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Damascus Slams SDF-Sponsored Tribal Summit In Northeastern Syria, Calls It “Meeting Of Treason”

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Damascus Slams SDF-Sponsored Tribal Summit In Northeastern Syria, Calls It "Meeting Of Treason"

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Damascus has slammed a tribal summit organized by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeastern Syria calling it “a meeting of treason, treachery, and subjugation.”

An official source in Syria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on May 3 that the so-called “Syrian clans conference” was a failure as most Syrian clans boycotted it.

“The least that could be said about it is that it is a meeting of treason, treachery, and subjugation,” the official said.

He added that “such gatherings show without any doubt the treason of its organizers regardless of their political, ethnic, or racial affiliations, and that they do not express any of the true national components of Syria, in addition to confirming that these organizers are pursuing delusions that have been proven throughout history to be impossible to realize, especially during the final years of the terrorist war, regardless of how much foreign support they receive or how much they subjugate themselves to the US or others.”

The summit, which was held in the northern Syrian city of Ein Essa on May 2, was attended by senior officials of the SDF and many prominent figures affiliated with the US-led coalition.

During the summit, the SDF Commander-in-Chief, Ferhat Abdi Sahin, revealed that his group, which is dominated by Kurdish forces, is engaged in “indirect talks” with Turkey with the aim or reaching an agreement over the fate of northeastern Syria.

Sahin also stressed at the summit that there will be no agreement with Damascus unless it accepts to allow the SDF to maintain its independent forces. This condition that may have provoked the harsh response from the Syrian Foreign Ministry.

“A solution can be reached only by accepting the specificity of the SDF and their role in protecting this region in the future,” Sahin said.

These remarks have apparently sparked a new crisis between the SDF and the Damascus government. The government official warned the US-backed group’s leaders that accepting the dictations of the U.S. will bring them only “shame and disgrace.”

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The Syrian, the Iraqis and Iranian must denounced publicly the Kurds political wings in northern Syria, they must know they alone and no resource will be purchase from them. The Turks must aligned with this agreement. They will soon realize they have bet in the wrong horse.

Saddam Hussein

There is no such thing as a kurd, youre either Iraqi, Syrian, Turkish or Iranian. All of Syria will remain Arab land for the Syrian people.

ziad welder

here here


Kurds (USA-Israel puppets) have all support from USA, and Turkey is a NATO member (USA allies, although they pretend not to be so). On the other hand, Syria itself allowed SDF to get north-east part of Euphrates river because SAA was be able to stop SDF at Al-Raqqah, Dei-Er Zor, Al Mayadim, and Al Bukamal and SAA-Russia did NOTHING to stop them. What does this mean ? there was a previous agreement between Russia-Syria-USA to do this.


They arent usa allies, but pretend to do so you cuck, have you ever even been to Turkey?

ziad welder

exactly,,nobody supports them,not turdgay,iraq or syria they will be land locked and not able to trade or survive unless turdgay wild card erdoggy dog comes up with another bogus move but it will be the end of his carrier,so unless the yanks want to spend the next life time sending them billions(ie another israhell) not to mention flying everything in without being shot down then the rats will soon be sinking fast


Stop stuffing around and label he SDF/Kurds as enemy of the state and shoot them on sight, putting a bounty on the leaders will help significantly in destroying the SDF organization.


and then they might possibly put a bounty on fatso’s head and bolton’s and kushner’s for good measure.

Jens Holm

Nothing new. Assads are no future any Syrians.


how’s tel aviv today -humid and no airconditioning since your thinking i as flawed as your writing.

Jens Holm

You are jailed there below ground?

ziad welder

nothing new with more hasbara pathetic trolls like you too

Saddam Hussein

BTFO (((SDF))), go back to Tel Aviv.


Im tired of saying asshead, but I have a good reason, its because the war map shows forces ready to free Gazans, who were the Good Guys before the bad guys showed up.

So Im going to step in and say that the longer it takes asshead to reconcile with Muslim Brotherhood, the longer we can wait. But if asshead wants to take things in the opposite direction every Man of Right Mind is obligated to intervene.

asshead went to kurds before Rebels only to realize the kurds are the ones defecting to nato not Rebels (and the only ones who support assheads are cucks (because they are not pussy to oppose kikes, but they are still too pussy to join Rebels let alone Islam or Orthodox Christianity).

I will say this again, but Rebels will join Axis before any western secularist assheadist cucks.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Sounds like Syria needs to launch some scuds at the traitors every time the traitors organize mass popular terror meetings on how to steal Syria away from the Syrian people.

Rodney Loder

The Kurds will only be traitors when fighting for the Golan, best team up with Brother Erdogan and take as many out now as possible, Gulan is finished in Syria PKK / YPG are all Gulanists, that era is over, you imagine where the Middle East would be now if Gulen had come back and taken over when he easily could have.

What kept him in the States? he was building an international movement based on College Institutions funded mainly by donations from Turkey, he couldn’t do that as a Turkish resident, I know most people already know that, my point is Allah twisted his thinking as events have revealed and Allah’s Blessings were for Brother Erdogan.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I just read all the comments and no one’s even mentioning Putin, why not. It’s not just the US, Israel, Turkey or Assad, holding up all the carrots or brandishing all the big sticks at the Kurds.
Putin’s right in the middle of everything and can do more to achieve what he wants than any other party, and he can also do more to dictate what happens now than any other party, he is the main power broker now concerning Syrian sovereignty, poor old Assad has very little say anymore. Even Iran, the one country that should be backing Assad to the hilt, is capitulating to Putin and agreeing to this new resolution 2254, that I keep saying will be the end for Assad. The Kurds are also agreeing to this new resolution and negotiating with Putin and Erdogan to come to some arrangement, even the hour long conversation between Putin and Trump was also possibly mostly about this new resolution. The media have no idea what they were talking about in that hour long conversation, but I think resolution 2254 was what they were talking about, since it’s the most important thing they could be discussing at the moment. And if you’re thinking what about Venezuela and Libya, they could also be what Trump and Putin were discussing during that hour long talk, they may have been, but it all ties into resolution 2254 in a join the dots kind of way. Because even though that resolution only concerns itself with Syrian political and territorial matters, it also has far wider implications for the whole region, as well as a few other oil and gas producing nations.
Putin’s the one promoting this new resolution and remodeling it for his own purpose, even though the resolution was a western construct originally, he’s taken it on board and cleverly remodeled it so he actually comes out on top no matter what, and that would be ok for me if Assad then came second, but he won’t, he’ll come last if resolution 2254 becomes a reality.
Putin is the smartest man in the world, I don’t always like what he does, but he very clever, I’d bet he’d be an excellent chess player, not only can he think many moves in advance, he always knows the perfect time to sacrifice a piece to get what he really wants.

ziad welder

im sick of these fucking rat kurds who never learn,,syria needs to wipe them out,fucking ungrateful refugees who syria saved during the ottoman genocides now doing business with there own enemies,,,they will be land locked and starved,,if they think they can survive selling stolen syrian oil they are sadly mistaken

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