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COVID-19 Hype And Horrors Of Deep State

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COVID-19 Hype And Horrors Of Deep State

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The COVID-19 pandemic, and the hysteria it carried with it is without precedent in modern history, with a massive share of the global population under lockdown, and specifically that of Europe and the United States.

It is customary, furthermore, that every crisis presents opportunities to speculate, and provide alternative narratives (or even conspiracy theories) of what specifically is going on, how and why it was initiated and where it would all lead.

A crisis without precedent, however, creates the opportunity for massive-scale speculation, especially when it’s as polarizing as the COVID-19, with the entire situation having no exact clarity of what the mortality rate is, how many people are and were, in fact, infected, how many are actually dying and so on.

Of course, every respectable conspiracy theory blames a “force” (or a group, individual) that has an interest at stake and there is much to gain from organizing it.

One of them is the following:

In a short summary, the “narrative is the following” and it is a popular QAnon conspiracy theory, that’s being shared by influencers (such as Rose Henges who spread “awareness” for “holistic living”, but she is one of many), on Instagram and other social media.

Supporters of the completely unfounded QAnon conspiracy theory believe that President Donald Trump and the American military are waging a secret war against the deep state, which they believe is a global cabal of pedophiles. They get their updates from off-shoots of the anonymous message board 8chan and a website called QAlerts, which they comb through for barely coherent secret messages from a person they believe has Q-level security clearance within the US government.

Starting from the week beginning on March 30th, thousands (and even hundreds of thousands) of hungry and terribly abused children have been found dead, or in captivity in an underground tunnel in New York.

This tunnel, allegedly, connects between the Clinton Foundation Building and the port of New York, with a length of approximately 4 kilometers.

It is through the end of the tunnel that comes out into the port of New York that children and corpses are loaded onto the USNS Comfort medical vessel.

It should be reminded that a man was arrested for attempting to derail a train and collide with the USNS Mercy, docked near Los Angeles, because he believed that the U.S. government was planning some sort of takeover.

Thus, according to the conspiracy theory, the USNS Mercy is docked near Los Angeles to provide the same service – care for kidnapped children and the victims of horrible abuses saved from the tunnels, because there’s also apparently tunnels under L.A.

These rescue activities are under the patronage of the “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force,” which is another quite popular conspiracy theory.

This conspiracy theory, however, goes one step further – some of the corpses had bitemarks on them, maybe by rats, but it even claimed that the starving children ate the corpses of the dead ones.

The makeshift field hospital in the middle of Central Park in New York, also, is there to treat the children, rather than to fight COVID-19.

And it is estimated that New York needs 100,000 body bags.

And it is expected that between 4 and 6% of these children would die, because they were too weak. They were tortured and sexually abused. Many of these children were raised for this specific purpose and have never seen the light of day, and so on.

Furthermore, there’s also an explanation of the urgent need of respirators – the air in the tunnels is stagnated, thus they need help breathing.

Finally, police officers who entered the tunnels were traumatized, and they were even given bags in which to throw up if it’s too much.

Furthermore, in addition to that, global celebrities began providing all sorts of entertainment, to presumably keep people away from seeing the truth.

These include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Antonio Banderas, Robbie Williams, and many more, who have began releasing videos, and what not, in order to entertain the quarantined masses.

Then, the conspiracy theory went even deeper – Madonna was quoted in Vogue magazine that she “would kill for pasta” and most would think its because panic buying left shelves empty and restaurants and bars are closed far and wide.

But no, “pasta” apparently is some sort of pedophile slang for the murder of a young boy.

And that’s also done for a purpose – apparently it all connects to also the, now deceased, Jeffrey Epstein who presumably killed himself used to take celebrities on a private island for that sort of entertainment.

It was to produce Adrenochrome was used by celebrities as a drug and an elixir of immortality. It is derived from a child’s body at the time of terrible fear and pain.

