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JULY 2022

COVID-19 World Order: Gordon Brown Calls For “Interim” World Government

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COVID-19 World Order: Gordon Brown Calls For "Interim" World Government

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On March 26th, former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown proposed a way to tackle the COVID-19 crisis, and potentially all other crises in the future: a “world government.”

Brown is infamous for he was at the center of the international efforts to tackle the impact of the near-meltdown of the banks in 2008.

He said there was a need for a taskforce involving world leaders, health experts and the heads of the international organizations that would have executive powers to coordinate the response.

On March 26th, and subsequently on March 31st, the G20 met in a virtual meeting to address the situation.

The first meeting was that of G20 leaders who participated in a virtual summit to discuss cooperative efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic, safeguard the global economy, address international trade disruptions, and enhance global cooperation.

In a statement released following the summit, the G20 leaders highlight that the “unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic is a powerful reminder of our interconnectedness and vulnerabilities.” The statement also indicates that the pandemic “calls for a transparent, robust, coordinated, large-scale and science-based global response in the spirit of solidarity.”

To fight the pandemic, the leaders committed to “seek to ensure adequate financing to contain the pandemic and protect people, especially the most vulnerable.”

Actions such as the exchange of epidemiological and clinical data, sharing of materials for research and development, and strengthening health systems globally will be pursued. The leaders also pledged to strengthen the World Health Organization’s (WHO) mandate in coordinating the international fight against the pandemic, including “the protection of front-line health workers, delivery of medical supplies, especially diagnostic tools, treatments, medicines, and vaccines.”

The second meeting was that of ministers of finance and central bank governors. They discussed the next steps that the G20 will take to develop and activate the action plan that includes the exceptional financial and monetary measures taken by all members of the G20, defines policy recommendations to protect the international community and reduce the spread of the virus to prevent a global economic crisis, and takes medium and long-term precautionary steps and measures to stimulate market recovery and ensure the continuity and sustainability of economic growth in a balanced and comprehensive manner.

However, according to Gordon Brown, that was not enough. According to him, the meeting should’ve included the UN Security Council, as well.

“This is not something that can be dealt with in one country,” he said. “There has to be a coordinated global response.”

Brown said the current crisis was different to the one he was involved in. “That was an economic problem that had economic causes and had an economic solution.

“This is first and foremost a medical emergency and there has to be joint action to deal with that. But the more you intervene to deal with the medical emergency, the more you put economies at risk.”

Another G20 meeting, with included developed and developing countries will take place on April 2nd, and the UNSC should be included then, in his opinion.

According to Brown, the proposed global working group could work on two fronts at once – to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis.

Over the past two weeks, many countries have announced economic measures and the allocation of funds to combat the virus and the crisis.

According to Brown, an “interim global government” could coordinate the efforts of central banks; take measures to prevent record capital outflows from emerging market economies; and agree on a joint approach to using government spending to drive growth.

Brown is a voice that gets quite a bit of ear listening, back in 2008 he persuaded other global leaders of the need to bail out the banks and then hosted a meeting of the G20 in London, which came up with a $1.1tn rescue package.

In Brown’s view, back in 2008 there was resistance, but now it should be obvious that no country could tackle the issue alone.

“We need some sort of working executive,” Brown said. “If I were doing it again, I would make the G20 a broader organisation because in the current circumstances you need to listen to the countries that are most affected, the countries that are making a difference and countries where there is the potential for a massive number of people to be affected – such as those in Africa.”

Of course, crises like this one could come and go on a very regular basis, and what’s stopping the “Interim” World Government from becoming a “Permanent” one remains unclear.

Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party, and a founding member of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), took issue with the former Labour Prime Minister’s advocacy for a world government.

“Gordon Brown doesn’t get it,” he tweeted. “Globalisation is the cause of our problems, not our saviour.”

But English Catholic writer Laurence England found Brown’s advocacy more disturbing than naive.

“Gordon Brown does get it,” he tweeted in response. “The One World Government is about sheer power over populaces, not about helping people. They want a world of slaves. He was a key Bilderberg attendee.”

The Bilderberg meetings have been used as a forum for world elites since 1954 to further their vision for the world. Attendees are free to use information from the discussions. No one is allowed to reveal who said what.

Other high-profile individuals who have participated in the Bilderberg meeting include elites such as David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Emma Bonino, and Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

According to its own literature, the purpose of the annual Bilderberg Meeting is to “foster dialogue between Europe and North America.”

At the 2009 London Summit for the G20, Brown said, “I think the new world order is emerging, and with it the foundations of a new and progressive era of international cooperation.”


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Peter Jennings

Brown is talking out of his bottom.

He only gets a voice in the MSM because when in power he behaved like a very good little boy and flogged the Brits gold for next to nothing. Also just before leaving office, he was warning the public of a shadow gov’t behind the scenes pulling all the strings? Sour grapes maybe, or did he always resemble a bulldog chewing a wasp.

Nothing to see here folks, move along, it’s just another celebrity looking for attention and more NWO favours.

Lone Ranger

The one world govt is satanic. It will never happen.

Hasbara Hunter

Fuckn Warcriminals…Seize their Assets…Drag’m to some International Tribunal & if found guilty Hang em High…

Zionism = EVIL

The Bilderberg Jew corporations and their media needs to be shot.

Pave Way IV

“The one world govt is satanic.”

