then u would slaughter! If you dont slaughter then you would be run over and lose your power (laughed at)! You would ask religions to help you, start your propaganda campaign! You would ask your Media corps to help you brainwash people!

FREEDOM is the key! And FUCK YOU!


Are you that stupid????? You are the one who accused me of being a hypocrite and your deviant exploits have nothing to do with my integrity. I don’t know if you are a hypocrite or not but you are a deviant.
Don’t act like you have some moral high ground. And don’t act as though you want everyone to be free when all you want is the freedom to be degenerate.
Like I said, and to which you did not answer: “You are apparently an idiot if you think sex = love or that staying informed about the ills of the world is the same as watching other people have sex.” But just like every deviant homosexual you are a liar and a deceiver who does not answer the true charges, you only sling shit and make straw man arguments and ad hominem.
Oh, and your self serving B.S. figures on internet traffic are just that. You degenerates are all the same.
Go away degenerate.



What is worse? SEX or WAR?


Listen to you!
Are you floating above us all with a HALO above your head?
Tell us WHY you are so good! What kind of PURE lifestyle do you live? Give me one sentence to explain who you are and what you are! SEX IS LIFE!

If sex is bad? Why does the west allow us to be so Liberal?

Yet muslims rape women in the west in gangs!
Muslims cut the clitorus off a female because she cannot feel enjoyment!

You sound like a muslim and Muslims are the BIGGEST degenerates on the planet!

At strip clubs, why is it always Arabs and Chinese there? Huh? explain that!

EXPLAIN IT!!! Do not avoid this question! Explain WHY!

Let me tell you a fact! MOST of the worlds population in 1st world countries watch porn!
I have NO DOUBT that you have some hidden stuff that you are too ashamed to admit!
I am not a hypocrite like you are because i admit to it! i have no shame to hide!
YET YOU come here to a war site that PROMOTES WAR GAMES AND DATING in its side adds and then think you are GOD! You think YOU can judge us! Fuck you!
But you are digressing from the point you made about an add being placed on a porn site!
If you want a reason as to why this politician advertised it is simple! TRAFFIC!
And for you to call it degeneracy due to democracy makes you a hypocrite! You are a degenerate for visiting a site that exposes dead bodies daily!

i am not because i can admit to why i am here and why i watch porn!
1. i give a fuck about the world!
2. i like watching women be fucked!

You see how easy it is to admit?
Am i a HERO for admitting it? i dont think so! But i am not a hypocryte! i am liberal! i care about FREEDOM!

Yet you, if you were a world leader, you would CONTROL and CENSOR and BAN and PUNISH! yes you would!! Admit it! You would!


i stand by my words! YOU ARE A FUCKING HYPOCRYTE!


Yet another straw man argument. ENJOY???? Where did I ever say I enjoyed any such thing.
And don’t tell me about the sins of muslims when you are full of the same sin. NOW I can say with complete honesty that you ARE a hypocrite.
I am obviously purer than you. And that’s a fact that is readily evident.
Your only defense is “Other people do it so it’s ok.”
For you to claim purity is laughable. And for you to call me a hypocrite just because I believe in Scripture just goes to show that you don’t know what hypocrite means.


your favourite words are “Degenerate” and “Straw man argument”!
(im going to track your comments to see how often you use them, then i am going to screen shot and post them! Expose your muslim ass!
Ive already exposed you for being a hypocrite!

You think u have moral superiority!
I can use the same shit on you!
Do u eat meat?
If the answer is “yes’ then get ready for a thousand words of judgement!

So your words dont mean jack shit! As a matter of fact, i think youre a muslim! And if you are, i already won! you are the most hypocritical immoral scum alive on this planet!

Hypocrisy Trumps Straw man argument!
my argument is clear!

if u eat meat u are scum (by your standards of judgement)
if u visit war sites and support the killing of your enemy, then you are immoral!

So judging porn watchers is pathetic!
You are exposing yourself as a tyrant!

You lose!


The only thing you have exposed is yourself.
There is no edification in arguing right and wrong or good and bad with a perverted faggot who likes to watch men have sex.
You have no argument.


Actually i like to watch women have sex and muslims get killed!
Why do u think i watch porn and visit southfront??

lol youre a muslim and muslims are perverted degenerates!

aaaaaaaa hahahaha

Thats why u are upset!