So, apparently, the synthetic adrenochrome produced in Wuhan, China, was intentionally infected with a special type of coronavirus.

Thus, a person who has taken some of this substance could easily be tracked.

And quarantine served as a cover for the largest ever secret U.S. intelligence operation, which will arrest 158,000 people and “remove all the villains” – politicians, celebrities and company heads, bankers such as George Soros, the heads of the United Nations, the founders of GRETA and more.

Indirectly, this wild theory, according to its followers, is proved by the US statistics, according to which in the USA annually, according to the official version alone, about 460,000 children disappear each year.

In short, people began to seriously discuss that Jeffrey Epstein on his island treated his influential friends not only to young girls, but also to children. And everyone who flew in private jets to his island will face arrest and a military tribunal.

The list of people who have visited Epstein’s island is long and is no secret and it includes many influential politicians, entertainers, film and music celebrities and what not.

And all sorts of stories such as this are being propagated by the entire quarantine that keeps everybody at home, generally alone with themselves or with likeminded individuals who can spiral their ideas out of control.

Gone are the times when the most illogical, weird and “disturbing” thing was the ending of Game of Thrones.

Now, there’s surely very little truth to the general idea of the conspiracy theory, but what’s interesting is who it’s aimed at and why it appears now, of all times.

More than likely, what’s described above is a well-planned (albeit hastily, since the timeline with the COVID-19 was a bit short) campaign to discredit the entire “neoliberal elite” group that’s quite popular in recent times.

It is no secret that many of the faces behind some of the major global capital, or some of the leaders of entertainment and media are associated with some very large-scale scandals (such as Harvey Weinstein, for example, or maybe George Soros’ heart transplants, there’s numerous other cases), and these are generally related to things that the “common folk” would find disturbing.

The general concept is to get some facts, such as the quarantine, the field hospital (as if out of M*A*S*H) and the UNSN Mercy and the USNS Comfort, and such, glue them together with a very questionable, horror-filled content and try to pass it as a possible version that sounds at least “slightly reasonable.”

Who could stand behind the propagation of such narratives, however?

There are several options.

  1. The pro-Trump lobby, and his team (not directly Donald Trump himself), are, at least partially, responsible for starting the “versions” since they discredit his direct opponents quite apparently, and it is not a bad timing for the diffusion of such information, after all his entire handling of the COVID-19 situation is turning into a fiasco.
  2. It could be China – and why not, these “neoliberal elites,” are, to a very large degree, in charge of global affairs – globalism is a narrative that they push forward, in a way. China isn’t interested in a US-oriented global order, or a West-oriented one, it has little interest in a group of people pushing the narrative. Beijing wants to be the sole super power, for its own reasons and to achieve its own goals. Discrediting its direct “competition” and also by maintaining that US soldiers brought the coronavirus to Mainland China is one way to do so.
  3. It could be Russia – but, it makes no sense, since some of these theories slam traditional Russian “allies” (in very broad terms) as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is willing to “look the other way” from the Western-propagated narrative for the greater (economic) wellbeing. Furthermore, the “Great Russian propaganda machine” is much more a myth than a reality, as it has been proven time and again. Finally, a large part of the current Russian elite is very much integrated with the Western elite, there’s little (if any) interest in undermining it, after all it works to their benefit.
  4. There’s always “rogue actors” those who are conditionally “patriotic” or conditionally “conservative” since the current climate doesn’t specifically play into their field, this could relate to capital, political interest, various lobbyist interests.

There’s other QAnon versions, as the “movement” has seen increased activity on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter since the outbreak of COVID-19. Some Q followers baselessly claim the virus is a human-made bioweapon, which they believe was created by either the Chinese government or Bill Gates, depending on which Twitter account you read.

One thing is certain, during a crisis, conspiracy theories are abound, and truth, sometimes, comes around, factual stories are few and far between.


