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JUNE 2023

COVID-19 In Italy. A Critical Look At Death Toll Numbers

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COVID-19 In Italy. A Critical Look At Death Toll Numbers

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Italy remains the main hot point of the COVID-19 outbreak in Europe with 97,689 confirmed cases and 10,779 deaths as of March 30 morning. According to these numbers, every 10th registered COVID-19 number dies from the desease. This situation as well as mistakes in the government’s response to the outbreak amid the mainstream media hysteria led to the state of panic in the country. However, some sources and reports question the reliability of the provided numbers. To get an alternative, non-mainstream, look at the situation we suggest you two articles published by off-Guardian.org earlier in March:

Italy: Only 12% of “Covid19 deaths” list Covid19 as cause (source):

The way Italy registers deaths explains their increased coronavirus case/fatality ratio, according to one expert and a report from Italy’s National Institute of Health (ISS).

Citing this report (in English here), Professor Walter Ricciardi, scientific adviser to Italy’s minister of health said:

The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus […] On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 per cent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity – many had two or three,”

This has been reported widely, it was even in The Telegraph, and yet no one seems to be engaging with it.

The president of the Italian Civil Protection Service actually went out of his way to remind people of the nature of Italy’s fatality figures in a morning briefing on 20/03:

I want you to remember these people died WITH the coronavirus and not FROM the coronavirus”

What does this actually mean?

It means that the Italian death toll figures could have been artificially inflated by up to 88%. If true, this would mean the total number of Italians who have actually died of Covid19 could be as low as ~700. Which would bring Italy, currently a statistical outlier in terms of Covid19 fatalities, well in line with the rest of the world.

It means thousands of deaths currently widely attributed to Covid19, and being used to justify the introduction of measures equating to medical martial law, may not have died of covid19 at all but of their serious chronic co-morbidity (cancer, heart disease etc.).

This statistic is not a secret, or in any way controversial, it was in The Telegraph after all, but people seem to be ignoring it, or reading around it, or perhaps simply not understanding it.

We reported on these statistics a few days ago, and many people who should know better simply reacted to the headline without either reading the actual article or understanding the statistics.

Given the bill that is having its second reading in the UK parliament today, it is important this information is spread widely and quickly.

This information was compiled with the assistance of the Swiss Propaganda Research group, we once again recommend everybody read their site. They are a must-read, a must-follow and a must-share. It is the best resource for Covid19 information on the internet.

ISS Report: 99% of Covid19 Deaths had Pre-existing Serious Illness (source):

By Kit Knightly

Anything up to 99.2% of all of Italy’s recent Covid19-associated deaths could have been caused by pre-existing chronic conditions, according to a report released by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Italian Institute of Health, ISS)

The report was translated and sent to us by Swiss Propaganda Research. Their team have been doing some great work collating and translating sources of information on the coronavirus pandemic. Their daily updated thread, here, is a valuable resource to anyone trying to keep up-to-date.

There are some very important facts here, all ignored by the mainstream.

There’s the epidemiological study done by a Japanese research group that found the case-fatality ratio to potentially be as low as 0.04% (markedly lower even than seasonal flu).

There’s German and Chinese biologists reporting the unproven nature of Covid test kits and that they can generate “false positives”.

There’s the Italian study finding that up to 75% of positive test patients are entirely symptomless, coupled with warnings from Spanish doctors that panic and systemic overload pose a much greater threat to public health than the coronavirus.

As we said, it’s all very valuable information, and we highly recommend you read the whole thread, and check their daily updates. An excellent piece of research.

…but we mostly want to focus on their most recent update, the translation of the ISS report on the morbidity of coronavirus patients. The statistics are highly interesting.

According to this report:

  • The median age is 80.5 years (79.5 for men, 83.7 for women).
  • 10% of the deceased was over 90 years old; 90% of the deceased was over 70 years old.
  • Only 0.8% of the deceased had no pre-existing chronic illnesses.
  • Approximately 75% of the deceased had two or more pre-existing conditions, 50% had three more pre-existing conditions, in particular heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
  • Five of the deceased were between 31 and 39 years old, all of them with serious pre-existing health conditions (e.g. cancer or heart disease).
  • The National Health Institute hasn’t yet determined what the patients examined ultimately died of and refers to them in general terms as Covid19-positive deaths.

