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Crisis Within Russian Elites Ripples Outward

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Crisis Within Russian Elites Ripples Outward


A public discussion between representatives of two different Russian political groups has gained a wide coverage in the media.

On January 16, Head of Rosnano Anatoly Chubais  stressed that Russia is one of the poorest and energy wasteful states. He added that a major part of the population is poor or very poor.

Chubais is a Russian politician and businessman of Belarusian Jewish origin. He has been participating in the state’s political and economic life since early 1990s. He was responsible for privatization and a key figure introducing so-called shock reforms introducing “market economy” after the fall of the USSR. Chubais served as a deputy prime minister, a minister of finance, a head of the president administration, the head of OAO Unified Energy System of Russia [a state electric power holding]. Now he’s serving as the head of another state company, the Russian Nanotechnology Corporation (Rosnano).

Politically, Chubais has always been a member of the pro-Western, liberal group of the Russian elites. Chairman of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of the state bank Sberbank Herman Gref are other well-known members of this group. All these persons have been actively participating in the Russian political life sine 1990s. These persons have been shaping the Russian internal and foreign economic politics on the basis of recommendations from the International Monetary Fund and other pro-Western international ogranizations.

On January 19, the Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova publicly slammed Chubais’ remarks. He stressed that Russia is “the wealthiest state” and that Chubais, the person playing a key role in the Russian economy for decades, has to answer why the majority of the population is poor.

Zakharova is a member of the “team” of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and a public voice of the part of the Russian elites, which is being formed by the national industrial capital and top security officials and military service members.

This public discussion is another signal of the existing deep contradictions within the Russian political elite. Persons affiliated with the global financial capital still have a strong influence in the country. This is why it has been possible to observe contradictory actions over the past years. For example:

  • Actions towards the situation in eastern Ukraine in 2014-2015;
  • Some of the economic and fiscal measures of the government are uncoordinated or even make each other difficult. On one hand, the government make steps to ease the situation for small business. On the other hand, the government is increasing taxes and penal duties.

It is easy to explain this situation if one takes into account that different groups of the Russian elites have a different understanding of the development path of the economy and state. The Russian top leadership is balancing between these groups exploiting a complex check-and-balance system. This is a common political practice. However, the aforementioned groups have a contradictory vision of the situation. Therefore, it appears complicated to make system and consistent steps to reform the state economy. Thus, the Russian leadership has to employ micromanagement approaches to solve key issues and turn into reality global projects. For example: the Kerch Strait Bridge, the development of Russia’s Far East, the transit of power resources and issues with the power industry.

The existing contradictions within the Russian elites came out from the clandestine area to a public sphere because of the current complicated economic situation, the economic blockade from the West, the growing tensions within the society. The above mentioned public face-off was not possible in Russia just a few years ago.

This shows the expanding split within the Russian political leadership as well as the increased activity of persons and powers backed by the global financial capital. In turn, the formally “patriotic” part of the elites is not happy with the current state of affairs. This will be among other factors that may fuel the internal political crisis, which some experts expect in Russia in the coming years.

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The question is , why Putin keeps them in government when most of them should be in prison?

John Whitehot

The “elites” which were traitorous and syphoned all the wealth of the country to Israel and the US already have been dealt with.

As for the rest, start worrying with your own country elites – otherwise it’s just whoring and propaganda.


hold your horses cowboy and read again the part about Chubias and Kudrin, they are the brain of rubbing Russian people and they havent ” been dealt with”, on the contrary they have very solid sits in the power,

You can call me Al

Fair point, but the question is what do the Russian people think of this side show, which is not mentioned above. My view only.


“they have very solid sits in the power”
And those combined are bigger than Putin’s sit maybe ?!
Their seats are relative to the size and importance of “interest group” they represent.
Nothing less, nothing more!
Wise people know why this proverb is created;
“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!”

Promitheas Apollonious

not all of them.

S Melanson


Tudor Miron

It’s not that simple. They still have too much power and insturments. What we don’t need is another bloody revolution. In terms of population 90s costed us more than WWII. Gradual preparation of new leadership and replacing the corrupt elites is the name of the game because we don’t want to allow for collapse of governing. Also, the level of collective awareness of ordinary people plays a major role.


I’m not sure I agree with that…I am frankly astounded that Chubais is not only still around, but is actually in a position of influence…I remember 20 years ago thinking, this guy has got to go…

The big problem is that Putin is perhaps too cautious…and is perhaps still believing that Russia needs to be in the ‘game’ of western finance capital…many very smart people disagree with that…the case in point is China…they have retained majority state control of business and capital [over 70 percent of the economy]…and they make final decisions on finance…not the IMF or anybody else…this is what is holding Russia back…the economy cannot grow under the rules and control of western finance and banking…that has never happened in any country in history…Putin needs to start swinging the axe…the Russian economy can stand on its own without outside ‘help’…I just think Putin is too afraid to do the right thing…

Pave Way IV

If it were only that simple, FB. I picture Putin juggling six chainsaws at once while trying to steer an aircraft carrier with 145 million Russians on board. Everyone is yelling at him to do this or do that, and my psychopathic US leaders are trying to do everything to trip him up. I think the neocons are still pissed off that he interrupted their post-Soviet looting spree.

