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JUNE 2021

Damascus And Militants In Rastan Pocket Once Again Failed To Reach Reconciliation Agreement

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Damascus And Militants In Rastan Pocket Once Again Failed To Reach Reconciliation Agreement

HTS tank attacking a position of the SAA in the northern Homs countryside, Illustrative image

On April 22, the local negotiations committee of the Rastan pocket [in the northern Homs countryside] and the Damascus government failed to held a pre-scheduled negotiation round, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi reported.

The news outlet said the Russian mediators had wanted to hold the new round in the government-held area. However, the local negotiations committee rejected the proposal and insisted that the talks should be held in their areas.

Following the disagreement, the militants in the northern Homs countryside pocket shelled the civilian areas in the villages of Ghawr al-Assi and Qubaybat in eastern Hama.

On the other side, Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) helicopters dropped thousands of leaflets over the northern Homs countryside pocket, in which it called on the militants there to surrender.

Damascus And Militants In Rastan Pocket Once Again Failed To Reach Reconciliation Agreement

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The local negotiations committee in northern Homs and the Damascus government imposed a 3-days long ceasefire on April 19 and agreed to hold a new negotiation round once it’s over.

Local observers believe that Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are responsible for the failure of the negotiations in northern Homs. HTS repelled an attack of the SAA on April 21. This likely allowed the group to force the local negotiation committee to make a decision in favour to HTS.

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Of course now that they have entire Nato as their potential air force and all kinds of Tom Dick and Harry countries seem able to freely go into Syria to claim as theirs while Assad remains quiet waiting for Russia and Iran to rebuke on his behalf. To call for a strike of US140 million each time, all they need to do is to pour water on children and declare Chemical attack and even the President of US will respond. Wow .. where on earth you see such things happen in the past?

Now even Saudis dare to come in and France has the gall to say they should stay and use pure nonsensical reasons to stay and lay claim to Syria.

From now on , SAA will find it difficult to get them to agree unless the terrorists are fully defeated very fast.

Best of luck.


It’s time to STOP all negotiation and use overwhelming force to totally destroy the FUKUS(FRANCE. UK, US) INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORIST INVADING Syria, no more B.S from those INTERNATIONAL CRIMINALS AND ASSESSING.


Assad should be the one saying that . He is dead quiet , maybe shivering in his bunkers that is the French and Saudis are out to get him.


pathetic trool!!

Jim Prendergast

During cease-fire SAA is not idle and many rebels will defect.


At last a mind that realises that brute force is not always the only way to fight. War is a balance of force and ideas.
Well said Jim.


No deal? No problem then, just wait for Tiger Forces to approach this pocket and then you will cry blood tears.


This is good news, it is time for Syria-Hezbolah-Iran-Russia groud troops to erase all terrorists, fast strong, without mercy, non deal, asking for total surrender.


Just kill them , what is the problem SAA ?


The majority of Muslim leaders have ignored Palestine and also the historic Mosque of Aqsa. Is this help to Palestine or to Zionist Israeli terrorists.

I haven’t heard that any Muslim leader have visited Palestine or they have asked about Palestinians that how their time passing under occupation and oppression. Either these Muslim leaders are scaring from Israel or they regularly receiving blood money from Israel via Washington and UK. Indeed the judgement day is so near on them that they all will answer to God. No leader will leave unpunished.



Empire Files: How Palestine Became Colonized.
Before 1900 there were no Jew in Palestine but as British forces entered in Palestine so they brought Jews with themselves to Palestine. No to two state solution. Mahmoud Abbas should not do favour to Israel for two state solution in Palestine. There will be no peace in Palestine until complete removal of illegal European migrants (fake Israel) from Palestine. Mahmoud Abbas should not allow Israel on his land because that is a big threat to the surrounding countries in Middle East.


Palestine should never take financial aid (blood money) from US, UK, France and Saudis. Palestine should never negotiate on Palestinians blood and land with them. Palestinians blood and land is not for sale. Palestine cannot fight with that enemy from whom they take financial aid. Abbas should never trust UN, US, UK, Saudis and their terrorists Israel because they are snakes. Abbas should avoid them.


Gaza War Lies Vs. Facts (mirror) حقائق واكاذيب صهيونية 이스라엘의 범죄

Israel is so tiny that if Pakistan use just one missile then there will be nothing in Israel. Palestine can win this war from terrorist Israel if Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Russia support them. In case if Israel use nuclear or bio-chemical weapons then Israel will be completely wiped out from human lives.

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