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Crisis In Belarus: Democratic Neo-Nazis Against Last Emperor Of Europe

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Crisis In Belarus: Democratic Neo-Nazis Against Last Emperor Of Europe

A democratic activist detained by Belarusian authorities

As of August 11 evening, it seems that forces of ‘democracy and good’ mostly led by radical Belarusian nationalists and leftfist Antifa groups are losing their battle against the ‘dictatorship’ of President Alexander Lukashenko. Protests still continue, but their intensity is much lower than it was in the previous days.

The government overcame the most violent wave of protests on August 9 and August 10 and detained about 2,000-3,000 (depending on sources) most active participants in riots. The most active part of the detained persons appeared to be havve some ‘interesting’ ideological vision of the sitaution.

Security forces detained several people that they called a group of provocateurs:

Two members of the “Open Russia” political organization founded by the exiled Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky – Artem Varejnikov and Igor Rogov – appeared to be among the detained persons. Khodorkovsky is an infamous Russian oligarch residing in London. In October 2003, he was arrested by Russian authorities and charged with fraud, and fled Russia fter he was released. in 2013.

Since then, Khodorkovsky , in coordination with various Euro-Atlantic structures, have been funding and organizing hardcore pro-Western and neo-liberal organizations in Russia. The particiaption of “Open Russia” members in Belarus demonstrates that the riots there were staged in a close coordination with the same forces that aim to destabilize Russia.

After the failure of forceful scenario of the regime change in Belarus, opposition forces tried to employ the the ‘nonviolent resistance’ strategy against the government by promoting the national-wide strike (without large successes), calling for wide-scale international sanctions and trying to undermine the economic and social situation in the country amid the developing global crisis.

Crisis In Belarus: Democratic Neo-Nazis Against Last Emperor Of Europe

FILE PHOTO: Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is seen during a meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Minsk, Belarus June 18, 2019. REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko/Pool

Lukashenko appeared to be a much more tough guy than former Ukrainain President Viktor Yanukovych and used the force to supress attempts to stage the coup via street riots.

Drivers try to ram Police officers in Minsk on August 10:

Legionaries of the last Emperror of Eastern Europe:

Meanwhile, the supposed leadre of the Belarusian opposition, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya fled to Lithuania. Before fleeing the country, she recorded a video calling on people to not participate in riots. Opposition supporters claim that this statement was made under pressure. Regardless the real situation in which the real statement was made, Tsikhanouskaya was just a formal figure and has never had a real influence on nationalist, leftfist and pro-Western groups that stand behind the riots.

Apparently, the only sphere in which the opposition really has an upper hand is social media platforms. Pro-opposition Telegram channels and groups successfully paint the picture of the ‘collapse of the regime’ and pretend to gain an upper hand over security forces. Unfortunately, for the opposition, these claims are far from the reality. A large part of these media resources are funded or coordinated from foreign states, mainly Poland and the Baltic states. In particular, the chief editor of the Nexta Telegram channel (1,000,000 subscribers), Roman Protasevich, asked a political asylum in Poland in January 2020 and currently lives there.

As of August 11 evening, the situation in Belarus seems to be mostly under the control of the government. Nonetheless, the recent developments have become a visual evidence that it has all chances to explode once again at almost any moment.


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Lone Ranger

CIA/Soreass funded 100%. Same as Maidan.


And Oligarchs.

Jens Holm

Yes, Lukashenko is Leader of the Oligarcs.

Антон С

Hodorkovskiy is not oligarch anymore. He is a criminal and servant of Washington.

Jens Holm

Thats not comparable at all. So far 1 is dead.

Lone Ranger

I like your optimism Jens…

Антон С

Less intellectual people are more positive and gay (in original meaning). )

AM Hants

How many have died, including babies and children in the $oro$ funded Protests in the US?

Can anybody tell the difference, clothes, style, actions, banners, flags, symbology between any of these?

Ukraine Nanzis Belarus Khodorkovsky thugs. Khodorkovsky ‘Open Russia’ thugs. Hong Kong Protesters. Lebanese Protesters Anti-fa BLM Daesh ISIS White Helmets Al Qaeda

Who funds and trains them all?


I’m quite broke lately so it wasn’t me funding them for sure… But we all know who that was, don’t we? They all have Soros fashion brand “made in Indonesia” child labor factories just like most of other world fashion brands ….