I have no idea what is best for the Russian people or if Putin could be doing things better, but I have to admire the fact that he hasn’t cut off his arms, hasn’t run the ship aground and hasn’t nuked the shit out of the U.S. yet.


Nice analogy there…never tried juggling my Husky [even when not running…LOL]…but I get your point…could be worse…much worse…


Great comment there Pave Way one of the best I’ve seen in while….
if I could only up-vote you more!


But Putin does not control the central Bank


He will !
Soon CIS deeper integration of Russian and Belarus economies will start and Putin will be future President of CIS (something like Junker in EU)
So it is logical that also Central Bank is created with somebody in charge of COMMON currency, monetary policy… on that CIS international level (like Mario Draghi in EU)
Objective is also to get Ukraine in CIS (or parts of Ukraine if it falls apart)


There are also many benefits of today’s very “conservative” politics of Russian Central Bank.
But lots of people don’t understand how economy works and they often fall for alarmist comments who often luck deeper understanding of the complexity of the problem…
There is always positive and negative side of everything and onesided alarmist messages don’t like that.

All the national elites are traitors so Russian Elites are not exception.
And that conspiracy story “Jew bankers own Kremlin” is so useful to the Western propaganda.
West needs any seeds of doubt among Russians for the fertile ground of difficult times…
That is EL Dorado for Western propaganda to drive any kind of dark under tone on just about any subject concerning Putin or Russia.

I think that today’s propaganda is not based in Western MSM any more
They are discredited and nobody trust them.
Today’s propaganda is based on MEME that pops out on the forums as dominant gossip and points finger at Putin, Russia as culprit…
The communication experts search for the stories like that try to develop it and repackage it to make it more accessible
They are spreading it …
An later on MEME is spread around by “useful idiots” on different forums where the MEME gets life of their own… or maybe are not accepted and forgotten quickly…
But some of those MEME’s stick.
“Putin is in bed with Jews” and such…
All in one simple objective to make any story against Russia or Putin as wide spread as possible.


Some people will take up the pitchfork for any cause given enough built up anger they can misdirect. However, I think in the case of “the Russian’s did it!”, most of the public are sick and tired of hearing the same thing repeated, with very weak or no evidence, and the issue fades away…..until they are reminded six months later.

It’s like the bitter partner/divorcee who claims their partner did this or that, and then you ask “so why did you stick around for so long….” or “why didn’t you call the police?”


I hope you are right about “most of the public are sick and tired”.
Yet there are still plenty left who love to be guided somewhere to discharge their anger and frustration on somebody or something.
Weather that is justified or not, they don’t ask much, if at all…
Mystery of gullible brainless human nature…
I doubt that will ever change.
Still too many people prefer everything but not to use their brains.
They use collective instinct instead like herd of animals.
So they are being used…
There is indeed mysterious relation between predator and pray.

Tommy Jensen

Putin has already swung the axe many times.
Its easy to point at weakness´s from outside, but difficult to change a reality.


I agree that there is a power strangle and a kind of fifth element in Russian elites. But Chubais back ?The man who destroyed Russia and the citizens with his “innovative” privatization? These people have sold their soul to the Americans. Putin still has the majority of the people with him, therefore he has to act accordingly. Any delay will make thinks more difficult.


quote Chubais is a Russian politician and businessman of Belarusian Jewish origin. He has been participating in the state’s political and economic life since early 1990s. He was responsible for privatization and a key figure introducing so-called shock reforms introducing “market economy” after the fall of the USSR unquote

the quote really says it all. particularly since the privatization in the 90s was designed by the american state with the purpose to transfer all or most assets from the russian government to foreign (american corporations) businesses, such as oil, steel, forestry, mining for what ever. and then putin turned up and the americans got nothing and that is still smarting. chubais should be retired to some cold hell hole in the far far east. you listening vlad!


1. Kudrin is the brain in liberal team and the architect of liberal reforms” selling = rubbing Russian assets, and ha has very solid sits in power and he is close friend to vlad! 2. Why do you think that vlad is anti-liberal?

Boris Kazlov

Next Russian president should be more patriotic and eager to take on the “paper tiger” than Vlad, maybe a general, I love Vlad though, lets see what he is up to, he is not going to sell-out Russia


no he’s all for russia and for the russian people and the goodies (iron ore, oil, gold diamonds etc) or the proceeds thereof shall be to the russian people’s benefit. unlike the destitute states of america where nothing is to the benefit of the have nots – and how shameful is that,


I think you are mistaken – vlad stopped the plunder planned and carried out by americans under jeltsin. one thing is that russian resources should primarily be owned by russians or russian companies and then he introduced the export tax for any and all raw materials being exported from russia. and that basically put paid to the fleecing of the country the americans already salivated over and that is one thing they have not forgiven since, and as you know, the americans never forgive and never forgets. after all, russia is the richest country in the world in terms of mineral resources and other resources as well and given how the americans mineral resources are depleted next to nothing, russia was a fair extension of the american corporate greed,.but no – vlad put an end to any such plans!


