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JUNE 2023

Damascus Is Sending Convoys To Evacuate Al-Rukban Camp Near Al-Tanaf Base

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Damascus Is Sending Convoys To Evacuate Al-Rukban Camp Near Al-Tanaf Base

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Chief of Russia’s National Defense Control Center (NDCC) Col. Gen. Mikhail Mizintsev announced on March 1 that the Damascus government is sending convoys to evacuate civilians from the al-Rukban refugee camp, which is located within the US-occupied arear of al-Tanaf.

Prior to this announcement, Col. Gen. Mizintsev headed a joint meeting between the Russian and Syrian committees for refugee’s return. Both sides stressed their deep concern over the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the al-Rukban camp and held the U.S. responsible for it.

“You [U.S. forces in al-Tanaf] bear full responsibility for the safe passage of the convoys that will transport the refuges out of the 55km zone controlled by you … Now you have to prove, with actions and not words, that you are willing to work for the good of the Syrians,” RT quoted Col. Gen. Mizintsev as saying.

The Russian commander noted that a recent survey, that was done in cooperation with the Red Crescent, has proved that more than 40,000 civilians want to leave the al-Rukban camp due to the bad weather conditions, lack of supplies and poor medical care.

Last month, Russia and the Damascus government established two humanitarian corridors to help the civilians who want to leave the al-Rukban camp. However, the US-led coalition and its proxies prevented any civilians from leaving the camp.

The US-led coalition has been ignoring the suffering of civilians in al-Rukban for months now, and it is still unclear yet if it is going to allow the government convoys to evacuate them this time.

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Pave Way IV

CENTCOM is in a a bit of a bind, here. How can it possibly spin its justification for holding these hostages any longer? How can it explain to the world that the Rukban Death Camp is actually controlled by head-chopper ‘guards’, and the US controls them? What if the hostages start talking when released and explain how the US was instrumental in keeping them there, protecting head-choppers and torturing pro-Assad detainees? Who is going to explain the mass graves? How can the US deny any knowledge of them? It’s not like anyone cares about the prisoners. The detainees are not even Jewish, so the US really doesn’t give a fuck about them now, does it? They’re more of an inconvenience to CENTCOM, who wishes they would just disappear.

It’s settled, then: CENTCOM will have to send in the ‘cleaners’ – a rogue band of ISIS that slaughters a select group of 10,000 or so detainees. Just the ones that might squeal on the US. The US can blame it on Assad and ‘rescue’ the remaining pro-head-chopper breeder families. They will be granted assylum in the US (whether they want it or not) and moved to some US immigrant shithole city, to be closely monitored by US Stazi for the rest of their miserable lives.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The vast majority of refugees at Rukban are’t refugees at all, they’re just terrorists and their family members hiding out amongst the genuine refugees. Before the SAA campaign to eliminate Isis and the other 2 rebel groups operating in this area began, there were only 7,000 refugees in this camp, after Isis and one of the other rebel groups were defeated, that number grew to 50,000 in less than 12 months. The other group still remaining only does so with US support, but thanks to the new Russian artillery base, now only operates in the 55 km US enforced exclusion zone under US protection. And the US ended support for the other rebel group the FSA back in June last year, resulting in most of them moving to Aleppo to join Erdogan. After Isis and the FSA were defeated around this area the refugee numbers should have gone down not up, so why have more than 40,000 people flocked to this camp seeking protection when they supposedly don’t need it anymore, it’s because they actually were Isis and the FSA before they were defeated, they were the problem, not a result of the problem, now they’re mostly just wolves hiding out in sheep’s clothing, not sheep at all. 43,000 wolves dressed in sheep skins looking after 7,000 sheep, poor sheep, the Russians better hurry up.

neil barron

Not endorsing anything here on this page as I believe it to be the shit hole that it is. It is the epitome of its own dystopian world. That being said I believe your assessment done in an informative structure of events that unfolded in the last year and to what’s available to make a decent effort to understand what’s going on. Without all the hate blindness other commentators here project.


Al-Rukban is an American run Concentration Camp, with Daesh in the role of camp crowd control. I believe that eventually when the occupiers leave there will be mass graves discovered around this camp, and stories of arbitrary executions on flimsy grounds will abound. Democracy really means murder and mayhem now.

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