Whatever. What I say is true and you can come up with nothing but straw man arguments to the point that you actually believe that I am insulted by your insults against Muslims.
By your own words you are a deviant who likes to watch men have sex. No straw man on my end.


and i dont care about your favourite words!</b>
“Degenerate” and “Straw man arguments”

And by the way, its not a straw man argument when the information i used was exactly related to your argument!
“What is more obscene, sex or war”

That is a DIRECT relation to what you and i were discussing!
Therefore not a straw man argument!
I am not using a completely different analogy!
And…. it was related to politics…. so exactly related!!!
So go LEARN something dumb ass!

Next, i can guarantee you that if you did a poll on this website and asked all the people (including the ones you get along with best) if they watch porn or if they have ever watched porn (because some have no testosterone left after a certain age) and you will find WITHOUT A DOUBT that if these people TELL THE TRUTH that 95% watch porn or have watched porn!

The way i view it is that if u dont watch porn or havent ever before then youre a fuck wit! It reminds me of a man who once said “ive never had coca-cola”! Thats fine but he was bragging about it as if it was a heroic thing!
Yet coca-cola is poison in some peoples views!
But what you are doing is the same as that guy, you want brownie points!
“oh look at me, im great, im awesome” yet in other peoples minds we all think “lol, what a fucking loser”!

So you see, while you think good of yourself, we think “fuck head”! You can call it sheep mentality or u can call it majority rule! i dont care!

But what i am telling u is that if you dont watch porn and all u do is fuck your wife (if you dont have a wife i will assume you are a loser) then all i can say is good for you buddy! you will go to heaven and have white bunny rabbits and love and candy in the clouds!

But sex is natural, sex is fun! So ill watch porn, fuck girls and have fun! I will also drink beer on Friday night and saturday afternoon!

Am i a degenerate if i drink beer too?
is that OK with you Mr. Tyrant?
Can i sleep in after my alarm for an extra 5 minutes or am i a degenerate for that as well! Can i eat carbs? Can i skip church on Sunday? Will i go to hell? Is there a special place in hell for guys like me who watch porn, drink beer, sleep in on Sundays and skip Church?
i want answers to these questions since you claim to be the one who judges peoples lifestyles!
Are those lifestyle choices ok?
Have you written a “self help book”?
“How to be like me, the perfect human being”
“written by IMHO”

Dude youre a loser! You exposed nobody but yourself! i freely and happily admit to my lifestyle! Where as you, jesus i dont even wnat to know what shit you have in your closet! You probably prefer kiddie porn! You cant even show a real name in your avatar! You hiding something! Jesus now i am starting to think youre into kids!
You sick fuck!


And just like a degenerate you claim that telling the truth is casting stones.
I do not need to cast stones. You will burn by your own words and deeds.


Matt.7. [1] Judge not, that ye be not judged. [2] For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. [3] And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Luke 6:37 “Do not judge, and you will not be judged; do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven;”

OK so you screwed up here! This makes you a hypocrite (which i already said you were in my first response) The bible agrees with me! oh and by the way, the video says the same word for word! So again, youre a moron!

Oh and also DO NOT CONDEMN or you will be condemned! YES YOU!!!!!
You trailer park trash, poor excuse for a christian! You are a tryrant hiding behind religion to excuse yourself from your wrong doing! ISIS does the same thing! They use the Koran as their excuse and the skew its words to fit their agenda JUST AS YOU ARE DOING!


Dont judge, Forgive! Do not condemn!
You do none of these therefore your most likely a pedophile! Because youre a fake christian just like the pope is! Just like all those priests!

Also my question still stands and you avoid it with convienience!
“What is more obscene, sex or war”?
Youre a coward to not answer this after a dozen or so responses!
You think i watch gay porn? i think youre a tyrant christian pedophile!


The fact that a degenerate like you is quoting Scripture is almost comical.
You have no understanding nor discernment of Scripture which is obvious by your own admitted behavior.

You are taking those verses out of context just like you took my words out of context from a totally different conversation.

Joh_7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

You try to twist Scripture to justify your wickedness. I find that funny coming from someone who doesn’t even believe in Scripture.


“The fact that a degenerate like you is quoting Scripture is almost comical.
You have no understanding nor discernment of Scripture which is obvious by your own admitted behavior.”

i watch porn! If that makes me a degenerate, i am guilty! (BUT NOT A LIAR LIKE YOU!)

Yet you are a hypocrite and a coward when it comes to debating! You claim “straw man” yet you use it yourself TWICE (apples and oranges)

you were asked a straight question and you deflected!
What is more obscene sex or war!
Then you say “depends on the sex”!

