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World In Panic: Crude Oil Prices Drop Further, As Europe Locks Down Against Coronavirus Spread

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World In Panic: Crude Oil Prices Drop Further, As Europe Locks Down Against Coronavirus Spread

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On March 16th, in total, almost 170,000 people have been infected by the coronavirus across the world and 6,509 have died, with cases and deaths outside China overtaking those in the country where the outbreak began

For a while now, Italy has become the country with the most active COVID-19 cases in the world, surpassing China by a large margin.

In total, as of March 16th, Italy has had 24,747 cases, out of them 2,335 people have recovered, and 1,809 have died.

The active cases currently sit at 20,603, out of which 1,672 are in serious or critical condition.

World In Panic: Crude Oil Prices Drop Further, As Europe Locks Down Against Coronavirus Spread

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Other countries in Europe, such as Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Austria have reported upwards of 1,000 cases.

Spain and France have the most fatalities, at 297 and 127, respectively.

Most European countries announced a lockdown, with borders being closed for foreigners for several weeks, and only groceries, pharmacies, banks and gas stations working.

In the US numbers are growing, as President Donald Trump told Americans to “relax” and that they’re “doing great.” And urged them not to resort to panic buying.

“You don’t have to buy so much,” the US president said during a press briefing at the White House on the evening of March 15th, adding that people should “take it easy. Just relax.”

It should be mentioned that in the locations with a lockdown, cases are likely to increase in the next several days, and then as the results of social distancing become more visible, cases are also likely to drop, as well as recoveries increase, but this will take several weeks, in the best case scenario.

In the Netherlands, the government announced a lockdown which led to massive queues in front of coffee shops, with people attempting to stockpile marijuana, instead of toilet paper as it has become fashionable in the US and Australia.

The situation is such that even ISIS issued a travel advisory to terrorists, telling them not to travel to Europe and carry out attacks, because they could catch coronavirus.

“Healthy people should refrain from entering virus-hit states, and infected people should not exit them,” a list Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi says was published by ISIS mouthpiece al-Naba newspaper.

The list, titled “directives to deal with the epidemic,” includes tips such as covering your mouth when coughing and sneezing, and washing your hands regularly.

ISIS fighters should also remember that “illnesses do not strike by themselves, but by a decree from God,” one of the directives stated.

At the same time, the spreading of the virus has led to a massive reduction in oil demand, and a further reduction in crude oil prices, which Riyadh propagates forward with its aggressive discount policy in its price war with Moscow.

On March 16th, futures in London fell as much as 6%, after plunging by a quarter in the previous week – the market’s biggest weekly drop since 2008.

Brent crude for May slid US$1.87, or 5.5%, to US$31.98 a barrel. Futures fell 25% in the previous week to US$33.85, the largest weekly drop since December 2008. West Texas Intermediate for April delivery dropped 4.8% to US$30.22 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

The sharp slow down in activity brought on by the virus is being compounded by a potential flood of supply in April, with top producers Saudi Arabia and Russia pledging to ramp up production. The Kingdom doubled down on the war for market share by sending a wave of crude to Europe, Russia’s traditional market, further dimming the likelihood of a reconciliation.

The concurrent demand supply shocks hitting the oil market appeared to prevail over efforts to shore up the global economy. The Federal Reserve on Sunday cut its benchmark rate by a full percentage point to near zero and will boost its bond holdings by at least US$700 billion (S$989.6 billion). That followed President Donald Trump on March 13th announcing the US government would buy oil to fill its strategic petroleum reserve.

“The market is trying to weigh up between the Fed rate cut, quantitative easing and the fact that the situation is a lot worse than we all thought,” said David Lennox, Resources Analyst at Fat Prophets by phone. “We’ve seen that huge panic sell-off, so it could be that there is limited downside from here.”


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Dick Von Dast'Ard

Looks like the derricks are about to seize up all across America… Shale crunch.

Lone Ranger

They are using this to push the one world govt, they will also blame the economic collapse on this…


Everything detrimental to the West will be blamed on Corono Virus for many years, im my opinion :)

Zionism = EVIL

A lot of RESPECT for China which quickly contained the Americunt and Jew spread virus and also came immediately to Iran and Italy’s help. Iranians and Italians will never forget the decency and friendship shown by Chinese people and government. China and Iran have totally contained the virus and are now helping Italy.

Zionism = EVIL

Over 3 million Americans could lose jobs over recession, economist predicts amid covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the dumbass morons are wasting billions on lost wars for Jew scum as the average Americunt lives like a scared dog.


They expect unemployment to go to 20% temporarily…..whatever temporary means.


This economic collapse is due to excessive debt and extreme valuations in US and western markets, that is the problem with service economies that do not produce much and are easily succeptible to such pendemic. China and Russia are doing well, China seems to have control of the virus.


This one is one of the most informative and useful ads I have ever seen about the Corona virus:


They’re good, very good at what they do. Enjoy some of their other works ;) … and don’t forget to buy a lot of toilet papers. Very few people know how nutritious they are and how eating one single leaf can sustain an adult for 24 hours.


