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Damascus Announces Large Wave Of Demobilization In Syrian Army

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Damascus Announces Large Wave Of Demobilization In Syrian Army

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The General Command of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) issued an official order on February 6 discharging all soldiers who are 38-year or older. Furthermore, the names of all citizens who were born in 1981 or before will be dropped from the mandatory draft lists.

“The General Command of the Syrian Arab Army emphasize that the order should be executed starting from 15-2-2019,” the army’s order reads.

Thousands of soldiers will be discharged from military service under the new order, which was a direct result of the recent increase in the number of SAA service members.

Since the beginning of this year, several Syrian and Western pro-opposition activists have been claiming that the SAA began to call reservists who are older than 42-years old. The new order debunks these claims and expose them as a mere propaganda stunt.

According to Syrian pro-government sources, the SAA will discharge more and more service members in the upcoming few months as many citizens are joining its ranks every day, especially in newly-liberated areas.

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Good. They ve served their country well


Congratulations, Idlib is still run by beheaders and the whole of eastern Syria is occupied by Kurdish tyrants, but let’s just pretend the war is over.


I have faith that President Assad and the SAA will not rest until every square inch of Syrian territory is liberated.


The order is probably for ALL that wish to leave, or those 38+ the SAA does not wish to keep, I would assume.


But it doesn’t take the same amount of manpower to liberate Idlib then it did to hold the entire country on a dozen different fronts like it did 4 years ago. And the Kurdish area is not going to be taken by force of arms but by negotiating.

Kelli Hernandez

It’s exciting that more Syrians are joining .


Well, it looks like everything is done. The partition of Syria is according to Lavrov-Kerry agreement. The question is….what Syria people think about this ?

Xoli Xoli

Useless decision only veterans have experience youngsters are in Europe.If Syrian safety should be insure then let veterans remain in the force.Youngster defect very easily if the fight become heavy on the front line.


Thing is, veterans who stay in a war for too long become less combat effective. While they gain combat experience, they also tire of war and become more interested in surviving the war then winning it. If you look at combat divisions in WW2 you see that divisions that had seen the most action for the longest time became less successful over time. The British 7th Armored divisions fought from 1940 to 1945, from North Africa to Italy to D-Day and Western Europe, but its performance in Western Europe was nowhere near as good as those of less experienced divisions. Similarly, in Band of Brothers we see that Easy Company was very gung ho in the beginning, but became increasingly tired and risk averse near the end.

New units tend to be very gung ho, but make rookie mistakes, old divisions know what they are doing but are risk averse. Therefore the ideal curve is a unit that has been bloodied enough to no longer make rookie mistakes, but still not bloodied enough to lose its fighting spirit. As such I think retiring the older 38+ soldiers fits this idea, as they probably saw combat for too long.

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