Let me tell you that unless its a child (even tho I THINK you are a pedo) then there is no sex thats more obscene than war!

Yet you know damn well we were talking about porn! You deflected and changed it to gay porn (because thats where your head is at for some strange reason and u call yourself a “godly man” or you lied! Which makes u scum in your religion)

If you think you didnt lie, then u will need to screen shit where i say i watch “gay porn”! If you cannot screen shit this then YOURE EXPOSED!!!

War is far worse than sex / porn!

You are a coward for deflecting and dissecting!
you are a liar (claiming i watch gay porn) and you cannot disprove this!
And you are a sexist scum bag who thinks women are not equal to men!
You are a zionist who wants to surrender oil rich Venezuela but Destroy Israel and liberate it (yet destroy the world)

In your own words which i screen shit, you are scum! i can prove it!

i will be screen capturing your posts and posting them under every comment you make! We will see what people on this website make of your comments! You will need to explain yourself over and over again!

Good luck with that hypocrite (and liar)!


I stand behind all my comments. The only thing you will accomplish is proving my integrity and your stupidity.
I have not said nor do I condone anything degenerate.
YOUR mind is degenerate. All the degeneracy on this thread is from your mind. You try to make everything degenerate. That is why all you have is straw man arguments.
There is no room for people like you in a righteous Kingdom. Degenerates who watch men have sex and demean women. Liars who falsely accuse others to try to make themselves look good.
You will not be missed.


What is more obscene?

You avoid this question like a pedo priest avoiding justice!


IT”S A STUPID QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It depends on the type of sex and the reason for war. IDIOT.
There is a time for war but there is NEVER a time for deviant sex.
Heb_13:4 Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.


“Pass no judgement and you will not be judged”!
“Condemn not and you will not be Condemned”!

Oh how EASILY you forget! You are not Righteous!

Are you without Sin IMHO? Are you PREFECT?

IMHO, do you think you are Righteous? I was honest and telling the Truth! And you make judgements, accusations and label / condemn me as a “degenerate”. Are you a Tyrant?? Are you blind to your abuse? Or do you hide behind it as a righteous and just man?

Do i work through the devil because i watch porn?
You are a “Blind Guide”!”
You bow before the letter of the law!
And violate the heart of the law!
Yours is the home of the Lizard and the spider!

Hypocrite! (in Jesus’s words)


And what have you learned from your actions IMHO? I know who you are and what you are! I will enter into the kingdom of heaven before you!

“What is more obscene? Sex OR war?”

That is not a straw man argument when this southfront post is based on politics (campaign marketing), war (posted on a war site to judge the sites enemy) and sex (marketed on a porn site)

Direct relation!
You judge!
You Condemn!
And you are not free of sin!
You committed Denigration!
And Denigration is Blasphemy!

Shame on you!

I will enter into the Kingdom of heaven before you!


Nothing sadder than a degenerate who quotes the bible out of context. Especially when it gets it’s information form a hollywood movie.
Scripture is clear. YOU will not enter the kingdom.
Rev_21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.
Enough said pervert.


All because I watch porn. In that case I may aswell be a mass murderer huh? Forget the fact I give to charity, took in 2 injured animals and nursed them back to health, never stolen in my life etc etc. Porn sends me to hell. Thank goodness I have U to judge me. Hahaha. U really should watch those videos. Last time I went to a born again Christians church, the guy who invited me told me he doesn’t bring his kids because he doesn’t trust what happens in the toilets. Christianity, born again or Catholic or orthodox or etc etc have devious things going on. That’s why I said to u. I don’t want to know what skeletons U have in ur closet. Those who judge are almost always the scum of the earth.


More deflection. What does watching porn have to do with mass murder? And you keep saying I am judging you when it is the verse I quoted that judges you and your own conscience that is searing you.
And again you bring up the sins of other godless people as if it has anything to do with the conversations OR with me, or you for that matter.
And what do skeletons in the closet have to do with it? Perhaps you don’t understand the concept of Repentance and Forgiveness. I have plenty of past transgressions but they have been washed away and I no longer engage in those activities because I have REPENTED. There is no forgiveness without repentance first.
You seem to think that the sins of others absolve you of your sin. Well, I don’t think you really care because sin is the transgression of God’s Law and you do not bear the fruit of someone who believes in God’s Law.

But thanks for making a post that I could actually read.


you are such a coward when you debate!
Straw man, straw man
Deflection, deflection
out of context, out of context!
dude, youre a little baby who wants his mummy!

