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Crumbling MSM Propaganda Solaces Itself With Twitter Victories Over Russia

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Crumbling MSM Propaganda Solaces Itself With Twitter Victories Over Russia

In August, Russia and other members the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) organization celebrate the Airborne Forces Day. In 2020, the celebration had a special scope, as the Airborne troops of Russia turned 90 years old. However, in social networks, in addition to publications with congratulations, there was a wide planned fake company aimed to discredit the Russian army, not only in front of Russian youth, but also abroad.

On the Airborne Forces Day, August 2, a Twitter user “Da eto ge Danakt” (“Yes, this is Danakt’) published a post in which he allegedly writes about serving in the army, stating that he has the rank of a Junior Sergeant in the Airborne forces.

The post represents a thread consisting of 30 messages that describe in detail the dreadful conditions of compulsory military service. In Russia, as in the CIS countries, military duty remains mandatory.

Crumbling MSM Propaganda Solaces Itself With Twitter Victories Over Russia

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The post of “Danact” has gained great popularity and provoked an active discussion in the network. Many users, both real and apparently fake, began to actively discuss the need to preserve universal military duty in Russia.

A sharp increase in the account’s popularity is particularly suspicious. Throughout its existence, rare posts had a purely personal nature, did not represent any social position, and had an average of 10 to 20 likes. The first post on this account was made not so long ago, in January 2020, and then the account has only 80 followers.

Incredibly, the post of an unknown “Danakt”, in which he denounced the disorder in the Russian army, has a huge success, and in a few days it already has about 30,000 likes and 6.000 reposts. At the same time, despite numerous requests in the comments to continue writing about his military service experience, “Danakt” modestly replies that this was the only thread of this kind.

Crumbling MSM Propaganda Solaces Itself With Twitter Victories Over Russia

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All of the above indicates that, this account may highly possibly be fake. A reposting scheme was clearly used to promote a post claiming that the Russian army is “legalized violence”.

Apparently, this post is an organized and promoted fake company aimed to cause a wave of discontent, primarily among Russian young users of the Twitter network.

However, the statement of “Danat” found particular popularity among overseas users. Such fake campaigns are conducted on a regular basis, and apparently not only ordinary users of the social network, but even the Western intelligentsia has lost the skill to distinguish obvious provocations from reliable information. For example, the post of “Danakt” was reposted and commented on by leading French experts engaged in research on Russia and the post-Soviet space.

For example, by Kevin Limonier, who is a lecturer in Slavic Studies at the French Institute of geopolitics:

Crumbling MSM Propaganda Solaces Itself With Twitter Victories Over Russia

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Journalists from leading French editions such as Le Monde and Ouest France, who specialize in covering events in Russia, also commented on “Danakt’s” post on their personal pages.

Crumbling MSM Propaganda Solaces Itself With Twitter Victories Over Russia

Click to see the full-size image

Crumbling MSM Propaganda Solaces Itself With Twitter Victories Over Russia

Click to see the full-size image

Perhaps they realized that the post was fake and spread deliberately provocative information. However, it is more likely that the above-mentioned users were negligent, not even bothering to check the “Danakt’s” account. Such actions call into question the professional competence of Western researchers and journalists, in particular French ones. These persons are quite authoritative experts on Russia and post-Soviet space, despite the fact that their opinions are, in fact, easily influenced by the simplest fake companies.

Besides that the post of “Danakt” is likely to be a provocation, his judgments are unfounded. The army in any country is inherently legalized violence within a certain jurisdiction and in accordance with the laws of the country. The wording used by “Danakt” has a target audience of young people who, for example, did not manage to enter a higher educational institution and will have to perform military service. People with critical thinking should not be interested in such provocations. However, this is not the case.

Apparently, the Western hysteria about the alleged “Russian propaganda” has reached such a level that it no longer allows thinking critically. Thus, at a time when almost any information from official Russian sources is perceived by the West as deliberately false, as for example in the case of the official Russian statistics on the incidence of COVID-19, there is a favorable moment for all sorts of information infusions to destabilize the situation in Russia.


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Lone Ranger

If it looks like an ukropnazi, walks like an ukropnazi, its an ukropnazi.
Obviously its fake.
Same as Ukropisstan.

Lux et Veritas

MSM was the bodyguard of US and Western lies and propaganda. RIP.


The global Ziocorporate terrorists have been in the business of world domination by deception since they took up the rainbow flag of so-called “freedom and democracy”. There’s nothing they won’t fake and lie about to try and control the public perception of the world.

Schlomo Bin Wahab

My deviant people’s lies can not be believed anymore. Zionism has failed us.


I watched an aljazeera documentary called ‘the lobby’ where they had an insider posing as a zionist working with student based aipac groups. These zios will lie, lie, lie & manipulate. They openly brag about this among themselves & is actually their modus operandi.


When NATO’s Twitter Battalion’s are sent to the front where real bullets are being fired , the Retreat to Washington will leave a trail of ‘Twitterarti ‘ bleeding on the road :)
Their rainbow flags will be trampled into the dirt.

Gary Sellars

The rainbow fags will be trampled into the dirt.


Rebuke the viles to hell and they squeal in dissaray not even half way there in their abonimnated curse:
No matter what they think they reap,they shall lose the blooming lot,yet are not mentaly tough enough!

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