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Crisis In Lebanon – August 9, 2020 (Map Update)

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Crisis In Lebanon - August 9, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Lebanon:

  • According to the Lebanese Ministry of Health, 158 people died and more than 6,000 were injured in the explosion at the port of Beirut;
  • Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab vowed to hold early elections. He stated that corruption and mismanagement had led to the disaster in the port of Beirut and Lebanon was facing a catastrophe beyond its capabilities;
  • A series of protests broke out in Beirut, during which government buildings, including the Ministry of Energy and Economy, were set on fire, and the Foreign Ministry building was seized by protesters;
  • According to Lebanese sources, a security guard was shot dead by unidentified gunmen and 238 protesters were injured during the protests.


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Lets be honest, all of the ugh…. video “profs” witch is been pimped by, and here is what bugs me, I expect an river of bullshit from the MSM, and we all know they lie more or less all the time, and their use of unofficial quotes etc to military uh… experts witch claim this and that, but the real problem in this one, is the so called alternative media whatever that means this days, and the same ones whom drools something about fake news is them self pimping inconditionaly an whole range of fake videos, I dont bother to mention names but reminds people that some of the Alt-net have fallen into clap trap of beliving everything they see, videos are sometimes just plain fake, like the one retracted already witch shows an missile, in “IR”, but hey, dont let my rant destroy your flow of drivel.

The second issue is a bit more complex, but again used as an sign of confirmation that there must have been an Nuke gone off in the harbor in Beirut, because it have been detected in Sicily, again, this is as far I can judge maybe true, but not for their reason as been a Nuke, but because of some other things, first, it was indeed an huge blast, 2750 tons of AN, and it alone creates an equally hughe and high altiture dust storm, and this dust can be pushed over the Mediterain basin and of course, since radiation is everywhere from before any accumulation will be detected and Sicily is relativly close depending on the wind pattern that day, and then we have the hughe amount, several tons of Grains, witch is usually is irridated with radiation before storage with gamma rays to sterilze the Grains, etc, and combined with the Ground soil pumped into the atmosphere I can without going into drivel understand that an hughe explosion of this kind can kick of some graphs in the near by region.

And to be frank, everything the west say, incl most of the Yankike so called alternative shitholes, is throwing bollocks and invets nonsense and all that to attack Hezb, the economic strings attached, the help they claim wil be given to Lebanon will have strings attached regarding their previous attacks on Hezb and this is their main goal this time to, to marginalise and demonise this Lebanes restistance group whom grew up because of ISISrael, and this time isnt different, sactions because of Hezb, and the west is of course corrupted to their bone marrow.

And we all know whom runs the show, the Jews. Their bitches are lining up right now, and I really hope that the Lebanes people are awake enough to realise that this isnt about helping you in this times, but to attack and somehow force you to put the blame on Hezb witch have nothing to do with this, this weapon storage nonsense is created to somehow by an obscure reason, an exuse, even if it was true whom the f…. have then the right to bomb your nation, huh, becaue of the scums of this earth, the Jews deside that, or AmeriCunts with their bitches as MaCrony a Grannys boy, trying desperatly to look like an man.

The idiot propaganda is been geared up, and to my disapointment, the alternative sites, most of them have crashed their credibility completely, even when I have no problems, and wounldt hesitate an split second if I tought ISISrael or anyone else did this, to be in the front line when it comes to write what I mean, but this time that isnt the facts, sorry, this was an event I label as “shit happens”, by an chain reaction created by corruption and so on in the Lebanes Gov and their minions whom ignored the safty issue for years. May the lord bless those sould whom died because of some scumbags corruption and I recomend to hang them high, somebody didnt do their job, somebody knew and yet ignored the problem and now you have reaped the consequences.


Fog of War

” and the same ones whom drools something about fake news is them self pimping inconditionaly an whole range of fake videos, ”

These arent necessarily fake videos but ” possiblities ” , its up to you to use your own logic, study, and discernment to judge what makes sense or not. I wouldnt trust any news source to completely.


the power of people = democracy

by the way lebanon destroyed the old evil bloody assad. karma now pays back in syria.

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