Well said Verner.

Tommy Jensen

There is still a struggle. Many of these supra national Russian Oligarchs lives in London, US pr Israel from where they make their International trade of Russian resources.
So it is not just arresting them like that, and put someone in to take over their network. Its not that easy.


It is. They either pay the appropriate tax or they go to jail. If they flee overseas then they are put on Interpol arrest list. Remember Mikhail Khodorkovsky?

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Why isn’t this Chubais creature behind bars for the destruction of Russia? Lock him up! Lock him up!! Lock him up!!!

Jens Holm

USSR destroyed themselves very well. Those already was very corrupt before he came as written in 1990 and many should be behind bars – maybee him too.

And it is allowed to have mpre then one oppinion about things, but of course – as usual – jews did it.

I and West actually had hoped Russia joining us from a Ground Zero level comming up again fast. We only has seen the opposit by corrupters doing exact the opposite.

Your words support the non jewish fatal currupt part of Russia. Thats better. Childabuse is better in the families too.

This hardly is any Jewish problem at all. There are very few jews in Russia for good reasons. If Jews runned Russia, the whole country out to the most poor farmers would have improved conditions.

Russia are not able to make the cake to share bigger, thats the whole point. The rest is about how much the innovatives gets. Here Russia after so many years not even have a taxsystem for it.


The USSR was created by jews, plundered by jews, tens of millions of Christians murdered by jews in many horrific ways and Russia is again being harmed by jews.

Hisham Saber

That about sums it up.

To bad tho, if those pesky Russians would just listen and obey, they could have LGQBT parades in every city and village.

If those pesky Russians would just listen to the ‘ chosen ones’ , they too, would be like the U.S. Where 50-60 million live in entrenched poverty, 60 million living on food subsidies from the government, about 100 million out of work, disabled and/or both. 2.5 million people in prison, the highest in the world by capita ratio by leaps and bounds, 3500 sentenced to death, 90,000 wake up every morning in solitary confinement, spending 23 out of 24 hours in a cage the size of a parking space. The rate of illiteracy is staggering, and the number of people, in the tens of millions hooked on opiates, Heroin and Fentanyl. And with it a staggering number of overdose deaths and near deaths.

Major cities, like Detroit , Michigan, look like bombed out post apocalypse wastelands. Tent cities everywhere you look, with downtown Los Angeles called ‘ skid row ‘ due to the homeless epidemic they have there. And this goes for most big cities. Hopelessness and despair gripping millions, with no end in sight. An entire region of the U.S. called ‘ The Rust Belt ‘ due to decaying infrastructure, torn up roadways and highways. 60 million ignorant, moronic Americans in ‘ The Bible Belt’ believe that the creation, and maintenance of Israel (contrary to 70 U.N. Resolutions , international conventions and norms) will usher in a divine ‘ Rapture ‘ and that they, and only they out of the whole of humanity will be ‘ saved ‘ , and that the Jews will convert to Christianity overnight.

Moral decline in the supposed top country in the world has reached beyond what one could possibly comprehend. With about half the population on anti-depressants, antipsychotic, anti anxiety medication/s due to them being confused, lied to, manipulated and led down an unnatural human experience.

I could go on and on, but I would say Russia, China, Iran et al have a better civilizational model and they are trying to bring it forth. The old western model is cruel, cold, bloody, counterproductive, unjust, racist, hegemonic, belligerent to say the least.

Jews, wherever they go, bring with them destruction, havoc, unnecessary human suffering, war and tribulation, to name a few.

The Global Jewish system is in the process of being usurped, and a new model of human development for the betterment of all humanity is and will take shape by the mid 21st century and beyond. But the Jews are a dangerous group, and may rather we all go up in a nuclear holocaust instead of giving up their racist, supremacism, elitism and overall diabolical designs and deeds.

God help the human race.


Good comment mostly. But I don’t think your take on the “old western model” is just or insightful. If you were just talking about the Roman Cult I might agree, but to lump in there the philosophers who fought for equality (treating women and other races well), republics, music, books and sciences and an overall intelligent culture that has brought you and us 90% of all inventions we use is too negative to ignore all that. Like Smedley Butler says, All Wars are Bankers Wars – and that is globalism. Western culture is very good overall.

Jens Holm

Strange millions every Year ask for entrence. Trump even work hard to make fences against imcommers.

You bias to much too much in a very manipulative way and You dont compare with others.


We can’t always know why they jump the border, if there isn’t jobs for all of them then why do they come?

Jens Holm

How many emmigrates to Russia.


Lots! What’s your point? :D

Jens Holm

You also mention the same people again and again.

The ones living inpoverty and by food supplies are the same and might are not 110-120 mio, but 50-60 = Same people.

Your 100 mio. having no jobs mainly are children and retired as well.

The unimployed today right now is 7% and the inhbitants are 327 mio. 24 mio. Actually google june 2018 says only 4%.