Consider what these statistics mean, especially the third and final point together, followed to their logical conclusion.

99.2% of Italian Covid19-related deaths were already sick with something else, and the ISS hasn’t actually determined they died of Covid19 at all.

That’s shocking. Especially when paired with the reports that the test kits can produce false positives.

It’s entirely possible that dozens, even hundreds, of deaths in Italy (and perhaps the rest of the world) are being mistakenly attributed to Covid19 rather than the heart disease, cancer, emphysema or whichever comorbidity actually caused the death.

Let us do some simple maths. Italy currently reports 2978 pandemic-related deaths. 99.2% of those were already sick, meaning 0.8 were not. 0.8% of 2978 is just under 24. Which means, only 24 people have died whilst having no comorbidity at all. (And we don’t know their age or social circumstances).

The question becomes, why is this happening?

Why are we getting stories about overflowing funeral homes, when the worst-case Covid19 scenario (ie, no false positives or misattributed deaths) would be an increase of ~2% in the expected mortalitiy rate?

Why are we hearing rumours about Italian ICUs being over-burdened to breaking point this year, but heard no such thing when the ICUs in Lombardy were swamped with flu cases in 2017/18?

Why are the media narratives, and the actions of our governments, totally irreconcilable with statistical reality?

That should be a cause of concern for everyone.

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Hasbara Hunter

Italy has got a couple of really incompetent Bought & Paid for Puppeticians…which shows very clear right now…for that matter the “Herd immunity“ in Holland seems to work…Holland ain’t the worst of’m all…a TOTAL LOCKDOWN in Holland will lead to RIOTS…COVID-19 is Nothing!! It is a Cover-Up for an Economic Crisis that already should have happened in 2017 & to kill small businesses so that the Banksters, Wall Street & Multinationals can Buy everything really cheap in a couple of moons…

“The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.”

The One-Percenter Elites now OWN 60% of Everything but they WANT 100%….TOTAL CONTROL…Stand in line for your RFID please…

Jens Holm

A total lock dowm of Holland wont do as You assume. We are not lie You and has “civile courage” buildt in. Total lockdown also is a relative.

In Denmark we have a socalled total lock down, but the vital things are not. When we buy, there is food of all kind and lines, so we are not to clothe and the imployed there has a plastic fence, so we cant contact them.

We all wash hands before we go out as well as we do it, when we go home.

We are not like You at all.

You are nothing. Some like You can be bought for 10 ECU in a chemival store. Most of You is polluted water and calsium not even wirth uses as chalk.

Codenamed 'Gordon'

In Italy there was a 12% increase in mortality compared to the same month in March 2019. So, the question is why do US and Germany have the lowest mortality from COVID-19? Because these two countries have a health care system based on private insurance whereas Italy has a National Health Service since 1978. So private insurances save their money for any death not caused by COVID-19.

Jens Holm

Thats highly incorrect. The damage control is about people follows the very well known methods against all infections.

That also covers down to sneese and fx measels.

Youi have to avoad spreading by contact whatever kind it is. You have to remain isolated as long as You can spread, what You got.

No need for any any healthcare system for that.

The need sis trusting poltiticians telling You this influenza is a very nasty one and You have to follow strict and simple rules, so Your grandparents dont die before time.

That has been ignored by many politicians and therefore also for people living there. As seen on TV its extra terible ignoring football matches and afterskiing too.

USA and Germany is not comparable at all as well. Here You probatly also ignore, that most of the USA wellfare system is in 52 different states and forget how far out Trump is.

Lone Ranger

Many countries have low mortality rates whom also also happen to have universal healthcare. Germany has universal healthcare by the way. U.S. has relatively low mortality because they arent telling the real numbers.

Codenamed 'Gordon'

Germany has not an universal healthcare https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Healthcare_in_Germany#Health_insurance

Lone Ranger

Yes it does.

Lone Ranger

In fact whole EU and Russia does.

Wayne Nicholson

Percentages are ratios or fractions. The mortality rate is the number of dead divided by the number of confirmed tested …. NOT the number who have been infected …. that number is unknown and cannot be known. So if you don’t really know how many are infected how do you know the mortality rate? It’s a bullshit statistic.

