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COVID-19 Testing – Real Infected Numbers Could Be Much Higher

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COVID-19 Testing - Real Infected Numbers Could Be Much Higher

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As of March 20th, COVID-19 has spread to 183 countries and territories.

Scientists note the need to improve test systems and identify the disease at an early stage. Expectedly, different countries have different testing practices and different patterns associated with it.

Until a vaccine is found, testing remains the most important measure against the virus along with quarantines.

A virologist from the University of Kent, Jeremy Rossman, in a conversation with Russian outlet RBC, noted that governments should not only take quarantine measures and limit crowds, but also increase the availability of tests for COVID-19.

“For example, in Britain, tests for the new virus are now available only for the most seriously ill, although such tests should be available to everyone,” he said.

Indeed, despite the pandemic, there is no single, standardized, testing protocol.

For example, Russia tests those returning from abroad with a cold

In total, on March 19th, Russia conducted 133,000 tests for coronavirus – eight tests for every 10 thousand people living in the country.

Below is a graph, presenting how many are being tested per 10,000 people of population, and how many out of those tested are positive.

The data for all countries, apart from France and South Korea, is for the period of March 16-18th, while for the other it is between March 10-14th. The separate data for Lombardy and Washington is because those two locations appear to be the epicenter of the epidemic in the USA and Italy.

COVID-19 Testing - Real Infected Numbers Could Be Much Higher

Click to see full-size image

The Rospotrebnadzor resolution of March 13th indicates the need for testing for everyone who has returned from Europe in the past two weeks, as well as those who have been abroad in the last month and have found symptoms of colds.

The decree also requires determining the order of laboratory tests “of people who have no signs of a cold and are not in contact with patients with COVID-2019, including the possibility of selecting material from such people at airports”. It operates throughout Russia, with the exception of Moscow.

The Moscow authorities explained that the need for analysis is always determined only by the doctor, focusing on priority for several risk groups.

The maximum risk group includes people with symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections, manifested within two weeks after returning from countries with major outbreaks of infection, as well as patients with pneumonia. As of March 19th, in Moscow, coronavirus was diagnosed in 86 of 199 such cases.

On March 16th, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova announced that a fourth system for testing for the virus was being developed in Russia.

The government assured that there was no shortage of tests in the country, and Invitro announced plans to provide a commercial testing service. On March 19th, the stock of test systems in the country amounted to 700 thousand units. According to the Minister of Health, Mikhail Murashko, there is no point in testing for coronavirus.

On March 19th, the RDIF (Russian Direct Investment Fund) announced that it was creating the Coronavirus Alliance with the participation of the sovereign fund of the Russian Federation, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Yandex and Mail.ru Group. It should provide operational testing of Russians for coronavirus.

“The approved innovative Russian-Japanese testing system today is a unique solution, one of the most effective in the field of diagnostics of COVID-19,” the RDIF said in a statement.

The new system reduces testing time by more than four times, from two or more hours to 30 minutes, the fund said.

Medpromresurs is engaged in the promotion of the new system. Roszdravnadzor has already approved the use of the Russian-Japanese diagnostic system, the RDIF said.

In the US, the low coverage of coronavirus testing on average in the United States – less than one test per 10 thousand people – is due to bureaucratic problems.

Opportunities for development by US laboratories or the use of existing tests from other countries have faced regulatory challenges.

In addition, most of the test systems from the centers for the control and prevention of diseases sent to the field turned out to be defective.

Medical companies received emergency permission to manufacture only by mid-March, and now the number of available test systems in the US should increase – manufacturers promise millions of sets.

Authorities, however, urge that testing should take place only if there are grounds, and after consultation with a doctor.

In those states where more tests are performed, a higher incidence is recorded, for example, in the state of Washington, where the prevalence of laboratory tests is much higher than the national average.

In Japan, as in the United States, they conducted less than one test per 10 thousand people as of March 18th.

The authorities initially decided not to conduct mass testing, considering a laboratory examination as a tool for obtaining the most complete data on infection, and not as a way to identify patients for prescribing therapy.

In early March, Japan included this test in the list of tests covered by health insurance, and the number of patients examined may increase.

