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“Covid Ethnic Cleansing”: The Vaccinated vs. The Unvaccinated: Those Who Refuse The Vaccine And The “Official” Covid-19 Narrative Are Categorized As “Psychopaths”

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“Covid Ethnic Cleansing”: The Vaccinated vs. The Unvaccinated: Those Who Refuse The Vaccine And The “Official” Covid-19 Narrative Are Categorized As “Psychopaths”

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Written by Prof Michel Chossudovsky

“Collective Narcissism” and the “Dark Triad”. Is it A Witch Hunt

Author’s Note

This article was written in August 2020 (several months prior to the launching of the Covid-19 vaccine) under the title 

“Collective Narcissism” and the “Dark Triad”: Those Who Protest against the “Official” Covid-19 Narrative are Categorized as “Psychopaths”. Is It A Witch Hunt?

And now we have entered a new phase. The “Vaccine Passport” is being imposed in a large number of countries.

The non-vaccinated are confined to their homes, prevented from travelling, fired from their jobs, prevented from attending schools and universities. They are  accused of being extremists and psychopaths. 

What is unfolding is a process of  “Covid Ethnic Cleansing” which consists in creating a social divide  between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

These social divisions are creating conflicts within families and local communities, literally contributing to the disruption of social life, with devastating impacts on economic activity.

Supported by media propaganda, the campaign is proceeding unabated. Those who refuse to get the killer “vaccine” are categorized as “anti-social psychopaths”.

What prevails is a “divide and rule” scenario which is being applied simultaneously in numerous countries. 

Both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are the victims of  a Worldwide criminal agenda which is endorsed by the United Nations and most of its 193 member states.

Our first task is to immediately halt and cancel the so-called Covid-19 “vaccine” which has triggered a wave of mortality and morbidity Worldwide.

Worldwide Solidarity and Human Dignity is the Driving Force

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, January 8, 2022

A diabolical process is underway which consists in “identifying” all those who are opposed to the governments’ management of the coronavirus pandemic. According to ongoing psychological studies, these opponents are categorized as anti-social psychopaths.

The unspoken objective is to shunt the emergence of an organized protest movement pertaining to social engineering and the decision taken Worldwide at a political level to close down  the national economies of more than 190 members states of the United Nations.

Peer reviewed psychological “studies” are currently being carried in several countries using sample surveys.

Accept the “big Lie” and you are tagged as a “good person” with “empathy” who understands the feelings of others.

Protest against the official truth (“big lie”), criticize government guidelines, express reservations regarding the closing down of the global economy, social distancing and the wearing of the face mask, and you will  be tagged (according to “scientific opinion”) as a “callous and deceitful psychopath”.

Psychology: Empirical Studies

A so-called peer reviewed “empirical report” describes those who refuse to wear the face mask or abide by social distancing as having “anti-social personality disorders”.

Those  who “do not adhere  to measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19” are tagged as “anti-social”.  

The findings of the Brazilian study involving a “sample” of 1578 adults was published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. under the title:

COVID-19 pandemic over time: Do antisocial traits matter?

“Covid Ethnic Cleansing”: The Vaccinated vs. The Unvaccinated: Those Who Refuse The Vaccine And The “Official” Covid-19 Narrative Are Categorized As “Psychopaths”

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“Empathy” versus “Anti-social Traits”

The statistical “methodology” of this study is straightforward. It is intended to serve as a model.

It consists in categorizing a so-called sample of adults from all major regions of Brazil into two distinct groups. It examines:

“..the relationships between antisocial traits and compliance with COVID-19 containment measures. The sample consisted of 1578 Brazilian adults aged 18–73 years … and a questionnaire about compliance with containment measures.