In the USA just who is getting tested? I understand that in the US healthcare system either you or your insurance pays for the test. I question whether limiting testing to people with money or insurance for testing and acute patients turning up in emergency rooms is really an accurate picture of the spread of this virus. What about the people without the money or insurance to get tested? people living in high density slums? This is where the virus will run rampant …. not through wealthy suburban neighbourhoods.

My wife’s a nurse by profession but her doctorate is in epidemiology and biostatistics. She and her buddies have been tracking this pandemic for weeks now and the big topic of conversation among them is why the deaths in the US low compared to other countries. Either they aren’t testing effectively or they are lying about Corvid-19 numbers attributing their deaths to other causes.

Regardless the number of confirmed case or even the number of deaths are not important. What matters is the number of admissions to hospital and that isn’t being reported anywhere. THAT is what the crisis is all about.

If we keep admissions low enough that the hospitals can cope with the number of patients you’ll have a low death rate when all is said and done but let the numbers rise and overwhelm the healthcare system and the number of dead skyrockets and you lose increasing numbers of covid-19 patients as well as other patients in hospital because the staff will be overwhelmed and sick from the virus themselves.

The worst case scenario laid out by the USA right now shows a peak in 2 weeks and up to 200,000 dead. Those numbers are laughingly optimistic. This is going to rage right through the summer.

klove and light

“Just a little rain falling all around The grass lifts its head to the heavenly sound Just a little rain, just a little rain What have they done to the rain?” – Malvina Reynolds On September 23, 1998, 66 satellites, launched into low orbit by the Iridium Corporation, commenced broadcasting to the first ever satellite telephones. Those phones would work equally as well in mid-ocean, and in Antarctica, as in the middle of Los Angeles—a remarkable achievement. But telephone interviews revealed that on that day exactly, electrically sensitive people all over the world experienced stabbing pains in their chest, knife-like sensations in their head, nosebleeds, asthma attacks, and other signs of severe electrical illness. Many did not think they were going to make it. Statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control reveal that the national death rate rose 4 to 5 percent during the following two weeks. Thousands of homing pigeons lost their way during those two weeks, all over the United States. Several companies are now competing to provide not just cell phone service, but Wi-Fi and the equivalent of 5G, to every square inch of the earth from satellites in space in low earth orbit. Their target dates are 2019 or 2020. They are planning not 66 satellites, but tens of thousands of satellites. There isn’t much time to prevent a global ecological catastrophe. The companies with the biggest schemes include: SpaceX: 12,000 satellites OneWeb: 4560 satellites Boeing: 2956 satellites Spire Global: 972 satellites

