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Damascus & Libyan National Army Deepen Ties Amid Conflict With Turkey

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Damascus & Libyan National Army Deepen Ties Amid Conflict With Turkey

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Syria, Libya discuss bilateral relations, means to reactivate them in different domains (source):

Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem on Sunday received an official Libyan delegation co-chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Abdul-Rahman al-Ahiresh and Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister at the Libyan Government, Abdul-Hadi al-Hawaij.

Talks during the meeting dealt with the bilateral relations between the two countries and means to reactivate them in different domains in a way that meets the aspirations of the two brotherly peoples and the historic relations binding them, and ensures the continued coordination for facing the similar pressures and challenges that target them, on top the Turkish outrageous aggression against the sovereignty of both countries and their independence and the foreign interference in their internal affairs.

The Foreign and Expatriates Minister underlined the great importance paid by Syria to its relations with the brothers in Libya due to the special status of this relation according to the Syrians.

He affirmed that the circumstances and challenges facing the two countries prove today more than ever that these relations should be in their best status in order to face the foreign ambitions, on top of which in the current time, the Turkish aggression on both the brotherly countries and what it poses of threat against their sovereignty and against the Pan-Arab security.

Minister al-Moallem reviewed the latest field developments in the domain of combating terrorism which is backed by foreign parties, on top the Turkish regime, asserting that Syria will continue to combat this terrorism till restoring security and safety to all of its territories and till the withdrawal of all the occupying and illegitimate foreign forces which violate the Syrian sovereignty and usurp the resources of the Syrian people and impose policies that threaten Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

Al-Moallem underlined the importance of coordination between the two countries in the field of combating terrorism in a way that serves the national and Pan-Arab interests of both countries.

The Libyan delegation, for its part, expressed the happiness of the Libyan people over the advance achieved by Syria in its war against terrorism and in its standing in the face of the terrorist groups which are backed by Turkey and others, hailing the achieved triumphs and the security which has prevailed across the Syrian territories thanks to the steadfastness and determination of the Syrian people, army and leadership.

The Libyan delegation also reviewed the latest developments of the situations in Libya, particularly the Turkish ambitions there, and sending thousands of mercenaries to Libya, in addition to the attempts to undermine its unity and territorial integrity, and to violate its sovereignty by Turkey and other states which want to usurp its resources.

Members of the delegation also stressed the determination of the Libyans to face the foreign interferences and ambitions till restoring the situations to normality and till realizing the aspired-for security and prosperity.

Following the meeting, a memo of understanding was signed between the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry and the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation regarding the reopening of headquarters of diplomatic missions and the consulate and coordinating the two countries’ stances at the international and regional forums, particularly in standing in the face of the Turkish interference and aggression against the two countries and exposing its expansionist and colonial policies, in addition to enhancing cooperation in all spheres.

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Turkey is shaking now of fear i guess.
Two murderous Dictators cooperate…
Sorry, one (Hafter) is of course a wanna be dictator.
Turkey stoped him before getting one…


Very good point Ayman. The guys on Southfront need some people to really rebuff their biases and show them why they are backing the wrong guys in the Middle East.

But I love Russia though. I like it how Putin challenges the Anglozionist empire.

Jens Holm

I think he is highly allowed to bring that version too. Too many are blaming Turks for too much. The main excuses almost all are “We are the victims”.

But facts are, You not even try to clean Your own houses for those contrasts making things like thos possible.

So You should go back and fx see Assads made nor reforms. Turks makes PKKs themself. Iraq is a misguided mistake, which made many 100.000 dead tthemselves and also i n Kuwait and Iran. Iran is a misguided projekt from the times of WW2 with USA and Brits. They should not have expected, what they did. So the contrast are the winners today but the pople living there mainly are loosers.

So please blame Yourself very much too. I can only blame my own danish goverment for being stupis again and since Afghanistan. Thats because it allowed.

Thats not because I like You at all. The more I know writers like You the more I insaist in a wall west of Istanbul and only oil for food as fair trade.

The other version of course is mopre weapons, so Ypu kill each other faster and mainly the ones, which enjouy killing themselves.

A very cheep innovation for that is putting two in each grave and flowers of plastic needs no water. Thats what they probatly do in Basra.


That’s quite good, except LNA isn’t gonna do much for Syria, period. It is even led by an anti-Gaddafi CIA asset that helped ISIS/al-Qaeda/NATO’s destruction of the formerly most developed country in Africa. Syria could use the help of a world power against Zioterrorists and Wahhabi mercs of the US-led terrorist league. Now it’s not only the terrorist Rothschild neocolony in Palestine violating Syrian airspace whenever they want, terrorist Turks have joined the Ziojews in doing the same, including Turks imitating ISISrael, launching strikes from inside Turkish borders.

Since 2015 at all the moments of truth, Russia has demonstrated that it is far more interested in doing business with Zioterrorists and Wahhabi filth, selling them gas, weapons or whatever, than in helping Syria get back its WHOLE country from terrorist invaders, letting them invade chunks of Syrian land or violate Syrian airspace just to prove Russia’s unwavering commitment to negotiate with the US/Turkey/Israel, etc, terrorists.

hore ten

It’s not it the Russian people’s best interest to just stop doing business or going to war with any country if they want to survive and prosper as a nation. It all comes down to what’s best for the people of russia. War is not an option. Putin is just looking out for what’s best for his people like any real president would.

