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Creating and Designing A Man Cave In 2021

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Creating and Designing A Man Cave In 2021

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If the lockdowns bored you to the bone and you want to spend time the productive way, there’s a great lineup of projects you can do. One of them is a man cave with all the good stuff — a hidden retreat for every guy of culture.

With all that’s occurred in the past year, everyone deserves a break. If travel to a pristine white beach is not an option due to outstanding restrictions, the only place you could turn to is your home. If you want a sanctuary to crash into, so nothing would remind you of your adulting life, start breaking a sweat to finally build that man cave of your dreams!

Whether you want your couch, a coffee maker just for yourself, or a gaming corner where no one could bother your solitude, it’s totally up to the master, which is you.

Check out these ultimate man cave ideas for 2021.

First, Make Important Decisions

Is a man cave viable in your residence?

This haven could exist almost anywhere where you could lock yourself into. Think of a basement, an unused room, an attic, or a secret room behind that bookshelf.

If your home doesn’t have the space to accommodate a man cave, you might need to make some significant adjustments. You might need to occupy the vacant lawn and build something there. Or you could turn the basement into a bunker-like facility with all your favorite stuff inside.

Once you have decided, the next thing to ponder would be the man cave’s theme and contents. Usually, those who yearn to have their version of Dexter’s Lab already know the skeletons and the unicorns they’d like to keep.

Is This A Surprise For A Cave Man?

If it’s a birthday surprise for a special someone, you might be aiming for makeovers as impressive as the ones they show in Property Brothers. To get on that level, you need to figure out how to become an interior designer and find some good friends in the built industry.

But if you don’t have the time to study a lengthy course, you can learn a thing or two from some DIY channels and eventually get back to formal education. The key to success is how familiar you are with the guy’s technology, weaknesses, and the things he doesn’t like.

Maybe you can check his followed social media pages, examine his current collection, or sit down on the couch with him whenever he binge-watches on his favorite show or tries his best to finish a game overnight.

Once you figured out the “apples” of his eyes, find some geek memorabilia or otaku merch related to it. If he still hasn’t purchased his PS5, and you know how he loved the PSX series and its games, why not go all the way to get it for him?

If it costs too much, maybe ask his mother or siblings if they can split the expenses with you.


Creating a man cave isn’t a hurdle for those who know what they want. For as long as their humble abode can provide the space, things should add up quickly and beautifully. But for extreme makeover surprises, that’s where the greater challenge comes in, and one would need vast knowledge on the receiver’s interest to make sure you can record a video of him crying.

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jens holm

I have a lot of new and old intellektuel knowledge and can give it fast and also use the information from internet well. Very nice You are homosexuel. Hip hip hop for that. The rest written rotten in the article is crap and even the best glue and cemnet cant make most of it fit.


Jens, you exist on a level of stupidity I find curious but also very sad.


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