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Croatia banned the entry for people with Serbian passports

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Croatia banned the entry for people with Serbian passports

This article originally appeared at Politika translated by Stevo Marjanović exclusively for SouthFront 

Serbia blocked the entry of Croatian goods at all border crossings. – Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojić said that the ban on entering Croatia for passenger cars and buses with Serbian registration is a “response to Serbia,” New Television reports
At the border crossing Bajakovo, after the implementation of Serbian measures to Croatia, the entrance to Croatia is disabled to all who have Serbian passport, Serbian border police said to the Tanjug reporter.

Tanjug reports that some vehicles and buses were returned after midnight from the border crossing Bajakovo in Serbia.

Ostojić: Refugees to Horgosh, and then the borders will open

OPATOVAC – Croatia will not open the border with Serbia while Horgosh crossing is closed for immigrants, said this morning Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojić.

“We must say, it is a response to discrimination that Serbia conducted to trucks from Croatia, until they open Horgosh no entry for vehicles with Serbian registration plates, people can enter, it is not disputed. We expect Horgosh to be opened, “said Ostojić for regional TV1.

Since midnight Serbia responded to Croatian unilaterally closing the borders for freight traffic from Serbia by banning traffic vehicles registered in Croatia and Croatian producers of goods at all border crossings.

The measure is also applied to marine and rail transport.

Ostojić interprets Serbian measures as Serbian ultimatum to Croatia and says that it cannot happen that thousands of migrants are entering Croatia, and that there is not a single Serbian policeman.

“Let them do this at Horgosh,” Ostojić repeated and added that refugees do not fall from the sky, but they come from Serbia and Hungary.

“This is not a silent war between Croatian and Serbian, this is the only answer to their measures,” Ostojić said.

Air Serbia: Regular traffic with Croatia

BELGRADE – Air traffic between Serbian and Croatian is carried out without interruption, and passengers from Belgrade who have Serbian passports this morning arrived in Zagreb without problems, company Air Serbia confirmed.

Serbian airline flies regularly to Zagreb, on the occasion of the restrictions imposed by the Croatian to the citizens of Serbia, the Air Serbia told BETA agency that there has been no inconvenience and that air traffic is going according to plan.

Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojić said this morning that Croatia has banned the entry of cars and buses with Serbian license plates on Croatian territory.

Buses from Belgrade to Croatia have been cancelled

BELGRADE – Regular bus lines from Belgrade to Croatia, have been canceled this morning, it has been said at the Belgrade bus station.

As Beta agency stated, during the day it will be decided whether other departures from Belgrade to Croatia will be canceled.

Croatian Interior Ministry confirmed this morning that at the border crossing Bajakovo entrance to Croatia for vehicles with Serbian license plates is not allowed, except trucks with perishable goods, stating that the citizens of Serbia passage allowed.

Vulin: This is racism

BELGRADE – Minister of Labour Aleksandar Vulin said today that measure of Croatian authorities for complete closure of is racism.

“There is no other word for it,” said Vulin who is in a Belgrade park Tašmajdan attended the unveiling of the monument of little girl Milica Rakić , a victim of NATO bombing.

Vulin said that there is no connection between the movement of goods and refugees, as there is no connection between the borders which switches goods and migrants.

The Croatian side is, in his words, “almost drew the name, religion and nation on the border.”

Vulin said that during the war in the 90s communication was not interrupted in such a way.

HAK: Bajakovo blocked, Tovarnik open

ZAGREB – At the border crossing Bajakovo traffic for all vehicles in both directions is interrupted, but for cars and buses border crossing Tovarnik (Šid) is open, it was announced this morning by Croatian Automobile Club (HAK).

Bajakovo is closed for all traffic since midnight, when Serbian countermeasures went into effect on banning imports of Croatian products, in response to the Croatian decision to shut border crossings with Serbia for freight transport.

HAK said that for passenger cars and buses border crossing Tovarnik is open.
According to the HAK, column of trucks at the crossing Bajakovo is about 10 kilometers long.

Due to the large influx of refugees from Serbia to Croatia, even before today the following border crossings with Serbia are closed: Ilok, Ilok 2, Principovac Principovac 2, Erdut and Batina.

Croatian officials have not yet made any statements about the closing Bajakovo for all traffic.

Ostojić: Prohibition of passenger traffic is a reply to Serbia

ZAGREB – Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojić said that the ban on entering Croatia for passenger cars and buses with Serbian license plates is a “response to Serbia,” New Television reports.

Ostojić spoke after tonight, Serbia’s interior minister, Nebojša Stefanović, at the border crossing Batrovci announced that from midnight Serbia is implementing countermeasures to unilateral decision of the Croatian government to close the border with Serbia.

These measures include a ban on entry of vehicles with goods registered in Croatia and vehicles from any other country, that are transporting goods produced in Croatia, Stefanović said.

He said that this applies to all border crossings, and that this is the first of the package of government response measures to, as he said, the Croatian economic aggression.

Stefanović said that Serbia is ready at any moment to revoke this decision if Croatia is to comply with EU regulations and facilitate cargo transport vehicles not only from Serbia but also from other countries.

Tanjug reports that at the border crossing Bajakovo after the implementation of the measures the Government of Serbia to Croatia it is impossible for all of those who have Serbian passports to enter that country.

Serbia blocked the entry of Croatian goods on all border crossings

From midnight on all border crossings Serbia will not allow entry of trucks carrying Croatian goods. Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović said at the border crossing Batrovci that Serbia was forced to this measure because Croatia has not met requirements and that economic aggression harms the businessmen of both countries.

“From this moment the Serbian police would not allow entrance to Serbia at all border crossings to any freight vehicle with Croatian goods, regardless of whether the vehicles are from the Republic of Croatia or a third country. Application starts immediately. In addition, the government is decided on other moves ” Stefanović said.

As reported by RTS Stefanović said that Croatia continues to behave irresponsibly and that Serbia does not deserve such behavior.

He said that far more migrants passed through Serbia than through Croatia and that they are registered and the information are being exchanged with EU partners. “Today Serbia is not complaining, but rather seeks a comprehensive solution,” said Stefanović. He reminded that Serbia did not respond to insults “nor stories about eagles and flies”, it is time trying to find a solution to the crisis all the.

“Unfortunately, there is no one in the Croatian government to realize that this behavior will harm entrepreneurs,” said the minister.

He said Serbia is ready for a solution, and the prime minister is ready at any time to schedule a meeting of the Government to change measures. He said that Serbia asks only what they asked Johannes Hahn and Federica Mogherini, and it is to open borders for goods, especially for people who are in the column of trucks, because these people do not have anything to do with migrants.

He reiterated that the government would consider other measures.

“These are now quite sufficient measures to address the economic aggression against our country,” said the minister, adding that he hopes it will be possible to subside taken measures soon.

He pointed out that passenger traffic is fully functioning normally.

He also mentioned the problem of international permits for transport for which most people have a certain level of transit routes that cannot be changed.

To help people in the column of trucks on the Batrovci, tomorrow will start more organized division of food and other conditions will be provided, said the Minister. Croatia is doing this very irresponsible. Serbia is not at fault but we will try to remediate for the damage in some way, “said Stefanović.

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