Italy has become the epicenter of the pandemic in the EU. A February 25 document from the Italian Ministry of Health states that testing is done only for people with symptoms of a flu-like illness or severe respiratory infection, as well as suspected coronavirus.

In a memo dated February 22, the grounds for suspicion for coronavirus are described: the presence of symptoms combined with a travel history or close contact with the patient or an unexpected clinical course of a previously diagnosed disease of a different origin.

This approach does not allow timely measures to contain the epidemic, said Giovanni di Perry, head of the infectious diseases department at the Amadeus of Savoy Hospital in Turin. He called it passive.

They decided to intensify the diagnosis in Veneto – one of the first regions of Italy where cases were detected. The head of the region, Luka Zaya, said that tests for coronavirus will be carried out even for those who could accidentally contact patients, for example, supermarket staff.

The peak of the epidemic in China has already been passed, and it was possible to take control of the outbreak of the disease, including through testing, Chinese doctors say.

They emphasize that many patients carry a coronavirus infection asymptomatically or with minor symptoms and it is extremely important to identify such infected people and quarantine them in a timely manner.

The importance of testing on the example of China was also noted by the World Health Organization (WHO): the report on the joint mission of WHO and China speaks of the principle of early diagnosis and early isolation applied in the country.

Such an approach included, among other things, temperature measurement, polls at the entrance to various institutions and transport facilities, as well as testing of patients even with a low level of suspected infection.

The same approach is followed in South Korea. There they launched mass testing, including the drive-through system, when you can check for infection without leaving your car and all tests are free.

In this way, a large number of people can be checked for infection by avoiding contact between those who are being tested, doctors say. As early as March 8, South Korea remained the largest focus of infection outside of China.

By March 19, the number of cases in the country increased by about a thousand people, while in Italy the number of infected people increased by several times.

In the UK, as of 19 March, 64,621 people in the UK had been tested for coronavirus. The number of tests has been rising from just over 1,000 a day at the end of February, when testing began, to more than 6,000 per day by mid-March.

The government plans to increase this to 10,000 a day initially, with a goal of reaching 25,000 tests a day within four weeks.

There are two main reasons for testing people – to diagnose them individually, and to try to understand how far the virus has spread in the wider population. This second reason is referred to as “surveillance testing”.

The UK passed its 2,500th case as of 18 March and has tested 828 people per million of its population, or 8.3 people per 10,000 of population.


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Jimmy Jim


Peter Jennings

The hysteria is ramping up since the days of Swine flu, H1N1, etc. Maybe the next virus released under the noses of WHO and the UN will be deadly.
Or maybe this hysterical reaction is all a run through so authorities can fine tune their procedures so as to protect the more politically affluent in society, and let the rest fend for themselves.

Perhaps one day they will produce a virus which leaves shyster politicians and axe murderers unaffected.


Go shake a lot of hands.

Peter Jennings

Go boil your head.

Peter Jennings

Wherefore art thou Bruno?
Just a clicker eh?


Now the truth comes out that the Italians have been lying all along:

“I want to stress that they have died having coronavirus, not because of it”, the head of the country’s Civil Protection Department, Angelo Borrelli said at a briefing.”

– Italy’s COVID-19 Death Toll Surges by 627 to 4,032 Over Past 24 Hours – Health Official –



“Rep. Mark Green, a former Army Flight Surgeon, that the combination of Chloroquine with Azithromycin cleared the virus in 3 days in 100% of the patients in the study.

That is THREE international studies now that show the success of the Chloroquine treatment.

Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) : The old reliable Malaria drug chloroquine, the newer version hydroxychloroquine has shown really good, three studies, one in Australia, one in China and now one in France mixed with azithromycin, just the old Z-Pac that we take for bronchitis, has had 100%. It cleared the virus, in some cases in three days, that cocktail in every one of the patients in that study… It’s very promising, 100% of the virus gone in six days!”

– HUGE DEVELOPMENT! … Now 3 International Studies Find Chloroquine with Azithromycin Shows 100% Success Rate in Treating Coronavirus in 6 Days! –

https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/huge-development-now-3-international-studies-find-chloroquine-with-azithromycin-shows-100-success-rate-in-treating-coronavirus-in-6-days-video/ 2


But you the rideshare driver Einstein said it was all a big hoax. So drinking Coke would also cure it since it never existed. You truly are a sickly entertaining AH.


you are gross, fat nasty pig i’m sure


Are you that mangy dog playing Santa Claus?


