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JUNE 2023

COVID Race For Influence In Russia

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COVID Race For Influence In Russia

The village of Olenevka (Photo: Konstantin Mikhalchevsky / RIA Novosti)

Amid the growing spread of COVID-19 in Russia, a liberal team led by the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, has woken up. After the complete failure of his policy in the capital of the country, and the gradual cancellation of his baseless anti COVID measures, the Russian liberal elite switched to Crimea, which has become a new Mecca for Russian tourists.

By joining their forces, the liberals are doing everything possible to limit the flow of tourists to the Crimea, in particular aiming to punish the head of the peninsula, Sergey Aksyonov. Unlike last year, he preferred the economy of the resort region to his personal ambitions, which apparently led him to his Moscow mentors, and he did not impose strict anti COVID measures like his counterpart did in Moscow.

On July 17, at the height of the holiday season, one of the leading liberal media of the Russian Federation, RBC, published a “sensational” article entitled ” Crowded beaches in the Crimea against amid record morbidity. Photo report”.

Hinting that the Crimea can not cope with the number of tourists, stating that the hotels are allegedly full, and there is no empty space on the beaches of the peninsula, RBC journalists publish photos of happy children at sea. However, the photos show only the beaches of one of the numerous resorts of Yevpatoria and a couple of people in Sevastopol.

COVID Race For Influence In Russia

The village of Olenevka (Photo: Konstantin Mikhalchevsky / RIA Novosti)

COVID Race For Influence In Russia

Yevpatoria (Photo: Alexey Pavlishak / TASS)

COVID Race For Influence In Russia

Sevastopol ( mamamila3 / Inatagram)

The message is obvious, praise the local officials in Sevastopol who followed Sobyanin’s liberal team, when Aksenov’s team, who have already burned their fingers last year, “support the COVID spread”. Such an informational attack was aimed at the head of the Crimea.

At the same time, a brief look at the number of tourists and COVID cases, it becomes obvious that the figures differ from the usual ones within the limits of statistical error, nothing more.

According to the official data, more than 1.3 million tourists came to the Crimea in June, while only 409 cases of COVID were detected over the past day. The republic has been facing similar figures for several months. The numbers also differ little from other regions of the country, for example, the Nizhny Novgorod Region (533 cases), or the Krasnoyarsk (505 cases), and are lower than those in Moscow (4357 cases), where Sobyanin cannot change the situation.

From the numbers given, there are only several severe cases. Local hospitals are not filled out.

In the Russian Federation and in the Crimea in particular with any patient with ARVI symptoms and any “traces” of the virus receives the diagnosis “coronavirus infection”. At the same time, more than 95% of them only have a mild or moderate form.

Taking into account such articles in major Russian media that are seeking to cause panic among the population, the question arises: today, on July 18, when the beaches have been crowded for more than a month, why the real wave of COVID spread was not detected?

The Crimean authorities, in their turn, are taking certain measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Without imposing mandatory vaccination, they recommended to vaccinate service and tourism workers, the work of bars at night is limited.
The question arises, what is the real reason to close public places in the resort area after 23: 00? Does the coronavirus have such a tight schedule and the Indian stamp wakes up only during the “time of the Hindu goddess Kali”?

Why only now one of the leading liberal media of the Russian Federation, controlled by a typical pro-Western oligarch, close to the team of the Moscow mayor and another leading transhumanist banker, decided to pay attention to the Crimea, presenting fragmentary data as an example of a “catastrophe”.

Apparently, some representatives of the Russian elite want to earn even more money thanks to the COVID trend, or they are trying to create a panic picture for political purposes.


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This is the official SF answer to “Andrea Gaspardo” that you can read below:

Dear Andrea,

We don’t know how Mr Stoilov may cope with this article. Mentioning him is a very strange move. Apparently, you don’t have the factual data on Sars-COV-2, comparative analysis of medical statistics and political measures that surround this disease.

You statement: “about +300,000 people died in Russia. Moreover during the year 2020, due to the complete collapse of the public health system in Russia, there has been recorded an excessive mortality of more than 300.000 persons!,” is completely false and deceives the audience.

