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Danish Bill Proposes 12 Years In Prison For “Pro-Russia” Views


Danish Bill Proposes 12 Years In Prison For "Pro-Russia" Views

Danish lawmakers have gone forward with combating what they describe as “Russian propaganda”.

A new proposed bill, which is said to be meant to “strengthen efforts against illegal influence from foreign intelligence services,” would introduce criminal penalties for perceived “meddling” in public debates and attempts to influence decision-making. Such “crimes” committed during an election campaign would entail a maximum prison term of 12 years.

Considering the current media hysteria over “Russian agression” in the EU and the US, Danes could face a jail term if they voice dissent over the mainstream media and government narrative on Russia.

Berlingske, the country’s oldest newspaper, has released a detailed article slamming the bills.  The newspaper says that this law can be stretched to the point where a Danish director is targeted for changing a burnt-out light bulb following the advice of a foreign intelligence agent.

Another option is that Danes can be punished for supporting Russian egergy projects, like the Nord Stream 2.

The bill is another step in a series of efforts undertaken by the EU and the US to censor independent views and to take control of the media narrative, which has been partly lost with the growth of alternative media.



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