How are Newsome’s and Coumo’s poll numbers doing as they destroy their states economies for a disease that has killed 200 people compared to the flu which killed 80,000 here last year? According to your projections the 45 states that aren’t destroying their economies are going to see massive deaths. How many do you estimate are going to die in the US this year because the over 45 states that aren’t engaged in the California type economic suicide that you’re shilling for?


You haven’t disproven anything that I’ve posted.


This should read 1,000, not 10,000:

“Below is a graph, presenting how many are being tested per 10,000 people of population, and how many out of those tested are positive.”

At least in Washington state:

“The statewide case number as reported by Washington State Department of Health on Thursday increased to at least 1,376 cases, including at least 74 deaths.”

– Gov. Inslee orders halt to elective surgeries, dental services as case numbers increase –



LOL…It’s all a HOAX. It’s all a HOAX!


It’s as bad as the 2008 financial crisis. And will worsen if the government doesn’t stop strangling the economy.

““This week, every day, the new claims we are receiving are at the level of the peak weeks during the 2008/2009 recession,” said Employment Security Department commissioner Suzan LeVine.

The historical comparison is telling. In 2010, the state paid out $4.1 billion in unemployment insurance claims, or nearly four times the amount the state paid in 2019, according to state figures. And unlike during the Great Recession, when claims increased gradually, “this is all happening at once,” said Nick Demerice, a spokesperson for the Employment Security Department, adding that much of the funding for the payouts back then came from the federal government.

The state’s jobless rate will likely rise. It was 3.8% in February. At the height of the Great Recession, in 2010, Washington’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate hit 10%. On Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin reportedly warned congressional leaders that the national unemployment rate could hit 20% without strong federal action.”

– Washington’s unemployment system flooded with claims as coronavirus fallout grows –



And as a rideshare driver, you are an independent contractor and not eligible for unemployment. Hope you get to share a tent with some other homeless guy who has the Coronavirus Hoax.


How is the unemployment in California?

“the Washington State Employee Security Department disclosed that its website “had 280,000 users on Monday and Tuesday, for more than 500,000 users in just two days. Typically, we would expect 30,000 users during that time.””


Going up fast. But they will get benefits and you won’t. Also, the cap on the amount they get will go up significantly to a high precent of their pay level. It still be hard for them but they wouldn’t have to join some dreg in a tent on the street waiting to get the Coronavirus…or TB or HIV. Enjoy.

Oh, do note, Einstein, that just a week ago you said Italy proves the whole Pandemic was insignificant since they only had 400 deaths. It is just several days since your ignorant statement but now is more than ten times as high at well over 4,000 and raising quickly. Damn, just in the past day there have been almost 800 more Coronavirus deaths in Italy. That is more than half their monthly seasonal flu deaths there. If you get anymore riders please make sure you shake their hands, AH.


You didn’t answer the question. How many are going to die in the US from your killer super virus when 90% of the states have no significant containment in place? Yet they’re all infected with it.

Do you understand the difference between dying with the coronavirus in Italy and dying of it, and that these are overstated numbers to stoke the fear mongering? Almost all of these are comorbidity deaths where the dead were dying of other lethal diseases already.

How is it that the virus is over in China when only one province was placed on lockdown and the entire country was infected with the majority of cases outside of Hubei province? If these lockdowns work how is it that most of China which wasn’t under a California type lockdown, where the majority of cases were, is suddenly experiencing no new infections? Do you understand what the term scam means in the English language?

How is the US federal budget deficit doing with trillion dollar state subsidies and collapsing tax revenue? How long before the US government turns off the money and tells states like New York and California that are committing economic suicide that the federal government is subsidising that they’re on their own and they go bankrupt and the benefits stop?


Hey, Einstein. No one dies of HIV but it’s effects on the immune system and thus from other illnesses. The same with most all cancer. Almost no one dies from a cancer directly. Your ignorance and just plain arrogant stupidity is pathetic. Again, Einstein, if those folk didn’t have the effects of the Virus almost all would not have died now. The percent of those who have died from the Virus under late stage hospice care is de minimis. Now if you would like to get into a life-years analysis, that’s another issue beyond your comprehension.


