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Damascus Denounces Threats To Naval Traffic In Persian Gulf

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Damascus Denounces Threats To Naval Traffic In Persian Gulf

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Syria has rejected any act that would pose a threat to naval traffic in the strategic Persian Gulf, in its first comment on the current crisis between the U.S. and Iran.

A source in the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates stressed in a statement released by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on May 17 that the international laws granting the freedom of movement for all in the Persian Gulf should be respected.

“Syria expresses its rejection of any acts that would hinder the navigation movement in the Arabian Gulf, which would leave negative impacts on all countries of the region,” the source said in the statement, and added: “Syria calls on the parties to have self- composure as the escalation of tension in the Gulf does not serve the interest of the regions.”

The unnamed source also emphasized that dialogue away from any foreign interference will “undoubtedly” lead to de-escalation and ensure security, peace and stability in the region.

The statement was likely hinting at the recent sabotage operations, which targeted 4 oil tankers off the shores of the UAE. U.S. officials had blamed Iran for the attack. However, they acknowledged that there is no clear evidence.

Syria is one of the key allies of Iran in the region. However, the war-tron country is apparently planning to take a neutral stand on the current crisis, likely to maintain its recent political gains in the Arab world, especially its improving relations with the UAE.

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Xoli Xoli

Syria must concentrate on Intruder terrorists.Until it become a full country by defeating terrorism. Any opinion is like someone talking from prison window. Because Syrian is currently in partitions its decision are violated and ignored by USA NATO, Israel and UNSC.You cant box while you are sick.

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