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Craziness Is New Ukrainian Normality

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Craziness Is New Ukrainian Normality

The photo of the attacker

UPDATE (22:30 CEST, 21.07.2020): The gunman released hostages after President Zelensky read the text that the attacker demanded: “Film “People of Earth” 2005, watch for everyone”. After this the apparently mentally ill attacker was detained.


On July 21, a gunman took 20 people hostage on a bus in the city of Lutsk in western Ukraine. The attacker is armed and claims he has rigged the bus with explosives and planted a bomb in the city. He also fired several shots from inside the vehicle. However, no casualties have been reported so far.

SWAT and Police units cordoned the site of the incidents and started negotiations with the attacker. However, despite the possible threat of an explosion, an intense traffic can be seen on the videos from the site.

Police told media that the suspect has identified himself as ‘Maxim Plohoi’ (Maxim Bad), but has not made any concrete demands as of yet. The attacker claims to be a writer of the book called “Philosophy of a Criminal”. He was reportedly treated for mental illness in the past.

Local media say that the real name of the attacker is Maxim Krivosh. The gunman also had a Twitter account in which he posted several comments ‘against the system’. A few hours after the start of the incident in Lutsk, the account was suspended.

Photos from the scene:

Craziness Is New Ukrainian Normality

Click to see the full-size image

Craziness Is New Ukrainian Normality

Click to see the full-size image

Craziness Is New Ukrainian Normality

Click to see the full-size image

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky already claimed that he took situation under his personal control. How, the comedian is going to manage the anti-terrorist operation in the crowded city is the question.

Тривожні новини з Луцька. Вранці, о 9:25, до місцевої поліції зателефонував громадянин, який повідомив про те, що…

Posted by Володимир Зеленський on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Another improtant question is how the mentally ill person with a criminal record got an access to weapons and explosives. While Western diplomats and Ukrainian politicians continue turning a blind eye on the situation, for any independent observer the dramatic increase of illegal weapon trade and weapon trafficking in Ukraine is an open secret.

Since 2014, various pro-Kiev illegal, semi-legal armed  groups (often with neo-Nazi ideology) have become a constant source of illegal weapons from the combat zone in eastern Ukraine. Many pro-Kiev fighters that were deployed in the combat zone return to other parts of the country with lots of weapons and then participate in various criminal schemes. The sitaution is further complicated by the corruption in the Armed Forces that also contributes to the illegal weapon trade. These factors became the core problem behind the growth of organized crime and ability of various destructive elements to gain access to various weapons.

Even Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who seeks to keep friendly and constructive relations with Ukraine, admitted in 2019 that his country was forced to increase restrictions on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border due to the increase of illegal weapon flow.

Local Ukrainain media outlets regularly report about casualties as a result of the usage of automatic rifles, grenades and other weapons during domestic conflicts or just some ‘accidents. On July 21, an improvised explosive device was neotraized by security forces in Kiev, near the Minskaya Metro station.

The political system created by the regime, which came to power in 2014, has been exploiting street violence, political prosecutions, war propaganda and legalized terror as the main tools of its governance approach. A wide network of neo-Nazi groups attacks political opponents of the government and even used to intervene in the religious life of the country. It’s hard to imagine any another country in eastern Europe where the government allows and encourages attacks of radical groups on other people on the basis of religious, ethnic or political hatred. These actions are officially supported by Ukrainian security services.

For example, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) opened a case against children’s book writer Oleg Slepnin in Cherkasy city for his critical comments regarding actions of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, which received the tomos of autocephaly (decree of ecclesial independence) from the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in January 2019. The SBU described him as an ‘anti-Ukrainian agitator’ controlled from Russia. The arrests and accusations of treason against people that opt to criticize the course of the current Kiev regime is an ordinary practice. Members of Ukrainian opposition parties, like the Party of Shariy, regularly became targets of attacks and violence by radical pro-government groups.

