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Cyberspace Close To Become New Focus For NATO-Ukraine Joint Actions Against Russia

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Cyberspace Close To Become New Focus For NATO-Ukraine Joint Actions Against Russia

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Recent Western unsubstantiated accusations of cyberattacks against Kiev seem to be an initial step to form a new type of anti-Russian campaign.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

Once again, the West seems to be creating arguments to justify the implementation of coercive measures against Russia. A cyberattack against Kiev allegedly occurred last week has been making headlines around the world. Now, the Ukrainian government claims to have proof that the attack has Russian involvement – although no details have been provided so far as to what such “proof” would be. Apparently, NATO and Kiev are ready to turn cyberspace into a new focus of their anti-Russian campaigns.

An alleged cyberattack against Ukraine took place in the early hours of Friday last week, leaving several official government systems inaccessible. For a few hours, the websites of several Ukrainian ministries were absolutely offline. On some of the hacked sites, some messages appeared warning Ukrainians to “expect the worst”. In addition to ministries, virtual databases of many government offices were hacked, but according to information published by the Ministry of Digital Transformation, there was no leakage of personal data of government officials, being the damage limited to the operability of the websites.

The alleged “attack” generated immediate worldwide repercussions. Governments and international organizations around the world have published notes repudiating the hackers’ attitude. The European Union, the US, pro-Western governments, and NATO reinforced their desire to “help” Kiev to strengthen its cyber defense system.

NATO’s Secretary Jen Stoltenberg published the following words about the case: “I strongly condemn the cyber attacks on the Ukrainian Government. NATO has worked closely with Ukraine for years to help boost its cyber defenses (…) In the coming days, NATO and Ukraine will sign an agreement on enhanced cyber cooperation, including access to NATO’s Ukrainian malware information sharing platform. NATO’s strong political and practical support for Ukraine will continue”. In the same sense, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also commented on the case, saying: “We are also in touch with Ukrainians and have offered our support as Ukraine investigates the impact and nature and recovers from the incident”.

In Europe, on the other hand, the comments were more aggressive and tried to blame Russia. EU top diplomat Josep Borrell said: “We are going to mobilize all our resources to help Ukraine to tackle this cyber attack. Sadly, we knew it could happen (…) It’s difficult to say (who is behind it). I can’t blame anybody as I have no proof, but we can imagine”. By saying “we can imagine”, Borrell was certainly referring to Russia. Also, something similar has been said by Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Lind, who commented directly on the possibility of Russian involvement, saying words in a threatening tone: “we have to be very firm in our messages to Russia: that if there are attacks against Ukraine, we will be very harsh and very strong and robust in our response”.

Later, on Sunday, Kiev definitively adopted the rhetoric that had been previously promoted by Europeans, blaming Russia. Ukrainian digital transformation ministry Mykhailo Fedorov said that “all the evidence points to Russia being behind the cyber-attack”. Evidently, this is a suspicion that could arise at any moment, considering that the attack took place amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine and that cyber operations are a common military tactic in contemporary warfare. The problem in this case is that no details were provided on what such “evidence” would be. Kiev simply believes that Moscow operated the attacks because it is a “plausible” suspect, considering the fact that these are rival countries, but no material evidence has been presented so far, which makes the narrative very weak.

If Kiev and the West accuse Russia of involvement in the attack, it is up to them to prove the allegations. The burden of proof for the accuser is a universal principle of justice that cannot be ignored in diplomatic relations. Furthermore, in the same way that cyber-attacks are common practice in contemporary warfare (which would make the Russian involvement narrative plausible), self-sabotage operations and “false flag attacks” are also constantly practiced in current conflicts between states, which makes it plausible that Kiev or some other western government operated the hacking attack in order to blame Russia and tighten security measures against Moscow – and the fact that there was no data leakage in the attack can be considered an evidence in this regard, as such leakage would not be of interest in a false flag operation.

Indeed, there are many possibilities, and it would be wrong to accuse either side without prior investigations. However, unfortunately, what we can expect going forward is that the anti-Russian narrative, despite being weak, will be considered sufficient for NATO to harden the measures against Russia and start a campaign of cyber warfare. Increasingly, cyberspace can be considered a new battlefield, as important as land, sea, air, and outer space.


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“NATO has worked closely with Ukraine for years to help boost its cyber defenses (…)” – and failed. But, but, Minsk is to be blamed.


Guess which group of psychopathic lunatics are in charge?

Here is a part of Dr. Michael Laitman’s biography, the ‘Out of this Universe’ Rabbi, taken from his own Web site:


[Dr. Laitman closely collaborates with numerous international research institutes. He was invited to join the World Wisdom Council (WWC), a think-tank convened by the Club of Budapest and headed by Prof. Ervin Laszlo, a Nobel Prize nominee in 2004 and 2005.

