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JUNE 2021

ISIS Eyeing the African Oil

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Islamic State (Daesh) is struggling with the costs of its oil operations and to boost the income they are now eyeing the African oil.

ISIS Eyeing the African Oil

Their main focus are the oil assets in Libya and elsewhere and we are keeping a close eye, said the US official. As the matter a fact they are preparing to target also the Sinai Peninsula. US intelligence services are looking at oil fields and we are ready to intervene, said the senior US official at a press briefing.

And beside the oil fields, pipelines and trucking routes could be also targeted by the terrorists.

Adam Szubin the US Treasury official estimated few days ago that the militants are selling stolen oil for up $40 million per month from production facilities in Syria. And according to him it is estimated they have made up to $500 million in total from the oil trade so far.

According to French officials IS militants are now desperately trying to find new oil resources after their stronghold in Syria was hit by Russian and western airstrikes.

While Libya still doesn’t have an internationally recognized government, IS militants continue to explore and exploit more opportunities and oil fields.

Mario Andrijasevic

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