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CV90120-T Light Tank (Infographics)

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CV90120-T Light Tank (Infographics)

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The CV90120-T light tank was developed by Sweden’s BAE Systems Hagglunds as a private venture. It’s based on the Combat Vehicle 90 family of tracked combat vehicles.


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Zionism = EVIL

hahaha “status: ready for production” the dumbasses even sold Volvo shitbox to China and this fantasy light tank will be made in Bangladesh I presume. Sweden does not make anything anymore. Saab is long gone and even all the IKEA rotten furniture is made all over the world, 80% being China and now mostly India. In any case Sweden has never fought a war in centuries and should stay away from Americunt losers.

Ooga Booga

Hmm… not sure what furniture has to do with cv90, but maybe you as a commie can explain? Anyway, Swedish weapons are sold and used in many conflict zones around the world and are known for their quality and efficiency.

Zionism = EVIL

Yeah sure, the bribing the corrupt Indians with Bofors deal that brought their government down. Sweden is as corrupt as their Americunt masters. It is a little frozed shithole with big delusions. Who are they going to fight red herring? Sweden would last less than minute against Russia.

Ooga Booga

Luckily for Russians, bribes are not at all part of theIr society… You like to throw rocks in a glass house? Maybe your teachers didn’t tell you everything about WW2 but they tried to occupy Finland and failed…


They occupied Finland for 100 years, after they defeated Sweden. They never tried to “occupy Finland in WW2”, they tried to secure perimeter around Leningrad, eventually they took more then they initially planed. Yes, your yankee teachers/masters lie you again.

Ooga Booga

And so why did they cross the border as far north as Salla if only to secure Leningrad? Must be tough but don’t worry, eventually you’ll realize the truth.


Not to mention that Sweden has a very good ratio of seeing its defense programs come to fruition. Especially compared to the UK or US, where constant political interference makes for a high failure rate and military industrial complex in the US mostly serves to extract money from the US tax payer to the defense industry. In contrast Sweden has a good track record of delivering what was required in time and on budget. The only hiccup being the time when the Cold War ended and a lot of programs, like Grippen, were suddenly faced with decreasing orders.

Lone Ranger

Looks similar to the Russian light tank.

Raptar Driver

This is a country that didn’t lock down their population by force.


And now has a higher case fatality rate than those who did, and the majority of Swedes now are seeing this policy as a major error, which now is building up into a major political scandal and crisis for the government.

Sorry, i guess this reality does not fit your agenda anymore.

Raptar Driver

Listen carefully now, there is no specific test for covid19. All these positive tests only test positive for a corona virus of which there are many.This is a fake epidemic.

Concrete Mike

The tank seems a bit underpowered for its weight. That can be offset with a great transmission. I know for a fact the loader transmissions by volvo are the best, hands down, so it would be interesting to see how the tank drivetrain is.

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