However, the propaganda and censorship cannot hide the deteriorating economic, social and security situation in the country. The popularity of the ruling regime is falling, while alternative centers of power are increasing their influence despite the resistance of the government. Over the past year, the opposition political groups promoting the idea of the need of political settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the canonic Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchy) and conservative parts of the society that stand against the foreign (globalist) rule over Ukraine have significantly expanded their popularity. At the same time, the political formations and pseudo-church organizations created to promote the interests of the Kiev regime and its Western puppeteers are now in deep crisis. Nonetheless, it would be wrong to expect that the situation in Ukraine could improve significantly in any foreseeable future as long as the current political regime (regardless personalities representing it) remains in power.


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FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

khokhols have long reached the point of mental burnout and suffer from extreme ID crisis

Lone Ranger

Nothing unusual just your avarage ukropnazi.
He was probably upset he couldnt kill enough women and children in the east.
MKultra at its finest…


You know what about I’m curious? Where does the “p” come from, why not “ukronazy”

Lone Ranger

Im Hungarian.
It sounds better that way :)


Just googled, it’s a nationalist party there, P comes from patriotic.


Hmmm.. Maybe if it was to sound better in Hungarian you woukd call Hungrop yourself?

Lone Ranger

No, because we call ourselves Magyar(s).




It is very typical and works both ways… Russia and Ukraine, I am “Bree-oose” with two syllables as opposed to Bruce with one, else “Brut-se”….lingusitic patterns from childhood, esp. phonemes…tend to be replicated into adulthood….thus also accents.


Magjarsko! (CZ) for Hungary….language related actually Finns (eastern Slavs also must have many Finno-ugraic group genes..

Peter Williams

Ukrop is the Russian/Ukrainian word for dill.

Brother Ma

The plant or herb?

Peter Williams

Yes the herb, and it’s also pun on the English meaning of a fool.


Interestin, dill like the plant?

johnny rotten

The last sane are gone, now it’s just the land of madmen.

You can call me Al

In the DM, they are calling him Russia, has anyone got any proof he is Ukrainian so that I can leave my comment.


Just state that its ‘Highly Likely’ or ‘Almost Certain’, Al. The BBC will be on to it then :)

Peter Williams

He was an Ukrainian born in Russia, but living in the Ukraine.

Anthony Papagallo

I think he’s ripped this off that Simpson’s episode ‘The Bus that couldnt slow down’

cechas vodobenikov

ukraine has been reduced to gangster fiefdoms (the main export of Ukraine todays are prostitutes)—their impotent nazi militias can only threaten civilians w artillery—they stupidly lost Crimea permanently and the Donbass—the most developed and productive region in Ukraine—which exports steel and coal—the Ukrainians r required to purchase cool from Russian Donbass…LOL……drunk Ukrainian soldiers r best suited for blowing themselves up on landmines—they r so incompetent Russia need not supply them with Russian soldiers

Brother Ma

Perfect for Israeloamerica. They love the Ukraine being in disorder but they just hate having to pay for it which is why that push the bill onto Europe.


Wignats are toxic, the Ukrops don’t know what they are doing.

urbandictionary. com/define. php?term=Wignat

bitchute. com/video/QCgwZbYgP2e3/

altcensored. com/watch?v=pKnFN8P21-0

comment image


There is nothing impotent about “their impotent nazi militias”, “chechas” obstolpenisbendikov.

They have to be taken very seriously and dealt with accordingly by a competent military force.

The rest of your most idiotic spiel enhanced by even more idiotic “humour” (which incidentally on closer examination appears to be ukrainian “gumor”) plays into the hands of the very banderite “ukrainians” you claim to be so superior to.

No wonder you are so popular on lil-lizzie’s “digger” channel. She seems to cultivate insolent cretinoids of unknown ethnic origins like yourself.

Hope that helps.

Not very likely though ..


The problem with those Ukrainian terrorists funded by Ukrainian oligarchs is that they allowed the Western, Ukrainian and Russian governments to take steps in spreading misinformation to solidify their power base, silence political opponents and further conceal lies about history. This generated greater support for Russian Federalism and the suppression of true Russian nationalists “justified” through fear mongering. This allowed them to outlaw holocaust “denial” and the questioning of WW2 history.


Well, “Russian Federalism” is a very complex and beautifully developed concept based on an extensive historical experience which allows genuinely civilised countries to stay at peace with their multiethnic populations.

