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JUNE 2023

Damascus Government And Local Leaders Reach Initial Agreement On Al-Rukban Camp

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Damascus Government And Local Leaders Reach Initial Agreement On Al-Rukban Camp

Illustrative image, by: al-Badiya 24

The Damascus government and tribal leaders from the al-Rukban refugee camp near the border area of al-Tanaf have reached an initial agreement to solve the humanitarian crisis in the camp during a meeting held a day earlier, the Syrian al-Badiya 24 Facebook page revealed on September 30.

Under the agreement, the local leaders of the al-Rukban camp will hand over a list of people who want to join the reconciliation process to the Damascus government. Another part of the refugees will likely be evacuated to the Euphrates Shield area in the northern Aleppo countryside.

Regarding the humanitarian situation, the Damascus government agreed to evacuate 150 ill civilians to hospitals in its areas, while the security officer in the 55km de-escalation zone promised to protect any humanitarian aid convoy that will enter the camp.

The agreement is a first step to facilitate the return of all the refugees from al-Rukban. Two weeks ago, Nikolai Burtsev, a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, revealed that Russia is working closely with the U.S. to dismantle the camp, which was witnessing catastrophic humanitarian situation.

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Endgame. Checkmate.

Let us Speak freely. Please Does China Have anger towards Russia? I Love Chinese People. but we must Settle all of our differences.


Well, the ruse worked and the locals managed to levy demands on Assad, in this particular case that may have been a good thing but in the state of things now Damascus only has power as long as they can effectively issue orders.


The Jew has nothing to offer to the Whites. Goodby.




The Right wing death Squads breath down Your Neck Shlomo… I am Jewish. I know Everything. Litarally Your Worst nightmare.

This fight is ugly and Brutal. You Jews made it the way it is and it is in our interest to keep it that way because You cannot fight the fight that You have picked.


I don’t know what you’re game is, but judging by your comment history the last thing you are is Jewish (except maybe ethnically speaking).

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So the US protected Isis commanders ,who really run the Al-Rukban refugee camp, have finally decided to release their pro Assad hostages, they’ll have a few sordid stories to tell once they’re safe and out of harms way, and hopefully also have some reliable evidence about US/Isis cooperation in the area. Now that Erdogan’s seemingly made Idlib and northern Aleppo safe for the rebels/terrorists, the wives of the Isis commanders that are at Al-Rakban are looking for somewhere more comfortable to live, they must have henpecked their strict Islamic fundamentalist husbands into giving up the Jihad at Al-Tanf, and want to move to greener pastures now. And if that’s not the case, the only other reason for this development could be that, the US is really about to dismantle and evacuate the area, just as Trump said they would, but I’m not sure which scenario I proposed is more believable, the first or the second. Whatever the case is, it’s great news, the SAA will eradicate Isis in no time when they’re gone, no more recruits to replenish their numbers means Isis won’t last long, and as a matter of fact, I think the Isis units now operating in Rif Dimashq and Dier ez-Zor, will give up fighting in these 2 areas as soon as the refugees leave, and follow them up to Aleppo, maybe even ride up on the buses with their wives and children.


Children going through rubbish to survive, it must make America proud that it can do this to children.

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