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Damasc Accuses Hamas Of Supporting Terrorism In Syria


Damasc Accuses Hamas Of Supporting Terrorism In Syria

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Syria has rejected several news reports claiming that the Damascus government is about to reconcile with the Palestinian Hamas Movement.

A media source told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on June 7 that all the reports regarding the return of any relations with Hamas are “baseless” and mere “rumors.”

“The stance of Syria on this issue is principled,” the source said, adding: ”This stance, in the past, was built on the fact that Hamas was a resistance movement against ‘Israel’, but, later it became clear that it is the blood of Muslim Brotherhood that dominates this movement when it supported the terrorists in Syria and engaged in the scheme that Israel wanted.”

The source also stressed that all the news circulated will never change Syria’s attitude towards “those who have been rejected by the Syrian people” since the beginning of the war.

Syria was one of the main backers of the Hamas Movement up until the outbreak of the war in late 2011, when the Palestinian group supported the radical wing of the opposition. Damascus had accused the group of training local militants on urban warfare.

The rumors of a possible reconciliation between Damascus and Hamas were first sparked by a report released by Al-Monitor on April 3. Later, many officials in Hamas made positive statement embracing Damascus, which led to more claims of possible reconciliation, most recently by Lebanon’s al-Akhbar newspaper.

The SANA report indicates that Damascus is not seeking to re-establish any relations with the Palestinian group right now.

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