The integrity, unity and peace in Ukraine could’ve been preserved if the crypto – fascist idiots in Kiev did not reject Russia’s offer to negotiate federal autonomy for Eastern Ukraine prior any lives being lost.


True, there was no reason for what has happened. The issue of land acquisition might have been avoided if the 2014 coup didn’t occur, few nations willingly give up their land because another nation wants to reclaim lost territory. Germany in the 1930s being one such example, in the case of Russia and Ukraine the land being fought over is of little value. Russia has a vast amount of land and resources, there is little reason to reabsorb Soviet borders.

Ukraine is larger than all European countries west of Russia, a more nationalist economic policy un-subservient to international forces can restore their agricultural and manufacturing industries without having to heavily rely upon other countries.

As for the multi-ethnic makeup of Russia, the white population living there will become a minority over the next 100 years under their current immigration laws. Europe faces a similar threat of being absorbed into Africa and Asia, Australia and New Zealand also face the threat of losing their sovereignty to a different continent, while Canada and the United States will become apart of South America if something isn’t done about their immigration policies. Basically all of these countries will eventually begin to degrade like Rhodoesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa have since the 1980s and 1990s. This ties into a larger genocide agenda.

Reposting my initial comment, some things I wanted to change:

*The problem with those Ukrainian terrorists funded by Ukrainian oligarchs is that they allowed the Western, Ukrainian and Russian governments to take steps in spreading misinformation to solidify their power base, silence political opponents and further conceal lies about history.

This generated greater support for Russian Federalism through patriotic fervor and the suppression of wignat Russian nationalists justified through fear mongering. This allowed them to outlaw holocaust “denial” and the questioning of WW2 history, ignoring there is plenty of evidence to cast plenty of doubt on mainstream perspectives which is why said perpetrators are heavily repressed.

On top of that pro-Eurasian Zionists inspired by Alexander Dugin attempted to subvert nationalists in the west by lying that Putin was anti-jewish and against the status-quo, this failed because it is blatantly obvious and easily disproven. The Nazbol deception created infighting and paranoia in a relatively small group of nationalists found on the internet as was probably their intention.


The United States and European countries are fine examples regarding the problem of civic nationalism in its later phases, it can only be maintained when the demographic majority remains the demographic majority and isn’t under attack from domestic and outside forces that aim to undermine and destroy the host population through birth control, replacement migration and being massively outbred by the people that elites want to replace them with.


It is ironic that most people would disagree with very little of it if it were argued with a name change and difference in visuals. The names and imagery are tainted through nearly a century of media propaganda everywhere in the world, since most people don’t base their thinking off of logic and facts most are bound to stop listening if the name is uttered and the imagery shown before convincing someone towards the idea.


As for an early controversy: altcensored[]com/watch?v=_9kaJyRQfVw

AM Hants

Talking of Ukraine, must admit, I do like these two articles that I was kindly sent today:

Ukrainian Think Tank Hosts Neo Nazi Racist Activist For Nanzi Violence

Canada’s Nazi Monuments
Why does Canada have not one but several memorials to Nazi collaborators? And why, when statues are toppling all over the world, have Canadian Jewish groups remained silent?… https://www.thenation.com/article/world/canada-nazi-monuments-antisemitism/

Plus, this bonus:

White Helmets Implicated in Cash Embezzlement



Canada, the US and Europe have plenty of far more monuments commemorating Marxist collaborators, the jews want to topple statues of white historical figures and are succeeding. They also want to topple a statue of King Richard the Lion Heart in the UK because he expelled jews from Britain approximately 800 years ago.

Many of the “heroes” of the 1960s counter-culture were despicable people, many were well-acquainted with Communists, Masons, and Satanic organizations influenced by Aleister Crowley and Anton LeVey. The founder of Wicca worked for MI5 and Crowley was an MI5 informant, she admitted to being inspired by Aleister Crowley’s pseudo-religion of Thelema when she founded Wicca.

AM Hants

Thanks for the RT article.


The article still claims Whites are more privileged and that liberal White guilt is the new White man’s burden. It attempts to dispel anti-White racism with less obvious anti-White racism. Non-whites have more legal and institutional privileges than Whites do in all western countries, millions of White colonists were slaves as punishment for petty thievery to prevent their impoverished families from starving.