We were consequently stating that a COVID-19 disease exists and those who have it often suffer harder than from regular influenza. Meanwhile, it is a crime to use a medical problem for staging social experiments as well as in political struggle.

In March-April 2020, the first attempt of the liberal clan to seize control within the Russian Federation took place, using the Covid-19 pretext. Recently, we saw another attempt, which also turned out to be unsuccessful. You may know that almost the all measures that were implemented in Moscow have already been canceled. At the same time, Crimea, as a sensitive region for the whole of Russia, has simply been chosen as another information target that deserves special attention.

In your comment, you are strangely following the side of those who claim that Covid-19 “acts according to a schedule”. For example, he sleeps until 23: 00, and wakes up at night to attack the visitors of night cafes; that Covid-19 ignores crowded verandas, but loves the silence and coolness of large restaurant halls, that Covid-19 feels when a mass event is organized by the hand of the state and modestly falls asleep, when they are held as a public initiative, he awakens a special virulence.

You stand on the side of those who hide their heads in the sand, turning away from the crowded streets of Moscow, the beaches of the Crimea and Krasnodar, that is, ordinary public life, which did not stop for a minute in 2021. Justifying depth of stupidity or crime, you appeal to numbers without delving deeply into the nature of this data. At the same time, you completely ignore the obvious facts. For example, that the tourist season in the Crimea has been going on for 3 months and there is no “covid crisis”, but complicated epidemic situation connected not only with Sars-COV-2. We once again confirm that we should not confuse the issues of the medical phenomenon Covid-19 and, in many respects, the artificially created social phenomenon “corona-crisis”.

Last edited 1 year ago by SouthFront1
Nawab Gul

Greetings from Pakistan. I returned from China on 3 January 2020 with severe bronchitis. It peaked on 11 January, which means it had a long incubation period. At the time I was telling people I suspected it ‘was that new virus from China’ but everyone dismissed my suggestion, and there was no testing available. The deep rasping cough I had I put down to severe winter pollution we were experiencing at the time, however I heard other people with the same cough in the street. Officially Pakistan declared its first case on 22 Feb 2020, however it is obvious it was hear earlier. I believe the entire country was exposed to Covid and herd immunity developed within months. A resurgent ‘delta’ variant has indeed popped up however despite what the media reports it is very mild. 4 people in our office of 25 developed it in one week. They were all given Ivermectin and within 24 hours were 50% better. Within 3 days they were back at work. Forgetting what the media says but based on actual experience – we now have more ‘Covid deaths’ from people who have been vaccinated, than unvaccinated. There are too many suspicious sudden deaths happening now. Whenever I hear of one I immediately ask ‘when were they vaccinated?’ There are no reliable statistics in Pakistan for anything – inflation, medical, traffic even the weather. So we have no idea how many people have died from vaccines – but it is very high and growing each week.


Odd thing, my comment isn’t posting on the Russian stealth fighter article. I tried many times.

Yet my comment is posting here.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist

Experienced the same on occasion. Try altering your comment slightly next time. The “censor” is picking up on something it doesn’t like in your comment.


Covidiot cult propaganda is pervasive in english speaking russian media. There is almost no day that an article spreading covid doom, or praising experimental “vaccines” isn’t published on Sputnik or RT. Like this limey cretin: https://www.rt.com/op-ed/529273-vaccine-passport-covid19-plan/ He would want us to believe that some (virtual) piece of paper (aka passport) will protect the world from the plague…


I wouldn’t simply blame Russia or their media. Australia puts out far worse trash to it’s brainwashed populace.


I don’t blame Russia, and don’t “simply” blame their media, just the part of the media that pushes disinformation propaganda. It’s not only on these issues that Sputnik, or RT are parroting western propaganda in a tabloid format. I understand that their target is the brainwashed western public, but as long as you’re mimicking western trash, you’ll become yourself trash.

L du Plessis

The liberals are the cancer in Russian society.

Florian Geyer

” The liberals are the cancer in Russian society.” L du Plessis.

The Bolsheviks reborn.

Tommy Jensen

Not only in Russian society, everywhere. Because they are in collusion with the usury bankers and spread their parasitic exploitation of working, creative and productive people.

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