Estimated uinployments for the world are


Where its 6 in russia, 10 in Turkey and fx 50% in Syria, but it of course dont bother someone like Youthat about 12 mio. in Syria lives on UNHCR rations, which is lower then the poorest in USA.


Your reply is so knowledgeable that I have printed it to put in my book of quotations. Thank you.

Hisham Saber

Thank you Florian, I am flattered and humbled. And at your service. A friend.

Jens Holm

Well, Why did they created a promised land as well as 5 million emmigrated to USA and other places and progtomes went on.

You are kind of correct about Jews were overrepresented in nthe new top. Thats what people van do, when they aprt from most of the rest educate themselved.

Tzars never made a Middleclass, and we saw it all over espicially in the Cayholic world which in many ways are like Sunni of today.

So Jews were compensation also having network insode Russia as well as to the rest of the world for im- and export.

You could rely on their writings for that as well as being 100% fair in all kinds of law business including marrige.

Thats how it is. You even blame them for educating and make influence. Better to remain stufid and stay poor and used as sheep. Thats how I see it.


Is it a bad idea, that Leaders should take care of the poor by Karl Marx too. Jews also wasnt 1 group in the Tzar group, but 2 maingroup. One is out of Your mind.


1000 ticks, Florian
Some honesty
Says it all.


Stalin took USSR out of Sio control. Thats why they sent Hitler to destroy him….

Joseph Scott

No, that had been planned before Stalin. It was merely a continuation of an effort to weaken Germany and Russia, and nation-states in general, begun in WWI. Russia and Germany (and China) suffered the most harm in that war, and that was the point all along.


Stalins inner circle during WW2 were mostly jews.


i do not agree. Source?


THX. I will read that in some free time, but according to my research the sionists were the part of USSR elite that was centerd around lenin and Trocky, Stalin managed to remove from power most of them……


Zionists and jews controlled muco the Internal Security apparatus of the USSR and they also controlled the Gulags , where even those jews with some decency were imprisoned and murdered as well.

The is the Ukranian Holodomor as well, where circa three and a half million rural farming citizens were starved and tortured to death by Stalins jewish run terror in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s.



basicaly not true….



“Russian President Vladimir Putin said that at least 80 percent of the members of the first Soviet government were Jewish.

“I thought about something just now: The decision to nationalize this library was made by the first Soviet government, whose composition was 80-85 percent Jewish,” Putin said June 13 during a visit to Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.”


Probably the best-known exposé of the Jewish role in the Bolshevik coup d’état was by Sir Winston Churchill, writing in the Illustrated Sunday Herald of 8 February 1920. Churchill wrote “With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of leading figures are Jews. Moreover the principal inspiration and the driving power comes from Jewish leaders.”


i do agree there were lots of jews. I dont agree that sionists controled Stalin. If they did, they would not have to kill him and they would not made him the worst monster on a level of Hiler in their propaganda MSM. But sorry i realy dont have time to go into details and explaining my opinion…..


In any system of government there are factions within the ruling elite in control who seek to usurp power to gain control for themselves. The jews in control of the USSR were no different to this, as indeed are the jews who are in power in Israel today.

Also today, the Conservative party Brexit fiasco is an example of that.

Stalin by the way , is said to have jewish roots and some of his wives were jewish.


Stalins jewish roots are not proven speculations.

Tudor Miron

“I and West actually had hoped Russia joining us from a Ground Zero level comming up again fast.”. ” If Jews runned Russia, the whole country out to the most poor farmers would have improved conditions.”(c) Thanks for a lough, Lol.

Do you even believe what you post? Poor (in terms of developing into actual human) creature, come and visit Russia (don’t be affraid, we would not touch you unless you do something silly) and see things for yourself. But knowing you (by your posts) I don’t expect that you change. I feel sorry for you creature. You were born to become human but you choose to be consuming rat.

Zionism = EVIL

comment image

Icarus Tanović

You kinda troll here? Wanna die heroic death, you Jewish coward?


you’re all over the friggin place and makes as much sense as a chimp in heat – go to bed, take your medicines and try not to think – it just comes out garbled and of no value. in the alternative, sign up with fox news or some such place for fully fledged idiots.

Zionism = EVIL

Need I say more :

comment image


It is not unusual that jews invite gentile people to join some of their religion ceremonies and to give a keepack to them. I do not see clearly a jews-like behavior of Putin, but I see a Russia-jews domination in many some areas.

Tony B.

True, Putin has to deal with residual Jewish power in Russia, his contingent has less than half the power in that country. His mother was a Jew who converted to Christianity during the soviet, a very dangerous thing to do at that time which would only be done with great faith in God. She raised her son as a Russian Orthodox Christian and Putin shows no signs of betraying his religion. He obviously does what every national leader is obligated to do but only a few actually do – he puts Russia first in all his thinking and actions while trying to deal fairly with every other nation – almost none of which deal fairly with Russia.


No you have all the “proves” for conspiracy fanatics like yourself
Only photo where Pope kisses a hand of Jew is missing …
To show that even Vatican is working for the Jews

Of course me not agreeing with anti-Putin labeling puts me in position to be Jew also I understand that.

