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Cultural Collapse. BLM Protesters Burn US Flag On July 4, Pull Down Christopher Columbus Statue As Young Americans Know Nothing About Independence Day


Cultural Collapse. BLM Protesters Burn US Flag On July 4, Pull Down Christopher Columbus Statue As Young Americans Know Nothing About Independence Day

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The United States Independence Day (July 4) was marked by a new wave of Black Lives Matter protests widely supported by various hard core neo-liberal activists, organizations and the Democratic establishment.

In aprticular, protesters burned a US national flag near the White House in Washington.

Meanwhile, Campus Reform YouTube channel released a video showing how much young Americans really know about the Independence Day itself and how they view their homeland. Spolier: They barely know what the country celebreates.

Protesters in Baltimore celeberated the 4th of July using ropes to pull down a statue of Christopher Columbus in the city’s Little Italy neighborhood. According to them, the statue is somehow ‘racist’.

The United States has apparently entered the new great neo-liberal, pro-globalist era and attempts of the conservative part of the society to resist the current destructive tendencies seem to be not enough.




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  • AJ

    So its no longer just Iran which burns US flags!

    • Zionism = EVIL

      In a recent poll, 67% of the Americunts would leave the shithole if they could.

      • Hyperborea

        You can find more of the similar type of information in online videos on the bitchute channels:

        – Black Crimes Matter
        – DanTheOracle
        – NewWorldEbola

        They are racist unfortunately. The vast majority of white people, including white Americans are not racist. The video in the screenshot below can be viewed on AltCensored dot com:


        • Swift Laggard II

          poor white victims. your white wash is running out

      • Hyperborea

        A user online named:
        – Ban This Channel! Clip Archive 02
        – Ban This Channel! Clip Archive 03
        * The sentence “Ban This Channel!” is written all in caps.

  • cechas vodobenikov

    ” the dumbest generation”. Mark Bauerlein—2008….now even more stupid, illiterate, childish

  • Black Waters

    Nice, swallowing their own medicine, poison fermented from hate and destruction onto others returns home from a long awaited journey. The sad part is that most of the younger generations of americunts didn’t learn their lesson, they are eating with both hands the propaganda that their regime feeds them by force and unwillingly, blaming other countries left and right and blaming others but themselves for being too weak to do something against their own government when they had the opportunity.

    Now the totalitarian U.S regime it’s purging his own citizens by different Psy-ops and out of control propaganda, they could stop to retain control… but they simply can’t, it’s too late for that. I haven’t seen a more divided society than the U.S right now, it’s a mess.

    PD: The whole world should pay attention to contain the poison inside the U.S, these deranged people will try to drag everyone to their level. Smart people it’s been condemned while savages and unstable mental diseased people are being rewarded.

    • In Exile

      Stop deflecting the jews caused the rot just like in Germany pre 1933 and the Soviet Union and a dozen other places. Oh yeah they have their goy allies and big corporations on side. Nationalism is taboo, every degeneracy is a virtue. The Jew in their desire to destroy the white race may get more than they bargained for, third world savages will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons. It will be great when the big one breaks out. I could not care less, hell I’d push the buttom myself to end this madness in a heartbeat. Gimme that button!

    • Zionism = EVIL

      For over 200 years, the murderous racist cunts and their Jew masters have been killing innocent people around the world, stealing their lands, enslaving people, warmongering and causing misery, now the stupid dumbass lardass motherfuckers are facing cosmic justice. This is nothing, compared to what’s coming.

    • Hyperborea

      Russia and China still claim Covid-19 is much worse than the common flu when it isn’t and contine to force people to wear face masks, the measures China took are unmatched by anyone in their severity. Welding people’s doors shut and forcing them to stay indoors, or going as far as picking up people from their homes and locking them inside trucks to carry them off to god knows where.