Latent profile analyses indicated a 2-profile solution: the antisocial pattern profile which presented higher scores in Callousness, Deceitfulness, Hostility, Impulsivity, Irresponsibility, Manipulativeness, and Risk-taking, as well as lower scores in Affective resonance;

and the empathy pattern profile which presented higher scores in Affective resonance …

The antisocial and empathy groups showed significant differences. … Our findings indicated that antisocial traits, especially lower levels of empathy and higher levels of Callousness, Deceitfulness, and Risk-taking, are directly associated with lower compliance with containment measures. These traits explain, at least partially, the reason why people continue not adhering to the containment measures even with increasing numbers of cases and deaths. (emphasis added)

The research methodology is built around 3 main questions:

 “Do you think it is necessary to avoid approaching people as much as possible until the coronavirus situation is controlled?” (social distancing),

“Do you think it is necessary to wash your hands and/or use alcohol gel as many times a day until the coronavirus situation is controlled?” (hygiene),

“Do you think it is necessary to use facemask (that protects nose and mouth) in Brazil?” (facemask).

Yes/No Categorization

  • Answer Yes to these Three Questions: you are categorized as having “Empathy” (i.e. the ability to understand and share the feelings of others).
  • Answer No to all Three Questions: you are categorized (according to the study) as having “higher levels of Callousness, Deceitfulness, Hostility, Impulsivity, Irresponsibility, Manipulativeness, and Risk-taking” (as quoted above).
It all sounds very scientific. The unspoken objective of these psycho-studies is to provide governments with a mandate to intimidate as well as to enforce compliance, while smearing the alleged psychopaths who refuse to conform to the official narrative, which is an outright lie.  
“The Dark Triad” and “Collective Narcissism” 
According to Eric W. Dolan  (PsyPost) the above study consisted in identifying “a measure of maladaptive personality traits… “.   Dolan also refers to a related study focussing on: “the “Dark Triad” of narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism associated with ignoring preventative COVID-19 measures.”. The study conducted in Poland is entitled:
Adaptive and maladaptive behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic: The roles of Dark Triad traits, collective narcissism, and health beliefs

The study refers to the practice of “collective narcissism”, namely a common belief and practice by a so-called ‘In-Group” (aka protest movement, collective of dissident medical doctors, scientists) directed against the official corona virus “truth” (aka the Big Lie). Collective narcissism is embedded in what psychologists call the Dark Triad.

“Covid Ethnic Cleansing”: The Vaccinated vs. The Unvaccinated: Those Who Refuse The Vaccine And The “Official” Covid-19 Narrative Are Categorized As “Psychopaths”

The study is based on “a nationally representative sample from Poland (N = 755)”. It examines: 

“the relationships between the Dark Triad traits (i.e., psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and narcissism) and collective narcissism (i.e., agentic and communal) … Participants characterized by the Dark Triad traits engaged less in prevention …  The results point to the utility of health beliefs in predicting behaviors during the pandemic, explaining (at least in part) problematic behaviors associated with the dark personalities (i.e., Dark Triad, collective narcissism). …

 The traits, such as the Dark Triad (i.e., narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy) and collective narcissism … may have implications for how one copes with the virus…  For example, individuals characterized by the Dark Triad traits may be less likely to follow governmentally-enforced restrictions related to COVID-19

The Term “Agentic” quoted above refers to “goal-achievement”.

And here is the Methodology

We measured the Dark Triad traits (Wave 2) … [also with reference to] the Dark Triad Dirty Dozen scale (Jonason & Webster, 2010). The scale consists of four items assessing individual differences in psychopathy (e.g., “I tend to lack remorse”), narcissism (e.g., “I tend to seek prestige or status”), and Machiavellianism (e.g., “I tend to manipulate others to get my way”). Participants indicated their agreement with each item (1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree). We averaged responses to create indices of each trait.

Sounds scientific. What are the conclusions?

We advanced the scope of the model by illustrating the relevance of dark personality traits in predicting both adaptive and maladaptive behaviors in response to the pandemic by person-focused (i.e., the Dark Triad traits) and group-focused (i.e., collective narcissism) personality traits.” The read the full report click here emphasis added)

“Covid Ethnic Cleansing”: The Vaccinated vs. The Unvaccinated: Those Who Refuse The Vaccine And The “Official” Covid-19 Narrative Are Categorized As “Psychopaths” 

The psychological definition of Dark Triad Traits comprises the combined personality traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. “They are called “dark” because of their malevolent qualities.”

The Dark Triad Dirty Dozen (DTDD) consists of a broader “personality inventory” which assesses and measures the three personality components of the Dark Triad. (see image right)

In substance, what this “scientific report” confirms is that people who question the covid-19 official narrative have “malevolent personality disorders”. They are said to suffer from the Dirty Dozen “Dark Triad Traits” (DTDD). 

