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Damascus: Kurdish Advance on Raqqa is Attack on Syria’s Sovereignty

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Damascus claims that any operation on Syrian territory that is not coordinated with the Syrian government, including the Kurdish operation on liberation of Raqqa, is a threat to the national sovereignty.

Damascus: Kurdish Advance on Raqqa is Attack on Syria's Sovereignty

Russia and Syria insist on a need to coordinate any military operations on Syrian territory with the government in Damascus, including the operation on liberation of Raqqa from the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, earlier announced by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), consisting mainly of Kurdish units. Damascus completely rejects the SDF operation in Raqqa and considers it as a threat to the national sovereignty, the Izvestiya newspaper reported, citing a deputy of the Syrian parliament, Jamal Rabia.

“Any operation that is not authorized by the Syrian leadership and goes beyond actions of the country’s army is illegal. This also applies to the operation of the SDF, backed by the US. Damascus considers it as an attack on the national sovereignty because it is convinced that a director of this performance is the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency],” Rabia told Izvestiya.

At the same time, he stressed that the Syrian government supports any actions of Kurds and ‘foreign players’ to combat terrorism upon condition that these actions are agreed with the Syrian leadership. Rabia also noted that in the majority, these operations pursue completely other purposes.

“If we talk about the SDF, trying to seize Raqqa, they [Kurds] try to make another step toward federalization of Syria, but people of the country completely reject this idea,” the Syrian deputy said.

The SDF announced the beginning of the operation to liberate Raqqa, which is considered the capital of the IS in Syria, on November 6. The operation was called Euphrates Wrath. Command of military actions is going to be conducted by the Coordination Council.

The SDF called on foreign forces to take part in the operation, providing logistic, military and moral support, as well as pointed out that international humanitarian and human rights organizations should “fulfill its commitments and save Raqqa from terrorists.” Reportedly, the US air power will support Kurdish units during their offensive on the city.

As the AFP news agency reported, citing its own source in the US administration, it is planned that Raqqa will be surrounded at the first stage of the operation in order to isolate the city to prepare for the main attack.

Earlier, in May, Kurds have already announced their intentions to liberate the city from terrorists. During several days, they managed to dislodge militants from a number of settlements, located near the city, and advance a few kilometers to Raqqa. But their military successes ended with this. However, already at that time, the SDF indicated its intention to include Raqqa in the Kurdish federal region.

“Since the assault of Raqqa is carried out by the SDF, it is logical that after its capture, it [the city of Raqqa] will be a part of the democratic federal system, created by us in the north of Syria,” a representative of the SDF, Jihan Ehemed, said in May of this year.

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I suppose that these kurds did a secret agreement with Qatar to cross the pipeline from Raqqa. Find out more about this story here http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/chinese-stratagems-and-syrian-buffer-zone-for-turkey-qatar-pipeline/

888mladen .

Kurds are nothing but opportunistic predators with no moral codex. They enjoyed protection by Syrian state from Turkish pogroms for many years and now they’ve turned on their benefactors. Kurdish problem will be of much greater magnitude than ISIS or terrorists supported by Turkey because it poses a serious threat of direct confrontation between many states in the region with a real potential of further escalation involving key players behind the proxies. Watch carefully developments around YPG and allies involvement especially in Raqqa operation. At the same time US uses ISIS effectively for blocking any advance of SAA in Deir Erzur in direction of Raqqa. while majority of SAA troupes are tied up in liberation of Aleppo. Elite US paratrooper battalion deployed in Mosul can be easily transferred later on to Raqqa operation and Russia will not risk direct confrontation with US and allies. Partitioning of Syria aka Balkanization is imminent unfortunately, however Russia’s role in it is not all that clear. Otherwise how to understand all those ceasefires that have kept Aleppo operation dragging for months preventing redeployment of the troupes in the Eastern front?


Excellent summary. Axis of evil NATO plus Saudi-Israel-Qatar plan to balkanize and destroy Syrian nation by using Islamic terrorist groups Da’ish failed when Russia gave support to Syria. So now comes Plan B – same ultimate goal to destroy Syria but this time using Kurds as their mercenary army. Meanwhile foolish Kurds have abandoned their brothers in extreme NW enclave, this will be easily cut off when Turks advance NE from Reyhanli base ( mixed armored/inf regt battle group in position) up the river valley to link-up vicinity Ifrin, bottled up Kurds will have nowhere to go and subject to slow genocide – thanks “SDF “!!! Turks long-term intent unchanged : permanent occupation of northern Syria west of Furat 20-30 km deep and depopulate of Kurds. 888mladen thank you for your analysis

john mason

Good summary but I believe you are incorrect in regards to Russia. Russia and Syria will enforce International Law in regards to its’ sovereignty and the US hasn’t a leg to stand on. They will be asked, politely, to remove themselves and the Kurds will have the choice of either abiding by the Syrian Government or start a civil war, if that happens, Turkey will step in also.


Kurds are traitors. Don’t trust them.

Jaime char spenser

Stop being stubborn and sign agreement to federalization and this wouldn’t be an issue.

Muslim Esfahani

Euphrates Shield, Euphrates Volcano, Euphrates wrath, Euphrates MY ASS.. Everything which start with Euphrates is just completely annoying.

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