You think Sex is worse than war (because you cant answer the question on its base point) you want to disect a simple question and get around it when it clear we were talking about porn (u changed it to gay porn because of your sick mind) and then you want to change the context of the question!

its a straight up question! Whats worse, sex (porn) or war (death and destruction) that you entertain yourself with every day!

And here you are, avoiding my question and sounding the “straw man” alarm bell when u just did it below with apples and oranges!

Could you be anymore of a hypocrite!

There are 2 things i have made clear on you!
1. Hypocrite
2. Hypocrite

“Women are not equal to men” and then you think what you said was right! Tell that to a women who is fighting for her rights in Iran! Do you know they cant vote? Now tell the same thing to a women in New York! What kind of slap across your face do think you are going to get!
Women are equal to men no matter what your book tells you!


You are the stupidest person I have ever heard.
You have nothing but straw man arguments. YOU SAY “You think Sex is worse than war…” I HAVE NOT SAID THAT. Retard. That is a STRAW MAN argument.
How can I answer to words that I never said??????????? Man you are stupid.
You are deviant woman demeaning pervert by YOUR OWN WORDS in THIS conversation. And yet you keep looking in vain for some way to make me out as a hypocrite.
Women are not equal to men. Guess what dumbass, that means that men are not equal to women. You are the one who thinks women are inferior and only good to watch other guys have sex with.
What a pathetic loser you are. No wonder you can’t get a real woman and have to watch other men have sex. That also shows your homosexual tendencies.
Pathetic loser.
Go away idiot.


Me “what is more obscene, sex or war”
You “depends on the kind of sex”
Me “we are talking about porn”
You bla bla bla bla (coward)

And U lie!
Piece of shit and I have contextual proof. PROOF!



by the way, my original reply to you FUCKED YOU UP!

Add campaign made due to traffic!

This site advertises War games and dating! YET I DONT HEAR YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT THAT!





You seem to transpose your own faults on other people. Your reasoning is just stupid. And your language proves your lack of intelligence.
War games and dating?? What a complete moron you are. Does this site advertise porn? NO.


Do you eat meat?
Degenerate! you are so immoral!
I notice you like to use this word a lot, even in other posts not related to this topic!

Are you a muslim?
yes or no?

your answer will expose you!


What does eating meat have to do with anything??? And what makes you think I am a Muslim??
You are truly stupid. But in answer, Yes and No. Now I am exposed as a meat eating non Muslim. WOW!!! Sound the alarms.


Youre not christian clearly!
Youre not a fan of democracy clearly
You hate porn clearly
And u think women are inferior clearly!
So what does this all add up to?
it equals you being a filthy fuckin jew or a filthy fuckin muslim!
And a fuck wit with a fucked name!

And if u aint then your a filthy commie lovin cunt!

All 3 are shit!
But thats what u are!

anyone who hates christians (like u have displayed in your posts i showed u) and ALSO thinks women are inferior to men and ends his statement with “PERIOD” is either a filthy fuckin jew or a filthy fuckin muslim!

So based on your statements that also claim democracy is shit this also means your a fuckin commie lover1

And then u have the balls to judge people after saying this?

This exposes you as a piece of shit!

So my vegan comment is based on your judgemental statements!
You sound like a fuckin vegan!

So now i can label you!
A fuckin Jew, Muslim,Commie lovin, Vegan cunt who thinks he should rule the world!

Your a loser! And your dumb choice for a name / label adds to this!

I know your answers to women, democracy and christians so it aint hard to know what u are!
Im feeling awesome about myself right now!
now im gonna go and watch Porn!! Watch Adriana Chechik get fucked! then im gonna read about Trump killing the deep state! Then im gonna watch Tommy robinson get elected! then imgonna watch Pauline Hansons speech! then im gonna watch a doco on the Russian Nebo-M radar! And then im gonna watch Game of thrones! And then im gonna go to sleep!

Then im gonna fuck my mrs in the morning!

Then when i come home from work (before she does) i gonna watch porn again!

Thats my life!
And i live in Australia and that makes me think im fucking awesome!

And then there’s you!
“straw man, straw man”
u sound like a jew saying “anti-semitism, anti-semitism… you cant say that cos im a filthy jew”

Thats what u are to me!


Again I can’t get past your straw man. Apparently you don’t know what straw man means since you continue to use that tactic. It is a sign of your intellectual dishonesty. And I’m not going to read a post that merely states your own filthy desires and has no basis in the facts of the conversation.
But you are right that I am no fan of democracy. Because democracy only serves to give equality to degenerates like you. You are a degenerate pervert by your OWN WORDS.