klove and light

The Details The biggest threats are from Boeing, OneWeb, and SpaceX, all of which have similar applications before the FCC. SpaceX’s 12,000 satellites will operate in two constellations, at 700 miles and 210 miles in altitude. They will operate at millimeter wave frequencies and they will be phased arrays. Each satellite will have thousands of antenna elements that will aim focused, steerable beams at any desired point on the surface of the earth. Each beam from the 4,425 satellites already approved at the 700-mile height would have a maximum effective radiated power of up to 8,800 watts. The revised application for 12,000 satellites is requesting an increase to 5,000,000 watts per beam (for the upper constellation of 4,425 satellites) and 500,000 watts per beam (for the lower constellation of 7,518 satellites). The satellites will communicate both with individual users and with gateway earth stations, of which there will be several hundred just in the United States. OneWeb’s founder and Executive Chairman is Greg Wyler. So far, OneWeb has applied to the FCC for only 4,540 satellites, but it is partnering with Airbus, which will build the satellites; Blue Origin, a subsidiary of Amazon, which will provide the rockets; and Virgin Galactic, which will launch them. Its investors include Qualcomm, Hughes Network Systems, Intelsat of Luxembourg, Marker LLC of Israel, Grupo Salinas of Mexico, SoftBank of Japan, Bharti Enterprises of India, and Coca-Cola. It received a license from the FCC for 720 low-orbit satellites in June 2017, but has already sold most of their capacity to Honeywell and other companies. Honeywell plans to use satellite transmissions to supply fast Internet to business, commercial, and military aircraft worldwide. On January 4, 2018 OneWeb filed an application for an additional fleet of 2,560 medium-orbit satellites, and on March 19, 2018 it filed an application for 1,260 additional low-orbit satellites. It is now touting its enterprise as an essential element of the worldwide rollout of 5G technology. Like SpaceX, OneWeb’s satellites will have antennas in phased arrays and use the millimeter wave spectrum. Their maximum effective power will be 6,000 watts. OneWeb intends to launch 36 satellites every 21 days beginning in the last quarter of 2018, and to begin service with the first few hundred satellites in 2019. Boeing, which has its own plans for a fleet of 2,956 low-orbit satellites, and already has FCC approval for them, may now be backing OneWeb. In December, Boeing asked permission from the FCC to transfer its license for the 2,956 satellites to a company named SOM1101 LLC. Greg Wyler, the founder of OneWeb, is the sole owner of SOM1101. A fourth company, Telesat Canada, was granted an FCC license on November 3, 2017. It plans to have a minimum of 117 satellites up and running by 2021. It intends to add satellites “as needed” to increase capacity. These satellites will also be phased arrays and they will also be for global internet to “unserved and underserved” communities, businesses, governments and individuals. They will have a maximum effective power of 8,000 watts. Iridium, in an effort to compete with all these new companies, is presently in process of replacing its original fleet with a new fleet of 66 satellites called Iridium Next that will offer additional services. These five companies together have approved and pending applications before the FCC for almost 20,000 low and medium orbit satellites to provide Internet to the world from space. If 66 satellites providing only voice communication caused widespread illness and mortality among birds, horses, and people, what will a 20,000-satellite Internet-in-the-Sky do to us all? The Way to Understanding The original Iridium satellites were (and are still) at 1,000 watts of effective power and 483 miles in altitude. They are spread out around the Earth so that only one satellite is above any given point on the earth at any time. If a 1,000-watt tower were to be placed on a mountaintop that was 483 miles from the nearest person, no one would be alarmed. Why, then, worry about satellites in space? Five million watts is a lot scarier, but even a 5-million-watt beam from 700 miles away will produce a power level of only 13 picowatts (trillionths of a watt) per square centimeter on the ground, a level that is far below the levels most of us are exposed to already from WiFi, cell phones, and cell towers. The answer has to do with what atmospheric physicists call the global electrical circuit, and with what Chinese medicine calls qi. Electricity is not only something “out there” that powers our lights and machinery, it is the force that orchestrates growth and healing and keeps us alive. The global electrical circuit flows through the earth, up to the sky in thunderstorms, through the ionosphere, and back down to earth through the atmosphere and through our bodies. The current enters our bodies through the top of our head, circulates through our acupuncture meridians, and reenters the earth through our feet. In addition to direct current, it contains 8 Hz, 14 Hz, 20 Hz, 26 Hz, and 33 Hz components. These ELF frequencies are the Schumann resonances, and are identical to the brain wave frequencies of every animal. It also contains VLF frequencies. These are generated by lightning, vary seasonally, and regulate our annual biorhythms. We pollute this circuit at our peril.