When they act contiguously within a In-Group or a Protest movement (E.g. The August Mass Rally in Berlin), they are tagged as applying “collective narcissism”.

The framework of the above study is also envisaged for other countries in partnership (with the Warsaw group). Another related study is entitled: “Who complies with the restrictions to reduce the spread of COVID-19?: Personality and perceptions of the COVID-19 situation”

Strong words. “Peer Reviewed”?

Psychology is being used in a pernicious way to provide legitimacy to a Police State with a mandate to “go after” those who allegedly have Dark Triad “malevolent personality disorders”.

It’s an inquisitorial doctrine, which could eventually evolve towards a digital witch hunt, far more sophisticated than the “Spanish Inquisition”.

“In contrast to the Spanish Inquisition, the contemporary inquisitorial system has almost unlimited capabilities of spying on and categorizing individuals.

People are tagged and labeled, their emails, telephones and faxes are monitored, detailed personal data is entered into giant Big Brother data banks. Once this cataloging has been completed, people are locked into watertight compartments. Their profiles are established and entered into a computerized system.

Law enforcement is systematic. The witch hunt is not only directed against presumed “terrorists” through ethnic profiling, etc., the various human rights, affirmative action, antiwar cohorts are themselves the object of the anti-terrorist legislation and so on.

Needless to say, converting or recanting by antiwar heretics is not permitted.

Meanwhile war criminals occupy positions of authority. The citizenry is galvanized into supporting rulers, “committed to their safety and well-being”, “who are going after the bad guys.” (Michel Chossudovsky, The Spanish Inquisition, “Made in America”, Global Research, December 2004)

“Covid Ethnic Cleansing”: The Vaccinated vs. The Unvaccinated: Those Who Refuse The Vaccine And The “Official” Covid-19 Narrative Are Categorized As “Psychopaths”

Francisco Goya: The Spanish Inquisition (1812-1819) Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid

“Economic Genocide” 

We are living one of the most serious crises in modern history. People’s lives are being destroyed.

These empirical psychology studies are meant to be used against citizens who are opposed to the instructions of their respective governments. In turn these governments obey orders from higher up.

While ordinary citizens are tagged, what is increasingly obvious  is that the billionaires, “philanthropists”, corrupt politicians, et al., who are the unspoken architects of the global economic lockdown are psychopaths in their own right.

While their personality traits are not the motive of scientific investigation, the corrupt billionaires who are behind the corona lockdown and closure of the global economy are mentally deranged. Money and enrichment is the driving force.

However, tagging politicians and financiers as “psychopaths” is in an understatement.  What is a stake is an outright crime against humanity. Calling for the simultaneous closing down of the national economies of 193 member states of the UN is an act of economic genocide.

Economic and social decision-making is criminalized. The legitimacy of  Wall Street, the World Economic Forum (WEF), Big Pharma and the billionaire foundations which ordered the closure of the global economy on March 11, 2020 must be forcefully addressed.

“Covid Ethnic Cleansing”: The Vaccinated vs. The Unvaccinated: Those Who Refuse The Vaccine And The “Official” Covid-19 Narrative Are Categorized As “Psychopaths”Social distancing has devastating consequences.

At this juncture it is being used to justify the closure of schools, colleges and universities, which deliberately derogate the right to education.

Wearing the face mask is detrimental to a person’s health. It’s known and documented. Enforcing the wearing of the face mask using fake science as a justification is an illegal and criminal act. 
Dr. Fauci confirmed it two months ago. He is lying to himself when ordering that the wearing of the mask be applied “universally”. 
Now he s“Covid Ethnic Cleansing”: The Vaccinated vs. The Unvaccinated: Those Who Refuse The Vaccine And The “Official” Covid-19 Narrative Are Categorized As “Psychopaths”ays exactly the opposite. 
The future of humanity is at stake. Millions of people have been impoverished as a result of the closure of the real economy. 
Spread the word.
* * *The above article is published in my E-Book  (Chapter XI) entitled: 

“Covid Ethnic Cleansing”: The Vaccinated vs. The Unvaccinated: Those Who Refuse The Vaccine And The “Official” Covid-19 Narrative Are Categorized As “Psychopaths”

The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset”


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Karl Wolfe

If these vaccines were actually for the purpose of preventing an illness they are the most expensive FAILURE in history. But of course liars continue to try to propagate their fairytales about the unvaccinated, an absurd anti-Scientific lie if ever there was one. Step up to get your “nano chip” so you can be tracked like a dog now….the globalist Swine expect you to be an OBEDIENT slave.