Pedro Vaz

I support Russia but you guys really need to tone down the whole “Nazis! Fascists!” thing. It’s becoming downright lame…

Fog of War

Very true, I was thinking the same thing, not everyone wants to be part of Russia and not everyone that doesnt trust Russia is a NAZI.


Yes, but everyone who has a swastika tattoo is a Nazi. Not everyone wants to be part of Russia, but I definitely don’t want to live in the “Fourth Reich”. Not everyone that doesnt trust Russia is a nazi but this dog was a nazi, and he was not alone because we all know that dogs attack in a pack. Southfront did not point a finger at the nun and try to convince us that she was part of the neo-Nazi plan to weaken Russia, but in the article he showed a member of the neo-Nazi movement and continued to comment on the situation that every normal person understands. What’s so weird about that? Doesn’t it suit you that they hit exactly the crux of the matter?

Fog of War

” Yes, but everyone who has a swastika tattoo is a Nazi. Not everyone wants to be part of Russia, but I definitely don’t want to live in the “Fourth Reich”. Not everyone that doesnt trust Russia is a nazi but this dog was a nazi, and he was not alone because we all know that dogs attack in a pack. ”

There are no NAZI’s left in our current time, that movement was wiped out in the 40’s and 50’s , these wanna be street punks are thugs. They might even be Belarusian. Wouldnt that be a hoot ?

Also, you say that you wouldnt want to live under the Fourth Reich. Well I say I wouldnt want to live under Stalin’s brutulistic Soviet Union, full of parasitic Jews. History is not a simple as you seem to think.

South Front should name who’s really behind these ” spontaneous ” movements and call out the real culprits, the Tribals, and not place blame on a mythical enemy that no longer exists. Thats what the BLM and Antifa brutuals do in the US with the ,long dead Confederacy.

Антон С

Stalin ordered to kill Trozkiy, do you remember? _


Anton that guy is crypto neo-NAZI and rabid Jew hater that only pretends not to be a NAZI

Fog of War

So ? he also helped establish Israhell and had a Jewish wife. Not to mention:

” Stalin’s 1931 condemnation of antisemitism On 12 January 1931, Stalin gave the following answer to an inquiry on the subject of the Soviet attitude toward antisemitism from the Jewish News Agency in the United States:

” National and racial chauvinism is a vestige of the misanthropic customs characteristic of the period of cannibalism. Anti-semitism, as an extreme form of racial chauvinism, is the most dangerous vestige of cannibalism.

Anti-semitism is of advantage to the exploiters as a lightning conductor that deflects the blows aimed by the working people at capitalism. Anti-semitism is dangerous for the working people as being a false path that leads them off the right road and lands them in the jungle. Hence Communists, as consistent internationalists, cannot but be irreconcilable, sworn enemies of anti-semitism.

In the U.S.S.R. anti-semitism is punishable with the utmost severity of the law as a phenomenon deeply hostile to the Soviet system. Under U.S.S.R. law active anti-semites are liable to the death penalty ”

Of course the death penalty never applied to anti-Christian discrimnation. Wonder why ?

Once again whats your point ?

Антон С

” he also helped establish Israhell”

To let all jews move out from Russia by their own choice, because they had no wish to go to the Jewish autonomy at the Far East.) This autonomy still exist. Palestine was colony of England, so it could help to establish pro-USSR regime in the Middle East and to remove influence of Britain.

Fog of War

I see you avoid addressingmy points, of course you would as you cant refute them.


Wow … you have that copy and paste bs from Stalin’s Russia? lol

Didn’t the KGB create the ‘Zionism is Racism’ proposal passed by the UNGA in 1975 and rejected in 1991 by the UNGA?

Soviet Communists never cheat and lie?


Антон С

Look at their faces: a criminal (bold one), a nazy, a fagget. That criminal says numbers of the Criminal code articles, one of them is 205th – a murder.



He is neo-NAZI don’t you get it? They have learned the game to be a “stealth” NAZI and disappear when need be and also reappear if occasion rises. Just follow all his comments.


That “protester” literately had nazi symbols tattooed all over his body. :] But yeah, being a nazi is pretty lame.

Jens Holm

Its just another highly biased article from there. Maybee they took Stalin up from his grave to make space for Putin.

cechas vodobenikov

shoot up some more meth–it may clear up your foggy pretend thinking


I would shoot any bastard on sight who had the audacity to walk on any Russian or Belarus street wearing a swastika.


I would strip them of their citizenship and put them in prison or deport them if they chose to leave.

