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COVID-19 Outbreak: Emerging Threat


COVID-19 Outbreak: Emerging Threat

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The world is uniting to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, with Russia, China and Cuba deploying specialists to the Italian hotspot, there is a group of people that intentionally fuels the crisis. This tendency is especially apparent in post-Soviet states, like Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

The so-called ‘pro-Western’ part of the population of these countries have been started becoming a real threat to them. For example, over the past weeks, Russia has been targeted by a number of waves of fake news campaigns regarding the situatino with the COVID-19 outbreak and the social security (access to food, water and social services) in the country.

The main narratives was that the government was hiding the truth about the rammatic death toll (debunked even by the WHO) and the lack of food in big cities. Here you can see how photos and videos of empty stores were being made. A person was taking food products from the shelf and making a photo of an empty shelf. After this, he returns food products to it.

Additionally, Russian sources report about mass attempts of ‘pro-Western’ Russian citizens returning from foreign countries (especially Europe, which is the center of the COVID-19 outbreak) to ignore quarantine measures needed to prevent the spread of the virus. They intenrionally ignore the needed quarantine period (14 days) and do not report about light COVID-19 symptoms.

A similar behavior is observed among Ukrainian citizens returned from Europe (most of them worked there – legally or even illegally). In videos appearing online, they directly state that they do not care about other Ukrainians and will not comple with the introduced security measures.

The situation in Belarus is not much better with multiple pro-Western radicals promoting an idea that the COVID-19 outbreak is positive news because it would allow to get rid of older people that have ‘positive views’ towards the USSR and Russia.

The hardcore pro-Western and anti-government views, and the apparent hate towards their fellow citizens (that do not seek to migrate to the West or do not have ‘right views’) turn thse persons a real threat to the societies to which they return.




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