Hell maybe even you are working for the Jews !
You never know, you must verify yourself genetically not to have Jew blood !
Maybe Jews wait for you to fall slip and put some drugs into your food to take control over you!
WATCH OUT DON’T LET THEM DO THAT this planet depends on you!

Tommy Jensen

You havent seen the photo where the Pope kneel and kiss the shoe of the Rabbi? The Pope´s butt is enormous.


The Pope´s butt cursed by Rabbi’s shoe.
Tommy you are the special one….I have no clue
what to say on that odd comment of yours…
You leave me speechless.
Are you insinuating that Pope doesn’t fast often enough (if at all).
Or your comment is lascivious….
My lucky guess is that you would love to cover with ridicule
those two guys…


The CIA’s Invention of the “Conspiracy Theorist”: Smear Campaign to Discredit Dissenters: https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-cias-invention-of-the-conspiracy-theorist-smear-campaign-to-discredit-dissenters/5403876


comment image

The Israel You Don’t Know: The Talmud and the Jew | Mirror: https://www.bitchute.com/video/M7Db2Z4G3iHf/

Putin’s Passport Proves He Is A Member Of The Tribe: https://zionistreport.com/2017/03/putins-passport-proves-he-is-a-member-of-the-tribe/




Sephardi leader Yosef: Non-Jews exist to serve Jews: https://www.jta.org/2010/10/18/israel/sephardi-leader-yosef-non-jews-exist-to-serve-jews

comment image

[An audio recording of some of the rabbi’s remarks was broadcast on Israel’s Channel 10.

The American Jewish Committee condemned the rabbi’s remarks in a statement issued Monday.

“Rabbi Yosef’s remarks — suggesting outrageously that Jewish scripture asserts non-Jews exist to serve Jews — are abhorrent and an offense to human dignity and human equality,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. “Judaism first taught the world that all individuals are created in the divine image, which helped form the basis of our moral code. A rabbi should be the first, not the last, to reflect that bedrock teaching of our tradition.”]

– “Because the Talmud conspires against gentiles, if a Jew was ever caught telling a gentile what the Talmud really says, such a person deserves death.” ~ Jewish Encyclopedia “Gentile” (p. 623)

Derived from both the Jerusalem and the Babylonian Talmud (the core tenets of Judaism):

– “Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a whore and played the harlot with carpenters” ~ Sanhedrin, 106a,b

– “Jews may use lies (“subterfuges”) to circumvent a Gentile.” ~ Baba Kamma (113a)

– “Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.” ~ Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L

– “A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our books contain anything against them.” ~ Szaaloth-Utszabot, The Book of Jore Dia 17

– “To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.” ~ Libbre David 37

Netanyahu, Peres remember ‘Torah giant’: https://www.jpost.com/National-News/Shas-spiritual-leader-Rabbi-Ovadia-Yosef-dies-at-93-328072

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef buried in largest funeral in Israeli history:


comment image


comment image

Chabad Rabbi: Jews Should Kill Arab Men, Women and Children During War:


comment image



chubais is the head of Russian Nanotechnology Corporation (Rosnano) which doesn’t strike me as very significant industrial venture, which would give him a more powerful position. but no, a small research operation makes him rather small change in the russian
power hierarchy.

Alec Kinnear

Chubais who is still lurking around as the head of Rosnano who have managed to squander $4 billion of Russian government investment to build a company with $25 million in annual revenue with operating losses of $80 million year. $4 billion is a lot of money in my books. Frankly, Mr Chubais’s efforts on behalf of Russia would be better rewarded with a jail cell than a government office.

And he’s wrong here about Russia being a poor country.

By the conventional measures of debt ratio and external currency reserves, Russia is not a poor country. Indeed, it is one of the richest countries on earth by these measures with the lowest net government debt of any significant economy on earth (indeed a surplus).

Another mitigating factor for Russia is the presence of currency reserves of $467 billion. Currency reserves include both foreign currency deposits and gold holdings. Russia’s currency reserves exceed external debt, effectively making Russia’s external debt 0% of GDP.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

He could make an even better contribution cleaning toilets in prison. He was the economic leader that destroyed the lives of millions of Russians.

Tony B.

Unfortunately nanotechnology is now one of the top developments in the world, most of its possibilities used AGAINST human kind to this point.
Better to inform yourself before spouting off.

Ray Douglas

Do they not have ropes in Russia?


the privatization in the 90s was designed by MEMBERS OF the TRIBE with the
purpose to transfer all or most assets from the russian government to
foreign (JEWISH) businesses

There, fixed it for ya. You really don’t understand what happened in the 90s at all with your egregious errors. Virtually all of the alleged “American” advisers were in fact Jews, and at the end of the day, all the property went to the hands of Russian Jews (seven of the oligarchs), but virtually none to the alleged American corporations.

Jens Holm

If Russia really are that weak and just as muslims, You vertainly should change raising, schools, education, skills and the attitude to, what hard work is and what has to be paid for it.