OI course they are, but they’ll distract everyone from making that observation because they’ll be screaming about some BIGGER evil that’s more of an immediate threat (that you need to defend them against). Like that imaginary Satan guy.

“It will never happen'”

Is it profitable for them to happen? check! Can they make most people believe it will (or needs to happen)? check! Will they acquire more power and control over you if it happens? ckeck! Can they adequately protect their stolen stuff with laws that you’ll follow when it happens?check!

I don’t know Lone Ranger. Seems like its happening NOW, just veeery slowly.

klove and light

well here we go …the fucking satanic Zionist agenda


I don’t see putin there fo you? FKN WELL THOUGHT NOT!


That’s to much logic for his tiny brain.

Arch Bungle

Putin doesn’t participate in idiocy. Certainly wouldn’t be hanging out with old washouts like Brown.


Ah, nobody is paying attention to him.


Can someone put a bullet through the back of this satanic maggots head,seriously what a frgn vile evil luciferian evil fgrn,kunt the whole mob whom attend this kind of retarded unlawfull doctrines are the leaders whoms nations are the least capable ti resolve anything,let alone their pathedic selfs!

Hasbara Hunter


St. Augustine

The Office of Gordan and Sarah Brown

Syria’s female White Helmets and Khalida Popal honoured ahead of International Women’s Day


Boameooo Services

This just tells you how some people see the world. So let me unpack.

The West has been telling those of us in the Third World, I am an African. How to act and do like them. Only If we in the Third World do as the West and this and that.

Then Covid-19 shows up and the West fails in every level.

Now a Western elite says, Only If the World hands over it sovereignty, to them the World will be great.

I think even Burkina Faso or Somaliland will say good luck Mr. Elite. Then you expect big Dad Russia or China or India to even wink.

You will be more successful making and English Tea or drinking a glass of Scottish Whiskey Sir.

Zionism = EVIL

Gordon Brown is mixing gin in his tea obviously. Too Funny.

Ivan Freely

I was wondering when this topic will pop up. Allow me to say it’s a bad idea for those who are undecided.


I don’t agree with the G20 statement that the coronavirus is an unprecedented “pandemic”. It’s nothing of the sort. What is unprecedented is the collective overreaction to it. This in my opinion is an indication that it has been identified not as a naturally occurring flu strain. But as a bioweapon attack in the opening salvo of a Jew world order out of chaos Sampson plan bio weapon of mass destruction economic terrorism attack. To genocide humanity like they genocided Russians and Soviets last century. In an effort to establish control over humanity. That they’re losing due to Russian military and Chinese economic superiority.

“A Rockefeller Foundation report produced 10 years ago imagined a viral pandemic as the perfect catalyst to implement “tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership,” eerily similar to what’s unfolding during the current coronavirus outbreak.

The 2010 report, entitled, “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” outlines several possible future global scenarios, including a “Lock Step” vision in which a “new influenza strain… infects nearly 20 percent of the global population… killing 8 million in just seven months…””

– GLOBALIST THINK TANK LAID OUT SCENARIO WHERE VIRUS OUTBREAK PROMPTS AUTHORITARIAN CRACKDOWN Decade-old Rockefeller Foundation report described virus as catalyst for top-down government control –



– Scenarios for the Future OfTechnology and International Development –



Who are Alex Jones’ globalists? Well here’s one. Judith Rodin President of the Rockefeller Foundation:

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development was produced by Judith Rodin.

“Rodin was born Jewish …

Rodin was appointed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to co-chair NYS 2100”

– Judith Rodin –



From page 18 of the Jew’s plan:

“LOCK STEP Scenario Narratives A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback …

the pandemic that the world had been anticipating for years finally hit. Unlike 2009’sH1N1, this new influenza strain — originating from wild geese — was extremely virulent and deadly. Even the most pandemic-prepared nations were quickly overwhelmed when the virus streaked around the world, infecting nearly 20 percent of the global population and killing 8 million in just seven months, the majority of them healthy young adults. The pandemic also had a deadly effect on economies: international mobility of both people and goods screeched to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains. Even locally,normally bustling shops and office buildings sat empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers.”



– Scenarios for the Future OfTechnology and International Development –



This loser is about as popular as GWB is, and just as relevant i.e. no one gives a fuck what he thinks. Globalists are such control freaks, but they only seem to make their true goals known after they’ve left office.

northerntruthseeker .

Obviously the criminals in charge cannot let a good ‘pandemic’ go to waste… This has been their plans all along which is to use this “pandemic” as their excuse to bring in their Jew run world government and have us all enslaved for the rest of eternity!


The State of Washington’s Covid 19 website stopped updating a week ago due to a purported overflow of incoming data. What it was showing is that the coronavirus “pandemic” after 3 months turned out to be a huge nothing burger. That doesn’t even remotely justify destroying the state’s economy by committing economic suicide. With only 169 dead in a state where 15,000 people died of normal causes during the same time frame. Like they been for the state’s entire existence.


No Surprise,,, this is one of the many purposes of this virus panic mongering. After watching Americans give up their daily lives to the ‘elected’ govtyrannus I think they have a good shot at it.


“Sustainability” = globalism “Joint action” = globalism “Economic stimulus” = globalism “Global response” = globalism Globalism = central control for the entire world, end of national sovereignty. They are trying to make it sound nice or reasonable. But it is a horrific quasi-communist control of the world. Slavery (for most) is another name for it.

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