You’re so stupid that you don’t even know what people die of:

“What are the leading causes of death in the US?
Heart disease.
Unintentional injuries.
Chronic lower respiratory disease.
Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases.
Alzheimer’s disease.
Influenza and pneumonia.
More items.”

– The top 10 leading causes of death in the United States –



So? How does that diversion in anyway change what I said? You just show yet again your arrogant ignorance, AH.


One province in China gets the California treatment and the whole nation gets better. How does that work with more cases outside of Hubei than in it?
comment image

Hubei Chinacomment image


You divert from your stupid comments of just a week ago. You divert from your usual tinfoil hat looney toon claims. But here’s a couple of possible reasons for the pattern in China. They had way too many ostriches like you in the ruling Communist Party who let it get out of hand for at least a month. When it could no longer be hidden they instituted early and stringent focused preventative measures based on isolation and wide scale testing. South Korea acted sooner and lowered the peak.

The other is from an epidemiology prof buddy who believes that there are slightly different strains with a few extremely contagious and lethal, others much less so. Oh, and this virus mutates relatively quickly.

We better hope we don’t see a resurgence in China and South Korea before there is an effective drug (we can’t wait a year to 18 months under lock down) or it will be the end of the world economy both from the direct effects of the Virus and a collapsed economic system. The earlier the draconian measures are imposed the better. But they can NOT be kept in place for much more than a month or two if we want only a run-of-the-mill relatively short depression. After that, there may be no coming back.


Look idiot, try dealing with the facts. They never locked down China outside of Hubei where the majority of cases are. And now new cases have dropped to zero.

It’s been here as long as China with almost no containment and very few deaths. And we’re still not in lockdown like you are. The Chinese figured out that they were doing far more damage destroying their economy then anything that the virus would do.


This is not strangulation, it is risk mitigation. True that Covid19 has shocked some areas of the services sector. Banking sector is much healthier than in 2008, and financial liquidity is good. Look for the case numbers to spike with more testing, and then to flatten out % wise. New York state will be hit hard. Corona virus likes lower temperatures. Amazon is looking to hire 100,000. :)

Ivan Freely

What’s your opinion on Deutsche Bank? I’m expecting they’ll implode like Lehman.


CEO Dick Fuld was off playing golf when Lehman imploded.
Hopefully he does not work at Deutsche Bank now! :)


There’s no risk to mitigate. The tested death rate is down to 1% now that more people are tested. It’s the same death rate as the flu using the CDC estimate mathematical model used for the flu.


You are off by a decimal place and more. Influenza 0.10 %, Covid19 2.0%+? Plus rate of spread has to be taken into account.


Do you understand that you’re comparing the CDC estimated rate for the flu which uses 100% of the population and the tested rate for the virus which uses less than 1% of the population and is an exponentially smaller control group than the estimated rate? And that as the number of people tested increases the death rate drops rapidly:

The death rate is falling fast in the US. If you use the mathematical model that the CDC uses for the flu they’re much lower than this.

How are Newsom’s poll numbers doing?

“4.06% March 8 (22 deaths of 541 cases)
3.69% March 9 (26 of 704)
3.01% March 10 (30 of 994)
2.95% March 11 (38 of 1,295)
2.52% March 12 (42 of 1,695)
2.27% March 13 (49 of 2,247)
1.93% March 14 (57 of 2,954)
1.84% March 15 (68 of 3,680)
1.6% March 17 (116 of 7,301)
1.4% March 19 (161 of 11,329)
1.25% March 20 (237 of 18,845)

The mortality rate for the coronavirus in the US continues to fall as more and more Americans are able to be tested.
12 days ago the US coronavirus mortality rate was 4.06
Today the mortality rate is down to 1.25%!”

– Mortality Rate of Coronavirus in US Slips to 1.25% in KNOWN CASES – Far Below Fraudulent Number by WHO –


Mar 11, 2020 – In January this year, Italy reported that since flu season started in October 2019, over 2 million cases of flu were recorded, resulting in 240 deaths.
Deaths now over 4,000. Do you see the problem here ??


