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JUNE 2023

Crimean MPs Call On The West To Explain Military Presence Along Russia’s Borders

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Crimean MPs Call On The West To Explain Military Presence Along Russia's Borders

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On April 12th, Russian member of parliament from the Crimean region Mikhail Sheremet asked the collective West to explain its military presence at the borders of Russia.

He also said that the movements of Russian forces within Russia’s borders are an entirely internal matter.

Earlier, the Foreign Ministers of the G7 countries and the High Representative of the EU said that the Russian military is active along the borders with Ukraine and in Crimea and called on Moscow to de-escalate and adhere to OSCE principles.

Sheremet noted that Russia is taking all the necessary measures to protect its population and borders, including constantly conducting various maneuvers, and is doing this against the backdrop of aggressive statements about it from NATO countries and “the Kiev authorities who are running errands for them.”

“Russia is free to move its troops on its territory as it deems appropriate, we are not going to report to anyone and ask permission either. This should not worry Western countries,” he said.

According to the MP, an alarming situation is developing in Europe, the alliance countries are trying to maximize the accumulation of their troops and ships in the states and regions bordering Russia.

“It is time for the Western states to pay attention to the situation in Ukraine and explain their military presence at our borders,” he added.

Earlier, Washington announced the escalation of “Russian aggression” and the movement of troops in Crimea and on the eastern border of Ukraine.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Russia gave Washington explanations, but in general the Americans will have to be satisfied with the information they have already received, since these are the internal affairs of the state.

The Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that the reality on the line of contact of forces in Donbass is frightening, and the provocations of the Ukrainian military are not isolated. According to him, Russia, not being a party to the conflict, cannot ensure a comprehensive ceasefire in the region, but uses its influence to implement existing agreements.

Separately, after the meeting between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, there’s been calls that Ankara has pretense towards Crimea.

Mikhail Sheremet advised the Turkish President to moderate his rhetoric.

“Given Erdogan’s aggressive rhetoric, I think we should think about urging our citizens to refrain from traveling to Turkey, since no one can guarantee their safety there,” he said.

According to him, Erdogan should pay attention to the situation inside his country, and not look at Russian territories. Sheremet recalled that unfriendly steps will not remain unanswered.

“Read history. Russia is too tough for anyone,” the MP said.

The head of the Crimean parliament’s committee on people’s diplomacy and interethnic relations, Yuri Gempel, criticized Erdogan for announcing his position on Crimea.

Gempel invited Erdogan to visit Crimea.

“Erdogan, if he is a truly wise and courageous politician, can come to Crimea. Crimea is open, Russia seeks to conduct an open dialogue with all states, building good-neighborly relations,” Gempel said.

According to him, the Turkish leader makes “short-sighted and offensive” statements for the Crimeans.

Gempel stressed that Crimea is “an integral part of Russia,” and Turkey should recognize this.

In addition, he suggested that Erdogan draw attention to the national-radical leadership of Ukraine, which, according to Hempel, “grossly tramples on human rights, arranging various blockades of the peninsula.”

The Crimean Platform summit will be held on 23 August. Lithuania, Turkey, France, Great Britain, Germany, Canada and the USA are invited to it.


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John Wallace

I thought Ukraine had said sorry and pulled back the other day ?? Looks like fun and games until someone doesn’t get the joke and pulls the trigger..


After The Bear Showed Its Teeth The Ukraine Filed For Peace?

Ivan Freely

AFAIK, Zelensky called for a truce without ordering a pull back of forces.

Lone Ranger

Zellerboy is a failed actor/stand up comedian. There are smart jews and retarded ones, he falls in the retarded category…

Tommy Jensen

Peace in our time, and Russia should believe in it because we mean it.

John Wallace

I am sure they do because they do know the US is as honest as the day is long in the middle of winter in Antarctica.

Robert Ferrin

Oh you mean the west is finally going to concede that its nothing but a paper tiger which the rest of the world already knew.

Supreme Blyat

One drone per day keeps the sleep away.

John Wallace

When you see Trump Rep you know that means republican so when you see Biden Dem does that mean Biden Dementia.

klove and light

putin is a treacherous zionist pig.period.

see iraq see syria see iran see jemen and now see crimea

cechas vodobenikov

CIA clone and light-weight racist see jens in bedroom

johnny rotten

There are still too many around that they go talking as they were still in the era of the empires, before WWI, almost that they can still impose their point of view regardless, if they do not return to the present time it will be violence to rewake them.

Lone Ranger

West especially the U.S. is collapsing, so is Turkey, their economy is toast and since they are lead by retards and puppets they see the only way out is war, which they will lose. Russia has prepared for this for decades, these trolls don’t know whats coming for them. Lets just leave it by that…

Trap Is Not Gay

Jews killed 30 million Ukrainians.

I can’t understand how this goes in Ukraine.

Lone Ranger

According to the Pentagon Russia could take the Baltic countries in 72 hours. Ukraine in a week. Poland in a month. They could steamroll everything till Brussels. Only the French and the Brits could offer some moderate resistance. U.S. military industrial complex and the CIA, wants to throw Ukraine and Europe under the bus. If they win its a win if they lose its a win too because than we would be back at 1962, unlimited funds for the military industrial complex.. But they made a major error in their calculation. Russia if invaded wont let the U.S. alone, they already have the key targets in their crosshairs. U.S. likes to use shock and awe tactics, well if they keep pushing they will experience the 21st century version of it, it will make a full blown alien invasion look modest in comparison.