Awesome video!


“illnesses do not strike by themselves, but by a decree from God,”

So which god is in charge of the coronavirus? So whose god is in charge of the coronavirus? yours or mine or his or hers? So how does this god choose who is going to get it? So does that mean it is ok to off anyone that’s got it because obviously god doesn’t like this poor creature? the 21st century has not arrived for these knuckle-draggers.


flu is easier to transmit but this takes longer and lasts longer.. So a lot more people will get infected and the death rate is vastly higher.. And this requires hospitalization which no one is prepared for since the death rate doubles without any treatment. So it will be in the tens of millions of deaths and most of it is people over 50.. Vast majority of people in power are also over 50..


flu is easier to transmit but this takes longer and lasts longer. – FALSE

So a lot more people will get infected and the death rate is vastly higher. – FALSE

And this requires hospitalization which no one is prepared for since the death rate doubles without any treatment. – FALSE

So it will be in the tens of millions of deaths and most of it is people over 50. BS

Bill Wilson

Our county health agent here in East Texas pretty much said the same thing during a news conference about the one case that cropped up in our county. He said it was an older guy that developed mild symptoms with his wife and three kids testing positive for it. All five were told to stay home for two weeks, where the man recovered in a week’s time and the other four tested negative after 6 days had passed. He pointed out that was a good sign that people’s immune systems were capable of rapidly developing a resistance to COVID 19 just like they do to other viruses.

AM Hants

Talking about the C Virus, the good news is Germany has pulled out of Defender 2020. So how will that NATO exercise now work out?


On March 13, 2020, the German Bundeswehr command announced a decision to withdraw from the NATO anti-Russian exercises Defender Europe 20 . Due to the spread of coronavirus, German troops will not be involved in maneuvers.

The exercises of Defender Europe 20 began in February and were to continue until June. They are the largest training in the transfer of US troops from the United States to Europe in the past 25 years.

The main training venue is training grounds in Poland and Germany. The equipment for the American armored brigades participating in the exercises is unloaded at the ports of Belgium, Holland and Germany or canned from warehouses in Belgium and Germany. Further, this equipment and weapons are transported across Germany by convoys to the training sites at training grounds in Germany and Poland. The logistics of these shipments was provided by 1,500 German troops. It was planned up to 100 rail transportation by trains to the training site and up to 50 days of convoy transportation on roads. This task has only partially been completed to date.

Logistics scheme for the delivery of equipment to the exercises from the Army Stocks (APS) Attachments area

The departure of the Bundeswehr from the exercises of Defender Europe 20 means a stop on the entire supply line of military equipment and weapons for the exercises. According to the AFP news agency, the further transfer of American soldiers to exercises from the US through German airports has been stopped. This means the actual curtailment of the teachings.

Since February 20, the Germans managed to deliver tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other equipment partially to one US armored brigade to the training site in Poland at the Dravsko Pomorsko training ground. Military personnel of the 2nd Armored Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division arrived at a training ground in Poland through German airports from the USA.

But on March 12, the U.S. Department of Defense announced a reduction in the training program. Now the Pentagon is expected to officially confirm the stop of Defender Europe 20 maneuvers. After all, the decision of the Bundeswehr command blocks the key logistics of the exercises. Already received reports of the suspension of unloading of transport vessels with military equipment in the ports of Belgium and the Netherlands. On March 13, two transport vessels, Resolve and Benavidez, remained at sea in front of the port of Vlissingen, but did not call for unloading.

Recall also that earlier the Norwegian authorities decided to cancel the rest of the NATO Cold Response 20 exercises . As reported on the eve of March 11, the US European Command (EUCOM), this is due to precautionary measures in connection with the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19.



Plus, there is an interesting article, over on the Benjamin Fulford site, reminding us of a little history, with regards what happened to the economy, just before WWII.


Oh, how sad the little soldiers can’t have their ersatz war.

(Thanks for the Benjamin Fulford note. Never been there before. Eye-opener.)

AM Hants

Do like the site, but, meant to be controlled disinformation. However, you also find gems in the articles. Did like the historical article and it made sense.


These antagonistic NATO wargames have wasted many millions of cash that should have been spent on something with a future value. The wanton waste of taxpayers money is obscene.

AM Hants

I must admit I am seriously curious to where it is all going.

Was it planned, by sending the US Forces to the Chinese military games, in order to spread the man made virus.

All the planning and timing that has gone into the Defender 2020 exercise, which would be running during Russia’s Victory Parade.

Together with the closure of so much industry, including hospitality and travel industry. Airlines, cruise lines, tourism etc, etc, etc.

Was it planned this way, or has taken off with a mind of it’s own?


The fast spread of such a virus in todays world is guaranteed,so its anyone’s guess as to being a plan or just coincidence. The special UK police powers introduced today areto last two years. It’s a long time and what forecasts are behind that decision ?