Typical excuse of many Years. Jews did it. The facts are:


Youir Leaders and religions are the same thing. They keep You in traditions of dark, which are unchangeable, Zars and the Russian Church did same thing. Ottomans was lkike too.

Not even making own countries like Syria, Iraq a.s.o. change that. You just get many little zars and dictatorships in stead.

You systematicly are kept to like that so Your great leaders can stay in power.

The difference and need for jews, where they sometimes get high ranks are easy to see. They educate, they know the world and has systems. You cant even copy their systems even they have existed for 1000s of Years -because they are Your enemies.

Nr 1 in all battles are to know Your enemy and even think some rusty old sibiriean tanks solves things in Syria. Only Russians are happy getting money for recycling and even oil for the next 25 years.

Thats what non jews are in ME as well as Russia.


It seems CIA, Pentagon and Netanyahu wish to take control of Russia like Germany and Japan.

Jens Holm

You know nothing about, whats goin on at all, as well as You dont understand western Economy.

Western Economics includes all. So the takeover is a relative, because most things are driven by shares and shareholder. By that We own each other.

Hard to see Israel in this. If there was a lot of money for them, the shekel wasnt that low, but of course thats total ignored as any facts. You are with Muhammed Econimics in Medina 1400 years ago.

In oil and gas the big foreigners in Russia are BP and Shell. And why are they there. Well, then can take 5-6 times more oil up from old fields, where the russian can take 3 maybee 4.

Thats what bigger cake also is about. The educated with skill and hard work produce more and take more, but in a much higher levels. Thats the whole point and why we are not collapsed.

The other part is what we use the bought oil and gas. We make advanced products. Thats where the many 1000% are an not in fuel and heat.

We also try to use wind and solarpower, but Russia cant even mnake it possible to insolate themselves. When we offer professionel world products saving them a lot of money for heating and produced in Russia, it not possible drowning in total corruption, bureakrasy as well as total random taxpaying. Many days You fx hardly pay tax even You ask for it. And next day they come and take even Your shirt and You are criminals, which has to pay a lot to get out of that.

So fx our Rockwool has no factory there even its a big market and can save Russia for billions every Years.

So writing like that is crap. The best is to go anywhere else. Russia is not reformed, its kind of more and more deformed.

The rural districts like fx in Syria gets nothing, bt they pay tax from their minimum incomes.


This is not good place for you go and join CNN or BBC.

Jens Holm

You think I am some kind of peadophile reading and writing here ? Sometmis it really feels like a childcarecenter for children which have no hopes and deny them themselves.


The Western leaders do not even understand their economies that are pumped up with debt that can never be repaid Jens.

Jens Holm

We are not pumped up as long as we by that can pay back and more to it. Its named as investing.

If You are in farming, You can buy a hen for a loan. As long as You can sell the dayli egg for more then to feed the hen, and a little by a liitle can pay back for the “borrowed” hen its fine, If You can effort to buy food, clothe and that for the income.

You put in hard work and next hen might be bought for Your own money, but if hens and aggs are good business, You instead have shown, You make many eggs and by that You can go to the bank or invetstor and borrow money for more then one hen.

Thats neasy to understand. Isnt it. Same for taxidriving. You borrow money for a car and some cerificates and then tranport getting paid for it.

The problems isnt loans, but people taking or giving too many of them.

Rabbi High Comma

Happy Hannukah

Jens Holm

When is it ? I celebrate Eids and Christmas too.

Icarus Tanović

You crippled poor creature.

Jens Holm

Too much reading Youga in Hindi.


Your translator isn’t working well Jens. And without being nasty, your view points are skewed beyond logic. It’s getting boring…..

Icarus Tanović

Death sentence the fucker.


Yes indeed, and Russia and the rest of the world need to confront the Khazars and strip them of ALL their ill gotten gains. There are some salt mines in Siberia that can house them all.


The Jews will treat us the same exact way they treat the Palistinians if the people fall for their lies and Promises. They will Kill You and they will Kill and rape Your Children.
Kike is the only curse word.

Jens Holm

Ypu are barking mad. We see none of that.

Tom Tom

Sure, its true the U.S. does its shenanigans, but China, Russia, and India all grew their economies because they’re capitalist. Socialism is never the answer because it has never worked.

Jens Holm

I agree. Denmark has tryed to take the good parts of both. It works.

Tommy Jensen

Do you compare a miniput state of 5 mio., with countries of over one billion people and 100 times bigger?

Jens Holm

Of course I do. We do grow well and are much better in living standard then those 3 states for each inhabitants.

So its about how we are organized – or not.

We do public elect our leaders and change, if they are not good. We share power with all in the lower levels because loccal see local problems and solutions better. We take vare of all giving free education, almost free medical care, free hospitals and enough pension for old people, so they can have a descent life whatever they have children and grandchildren to support them. Last year we were nr 1 in non corruption.

We are nr much better in BNP and low in crime as well.

Seize make no sense at all in those matters,

You have big counries ding well as well as bad and small is same thing.

Big and small are relatives for how every single person are living.

