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JUNE 2021

Daily Newsletter And SouthFront Videos On TikTok

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Daily Newsletter And SouthFront Videos On TikTok

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SouthFront is launching a daily newsletter and a TikTok account. SouthFront is not going to surrender in the face of the increasingly aggressive attacks on SouthFront by corporations and governments. Therefore, we are working on options of communications and content delivery.

SouthFront on TikTok

SouthFront’s official account on TikTok: tiktok.com/@southfront.org

Soon, we are going to introduce new formats of video content that will both contribute to SouthFront’s main field of coverage and create additional headaches for our firends from the US State Department and other Euro-Atlantic structures.


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SouthFront Newsletter

Also, you can subscribe to this special service from SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence using the link below. This will include daily and weekly essences of news and analytical SouthFront agenda. In one message we will send you a structured, visualized information about the key events and up-to-date analyses from SouthFront Team, as well as SouthFront videos, and the most interesting maps and infographics.


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SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence

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Tommy Jensen

I knew it. Trump and Putin are in collusion to take down the swamp by promoting TikTok. The America I have known my whole life is going to disappear in front of my eyes.

Clint Eastwood, the horses, the Stetson hat and Wuddy Waters are gone. Left is soupkitchens with Chinese noodlesoup, TikTok and sissy Harlem music in the background. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3Edt0jMolc


This is your future ,Tommy.
You will need some gold teeth to blend in with your country cousin’s and plenty of bling. :)

Ivan Freely

I suppose it’s better than nothing. Not sure how successful TikTok will be for SF as the platform is really for youngsters who are ambivalent to geopolitical / military matters.

cechas vodobenikov

the bureaucratized amerikan mind has become ever more shallow—“fewer than 3% of amerikan adults r literate enough to comprehend irony”. Morris Berman….amerikans believe satire is irony….expected in an empire near collapse…….”amerikans are ignorant and unteachable”. George Santayana
“I know of no nation where there is less independence of mind and freedom of debate than amerika”. Tocqueville
worse today

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