IF it was a plan, far sharper minds than Pompeo or Bolton etc are behind this. Israeli’s would be my first suspects.

AM Hants

Think your first suspects are top of most people’s list. Ironically, it has caused the delay in a certain Israel trial.


look at the the financial destruction in process.

Brother Ma

Certainly makes it easier for the filthy rich to buy up lots of assets at firesale prices and thus get a reset without themselves losing much money in the long term.

AM Hants

They do that time and time again. Good point.


Tell that to Putz Putin who has been squandering Russia’s limited capital in a new arms race with the US. That is limited capital that now will be evaporating due to a global virus recession/depression and the oil price war with Saudi Arabia.

Zionism = EVIL

Dumbass JEW BOT, Russia has the largest FOREX reserves in the world at over $600 BILLION while Americunts have been bankrupted by you Jew rats. Russia also has the world’s most sophisticated aerospace and military technology. What do you Jew beggars have? coronavirus LOL

Bill Wilson

China has $3.4 Trillion in Forex reserves, Japan has $1,387 T, Switzerland has $850 Billion and Russia has $577 Billion.


Well, we may not need NATO now that the economy of Putz Putin the Poisoner’s RF heads it down the oil and virus slide to keep its thankfully dead Russian Soviet Empire company in the dustbin of history.



cechas vodobenikov

while all western Europe economies r contracting, the Russian economy has consistently been expanding—despite the sanctions imposed by the insecure incompetent amerikans…unable to compete w civilized peoples, they require imperialism to extend their decaying empire another 4-5 years…


Fake news made in Russia. US canceled not Germany.

AM Hants

Darling, keep up. Germany cancelled and before the US.


Go away Ruskey bot, USA announced on March 3 it be postponed

AM Hants

Nananenana, US announced it first.

Guess that is why they turned up in Germany, before being sent back home?

Just brilliant it is cancelled, whoever pulled out first.


They didn’t even canceled it totally, they said it might. Germany closing borders, doesn’t mean it close for NATO soldiers.

AM Hants

Nought to do with Germany closing borders. They stated they were pulling out of Defender 2020.


Yeah nothing to do with coronavirus, they were stopped by Germany :)


Bye bye RF…


The Corona-virus scare is a joke. Why? The virus is a derivative of the SARS-family which accounts for about 30% of flu-like infections. Yes, it has mutated, but that’s normal, viruses do that and have done that every year. It’s part of their life-cycle. They need to change to be able to infect people, which is how they multiply. Every year, the winter-season has some new virus of the SARS or regular influenza type or rather both. Nothing new here. Now, this has been tracked from China. The only difference is, that the virus has been under severe scrutiny (like other viruses of that type). The reasons for that is medical interest perhaps also its ability to scare. Howerver, we *don’t know* whether the virus was already present elsewhere. We don’t know because it wasn’t tested. Prof. Drosten of the Robert-Koch Insitut in Berin, Germany was the first to come up with a test for COVID-19. This test is now widely used, especially in Italy (50000+ tests). Yet, this test has not been validated. Meaning that it did not undergo the normal procedures of good scientific practice: double-blind testing, peer review etc. So while it may very well test for COVID-19 relatively reliably (they don’t claim it does 100%), we don’t know if it may also produce results for other viruses. So this is where everybody gets their data from. Now this flu-season has not been especially lethal, in fact, it was mild – in a average season *more* people die. Who dies having contracted COVID-19? Overwhelmingly the very aged and sick. Why? Well, because that’s when people tend to die. Yes, humans die in old age if their health is bad. Nothing to do with the virus. How? Well, let’s take Italy, which has done some frantic testing, mostly in hospitals but also post-mortem. So, if you look at people who die and have some flu-related symptoms, it is very likely that you find viruses of a seasonal flu! But what about testing bias? How many of those cases are nosocomial? I.e. contracted in the hospital? (E.g. in Germany 15000 people die each year of hospital infections they wouldn’t otherwise have contracted). The most important thing however: the less than perfect tests only say that the virus is/was present in these people, it doesn’t say anthing about the cause of death. In other words, unlike most people understand it: the fatality numbers are not causal. People would likely have died from something else soon too. E.g. very many old people contract pneumonia just before they die. In other words, Covid-19 is a pretty harmless virus of the SARS-kind, and the scientific community doesn’t declare it as such sufficiently. The media and others whip it up. Except for washing your hands, sneezing-etiquette, airing and protecting the elderly, no other measures are necessary. The virus will go on to infect, which it should, as that immunizes the population. That’s what happens every year. Meanwhile we’re headed or already in a major economic crisis. For me, this is a test, a bothering Orwellian scenario to see how easily people are manipulated are scared into blind obedience. Unfortunately, it’s working rather well… In the end, lots of small businesses and self-employed will file for bankrupcy. The damage done by Corona counter-measures will be unmeasureable.

cechas vodobenikov

bad for USA—good for Russia, India only amerikans/australians stockpile toilet paper—they r full of feces…this is sensible in a s-hole nation

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