      “The sad part is that most of the younger generations of americunts didn’t learn their lesson, they are eating with both hands the propaganda that their regime feeds them by force and unwillingly”

      They do that because all major political parties are controlled by the same Hebraic-dominated (((cabal))).

    • Hyperborea

      The problems you are praising only affect ordinary people who themselves and their ancestors share little to no responsibility for the problems caused by their rulers. The problems you mention are apart of the agenda to exterminate white people and eventually everyone else except for a few hundred thousand people to serve the jews as slaves.

    • Hyperborea

      Yes the (((oligarchy))) is a force of malice upon the world with their puppet governments acting as stooges to protect them and enforce their macabre intentions upon the world; they’re more than untermensch, they’re like hell spawn trying to drag the world in its entirety down to their level.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    What “independence day”? more like massive land theft and the holocaust of the native populations. Americunts are facing industrial sized doses of cosmic KARMA. The motherfuckers have killed millions and now their shithole of a failed state is BURNING!


    • Hyperborea

      The Americas didn’t have sixteen million Amerindians, the genocide wasn’t systematic and I doubt that most of them were annihilated in a genocide.

    • Hyperborea

      There are many more Amerindians today than there were in the past due to the population explosion, they’re not constantly at war like they used to be and were allowed to keep large swathes of land that are often larger the areas of land their hunter gatherer ancestors lived on.

      Most of that land consisted of open space, not unlike Siberia or the far east which to this very day remain almost entirely uninhabited. Most human against human deaths in the 1800s and 20th were at the hands of white people against other white people with the white ruling class and the jews in tandem pulling all the strings.

      The problems you are praising only affect ordinary people who themselves and their ancestors share little to no responsibility for the problems caused by their rulers.

      • Swift Laggard II

        you will need a lot more white wash than this kid.

  • Superfly

    Jews have set off the self-destruct button for the US.

  • Tommy Jensen

    As black American I want the cotton fields back again and the British in charge! At least we had a job, fixed income and a house for our family at that time.

    We didnt live in tents with faeces on the streets voting on libtards. Everything was Royal style.

    The “Independence” bs was a trap forcing us out of our houses and our jobs in the cotton fields so the slave owner could make it cheaper “on the free market”.

    • Hyperborea

      I don’t think slavery benefited anyone except those who profited from it.

      • Tommy Jensen

        Off course not.
        But a fact is when the Republicans came to free the slaves, many refused to leave, afraid of the unknown, and because they had an own society and “organised conditions”.
        Its like cows running back to the burning shed, because its there they get get shelter for the weather and hay every day.

  • Hyperborea

    Most of those interviewed aren’t white, the obese one appears to be mentally challenged. They probably don’t think Americans learn about their own history because they skipped classes, the young black males who were interviewed not knowing about the 4th of July doesn’t surprise me. Black nationalists tend to disregard the history of whites and others in exchange for adopting the Afrocentric lies brought to them by jews.


  • Lone Ranger

    CIA/Soros funded scum.

    • Swift Laggard II

      i bet soros lives with your mother

      • Lone Ranger

        Sorry to disappoint you…

        • Swift Laggard II

          yeah. i bet he lives with your momma

          • Lone Ranger

            Try to adjust your meds…

  • RichardD

    “The United States has apparently entered the new great neo-liberal, pro-globalist era and attempts of the conservative part of the society to resist the current destructive tendencies seem to be not enough.”

    I completely agree, and generations of Americans lied to and brainwashed by the lying Jew media and “entertainment” industry. And Jew infiltration and degeneration of the other control functions of society are largely to blame. These evil Talmud cultists are destroying the US and need to be gotten rid of to reverse the decay.

    Judaism should be outlawed in the US and worldwide so that the US and planet are Jew free.

  • RichardD

    “Mayor Jenny Durkan defends the foolish and dangerous decision to protest on a freeway in the middle of the night. But when you protest in front of her house, she throws a fit.