Антон С

One funny thing. Neo-nazis and other anarchists, radicals in Russia were known for their “Russian march”, when 2-3 thousand freaks walked on the street with banners (sort of meeting). Their leader in 2016th was Mark Izrailevich Gal’perin. Swastikers came after a jew.) As I remember, it was last “russian march” till now.


Mark “Izrailevich” Gal’perin is that Jew or…? His name is obviously anything but ethnic Russian..is he still in Russia…. and even live?

Was at least somebody arrested for manifestation of anti-Russian behavior ? Or is it Nazi march sanctioned as anti-Russian by Russian law (as it should be in my opinion )

Антон С

And anywhere else, right? Swastikers are criminals.


Dear Pedro Vaz, it seems that you know little about the background behind the protests in Belarus. In general, these protests are openly managed from the neighboring countries, including Poland, Lithuania and Russia. In particular, representatives of the Russian opposition (from right-wing radicals, through neo-liberals to radical leftists) take part in the riots. The main propaganda and coordination channel of the protests, the Telegram channel NEXTA Live, is run from Poland.

The public images promoted by NEXT Live are simple: 1) All supporters of Lukashenko are fascists and Nazis – the forces of evil. 2) All who stands against the government is the forces of good: elves and people with pretty faces that fight orcs and goblins.

The very same situation was observed in Ukraine and earlier in many states. Amid this propaganda of the ‘Belarusian opposition’, it is especially ironic to see people with Nazi tattoos among representatives of ‘the forces of good’. This is why the article is titled: “Crisis In Belarus: Democratic Neo-Nazis Against Last Emperor Of Europe”. The title is designed to underline the absurdity of the situation and the difference between the propaganda and reality.

Best regards, SF Team

P.S. We want to draw your attention to the fact that at least a part of Nazi-tattooed people is from Russia.


KUDOS and respect SF Team ! Thank you guys for being on the right side of the history and making your important contribution for truth seeking community in these difficult times ! Do not change.

Jan Lavicka

from Russia with uSS money :)


But “Democratic Neo-Nazis” doesn’t sound “lame” to you of course. It is insult to intelligence actually….

johnny rotten

I hope they play them like drums and condemn them to very heavy penalties, because if they and their principals win it would be hell for the Belarusians, especially foreigners must be considered invaders and punished according to the military code.


Ah… so, SF, the Nazi eh…. storm trops and Kodorkowski sounds like an genuine uh…. nazi name dont it, SF. And since I dont bother to show you more, I just leave you with one link, there is plenty, also incl one of the most powerful Ukrainian witch is also an Jew, etc, to the Nuttlanders cocki monsters running mates, with the curtesy of the Ameritards, whom is run by Jews, and somehow, when the entire western MSM even complains about people waving arms when they are sitting on an roler coaster, yeah, thats an fact, I have the link to the Norwegian Stalisnistic Judenpress witch was printing this report from Sweden, whom managed to be offended by this nazi salutes, and sees nazis everywhere, all the time, but somehow, weird isnt it in this PC-infested freak show called west, they never write about this eh…. Orcs whom claims they are Nazis, isnt that fascinating, I find it to be just that, but the truth is, this are just psy-ops, pissants whom is probably in for it because of cheep crack, stupid bitches or as witch is more populare, speed, and their aim to kill Russians, but to claim they are nazis is an intellectual insult, Orcs, yeah, but Nazis, no way in hell, since this rats have nothing to do with national socialism what so ever. The ugly truth is, the same people, the same Tribal scumbags whom have armed and founded color revolutions more or less all over the globe and right now not only confied to Belaruss and Ukraina, but the same people is behind BLM and the rats rioting the Imperial banana republic, even popping up in Lebanon as we speak.

https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/rights-groups-demand-israel-stop-arming-neo-nazis-in-the-ukraine-1.6248727 Next time, I dont bother to read anything coming from that angle anymore because this isnt the first time, but the truth about whom backs this people somehow slips thru it all, curious isnt it. Makes you go hummm……


Albert Pike

It doesn’t “slips thru”

The big lie is there for everybody to see – was always for everybody to see:



Tell me who the Jews are against, and I will tell you who I am for.

Albert Pike

Ouch ‘the Jews’. The Nasi/Nazi where mostly Jews. Zionism was a Nasi/Nazi movement, they didn’t just for fun do the safe transport of Schneerson’s father in law out of Poland.