So this HYPOCRYTE comes to this website to say that women and man are not equal! Sounds like he is a FILTHY muslim! Probably LOVES Communism! I bet he does!

comment image
comment image


In the Christian world they are! Men might be stronger but women can have babies! Biological differences exist, but in terms of equality, they have the same rights as men! MUSLIMS ARE SCUM!

Sorry female muslim kids, you cant enjoy sex and soon you will be wearing all black in the desert and walking BEHIND the man!
Muslims are SCUM!

comment image

This is what you would do to young Girls so they cannot enjoy sex because youre a filthy muslim cunt!
comment image

comment image

comment image

comment image

UM…. no, most muslims praise ISIS!
Why do Muslims celebrate Notre Dame burning down?
Muslims hate each other (Shiaa and Sunni) inside those sects are more hatred for each other!
Christians DO NOT have war with other christians over religion! YOU DUMB MUSLIM CUNT!

comment image

OK so this filthy muslim cunt thinks Israel should be fought against until defeated! But we should all just give in when it comes to Venezuela LOL what a fuckin weak cunt! HYPOCRYTE

comment image comment image

What i wanna know is why do muslims treat women so badly in their won country yet travel to Thailand, Ukraine and America to go to strip clubs and hire prostitutes!
there are soooo many muslims and Chinese in thailand that English comes 3rd in languages on restaurant menus!

you are all scum and hypocrytes! You fight each other over religious bullshit and you treat women like shit! Yet you all want to fuck whores!

You are the scum of this earth! May God kill you all!


Are you retarded. Who said anything about gender equality? You are incapable of making a valid argument.


im looking at your inconsistent posts!
You are a fucking Turd dude!
You think you are all high and mighty and moral yet u make the most stupid statements!
Also your short little response tells me you became very submissive towards me!

Your moral arguments are the worst i have heard!
Its like a Vegan telling meat eaters (90% of people eat meat) that they are “Degenerates”!
You think you hold the moral high ground!
Yet you make dumb ass comments from past posts! i could easily go through all your past posts and expose you as a bigot!
But to be honest youre not worth my time!

Getting your vagina itchy and sore because someone told you they watch porn and that advertising on a porn site was morally bad!
yet your past comments make you like like the one with bad morals!

Would you get upset if a Vegan called you a degenerate for eating meat?
An animals lover calling you scum for having leather shoes?
You wouldnt give a fuck!

This is how DUMB you sound when you call porn watchers degenerates! All you are doing is exposing YOURSELF for your Hypocrisy!

Why do you come to a war site that advertises dating sites and War games? Huh?

lol, youre a fuck wit! Thats all there is to it!


Ok. Pat yourself on the back for making posts so filled with straw man and obscenity that they are not worth reading.
Like I said, there is no edification in arguing with a degenerate faggot who likes to watch men have sex yet tries to claim some high ground.
You are the lowest form.


Straw man! would you have sex with those words if it was possible? u use them so much in the wrong context its amazing!

So you must be a pedophile! Adds up now! Makes sense!
I watch hetro sex moron like i said from the beginning!
but u download child porn.
Justin like all tyrant christians do!


OMG. Now all I can do is laugh when I read your mindless posts. I laugh not only at your stupidity but at the fact that you are so pissed off you can’t stand it because I called you out for being a degenerate pervert who demeans women and likes to watch men have sex.
Now go watch men have sex since apparently your only sexual outlet is to jack off. It is disgusting that you get so aroused by watching men have sex but that is your prerogative. No skin off my nose.
Your entire post is nothing but a confirmation of my ORIGINAL POST.


Let’s just look at what you have accused me of and what I said.
You accuse me of claiming that “women are inferior”. And then you come up with quotes out of context to back them up.
Equality and inferiority are NOT the same thing.
Is an orange equal to an apple?? NO. Is an orange “inferior” to an apple? NO.
Is a ton of bricks equal to a ton of feathers? Is a ton of bricks inferior to a ton of feathers?
Your mind deviates everything. It’s the same with the rest of your straw man evidence.
I have only spoken of what you say yourself within THIS conversation and in the context with which YOU have spoken.
YOU are the one who demeans women. YOU are the hypocrite. YOU are the Godless sinner. YOU are the deceiver.
Then you say: “You are the scum of this earth! May God kill you all!” And in doing so you condemn yourself.
I stand behind all of those posts in there context. Your straw man interpretations do not make me a hypocrite. Your lies and obvious attempts at deception do not make me a hypocrite. Your hypocrisy does not make me a hypocrite.
Christians don’t go to war with Christians???? Boy are you stupid.