Karl Wolfe

Exactly what species of Truffle-eating earth swine did Albert Bourla devolve from? Any ideas? Or was it just he simply shit-out like some sort of rancid, festering , impacted Stool deep in the bowels of some Fugly wildebeest ? Perhaps a specialist in dinosaur feces specimens such as Coprolite, might be able to explain its existence. I don’t know what is Fuglier: it’s voice or it’s Appearance. Truly both are remarkable on the level of Grotesque-ness.

jens holm

This is not about You but about the ones, which You might make die. You also take a very needed hospital bed from someone else, which might need it much more.

Even we have a very good hospital sector and most people here are healthy and well fed, we dont have enough nurses and doctors for the usual things as well.

By solidarity for vaccines we have qa very low deatrate compared to others. We are producing bnetter then well and ask for well educated employed form outisde the country and motivate older people to take some more years in their jobs or at least go down in hours a weak.

We do have well organized restrictions but are not closed.

Darwin was right. Its mainly unvaccinated which dies. Some are like Dumbos sitting on their listening ears.

The Revolution Continues

Ok, just don’t treat the novaxxed covids in hospitals, let the others be treated there. Or is the hospital a form of detention?

Jim Allen

A level of brainwashing, I’ve never encountered before. Unmatched conditioned stupidity. Did you do actual research to understand what mRNA is, and how it work’s as a part of the system that is a human being ?In it’s natural state, prior to being subjected to manipulation ? After manipulation, by human being’s having intruded into the world of natural selection for the purpose of mind control, behavior modification, remove all sense of the natural state of being, by the evolution of our species since time began. Substituting the unnatural, artificial behavior of a manufactered machine. Of course you did. Right down the spike protein that slough’s off your mutated, trans-human, (read sub-human) carcass as these little jewel’s destroy your natural immune system. And, all you come into contact with. The not vaccine is a bio-chemical weapon, and isn’t designed, or intended to protect anyone from anything. This has been working as it was made to, perfectly. New additives are introduced to increase efficacy. Graphene Hydroxide is the most recent addition. You didn’t read the article, did you ? You already had your responses in hand, and got straight to it. Canned resonses.

Karl Wolfe

You obviously are a Television News Believer fool Jens Holm…. I recommend getting as many vaccines and “boosters” as possible. Imbecile. Or your income relies on your constant state propaganda. Which is it? The inventor of MRNA technology has come out and denounced these jabs as tools for mass extermination of humanity by the Eugenics class. On Joe Rogan no less. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko , physician to presidents and prime ministers worldwide has called them a War Crime in action. The NFL and Congresspersons themselves are getting Ivermectin and Chloroquine to keep themselves alive. Who are you kidding Fool😆

Lazy Gamer

If the mutations are driven by mass vaccination, what is the effect of these variants to an unvaccinated person? Would it be more severe or less? How about those vaccinated? Would they suffer more since the mutations were driven by the vaccines in their bodies?

Karl Wolfe

The great thing about People is that “You can’t fool ALL the people ALL the time” as I believe P.T.Barnum once said. How unfortunate for people like you that humans have this ability to Think for themselves and Discern lies from truth huh Jens….

Karl Wolfe

According to the actual British government reports and recent Canadian university studies it’s the vaccinated who are MORE than 80% of the people in hospitals. You’re a poor liar there “Jens” or whatever your real name is. bitchute.com has hundreds of physicians worldwide who have spoken out about the unprecedented death, injuries and dishonesty going on.


“spread the word” of incoherent ramblings and rage at whatever you have a personal beef with. Enlighten everyone by using words like genocide and psychopath in every sentence. Try it out and convert everyone to the cause

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