Blacks, jews, and Amerindians also owned slaves in America, jews owned more slaves than anyone and started the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Even though North Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East did not have White supremacy, they had Islamic supremacy and a far larger degree of enslavement.

Pride in one’s race, culture, religion, etc is normal and healthy. It is necessary for maintaining their self-preservation, most people inevitably love their own people more than others, but that doesn’t mean they should hate someone all because of their religion, race, etc.

Even so it will continue to exist, people can never be forced to like someone else, it can only be done through the merit of their abilities and character.

What Is Race Realism? altcensored[]com/watch?v=_9kaJyRQfVw

[Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explains why it is vital to understand the truth about race: that it is a biological fact and that races are not the same. Denying the reality of race and insisting that all groups are equivalent makes it impossible to understand race relations in the United States. It also undermines any resistance to the massive Third-World immigration that is radically changing the West.]

Review: of Richard Storey’s The Uniqueness of Western Law: theoccidentalobserver[]net/2019/03/24/review-of-richard-storeys-the-uniqueness-of-western-law/

[The last essay of Section Two, “Why Do Whites Choose White Guilt?,” is one of the most interesting in the volume. Like Kevin MacDonald, Storey sees the root cause as being psychological, writing: “There is something peculiar to white folks which has resulted in too many of us kowtowing to the negative self-image in vogue; this something also results in us being so apologetic for our existence that we don’t want to make a fuss about declining birth-rates and encroaching minority status in a few decades or less.” This peculiarity, argues the author, rests in the “hopelessly repetitive” habit of the White man to universalize every principle he encounters — the flip side, or Achilles Heel, of the same traits that lead to greatness. The White psychology, and in particular its longing for recognition, combines with the tendency to transcend social norms with the result that “whites tend to presuppose that every single culture does or could or should exhibit the same levels of brilliance they perceive in themselves; and they have frequently coerced others to do so.”

In a stunning and heartbreaking summary, the author writes “Just as the white man has sought to be the first to reach the poles, mountaintops and even the moon, so too I believe that the white man is endeavouring to be the first to show he has no care at all for his own genes.”

However, Storey also points out that, while most Whites are desperate for the kudos that comes from expressions of White guilt and altruism, the overwhelming majority marry other Whites and try to live among other Whites. I was quite fascinated by Storey’s discussion of the Chinese perception of such behavior:

The Chinese aren’t fooled. They know exactly the egoism afoot amongst liberal whites; thus the immense popularity of the derogatory term, ‘baizuo,’ for white liberals. This term means a ‘naive western-educated person who advocates for peace and equality only to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority. … The Chinese see the baizuo as ignorant and arrogant westerners who pity the rest of the world and think they are saviours.

These themes are developed in ‘Politics,’ the third section of the book. The first essay, “Liberal Supremacism: Today’s White Man’s Burden,” is in some respects a continuation of the discussion of pathological altruism, extended now to the political rather than psychological realm.

In “The Neocon Slave Ethic,” Storey offers a punchy three-page critique of neoconservatism that points out hypocrisy in relation to “the ethno-nepotism of Israel” and ends with the conclusion that “Neocons may have had a good run at disguising themselves as part of the ‘right,’ but they cannot disguise the cowardly and subversive nature of their ideology, which thus betrays its origins, having no root in conservatism or traditionalism.”

The following two essays, “Democracy Isn’t Working” and “Europeans Want Hungary, Not Sweden,” were some of my favorites from the volume. Their titles are fairly self-explanatory, and their content and style is excellent.]
comment image
comment image

comment image


The lie of modern white supremacy ignores the fact that whites are the ethnic majority in the US like how Chinese society is better suited to China’s strengths and so on.

This was true in western countries until it started to change after the 1970s back when everyone thought they would remain the majority and foreign immigrants would assimilate to the culture.

Enoch Powell – Rivers of Blood Speech: archive. org/details/EnochPowellRiversOfBloodSpeech

Ethnic Chaos in Vienna: Hitler’s Prophecies Vindicated bitchute. com/video/CoKncVHlm74a/

comment image

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