You didn’t answer my questions. This isn’t Italy and the Italians are lying:

“I want to stress that they have died having coronavirus, not because of it”, the head of the country’s Civil Protection Department, Angelo Borrelli said at a briefing.”

– Italy’s COVID-19 Death Toll Surges by 627 to 4,032 Over Past 24 Hours – Health Official –


Peter Jennings

Italian admin has said that those who died of the virus, almost to a man, had severe chronic illness already and if they had caught flu, the results would have been the same.

The Chinese admin have said that their testing could have been out by 80%, which means they were most probably mistaking the common cold for the virus.


“Over 68,000 deaths were attributable to influenza”

– Investigating the impact of influenza on excess mortality in all ages in Italy during recent seasons (2013/14–2016/17 seasons) –



Off topic:
Newsom has been a fear monger as of late trying to keep people home.
I have decided to do the complete opposite My first stop is local red rock. :)
comment image


With no other people around. That’s fine. Just watch out for the rattlers.


But it’s beginning to do just fine in Australia, Brazil and India…unfortunately…

Pave Way IV

Why all the doom and gloom in the U.S.? Flatten the curve with fake tests. The little people will believe anything – they’ll never know the difference. The US Department of Defense could save a half-trillion or so by culling those useless but expensive veterans. The Department of Homeland Security can exert their Stazi-like control over U.S. citizens (=potential terrorists) and collect their DNA for, well… Homeland Security!. COVID-19 is a win-win-win for our psychopathic U.S. government.

And how to fake tests? Easy – don’t do them at all. Flood the country with ‘test swabs’ to pacify those troublesome peons. Hospitals take samples and send them off to be tested, but – surprise – we can’t possibly do that. The first test kits were bad and didn’t work. The shady contractor can’t possibly make enough replacement reagent for the bad stuff. And local labs with limited capacity will take weeks to ramp up. Throw those samples in the dumpster and flatten that curve!

The U.S. is secretly importing a million or so swabs every week from Italy using USAF transports. All these articles mention ‘test kits’, but these are nothing but the swabs. No primer or probe reagents, sorry! CDC is working on that part… I guess. We won’t be able to test but a few thousand a week, but we’ll be way ahead of the curve by collecting a million samples a week. [sigh…]
comment image

US Air Force Flew Half a Million Coronavirus Test Swabs From Italy to Tennessee

Air Force moves 500K coronavirus test swabs from Italy to US

Air Force Will Fly Swabs From Italy to Boost Testing in the U.S. (2)

DHS Secretary: “Looks like we’re going to need more coffin liners, even if we stuff six at a time into them.”
Treasury Secretary: “Every corpse is a $1200 savings to my banker employers! Uh… I mean a savings to U.S. taxpayers.”
Pompeo: “You know… it’s about time to start that war with Iran for Israel. I say we attack them tomorrow (with tactical nukes).”


Nahhhhhhhh…the Pandemic is taking care of it for us. Allah be Praised!


In NZ the narrative goes like this. “You have a fever! WHY did you endanger everybody by coming to see a doctor!? NO we won’t test you it’s too DANGEROUS! Go home and self-isolate! No we won’t eliminate the possibility of you having COVID, we’d prefer you to tremble with fear and not-knowing because then we can control you and you will obey! We save the fake-swab test for people who have travelled to Iran!”

Pave Way IV

Don’t Kiwis usually bury any infected citizens up to their necks in sand, pour honey on their heads, then let those giant ants ‘take care of business’? I’m pretty sure I saw it on YouTube. Maybe I’m confusing NZ practices with Australian infectious disease control strategy.


Eaten by deadly centipedes!


Can do wonderful (and diabolical) things with drones too eh.

Ivan Freely

“collect their DNA”

I wonder if that was always their agenda and CoVID-19 was the perfect excuse. Fuck. Well played Deep State. Well played.


Uhhhh duh. And higher infection rates would make the relative death rate come down, which is not what the MSM wants. What they want is fear and hysteria and martial law (for whatever reason). So admitting to higher infection rates isn’t doing jack for the narrative

Silviu Costea

In addition, most of the test systems from the centers for the control and prevention of diseases sent to the field turned out to be defective.

Like all the US products…

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