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Crazy GTA Style Race Inside Kazan Airport, Russia (FULL VIDEO)

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A video, showing a process of detention of an offender, driving into an airport building by car, has been published online. The incident took place in Kazan, Russia on December 21st, 2016.

Crazy GTA Style Race Inside Kazan Airport, Russia (FULL VIDEO)

Photo: YouTube / Nafis Khairutdinov

A video, showing a car, driving into a building of the Kazan airport, have been published online. The exact reasons of such behavior of the car’s driver are still unknown. Allegedly the driver was drunk.

Several policemen attempted to stop the car, when it was trying to enter inside the building, however they did not manage to do this. The car rammed the glass doors and started to move inside the airport.

Russian policemen did not use weapon against the driver and even did not pull out their guns, as they saw that he tried to avoid obstacles and did not try to crush people, who were in the airport. Policemen and officers of the airport security service tried to stop the car with their bare hands.

But what would be if the same incident occurred in the US?  Most likely, the driver of the car would not be still alive.

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In the usa not only would the driver be riddled with bullets but half a dozen bystanders would also be dead.


Only in New York

John Smith

Inside an airport, seriously? He should have been shot on spot, period.

I doubt the policemen might have recognized him, maybe he was local official and they were afraid to stop it.

Gregory Louis

Umm..no it’s extremely skillfully the police didn’t shoot the drunk driver he was avoiding obstacles so that rules out terror attack and he was swerving so them not shooting reminds of US police that car would’ve had at least a dozen bullet holes by then


One point on all of this, how do you/they know there isn’t/wasn’t an explosive device inside the car? How many innocent lives are you willing to gamble with to give one crazy person the benefit of the doubt? What if it was you or your wife or child sitting in that airport? You have no idea what the intent is but he should have been stopped immediately and none of the happened. They got very lucky, period.

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