You talked abut gender equality and then you said “Equality and inferiority are NOT the same thing.” yet you write this based on your biblical beliefs! And thats where the problem lies! SCUM!

“Is an orange equal to an apple?? NO. Is an orange “inferior” to an apple? NO.
Is a ton of bricks equal to a ton of feathers? Is a ton of bricks inferior to a ton of feathers?”

You used “straw man argument” in every fucking reply and yet here you are doing it yourself! i said this from the sTart…. YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE!


“YOU are the one who demeans women. YOU are the hypocrite. YOU are the Godless sinner. YOU are the deceiver.”


But you are scum because youre a pedophile! All people on this site hate pedophiles! Of course all pedo christian kiddie lovers are pedo’s. Thats why they have alter boys and kids groups!
pedo’s are universally agree as being the scum of te earth and it has been widely accepted that they should all be killed and burn in hell!
You are a pedophile!

What is more obscene Sex or War?
lol and your answer is “it depends on the sex” aaaaaa hahaha
And you thought you were smart!
Pedo think about your answer harder!
Even in the worst circumstances of sex that one can imagine, it could be argued easily that war is far worse than sex! War = death and destruction and can also lead to slavery and disease! And you say “it depends on the sex” aaaaa hahahaha

secondly, we were talking about porn…. do u think people are raped in porn? U dumb ass! How could u be so dumb! Porn is a business, there are contracts etc!

But downloading child porn like you do is the only thing i can say is as bad as war!

And yet here u are on a war site with Child porn on your computer!
You fuckin scum bag!


Man you are stupid. I did not us a straw man. I mean how stupid can you get. Is your mother aware that you are using her computer like this.
An example is not a straw man. What an idiot you are. You don’t even have the intelligence to google the term straw man.
You are a pervert who likes to watch men demean women. Stop trying to transfer your hypocrisy and degeneracy on me.
And your personal attacks are just as ignorant as you are.


I accuse you of constantly claiming “straw man” when its not! My original post is 100% relevant!
Yet you HYPOCRITE…… use the appple and orange analogy for “women and men” and prove to me that youre a dumb cunt!
You make up shit about gay!
Thats fine, because i know you have child porn on your computer :)
And lastly i notice you did not defend yourself on one point i made which tell me you have no defence for it AAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHA

So here is a perfect example of your bias!
Its one thing to say who will most likely win a battle but to say “give up” for one country and “never give up” on another makes you a complete fuck wit!
And you will see your fav word! “Degenerate!

comment image comment image

“Cede to Guaido”
“UN israel will be destroyed along with the rest of this degenerate world”

So you want to GIVE UP / GIVE IN for one country (surrender)
Predict and want the other to be destroyed! (conquer and win)

Maybe you should explain why Venezuela and their country is less important than Israel! Maybe its because you dont like Venezuelans? You like jews? You want Venezuelan oil? Youre a Zionist??

People on this site dont like Zionists! They also dont want the USA to get their hands on another nations oil!

You should explain yourself here without using “straw man”, “out of context”, “deflection” and “degenerate” or correct my spelling and gramma to save yourself and hide behind! When you make statements, dont be a coward! Face up to them! Stop arguing semantics! Be consistent! If you accuse someone of a straw man argument, DONT USE ONE YOURSELF “APPLES AND ORANGES”) YOU DUMB CUNT!

Give up on Venez but never give up on Israel!
You fuckin Zionist, oil hungry, pedophile, hypocrite, scum bag!


This is a perfect example of your simple mind. You think the world has a one stroke solution. That is normal for degenerates. You use that false logic to further your deviant agenda.
You are a degenerate pervert who demeans women by your own words. You cannot make anything but straw man arguments because you are devoid of any intellect.
The two posts you reference are two completely different subjects. And apparently you have awful reading comprehension skills if you think either post contradicts the other or even references the other.
What a complete MORON.
And your ad hominem doesn’t work any better than your straw man.
You are a deviant pervert who demeans women and loves to watch men have sex.

Rafik Chauhan

If he become president he will pass a law of having sex in public

Tommy Jensen

Fuk Olsen.

Jim Bim

His desperate move wont help him, all polls show his right wing party will be cut in half and he will loose his seat.


Any pics of Jens?


Smart man! Cheaper and reaches a larger audience!
porn watchers are normal people too! they are voters too!

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