Leroy Cox

You’re too primitive and myopic.


Without ethics then you just become another scum bag. Russia got conned by Erdogan and if Putin wasn’t aware of it then he shouldn’t be the head of the Russian Federation and if he was aware then that places him in the same boat as Erdogan, Trump and that slime bag who heads israel.


Wow. we on SoughFront claim to be supporters of people who are victims of aggression. We want to support legitimate governments. Now, we will see in the comment s that follow if the Southfront members are true to the values they claim to uphold. Clearly, Haftar is not the legitimate government of Libya. I will wait to read what people on SouthFront have to comment about this new development. Will they support the renegade Khalifa Haftar, or the Legitimate government of Libya. We shall see from the comments.


Don’t be so stupid, Lybia hasn’t had a legitimate government since 2011 no matter what anyone says. NATO, ISIS, al-Qaeda, etc., turned the most develped country in Africa into a warring tribal hellhole. UN recognition doesn’t give anyone legitimacy, the UN was literally fabricated to “legitimite” the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine because Hitler, and joined the US Zioterrorists in killing invading and millions of Koreans right after it was fabricated.


then you agree that Turkey’s invasion of Syria should not be defined by U.N rules. Russia claims to be in Syria because the U.N recognized government of Syria invited them. And we at SouthFront kept trumpeting that fact. Now you talk of a U.N recognition a not being a grantor of legitimacy. That’s really interesting.

May Turkey continue to bomb hell out of the Alawi army of Syria.


You are comparing apples to oranges. The situations in Libya and Syria are different. The legitimate government in Syria is fighting to retain sovereignty not to establish it.


You missed my point. The question is, What makes the Assad government legitimate? The answer is: Because it the UN-recognized government of Syria.

Similarly, what makes the GNA of Libya legitimate? Because it is the UN-recognized government of Libya.

The point is, if we at SouthFront claim to support only a legitimate cause, why then do we side with Khalifa Haftar? What exactly has the GNA done to deserve our antipathy? Or is it just from our pure biases that we support the renegade in Libya?

Give me an answer please.


No one’s sovereignty is dependent on UN. If that was the case no one would be sovereign.


Yeah, but your Islamist/Jihadi GNA “gouverment” is legit?


Whose side exactly are you on? If you know what Jihad means, then you will consider Iran another Jihadi government.

The Middle East is a complex mess. Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Jordan, etc side with the U.S.A and Israel. But they are all opposed to the GNA (I am not sure about the U.S). Turkey sides with the U.S on some issues, but it is allied to the GNA in Libya. The GNA is a kind of a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, just like Turkey, Qatar, Pakistan, Malaysia, and the Taliban. Even Iran seems to support the GNA.

The Muslim brotherhood has one stated goal: To topple the U.S sunni puppet governments in the gulf by instigating a domestic sunni uprising against these governments.

Now get your head around this mess and see why by supporting the LNA, you are on the same side as Israel.




Russia has allowed Turkey to invade Syria and to take posesion of the north part of Syria. WoW !! what a Russia action, despite its strong help to destroy ISIS (created by USA-Israel-NATO with the help of Qatar-Turkey-Jordan-Soudis-Pakistan).


Replacing one Evil with Another is good thing for you?

Alberto Garza

russia helps syria but its not going to war against turkey for them… remember the united states did nothing as turkey invaded northern iraq .

Lone Ranger

Turkisis will cry and rage ;)
Do Turks know that the new ottoman empire and the Greater Israel Project is one and the same?
Hasbarat handrubbing intensifies :_)

Jens Holm

Turks are not that stupid.

Lone Ranger

I dunno…

Jens Holm

Israeliens too.

Next time Your Vet. probatly will recommend You less speed and more opium. If You are poor, You will get insructions for growing opium Yourself with organized neighbor support.

Lone Ranger

Wtf did I just read…

good american

The other day someone said Jens might be a poorly programmed bot. They’ve got to fix it, and quick.


Moscow advised Syria and Libya to join forces and it is ready to arm them to the teeth to deal with Erdogan’s nonsense. Expect 300 Turkish body bags from Libya in a few days. They will sober Erdogan.

Its time to teach Turkey a lesson.


I want to see victorious Syrian forces invited to Libya to liberate that country too.

Jens Holm

I can do something nasty plans too. EU might pay for svimming lessons betewwn them and Libýa and Turkey will takeCreta for making sviomming lessons for them there.

Thats not funny,,,


That are good news in itself…But what concrete measures exactly? Both countries can’ really coordinate by lack of logistic means. Send weapons? Send troops? Exchange intelligence data? … So far just annoucement effect…

Hasbara Hunter


good american

United resistance and coordination is what they need. This development is a nice boomerang to the back of Erdogans head.


Egypt, Sisi needs to do more, help Libya and Syria any way possible.
Even send troops in Syria.

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