From The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life Chapter 9, “Earth’s Electric Envelope” The strength of the atmospheric electrical current is between 1 and 10 picoamperes (trillionths of an ampere) per square meter. Dr. Robert Becker found that 1 picoampere is all the current that is necessary to stimulate healing in frogs. (R.O. Becker and G. Selden, The Body Electric, New York: Morrow 1985, p. 142; R.O. Becker and A.A. Marino, Electromagnetism and Life, Albany: State University of New York Press 1982, pp. 49-51). It is these tiny currents that keep us alive and healthy. The experiences of astronauts are a clue to the importance of the global electrical circuit to terrestrial life. The International Space Station is not completely outside of it; the Schumann resonances are clearly detectable even at that altitude, but they are greatly diminished. In the Space Station, astronauts’ circadian rhythms are disrupted. See John R. Ball and Charles H. Evans, Jr., editors, Safe Passage: Astronaut Care for Exploration Missions, National Academies Press 2001. And Russian authors have noted that “a decrease in all physiological processes” occurs during space missions and that these changes are “identical to those that occur during the process of aging on Earth.” (Irina M. Lirina et al., “Protein expression changes caused by spaceflight as measured for 18 Russian cosmonauts,” Nature, Scientific Reports 7:8142 (2017)). It is doubtful that human beings could long survive if completely removed electrically from Earth, for example in a colony on Mars such as Elon Musk is also contemplating. Power Line Harmonic Radiation Another piece of the puzzle is provided by research that has been done at Stanford University and elsewhere on the properties of the ionosphere and magnetosphere—the regions of space hundreds to thousands of miles above our heads that contain mostly electrons, protons, and other electrically charged ions. It was discovered more than forty years ago that ELF and VLF radiation from all of the power lines on earth is reaching the ionosphere, and the magnetosphere above it, where it is being amplified up to one hundred thousand-fold by interaction with electrons. As a result, the earth’s electromagnetic environment has been changed. The behavior of the magnetosphere, the structure of the Van Allen belts, the values of the Schumann resonances, and even the weather here on earth, have been altered. This phenomenon is called “power line harmonic radiation.” It was further discovered that the radiation from VLF radio stations is also amplified tremendously in the magnetosphere—so much so that a radio signal of 0.5 watts sent from an antenna in Antarctica can be detected by a receiver in northern Quebec.

Lone Ranger

5MW per beam. Unlikely, you would need a micro nuclear reactor on on h sat for that. Solar panels can only generate a few KW per sat. Non the less I dont like the idea thats basically space littering. Its bad for astronomy and will be very bad for future space travels.