Other notable personalities in the WWC are former president of the Soviet Union Michael Gorbachev, Nobel Prize winner primatologist Jane Goodall and renowned songwriter and performer, Peter Gabriel…

In recent years, he has participated in several international events with the WWC and the Goi Peace Foundation in Tokyo, Arosa (Switzerland), Düsseldorf (Germany), and in the Universal Forum of Cultures in Monterrey (Mexico), organized with the support of UNESCO … he regularly meets with world leaders such as UNESCO Director-General Mrs. Irina Bokova, who called him a “true visionary,” and Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro.]



[Here’s a small part of what Laitman tells his Jewish students:

Rav Michael Laitman: In fact, we are not coming from here. We came from there (points to outer space). This is Israel at their root. So we went through such a route that took us inside by, what is called the “shattering of the vessels”… the shattering of the collective soul…

Question from the audience: Who is the chief of staff that sent the commanding unit?

Rav Michael Laitman: Him. The Creator. Israel is a part of Him…

Question from the audience: So, this chief of staff sent this commando unit?

Rav Michael Laitman: Sent the commando unit. Gave them strength. Gave them the connections. Everything…

But… they have no choice. He broke them. He shattered them. What does it mean? In order to put them inside the hostile land, he had to give them the same form as that hostile land. It’s like we go into a country as an undercover team. And each one of us is exactly like the people of the land. Say we’re being sent somewhere now — Africa for instance. So we’ll take on the same shape and form of the people in Africa. The characteristics, traits, approach, interests, everything. The same exact form — inside and out…

You know, it’s like an undercover agent. He is there for a while, no one touches him. He has to start working, build a house, family… Everything is fine for years and years.

After that, he starts doing something. He gets a reminder from outside: “You’ve got to start working.” He already forgot about it and all of a sudden they call him. Here is your commander, and this and that, you know — like in the movies… This is what’s happening with us.

We have to wake up. We have to remember that we have a special mission. And really, this isn’t our place. We’re coming from a completely different place. So we have to find our friends according to this awakening. Did you get a phone call? I got a phone call, he got a phone call and so on. And then we gather as a group.

So from this entire planet, we are aliens coming from a different galaxy. We receive this ray of light — this awakening — individually. And now we’re gathering as groups starting to prep ourselves to conquer Earth. That’s the mission.

Question from the audience: How do we conquer it?

Rav Michael Laitman: How do we conquer it? We’re also sent the method. We’re being shown everything gradually. We’re being taught. Not being taught, but kind of trained and activated… which sets our minds in motion. But in fact, it’s coming from our original planet. And thanks to that original natural force we have, we will take over those living on Earth.

Why are you looking at me like that? You don’t believe me? I’m telling you seriously! It’s even more than that. It’s not a different galaxy — it’s a different universe. It’s a different dimension altogether. That’s who we are…

Question from the audience: …Why are they aliens?

Rav Michael Laitman: They’re aliens because… I’m not talking about their external form — their body or their flesh and blood organs. I’m talking about that interior that does not exist in other people in the world on Earth but only in them. It’s the inner software that is in them here coming from the other world.

…What we’re talking about now is the phase where those undercover agents have to connect together and organize themselves in order to conquer Earth…

So we came here in order to put things in order — like on our home planet…]

Last edited 1 year ago by OnTheFritzzz

See their esoteric “Magic” at play? Neo-Marxist dialectics (Critical Theory) that is defining of Feminism, LGBT, “Anti-Racism,” etc. Total rejection and subversion of the natural order through their “Tikkun Olam”.

The first of what Nietzsche deemed the “Transvaluation of Values”, similar to the notion that “Marx turned Hegel on his head”.

https://odysee.com/@ApollonianGerm:a/the-problem-of-socrates:6 https://odysee.com/@Bee:a/the-problem-of-socrates:a

Last edited 1 year ago by OnTheFritzzz
Chris Gr

Sweden has had enmity with Russia for many centuries so what?


Not for the last 200 years.


And yet again Russian reaction to these false and idiotic accusations is timid, or even non-existent… Instead of saying the truth – “you dirty bastards did it, just another false flag by CIA”, Russians remain quiet, like they are guilty indeed… trying to ‘deescalate’ every conflict started by their enemies. Basically allowing themselves to be bullied. And they will be bullied as long they have this pathetic attitude. Yankees bully Russia more than they bully North Korea, because NK is serious. Every time Russians are serious – Yankee cowards stop immediately. Kazakhstan for example. But every time Russians allow bullshit – Yanks and their puppets keep bullshiting.


Russia tolerates Chabad Lubavitch. https://ifamericansknew.org/about_us/educationday.html


They had nothing to do with Kazakhstan. Russia stopped in Cuba.

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