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Criminal Gangs Gain Billions from Migration Crisis in Europe

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Criminal Gangs Gain Billions from Migration Crisis in Europe

Photo: Jey OH photographie

The European Union’s law enforcement agency said on Jan.17 that the human traffickers made an illegal amount of 2-4 billions GBP last year from the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe.

Migrants who fled their home land because of war and security reasons, are ready to pay a handsome amount of money to the human traffickers despite they heard the frequent news of Migrant abuse in Europe. Even many have been making unsafe and uncertain journey through the sea.

But these human traffickers, most of who are engaged in illegal drug trade, found out that the war of Middle East had been a lucrative source of comparatively rich victims.

Europol said that, 90% of asylum-seekers and refugees had come to Europe by paying handsome amount to the criminal gangs.

When the Europe is under severe economic recession and unemployment rate is high enough, the illegal human trafficking has become a swift money making sources for the enlarging criminal gangs.

According to the reports, each migrant had to pay 3000 USD to 6000 USD to the criminal gangs to make a journey to relatively safe Europe. And the total turnover from the human trafficking has a range of 3 billion to 6 billion USD.

Europol also expressed in their debriefing that it identified 10,700 suspects related to the illegal human trafficking business from Africa to Scandinavia.

In Europe, there are fears of ISIS infiltration through these refugees, metaphoric to the Trojan horse. These migrants will need work and cultural adjustability. On the other hand, criminal gangs and terrorism is rising in Europe. Recently, the cologne tragedy signified that something more violent period is coming to destroy the social harmony of European countries and communities. In this regard, some analysts suggested that only disintegration of Europe can save the Europe from civil war.

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