klove and light

5G – FROM BLANKETS TO BULLETS 5G – FROM BLANKETS TO BULLETS by Arthur Firstenberg The single most important fact about 5G that nobody is talking about is called “phased array.” It will totally change the way cell towers and cell phones are constructed and will transform the blanket of radiation which has enveloped our world for two decades into a million powerful beams whizzing by us at all times. Blake Levitt, author of Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer’s Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves (Harcourt Brace, 1995), brought this to my attention. A mutual friend, with whom I was speaking during the campaign to defeat S.B. 649 in California, passed on a message from Blake: “5G antennas will be phased arrays; Arthur will know what that means.” And I did. Phased arrays were one of the first things I learned about in the very beginning of my long, involuntary journey from medical student to campaigner against wireless technology. After I was injured by X-rays in 1980, I began to read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with electromagnetic radiation and its effects on life. And one of the first books I read was Paul Brodeur’s The Zapping of America (W.W. Norton, 1977). Early warnings Brodeur was a staff writer for the New Yorker who had purchased property on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, only to discover that 30 miles inland, across the bay from his future home, the Air Force was planning to construct the world’s most powerful radar station. It was going to scan the Atlantic Ocean as a key early warning element protecting us against the threat of sea-launched ballistic missiles from the Soviet Union. Although it emitted an average power of only 145,000 watts, similar to some FM radio stations, it did not broadcast that energy from only a single antenna and it did not spread that energy out uniformly in all directions. Instead, it had 3,600 antennas arranged in two “phased arrays” of 1,800 antennas each. The antennas in each array worked together as a unit to focus all their energy into a narrow, steerable beam. Each beam had an effective power of four billion watts, and the peak radiation level exceeded one milliwatt per square centimeter—the FCC’s safety limit today—at a distance of three miles in front of the radar station. The facility was called PAVE PAWS (Precision Acquisition of Vehicle Entry Phased Array Warning System). The Defense Department acknowledged in a 1975 report, quoted by Brodeur, that such systems “energize thousands of operational elements, are electronically steered at high search rates, and operate at a frequency range having a maximum whole body energy transfer to man and for which little bioeffects data exists.”[1] Shortly after I read this, I discovered firsthand what some of the bioeffects were. Attempting to finish my M.D. almost cost me my life. I collapsed one day with all the symptoms of a heart attack, whereupon I resigned from school and moved up to Mendocino to recover. There I was in the path of the other PAVE PAWS, the one that scanned the Pacific Ocean. This PAVE PAWS was due east of Mendocino, in California’s Central Valley at Beale Air Force Base. And for nine months, every evening at precisely 7:00 p.m., no matter where I was or what I was doing, my chest would tighten and I would be unable to catch my breath for the next two hours. At precisely 9:00 p.m., my body would relax and I could breathe. I lived in Mendocino from 1982 through 1984, and although I eventually recovered my health, I was always aware of an uncomfortable pressure in my chest whenever I was on the coast. I also lived in Mendocino from 1999 to 2004, and felt that same discomfort whenever I was there, and always felt it suddenly vanish when I drove out of range of PAVE PAWS, and suddenly return at the same point on my journey home. Directed beams 5G is going to be at a much higher frequency range, which means the antennas are going to be much smaller—small enough to fit inside a smartphone—but like in PAVE PAWS they are going to work together in a phased array, and like in PAVE PAWS they are going to concentrate their energy in narrow, steerable high power beams.[2] The arrays are going to track each other, so that wherever you are, a beam from your smartphone is going to be aimed directly at the base station (cell tower), and a beam from the base station is going to be aimed directly at you. If you walk between someone’s phone and the base station, both beams will go right through your body. The beam from the tower will hit you even if you are in the general vicinity of someone who is on a smart phone. And if you are in a crowd, multiple beams will overlap and be unavoidable. At present, smartphones emit a maximum of about two watts, and usually operate at a power of less than a watt. That will still be true of 5G phones, however inside a 5G phone there may be 8 tiny arrays of 16 tiny antennas each,[3] all working together to track the nearest cell tower and aim a narrowly focused beam at it. The FCC has recently adopted rules[4] allowing the effective power of those beams to be as much as 20 watts. Now if a handheld smartphone sent a 20-watt beam through your body, it would far exceed the exposure limit set by the FCC. What the FCC is counting on is that there is going to be a metal shield between the display side of a 5G phone and the side with all the circuitry and antennas. That shield will be there to protect the circuitry from electronic interference that would otherwise be caused by the display and make the phone useless. But it will also function to keep most of the radiation from traveling directly into your head or body, [5] and therefore the FCC is allowing 5G phones to come to market that will have an effective radiated power that is ten times as high as for 4G phones. What this will do to the user’s hands, the FCC does not say. And who is going to make sure that when you stick a phone in your pocket, the correct side is facing your body? And who is going to protect all the bystanders from radiation that is coming in their direction that is ten times as strong as it used to be? And what about all the other 5G equipment that is going to be installed in all your computers, appliances, and automobiles? The FCC calls handheld phones “mobile stations.” Transmitters in cars are also “mobile stations.” But the FCC has also issued rules for what it calls ”transportable stations,” which it defines as transmitting equipment that is used in stationary locations and not in motion, such as local hubs for wireless broadband in your home or business.[6] The FCC’s new rules allow an effective radiated power of 300 watts for such equipment.[7] Enormous power The situation with cell towers is, if anything, worse. So far the FCC has approved bands of frequencies around 24 GHz, 28 GHz, 38 GHz, 39 GHz, and 48 GHz for use in 5G stations, and is proposing to add 32 GHz, 42 GHz, 50 GHz, 71-76 GHz, 81-86 GHz, and above 95 GHz to the soup.[8] These have tiny wavelengths and require tiny antennas. At 50 GHz, an array of 1,024 antennas will measure only 4 inches square.[9] And the maximum radiated power per array will probably not be that large—tens or hundreds of watts. But just as with PAVE PAWS, arrays containing such large numbers of antennas will be able to channel the energy into highly focused beams, and the effective radiated power will be enormous. The rules adopted by the FCC allow a 5G base station operating in the millimeter range to emit an effective radiated power of up to 30,000 watts per 100 MHz of spectrum.[10] And when you consider that some of the frequency bands the FCC is making available will allow telecom companies to buy up to 3 GHz of contiguous spectrum at auction, they will legally be allowed to emit an effective radiated power of up to 900,000 watts if they own that much spectrum. The base stations emitting power like that will be located on the sidewalk. They will be small rectangular structures mounted on top of utility poles. The reason the companies want so much power is because millimeter waves are easily blocked by objects and walls and require tremendous power to penetrate inside buildings and communicate with all the devices that we own that are going to part of the Internet of Things. The reason such tiny wavelengths are required is because of the need for an enormous amount of bandwidth—a hundred times as much bandwidth as we formerly used—in order to have smart homes, smart businesses, smart cars, and smart cities, i.e. in order to connect so many of our possessions, big and small, to the internet, and make them do everything we want them to do as fast as we want them to do it. The higher the frequency, the greater the bandwidth—but the smaller the waves. Base stations have to be very close together—100 meters apart in cities—and they have to blast out their signals in order to get them inside homes and buildings. And the only way to do this economically is with phased arrays and focused beams that are aimed directly at their targets. What happens to birds that fly through the beams, the FCC does not say. What happens to workers who climb utility poles? A 30,000-watt beam will cook an egg, or an eye, at a distance of a few feet. And the power from a base station will be distributed among as many devices as are connected at the same time.[11] When a lot of people are using their phones simultaneously, everyone’s phone will slow down but also the amount of radiation in each beam will be less. When you are the only person using your phone—for example, late at night—your data speed will be blisteringly fast but most of the radiation from the cell tower will be aimed at you. Deep penetration into the body Another important fact about radiation from phased array antennas is this: it penetrates much deeper into the human body and the assumptions that the FCC’s exposure limits are based on do not apply. This was brought to everyone’s attention by Dr. Richard Albanese of Brooks Air Force Base in connection with PAVE PAWS and was reported on in Microwave News in 2002.[12] When an ordinary electromagnetic field enters the body, it causes charges to move and currents to flow. But when extremely short electromagnetic pulses enter the body, something else happens: the moving charges themselves become little antennas that re-radiate the electromagnetic field and send it deeper into the body. These re-radiated waves are called Brillouin precursors.[13] They become significant when either the power or the phase of the waves changes rapidly enough.[14] 5G will probably satisfy both requirements. This means that the reassurance we are being given—that these millimeter waves are too short to penetrate far into the body—is not true. In the United States, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are all competing to have 5G towers, phones, and other devices commercially available as early as the end of 2018. AT&T already has experimental licenses and has been testing 5G-type base stations and user equipment at millimeter wave frequencies in Middletown, New Jersey; Waco, Austin, Dallas, Plano, and Grapevine, Texas; Kalamazoo, Michigan; and South Bend, Indiana. Verizon has experimental licenses and has been conducting trials in Houston, Euless, and Cypress, Texas; South Plainfield and Bernardsville, New Jersey; Arlington, Chantilly, Falls Church, and Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia; Washington, DC; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Brockton and Natick, Massachusetts; Atlanta; and Sacramento. Sprint has experimental licenses in Bridgewater, New Brunswick, and South Plainfield, New Jersey; and San Diego. T-Mobile has experimental licenses in Bellevue and Bothell, Washington; and San Francisco.

