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Damascus Asked Hezbollah To Stay In Syria For Extended Period – Report

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Damascus Asked Hezbollah To Stay In Syria For Extended Period – Report

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Hezbollah has received a formal request from the Damascus government to keep its forces in Syria for an extended period, even after the end of the upcoming operations in the northern and northwestern parts of the country, the al-Akhbar newspaper reported on August 25.

According to the Lebanese newspaper, Hezbollah began taking measures to organize its military presence in Syria on the long term. The new tasks of Lebanese group will reportedly include supporting the reconciliation process, facilitating the return of refugees from Lebanon and securing the Syrian-Lebanese border.

The U.S. and Israel have increased their pressure on the Damascus government over the military presence of Hezbollah and Iran in Syria since the beginning of this year. Recently, the U.S. administration went as far as linking its support for the reconstruction of the war-torn country with the withdrawal of Hezbollah and Iranian forces.

If confirmed, Damascus’ request will be another blow to the U.S.-Israeli policy, which has failed to achieve any of its goals so far.

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Excellent news!

Tudor Miron



I do love the law of ‘Unintended Consequence’s that FUKUS fail to understand :)


Tudor Miron

This one is for Bolton personally.


What better reason for continuing a successful union, F.uk.us and co-defendants, don’t like it.



leon mc pilibin

Victory to the anti zionist resistance.


Iranian Defence Minister is also in Syria and coordinating position for the future. The Zionists and the US idiots have failed miserably in Syria but being desperate losers will stage a fake gas attack in Idlib.


Washington responded by asking ISIS to stay for extended period.


Would have the ring of truth if you had said commanded instead of asked. Besides it’s on to Afghanistan and Iran. Syria is old news now.


In Syria*

Zionism = EVIL

Hezbollah is the king of the battlefield and will now stay in Syria indefinitely until Golan and all stolen Arab lands are recovered,


“a huge blow to the U.S.-Israeli policy, which has failed to achieve any of its goals so far.” Ehem, Syria is a devastated country with a more than feeble central government, still mired in factional armed problems. It has a huge part of its capable population gone… doesn’t sound like a complete failure to me. SF at times should try to stay within facts and be less blinded by selective, wishful thinking. Clearly, Syria had population problems before and clearly, the US and her allies underestimated the resilience of Russia, Iran and Hizbullah. Therefore, don’t fall into the same error of underestimating the enemy. That is always the first step to failure.


I would not consider the Elected Syrian Government to be ‘ weak’ as you say Davki.

The government has thus far withstood the evil efforts of some of the richest nations on earth to destroy Syria with bought and paid for Wahabi terrorism.


Dat’s da way to treat the Western interventionists – way to go Haezbollah!


Come on US thinks Assad is a kid like they are. If Hez and Iranian forces withdraw , Syrian forces would face another round of Terrorist revival and Russia would not be able to help either.

The forces that keep Syria winning are Hez and Iranian presence with help of Russia only.


Well said.comprehensive comment.


To expect Assad to ask for Iranian & Hezbollah forces to withdraw when there still the Idlib situation to take care of & when US is still illegally present would be suicide. Even after all militants have been defeated the return of refugees & reconstruction is still going to need security forces to be available. Maybe Assad shuld tell the US they will leave when you do – quid pro quo


The US Coalition of Terror as w whole would need to completely withdraw from Syria , Iraq ,Israel AND from their attempts to destroy Iran , I would say AJ , before any agreements .


Good move. May the Syrian & Hezbollah forces prevail.

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