And actually it was TOM-TOM which told, that kapitalisme compared with others is much better. I agree with him even I a here prefare to take more care and invest in the poor ones, as we do in a kind of socialisme help.


What about the extortionate price of medical treatment in the king of Capitalism – USA? How are taxpayers supposed to be affordably run free healthcare for everyone with a system like that?

Tom Tom

Capitalism funds their programs. Socialism funds nothing.

Jens Holm

Yes we do. Most of us small ones get the standard pension which is above the lowest æevel, we can live well one. But most of us also save for own extra pension. Those money goes into investments fonds, where we as shareholders are given extra pension and dicvidend.

You might say thats not a lot, but we are many and cant spend it until we are 65-67 as well we are paid that extra every month.

Besides that we do pay a high tax that funding bridges, hospitals, medical care and a lot of other thing + our own pension.

So You are totally wrong. Socialisme also is about attitude helping each other. We by that has learned to see education as an investmentment, because educated people pay more tax and comes from lowjobber being paid to and to the opposite beimng able to pay to those low incommers.

Besides that we as I think I have written has tryed to take the good parts of capitalisme and mix it with socialisme.

You cant see Denmark as we all are the same. But once all socialists were kind of communists, but our system as in many other countries seperated us in a big wide group named “Social democrates”. By that we also are owners or partly owners of very big companies of the world well known for many.

And thats because we educate people upgrading so we by that make our cake to share bigger. By inclusding ewverybody even it also cost we get a relative low crime rate and less “uprise and strike days”. By that we also work more and get more hours for vacations.

We have bad part parts too. But our version of sócialisme is working very well parallel to capitalisme supporting each other relative well.

You can see us on the lists for the world. We are not in the top but close to.


Good information, thanks.


Send Chubais to the Gulag and make him perform some meaningful work.

Putin needs to deal with the liberal, pro-Western (i.e., pro-American) wing of the elite, before his Presidential term ends. Otherwise, they may completely assume the reigns of power.

Tony B.

Substitute “Rothschild cabal in its City of London” for “American” in your statements and they will be correct. This is everybody’s enemy, not just Russia’s, not just the U.S., this is everybody’s enemy.
Wake up and ditch the phony divide and conquer agenda of the talmudic/cabala bunch.


I hope Russian nationalists have things under control but I do worry about the toleration and presence of the clear (((fifth column))) elements still remaining from the Yeltsin era within the political, economic, business, and social structure of Russia.

Russian nationalists must not underestimate the will of Jews, they will try to blend in, pretend to be someone they are not, try to infiltrate all organs and institutions of the country, and commit acts of sabotage when you least expect it. They play the long game and are willing to stay hidden for several generations before acting. Recently in Iran a network of spies was exposed by Iranian intelligence. Among this network a crypto Jew was discovered whose great grandfather has pretended to convert to Shia Islam. For 3 generations this Jewish family had stayed Jewish at home but pretended to be Shia Muslim in public. The spy who was arrested had moved up the ranks and taken a key position within an important Iranian institution.


If the Iran story is true it is mind-boggling long term hate and schizophrenia in one package. The three generation story is more likely to be a case of altered history by Mossad, don’t you think? In any case, Iran has the largest jewish population outside USrael, and not one sympathetic to the z entity, I hear. Mossad is surely trying to use them to the hilt.


The Iran story is true, I’m Iranian myself, I follow internal Iranian matters closely. Last year Iranian intelligence uncovered an extensive network of CIA/Mossad spies working under the cover of “Environmental activists”. The ring leader was an Iranian Canadian professor teaching in one of Iran’s universities. The story was covered by Western media:


However the revelation of a crypto-Jew being part of the espionage network was covered only in Iran. Mossad lost a major asset with this network bust because it led to a domino affect exposing many more people as well as the methods they used to infiltrate Iran. The ring leader committed suicide the first night in prison most likely so he wouldn’t have to expose more information.


Wow, thanks for the info!

Tudor Miron

Yes, and also Putin can not allow for collapse of governing – we don’t need another bloody revolution here. It’s a long process but it is about to speed up with collapse of their (those corrupt elites) US masters.

Boris Kazlov

Taking those traitors out will not mean the collapse of government, what it will do is create a wave of criticism form the usual Jewish-controlled media, but that is a given you have to factor in, no matter what actions Russia takes to protect itself,

Tudor Miron

My understanding of sufficiently general theory of governing tells me otherwise. I’m not talking about collapse of government but collapse of governing.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

The traitors to Russia must be dealt with urgently. Why is this not being done???

Tommy Jensen

Because America owns the traitors and the traitors have Putin by the balls…………..LOL.
I already told you guys we controle everything, and when I say everything I mean it……LOL.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Aaah! But Putin the Great now “controls” POTUS! Check mate! What are you going to do about it???


western neoliberals are good at reducing spending, that is why they can be useful to tackle on wasteful spending (like roscosmos being audited by kudrin to reduce wasteful costs) but they should be stripped of decision making powers, that jewish belarusian should be locked and a real scientist should take hold of rosnano


” western neoliberals are good at reducing spending, that is why they can be useful to tackle on wasteful spending”

How do you explain the trillions of dollars wasted by the US government military procurement programmes then ? Planes that are not up to the design promised and new warships that are so useless that they are relegated to training hulks etc.