Ivan Freely

Unlimited funds? The idiots in DC may think that’s the case but Weimar Republic is what they’re going to get.

Simon Ndiritu

“unlimited funds for the military industrial complex..” They are already spending a half of the budget on their military and have nothing to show for it. It would be interesting to see how much more they can spend and what they can achieve.


The Americans spend more on so called defence than all the other countries in the world put together,Britain spends almost as much as Russia,its the poor thick headed tax payers whoare footing the bill but they are too stupid to know it.

Simon Ndiritu

I noticed that “Democracies” are paying over a Half of their Budgets to shadowy figures. The US will pay 50% of budget to Arms Makers and Military contractors and no guarantees for value for moner. The UK on its parts has shadowy allocations which You are privy to and its Smaller sister, Kenya will use 50% of budget to pay shadowy “creditors” including “anglo-leasing” suppliers that supplied nothing to the government in the 1990s. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-31733052


Ie…. Payments to their zio terrorist jewish masters

Jim Allen

Very capable of spending much more to achieve far less. These people got skill’s !!

J Ramirez

If history has taught us anything is the French are only good at running.


🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Not even fast.. Most of the frenchies are gay with 2 left feet.

Jim Allen

I think the time frame for Poland was recently revised to 2 weeks, or less. After recent military exercises. US provocations towards Russia is lunacy, a Russian attack, as Putin explained in detail, may not shock US as it’s aware it’s defenseless against Russian attack, but will most certainly awe. It’s Europe that will suffer the most damage, due to the placement of the US missile battery’s in such close proximity to large civilian population centers. Collateral damage is expected to to be high, Putin explained Russia accepts no responsibility for collateral damage, as the decision to place these weapons so close to civilian infrastructure was known, and approved. Based on a Russian counter-attack, although for the first time, Russia stated it reserves the right to strike first if it believes an attack is imminent. US is relying on it’s bio-weapons, the smooth-talking, empty promising, and the big ass bag of dirty tricks the CIA to destabilize, and it’s stocks of Nuclear weapons to fight WWIII. US military is in poor shape to engage a world power that has it outgunned, possess’s weapons that have no analog, and received intense on the job training from the Germans on how to fight. Then expanded on that. (Waffen SS Colonel Hans von Luck described the Russian military’s capabilities in 1943 “By this time we’ve taught them how to fight, and our losses put us on the defensive”) von Luck was eventually captured, he’d gained a little notoriety at the start of the war, when his forces overran General Zhukov’s command early in the morning. The Russians barely escaped when von Luck entered the command, sat down, and ate Zhukov’s still warm breakfast. After his capture Zhukov sent for him. von Luck spent some time with the General, and survived eventually was returned to Germany. An interesting guy, he was caught up in the Hitler youth program, and all gung-ho joined Waffen SS. Which turned out not to be his thing, and he began searching for ways to transfer to Wehrmacht. His division didn’t participate in the Sepp Dietrich Nazi fanaticism, his wasn’t the only SS division. One day he encountered an old friend that had rejected joining Waffen SS, and joined Wehrmacht. His friend is in Waffen SS uniform. Learned SS losses were replaced by raiding Wehrmacht forces, willingly or otherwise. Killing off von Lucks hopes to transfer out.



Tommy Jensen

We are just having normal peace drills together with our Allies which we planned long time ago in Nato’s Generalplan Ost 2000-2025, and this drill is a part with the name Operation Otto 2021-2023……LOL.

Everybody knows this is a Nato peace drill, and that Turkey also loves the Crimean people as the Russians are doing it. Russia should keep and stay cool. Nothing has been hidden under the carpet!


Yeah right! nine thousand miles from home.


We can only Pray that Russia targets their missiles at our North American/Canadian cities with the hightest concentrations of Liberals, Democrats. and at jurisdictions which promote the heinous crimes of transgendering of children where not ONE citizen protests in the Child’s defence in the streets! Russia is the Hope of the World!

cechas vodobenikov

can NATO troops explain why they have become prostitutes for amerikan LGBT military?


If those bastards started a major war i would make damn sure its not confined to the Russian federation.

Icarus Tanović

News flash: Russia officially imposed sanctions to Turkey. Mind that Turkey was one of the main exporters of various goods to Russia.

Jim Allen

Well then, in a couple weeks we’ll see Erdogan in the Kremlin wearing out the carpet with his knees begging Putin to relent. That’s how it worked the last time Russia placed a handful of sanctions on Turkey. This was overdue, the Sultan has been pressing his luck with Russia too hard, too long. Burning the candle from both ends will eventually burn the Sultan on one side, or other. Turkey needs Russia more than it needs the West, and despite Erdogan being a rabid Freemason, he’s snubbed by all his NATO allies. US won’t back Turkey militarily, NATO either, EU wants nothing to do with Turkey joining. Erdogans like a black red-headed step-child, (not racist, just a description) to the West, He brought it on himself, playing nonsensical games.


The Crimean Summit… 😂😂.. a gathering of gay boys…

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