Those where hardcore Zionists in Power at the Reichs Chancellery. Everything else is part of the big fake lie. So now which Jews – the Nasi/Nazi Jews which became the founders if Israel, or the know nothing Jews wishing Mashiach -or the devil- now?

So who are the Jews, are those the Azov-Nasi-Nazi’s, which were paid by the Chabbadnic Igor Kolomoisky? Which one ? – they are all fake!

AM Hants

Biblical Jews or Zionists?

Igor Kolomoisky, Head of European Jewish Community, Ukraine and founder of the Ukraine Nazi Battalion ‘Azov’.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, set up Nazi leaning ‘Open Russia’.

George $oro$, who openly bragged on 60 Minutes that the best times of his life was back in 1944, when he was working as a Nazi Collaborater.

Why do the Jewish led charities, searching for Nazi Collaborater support $oro$ and also the Nazi Party, over in Ukraine? Why have so many Ukraine Nazis, allegedly turned up in Belarus?

Why do so many Nazi and Bolshevik sympathisers flock to the Atlantic Council?

Who set up NATOs Think Tank the Atlantic Council and how many of them, come from families provided with safe passage courtesy ‘Operation Paperclip’?

When was the CIA launched and what was there first exercise?

WHEN WAS Israel founded and by whom?

Антон С

There is no single jew in the Bible. There are “people of Israel” or “judeans”. There were no arabs also. Christ wasn’t a jew, he spoke aramaic language, which is native for some people in modern Syria, mostly christians.


“There is no single jew in the Bible.” What?!?? Which Bible is that? So you are not Orthodox Anton? Are you from some kind of American sect installed in Russia?

And WTF are “people of Israel” if not Jews (of Jewish religion) So because Christ (according to you) spoke only aramaic language he was not Hebrew and of Jewish religion?!??! Did you read the Bible and that situation when his parents look for him (while he was child) and he was in Jewish Temple speaking with the wise elders who were impressed by his knowledge of Judaic religion? Of course he was Jew just like his parents before preaching Christianity as new teachings! Ar you an Orthodox Christian Anton or are you Christian ant al??

Антон С

Just give a quote about jews. You wouldn’t find it at least in the Gospel (Evangelie). I have read it not long time ago after Marx’s “Das kapital”.) “Capital” is so boring.


What “quote about jews”?!? Why would I give you ” qoute” when whole Bible is talking about Jews and Judaism all the time? Specially Old Testament.

The whole Old Testament is ONLY about HEBRAIC JEWS and their Prophets ! Absolutely all the Prophets are the Hebrew-Jews. 12 Apostle’s were of Hebrew-Jewish religion before following Jesus teachings and converting to Christianity,His Mother Mary(Mother of God) and father were also practicing Jews ! Two main differences from today were: Hebrews were TRUE nation blessed by God-Yahweh and their “Judaism” was based on “Torah” representing sacred “Word of God” and not on men written Talmud like these would be (Zionsit) Jews are today. Do you at least know what Jewish religion is? You are the first person talking that Old Testamen has nothing to do with Jews ((apart from neo-Nazi’s) Pleas do answer before I say anything else are you Christian at all? If you are not Christian (than that must be some kind of sect) In that case do not waste my time with empty talk… Orthodox Church and Catholics, Protestants do not put in question existence of Jews so you must be from some sect…


Give me where 3 biggest Christian religions deny existance of Hebraic-Jews and Jewish religion in the Bible and I’ll give you any “quote” you might ever want.

Only non-Christian (sect) or neo-Nazi’s would claim something as radical and absurd as your claim.


I do not know why you are mentioning Marx if we talk about Jewish religion in the Bible…..but if you insist I would never read Marx.

Антон С

“Das kapital” is classic literature. That’s all. I’m trying to read classic books, watch classic movies and listen classic music. Sometime may be I will read Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. I dislike them from school.) Too long and too boring for school student.

AM Hants

Wasn’t Judea an outpost of the Roman Empire, back when Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem?

Антон С

Whole Palestine with all dukedoms (Judea was one of them) was under Rome and with strong influence of greek culture. Peter, Michael – greek names.

AM Hants

I read an interesting article a few years ago, ‘3 Corporations Rule The World’ (I think that was the title). It was about the City of London, in control of the economy. Washington DC, in charge of the military and The Vatican in charge of spirituality.

All three, squatters, in independent nations, with their own laws and taxes. All run in accordance with the laws and taxes of the Roman Empire.

