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Damascus Government To Announce General Amnesty Soon

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Damascus Government To Announce General Amnesty Soon

FILE IMAGE: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and army troops

On September 20, director of judicial legislation department at the Ministry of Justice of Syria, Ahmad Farwati,  revealed that the ministry is currently working on a general amnesty decree that will boost the ongoing reconciliation process.

“When the amnesty is announced, the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Defense will send instructions for the immediate implementation of this decree,” the Russian RT TV quoted Farwati as saying during a meeting of the Russian-Syrian Joint Commission for Refugee Repatriation.

According to Farwati, the general amnesty decree will cover every Syrian living inside or out of the country whether he was a civilian or a personal of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) when he violated the law. The decree is expected to be released by Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad very soon.

During the last few months, Russia encouraged the Damascus government to take steps to facilitate the return of Syrian refugees and the reconciliation process. Some of the steps suggested by Moscow included pardoning SAA deserters and delaying the mandatory military service in the newly liberated areas.

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chris chuba

I hope someone makes an attempt to explain the latest meme in the FUKUS claiming that the ‘missing Syrians’ are now being reported as executed prisoners.

How many people actually died in Syrian govt run detention centers? The MSM doesn’t give any actual numbers they just report a few with the sinister insinuation, ‘this is just the tip of the iceberg’ but just once I wish the axis of resistance would get ahead of this BS. I’m certain that there were some but nothing more than Saudi Arabia on a good day.

Tom Tom

Also, Christine Blasey Ford was assaulted by Assad, according to her.

Concrete Mike

Hahahaha good one.

I feel bad for laughing at “sexual assault”.

But not if its an allegation used for dirty politics.


True, but that was almost 30 years ago when both of them met at a Chemical Brother’s Gig in Downtown Aleppo…. Lol


More projection. Ask the US how many people die in police custody in the US. Well actually we don’t keep those numbers. Really? You can tell every single website everyone visits daily but you have no idea how many people die in custody of the US police. Reassuring.


Israel and PKK both are US stooges. US smuggle weapons and give financial support to Israel and PKK.


It’s hard to reconcile the aggressive arguments made by some against the Rebels with concessions like this. Either way, Assad isn’t as concerned about the past actions of anyone now that he nas power over the main part of Syria and a large chunk of his army are Rebel defectors.

Gregory Casey

Jaish al Islam + HTAl-Sham + al-Nusra + almost all “rebel” factions have made clear they will NOT surrender Arms to (either) Turks or Russians ……. that is, ANY Arms let alone their heavy-duty Guns & equipment. It is Turkey’s & Erdogan’s job to ensure all of those clusters disarm by 15 October next. In the event there is a failure to disarm, Hunting Season is Open and each and every one of them is open prey for a Turkey-Shoot. Erdogan has made an agreement and if he fails to ensure disarmament, both Russians, Iranians, Hezbollah and Syrian Arab Army have full and unfettered access to shutting down each and every Jihadi Terrorist left inside of Syria’s Borders. It will be a case of “the prey had better pray” ‘cos there is nothing surer than they are checking-out for early entry to Hell.
Meanwhile, Russia has now provided S-300 Systems to Syria yesterday and these are being installed during the period of Closure of the Eastern Mediterranean to 19,000 feet, announced on Wednesday and in force ’til Wednesday 26th September. Although French fired missiles that took down the Russian Plane and NOT Syrian S-200, the Israelis are being conveniently blamed so that Putin can reverse his undertaking to Nutynyahu not to provide S-300 or S-400 to Syria last year.


Interesting! Back to work so limited time to search, what was your source on the s-300 and the French connection?


The Russians have again outsmarted the Deep States Military Wing and turned the tragic deaths of their counter surveillance and electronic warfare personnel into a positive. IsraHell gets the blame predicated upon Yanki press release to blame friendly fire while avoiding an International todo with France. Macron the Deep states anointed now knows the Russians have put a rather large missile up his ANUS which by all accounts he finds rather uncomfortable. Macron to shit himself publically very soon.


Of course this amnesty only applies to criminal behavior of Syrian military citizens. Innocent women and children will continue to be gassed to death as Assad seems hellbent to alienate the members of the SAA by killing their extended families.

Wait a minute! That doesn’t quite make sense does it. Why give them amnesty and kill their families, why not just kill them all? Gosh it’s confusing trying to make the MSM story coordinate with common sense. Seems only White House spokespeople and Nikki Haley really have a grip on reality, the rest of us are just fucking delusional.

Gregory Casey

They have the benefit of breathing “good” gas when they receive their instructions from Donny and Nutynyahu and Bolted-on


Oh don’t worry I think they will be sharing gas with the rest of us soon enough!


Translated to normal language :Syria threw away clear victory, giving “moderate rebels” (ISIS) time to regroup, replenish weapon and ammunition stocks and start fighting again.
It is the same story like “ceasefire” in Allepo.

Well, it is Russian way how to fight. Stop one step before decisive victory.
Russian just like it hard way. Not to offend western “partners”.
Putin’s fingerprints are everywhere.


What a dastardly cruel fiend, this Assad. How dare he offer such cruel things like full amnesty, rather then gas them and lock everyone up by the millions in torture camps. After all, this is the guy who supposedly gasses his own people for no reason when he’s actually winning battle after battle, just to invite death by cruise missile spam from FUKUS.

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