Agree, he is being too simplistic.


Mmmmmmm, I think there is a major misunderstanding here;-……Yes western pol.parties of a conservative persuasion are very good at slashing budgets which are aimed at social programs, such as hospital/schools building, national health service type programs, i.e. helping the poor echelons of society make ends meet. Neo-liberals are NOT conservative by nature, they are socialist.

Let us be very clear about the ” Trillions of dollars wasted by the US government military procurement programmes then ?” I suspect you may know what I am about to write, before I pen it…………….namely, all that cash was syphoned off to pay for the projects such as 911, PNAC and the violent interdiction/destruction of countries deemed as enemies of the ZIO/USA Cabal. Notice how the Yankee filth is using more and more private armies to do its bidding, not forgetting that NATO is precisely that !


I agree and the main reason that the US is not sending her own children to war is the fact that the US citizens in general do not want war, even though they are brainwashed to worship the military.

Vietnam is still a thorn in the sides of the US warmongers.
The US have enough dissent at home without creating more :)

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

“Chubais is a Russian politician and businessman of Belarusian Jewish origin.”

And that is all we need to know about these “public discussions.”

You can call me Al

You only need one bad apple or “Belarusian Jew”, to bring a government down, whilst he maybe right especially in terms of energy wasteful states, he needs to be shut up or switched off. Disunity will lead to disunity on the streets.

stary ujo

What Chubais do during his work in Russian goverment for better society ? All key industries was stolen !


Overuse of the words crisis and elite.
Frankly, this sort of oligarchic politics has been the norm for centuries. Whether under Tsarist aristocrats or Communist Party officials or now under a “President.” Passive dissident voices are tolerated, which is more than what most countries can say, but there’s nothing democratic about any faction of Russian politics.


It’s about as democratic as anything in the West ;)

S Melanson

I agree there are divisions and some good points raised in the article but on some things not so sure about. Like micromanaging the Kerch Strait Bridge project. I have followed its construction and did not come across anything to suggest issues in managing the project and if I am not mistaken, the bridge was completed ahead of schedule and last I heard, within budget.

Here in fabulous capitalist land, keeping projects within 300% of budget (largely due to being years behind schedule) is considered an accomplishment


From memory, Putin ordered to be regularly updated on the progress of the project, my guess is because it was a matter of urgency in the national interest, so Putin could clear any ‘roadblocks’ instantly.

S Melanson

Thanks for the info. Do not see that as micro, more like prudent oversight for a project of strategic importance


It’s been like this for a long time. The Jews are Russia’s enemies and should be done away with by outlawing Judaism in Russia and finishing the dejudification process which is already over 90% complete to get rid of these vermin completely. In the past most Russians have polled as being in favor of a Jew free Russia. I completely agree with them. I want to see a Jew free America and planet as well.

Jens Holm

Most here are infected from before birth like little irresponsible children.

Anything like from Verner von Braun comes from Your own smelling behinds in his own colors.

But of course jews did it, zionists did , CIA did it . americans dod, Jeltzin, western

The conclusion most be You lazy ones do absolutely nothing apart serving tea for each other and make excuses and sugar and tea are given by UNHCR.

Corruption in the world:



Were you raped at birth by a diseased Jew pedophile cannibal prostitute and infected with venereal disease, brain damaged and cult brain washed, is that why you come on here and spew your insanity like you do?

Jens Holm

You forgot I throw cupcakes too.


I thought you were a cupcake ? :)

Tommy Jensen

These graphs makes no sense in real life, only in media brainwashing. But it can underscore your probably correct point that Russia still have heavy bureaucracy and corruptions.

But the Russians have come a long way up from a deep hole, and they have done this big step forward despite many obstructions. You ought to respect and give them that too.

J Roderet

The West’s puppets must be completely driven from power for Russia to fully regain its sovereignty.


Agree, except that “West” these days is a misnomer. The globalist tyranny in the so-called West is in fact worse than in Russia, and globalism is not the “West”. The West has gone under. There are still the trappings of democracy and mis-spent wealth, but the West is now beyond recovery. Only the globalist elites “enjoy” life to the full. Most are unaware, or trying to understand what happened.

Icarus Tanović

Take a chill pill, you Jewish gangster.


If the Russians are poor, it is because of Chubais’ looting of the Russian economy in the 1990’s for the benefit of his fellow Jewish oligarchs.


Chubais and Kudrin should be happy that Putin is no Stalin. They would be mining ore in Siberia if the great Stalin, the father of nations, was still here.

John Brown

Some of the economic and fiscal measures of the government are uncoordinated or even make each other difficult. On one hand, the government make steps to ease the situation for small business. On the other hand, the government is increasing taxes and penal duties.
Its called zio sabotage!!!

Neo Onh

These liberal traitors must be neutralised, just like the oligarchs were 15 years ago!

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