klove and light


Dick Von Dast'Ard

Agenda 21 Virus.


Yep, look up Event 201.

Vijay Vallamudi

The last part of the article where you wonder why hospitals are being overloaded is where you should start.

There’s an unfortunate tendency to focus on immediate mortality numbers and whether it is 1% or 0.1% or 0.01% without asking:

Is this virus, unless contained in some way, going to overwhelm hospitals which will then naturally lead to a worse outcome for all healthcare?

Currently both the mainstream media and the alternative media who questions the mainstream are *both* shrilly focused mostly on death rates, not on net hospitalization rates.

What does *net* hospitalization rates mean? It means the numbers coming into hospitals vs numbers leaving per unit of time.

Imagine a bathtub where water is gushing in at a high speed, but there’s also a drain that is emptying it out at a high speed. The question of whether the water in the bathtub will rise is not one of how fast the water is gushing in, but the NET flow in.

If the NET hospital flow is positive for an extended period of time, hospitals will get overloaded and patients who could otherwise be saved – for the sake of argument say it was 100% who could be saved – would die.

Hospitals in Wuhan (but not in the rest of China), Qom, Teheran, Lombardy, Madrid, New York are in that situation where hospitals are overloaded like they never were before even during surges in annual flu epidemics.

This is not fiction or conspiracy. It is the reason why Wuhan had to build emergency hospitals; why tens of thousands of medics from the rest of China poured in to help. It is the reason why Italy turned to Russia for help. Why extra spaces are being requisitioned in New York at this scale to try and handle the overflow.