    Early Saturday morning, two women were struck by a car by a driver speeding through a protest on I-5 in Seattle. The freeway was closed by law enforcement at the time. …

    Though no reasonable person was surprised that a driver, intentionally or not, struck protesters illegally occupying a freeway, it’s a tragedy nonetheless. However stupid and illegal the decision to march on a freeway, the behavior is enabled by government agencies and politicians too scared to say no to protesters. They do it because they’re allowed to. …

    it’s troubling that the Washington State Patrol chief allows protests on the freeway without legal consequence. They could do the smart and safe thing, which is arrest people who walk on the freeway. …

    Durkan’s response is driven purely by politics. She’s scared of a far-Left challenger as she runs for re-election. It’s why she’s pandering to the protester base, hoping they don’t back an opponent”

    – Mayor Durkan backs a protest on freeway, but not near her home –


    • RichardD

      “Durkan was elected the 56th mayor of Seattle in 2017, becoming the city’s first female mayor since the 1920s and its second openly LGBT elected mayor.”

      – Jenny Durkan –


  • RichardD

    ““Listen, what happened this morning is a tragedy. I mean, it is a true tragedy,” Captain Ron Mead, commander of WSP field operations for District 2, said. “But what is occurring out here is unlawful behavior. It is illegal to block an interstate. Plain and simple. And the fact that this occurred for 19 days in a row. It needs to end. It needs to come to a stop.” …

    UPDATE 7/5/2020 9:30 AM: WSP has announced it will no longer allow protests to enter the freeway”

    – Driver smashes into Seattle Black Lives Matter crowd during I-5 protest –


  • RichardD

    “According to the ordinance, “no City department shall own, purchase, rent, store or use crowd control weapons,” including “kinetic impact projectiles, chemical irritants, acoustic weapons, directed energy weapons, water cannons, disorientation devices, ultrasonic cannons, or any other device . . . to cause pain or discomfort.” …

    When given the opportunity to veto the bill and send it back to the council, Durkan choose not to do so. Instead, she sent it back to the council unsigned with a letter that explained why it’s a bad idea.

    By sending the bill back unsigned, Durkan essentially said she disagreed with the ban but will allow it to go forward anyway.”

    – Seattle City Council’s ban on crowd control methods to become law, raising many questions –


    • RichardD

      I’ve talked with the police in depth about this. Once this ordinance goes into effect on July 26th this month. Any area overrun by protesters is going to become a no police zone unless the protesters allow them in. Which in most cases they’re not going to do. And even if they do, the police are understandably going to be reluctant to go in.

      Unless they can get outside intervention from the county, state or federal government to clear the protester occupied areas. And it’s questionable if the city would allow it. You’re going to have CHOP type sedition zones in protester occupied areas. Anyone caught in no police zones is going to be on their own for their own safety.

      If the CHOP zone is any indication, and I was though there numerous times unarmed and armed. Once criminal protester seditionists take over an area. Violent crime explodes and they become free fire zones with almost nightly shooting where it was rare before. Zone “security” is involved in a lot of the crime. Including murder and assault.

      The city, county and state governments are fueling the conflict with subversive laws and policies. Like disarming the police of crowd control equipment and prohibiting it’s usage. And not prosecuting criminal protesters and prosecuting their victims on false charges instead. With the media misrepresenting what’s happening to the criminal protester’s benefit.

      • <>

        Kinda like the movies “The Purge”, 12 hours that anything is allowed. For the founding fathers, you know.

        • RichardD

          Yes that’s correct. What the movie doesn’t address is that there are 1.3 firearms for every person here. And what subversive governments won’t do, armed citizens will do. And the police will tend to side with patriots not seditionists. What to do about prosecutorial misconduct and obstruction of justice is an open question. The go to solution is to remove them from office for dereliction of duty and replace them with people who’l do their jobs properly.

  • Bubba Junior

    treat them like terrorists,send them to Guantanamo and execute them.