It was a fascinating read. As I remembered the Treaty of 1213, when King John II was bankrupt and made a deal with The Vatican. In return for being bailed out, he gave them the territory of Great Britain and all her colonies, past and present, which included Canada and the US. The treaty was never revoked. All US Presidents, except one, can be traced back to King John II and the US still pays taxes to the Sovereign of the UK. Plus the article mentioned back in the days of the Roman Empire, Judea was an outpost of the Roman Empire.

Антон С

Smells like conspirology. Since 16 or 17th english monarch is the head of the Anglican Church, i.e. outside influence of Vatican. Several dynasties changed since 13 century. Any possible treaties has no power now.

AM Hants

At the end of the day they never revoked the treaty.

Антон С

Pyutr the Great bought half of Pribaltica from Sweden: Estland, Livland, Riga city. This treaty wasn’t revoked. Does it mean that Estonia and half of Latvia with Riga is Russia?

AM Hants

Darling, I have not looked into the ins and outs of what you say. However, check out the Vatican Estate and what it does and does not own.

The Vatican is an independent country, based in a host country, with it’s own laws and taxes, loyal to the Roman Empire. The Estate is administered by private bankers.

The City of London is an independent nation, with it’s own taxes and laws, loyal to the Roman Empire. The City of London squats in England. The Sovereign of England, works for ‘the firm (city of London). The crown Estate is administered by private bankers. Treaty 1213, in return for The Vatican to bail out the Sovereign of the day, King John II handed over the territory of the UK, plus colonies, past and present. Same year Magna Carts signed in Runnymede. Which also makes up part of the US Constitution. All US Presidents, apart from one are descendents of King John II and Washington DC pays taxes to the Sovereign of the UK.

Washington DC, again an independent territory, with own taxes and laws, based on the Roman Empire, lodging in America. The Fed Reserve, set up in 1913, is administered by private bankers.

At the end of the day the lands given to the Vatican are still administered by the private bankers and the Treaty was never revoked. Henry VIII tore off ties with the Pope, owing to a difference of opinion in marriage laws, but, the territory the Royals had previously given the Vatican were never returned, let alone any desire for negotiation.

Jens Holm

Unfortunatly this is the third article blindly ignoring the non demonstraters as supporters of Lukashenko.

They are afraid. The for good reasons has fear.

I see it too often. For USA the midddle class fx Russia and Arabs dont have dont exist it their medias even they are the most vital difference fx in GDP for them and also my country.

AM Hants

Interesting Khodorkovsky lives in London. Doesn’t his good friend Browder, who allegedly took $400 billion from Russia and handed it over to the Clinton Foundation, also live in the UK? The same Browder who runs the UK Foreign and Commonwealth section of Integrity Initiative, set up to cause problems for Russia? Weird how so many exiled Russian Oligarchs have flocked to the UK and dictating their ambitions to the UK Government of the day.


Since they can’t “dictate” to Russia and “evil” Putin any longer,but they still must “dictate” to somebody, since that is what they do for living…They have “flocked” to UK from the start since UK and Israeli doors were wide open for them. So no surprise if they stick around and do their subversive thing once in while.

Антон С

Actually $4,8 bln of stolen stolen IMF credit to pay for the state treausury obligations in 1998th, which lead to a bankruptcy in that year.

AM Hants

Cheers. The Paris Club Default in the year Browder did so well. No wonder Ukraine reminds me of 90s Russia.

Антон С

Ukraine much worse and has no future. Russia has, Poland has, even Albania has, because its all real historical states, not limitroph projects.

Антон С

“We want to draw your attention to the fact that at least a part of Nazi-tattooed people is from Russia.”

Sent by Hodorkovskiy and his “Opened Russia” false foundation. He is the main sponsor of such activity. Just realize this: a jew supports bearers of swastika.


“a jew supports bearers of swastika”

For you it is ideological precedent because you still see things through ideological glasses (that is totally thing of the past) That way of thinking belongs to 20th century. Today FASCIST, anarchists and ANTIFA and all kinds of other freaks fight on the same side on behalf of Neo-liberalism paid by George Soros against conservatives and Christians (see what is happening in US that is modern world of today). Hodorkovskiy doesn’t give fuck if they are neo-Nazi’s or little green men from the Mars or communist or anarchists as long as they are ready to destroy Russia for the money!

Fuck Marx and his bollocks, nobody pays attention on that ideological crap any longer not even “antifa” would be lefties!

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