A reason for the overflow is that once you require hospitalization, the average length of stay is in weeks (2+), not days (as say in flus). So even when there are surges in flus, you can discharge them quicker – so NET rates don’t go up as fast.

So while natural mortality rates – the % of people who would die when there is access to healthcare – is one thing, the effective rate – % who would die when access to healthcare is compromised and the rate of NET hospitalizations is key.

Leonardo Facchin

I usually respect the Off-Guardian, but on this they are on the wrong side of the issue.

The fact that most of the dead show comorbidities doesn’t mean that the Coronavirus didn’t have a hand in their death. They could have lived longer if they hadn’t caught it. It’s a BS distinction.

The true impact of the virus on the annual death ratings will be known only in the next few years, when statisticians will be able to compute what they call “excess deaths”, that is, how many more deaths were registered in 2020 with respect to previous years. Some of the people who have died would probably have died anyway later in the year. But some of them would have survived. And even those who would have died anyway would likely have lived a little longer.

Also, while it’s true that most of the people that are under 65 and have no comorbidities tend to survive the illness, still some of them develop serious/critical conditions that require ICU life support in order for them to survive. Since the number of critical cases is proportional to the total number of contagions, lifting containment measures too soon (or not imposing them in the first place) would lead to the saturation of the healthcare system. Were that to happen, all those people who develop a critical condition would start to die because they would lack life support to keep them alive while their immune system tries to fight the virus. In that case even younger people would routinely die because of Coronavirus.



You can call me Al

I agree 100% with you, especially on “The fact that most of the dead show comorbidities doesn’t mean that the Coronavirus didn’t have a hand in their death. They could have lived longer if they hadn’t caught it. It’s a BS distinction.”.


Soon after the virus escalation began I suggested that it looked like a Jew world order out of chaos Sampson plan bio weapon of mass destruction economic terrorism attack. Because they’re losing on the battlefield to Russian military superiority. To which I would add Chinese economic superiority. And that they’ve decided to collapse the world economy in response, and probably kill a lot of people to try to regain the control that they’re losing.

Alex Jones is a Zionist who apologizes for Jews, Zionists and Israel and shifts blame onto others for them. As he may be doing with the Coronavirus by blaming the Chinese. However, he does provide a lot of potentially useful information about an ulterior motive for the lying Jew msm and governments heavy handed response to the virus. The essence of which is a plan to use escalating bioweapon attacks and economic implosion to usher in an app based slave system and population cull of 50% of the planet’s inhabitants. With the current virus being a test bioweapon attack and economic collapse to be followed by a deadlier attack, app based slave system, and genocidal economic collapse.

My view is that the people that he describes as the globalist bad guys are primarily Jew world order Jews, Zionists and their collaborators with a centuries long history of mass murder and many of the worst crimes against humanity.

He talks a lot about knowing what they’re going to do by reading their so called white papers without providing copies on his websites that would provide conclusive proof of exactly what these people are planning and who is behind these activities. While claiming that it’s all publically available material. Most of which I’ve been unable to locate and corroborate. I was blocked from his comment boards for truthing about Jew crime and evil.


This projection is for the US as a whole. In virus lockdown states it’s worse.

– Coronavirus job losses could total 47 million, unemployment rate may hit 32%, Fed estimates –



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Yes, that’s the percentage who died with the virus who died of the comorbidity that 99% of them have.


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Exposing Jew crime and evil makes me a truther, not a Nazi. Shilling for Judaism and Israel and all of their crimes makes you an anti Semitic Zionazi.


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It’s not a compliment. But it is an accurate description of your depravity.


Just as I suspected, it looks like others are running the same scam as the Italians, which probably includes some US states as well:

“On March 20, 2020, the President of the German Robert Koch Institute confirmed that test-positive deceased are counted as “corona deaths” regardless of the real cause of death: “We consider someone with a coronavirus infection to be a corona death was, «said the RKI President when asked a journalist.”

– RKI relativizes “corona deaths” –


“The Robert Koch Institute (abbreviated RKI) is a German federal government agency and research institute responsible for disease control and prevention. It is located in Berlin and Wernigerode. As an upper federal agency, it is subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Health. It was founded in 1891 and is named for its founding director, the founder of modern bacteriology and Nobel laureate Robert Koch.”

– Robert Koch Institute –


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