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Damien C

Hi Guys,

Please disregard any rubbish people post about Covid-19 being no worse that the Flu

The Flu on average over the course of 1 year WORLDWIDE will kill as many as 290,000 (official number) but up to 600,000 – 700,000 unofficially because many deaths happen at home and thus are not recorded.
These are factual figures taken from all health and Government bodies over a 14 year period and averaged out.

Those Flu figures are for an entire year ! The Covid-19 hasn’t even got it’s boots on yet, the more modern Nations of the world with air travelling passengers have suffered from Covid because they were exposed earlier the under-developed nations have not had the same exposure yet and thus their numbers have not registered yet. Remember these are countries with large populations and little or no health care.


These are only a few off the top of my head but remember we have in the western affected nations exercised strict social distancing and lock down if we didn’t our numbers would be 10-15 times higer due to the medical infrastructure being deluged … that’s exactly what’s going to happen in the above countries.

We will come out of lock-down for a month then back into lock down for 2 weeks then out for a month then lock-down again for 3 weeks.
This is to dissapate the vast numbers requiring medical aid and thus saving countless lives.

This is only early April still May June July August September October November December to go. Then the second wave will hit us around November to add to our first wave. I would like to point out health professionals in New York alone estimate their death rate is 200 a day higher as many die at home because they can’t afford treatment and tried to stave off the Covid at home and they don’t test the dead for the virus anymore as testing kits are too valuble


Might all be so. Problem is we can not have an extended lockdown beyond several weeks without crashing the economy and potentially causing as much damage and even deaths as the Virus. If we are still going strong with the Pandemic and the lockdowns into May get out the sandwich board that says “The End is Nigh!”


comment image

Charles Homer

As shown in this article, up to this point in time, there is only one accurate measure of how deadly the COVID-19 pandemic will eventually end up becoming:


The data is suggesting that politicians are manufacturing numbers to maximize fear.


Go lick some public doorknobs and handrails, AH.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

All timed to coincide with solar cycle 25 and it’s effects upon human physiology and pathophysiology.

Peter Jennings

Maybe nothing to do with the increase of cosmic rays, the depletion of the Earth’s magnetic field, and the pole shift nearing the 40% tipping mark.

Scientists have said previously that viruses could very well have been spread throughout the galaxy by passing asteroids, of which one is due, and about to light up very soon.

Albert Pike

Sure Nibru, Planet X ? Anybody else more bullshit?

Peter Jennings

Nibiru maybe, but not planet X, cosmic rays, the depletion of the Earth’s magnetic field or the pole shifting.
They are all facts as proven by science. Some very recently. Cosmic rays produce smaller particles when they collide with our atmosphere. These particles make it to the surface during solar minimums and are small enough to affect DNA.

Séamus Ó Néill

I’m not saying that I believe any of these theories, suppositions or hypothesis, but one thing I’d never do is to assume that I know more about what’s happening than anyone else….just remember, just over 100 years ago, manned flight was deemed impossible and those proposing such controversial ideas were verging on insanity and dancing on the lunatic fringe !


I use to tell people, think back in time, recap for god sake, and every year, every war, every day, the MSM whom is the same source we read, use them to make their politics, not the other way around, and some people stil dont get that fact, most of the wars are because of, the MSM, whom have lied, faked manufactured, and give space to an army of “unofficial sources” whom again have lied, faked, manufactured and inveted propaganda since long before even when the Roman empire was humpong around and wiped out anyone whom they considered to be an problem, and they also used propaganda for what it was wurth, from throwing baybs out of the incub… sorry eat them, etc, and stil people dont get it, then how the bloody hell is it them possible to counter anything when most belive every bloody thing they read or see on the MSM, and then we have the classical well pissers, whom is the oposit of the scale, inventing, faking and manufacturing stupiditys an mass, aka idiotic “CONspiracys”, but again, the same problem arises, where as I never bother to read them, no more than I bother to read our MSM.

This CONvid nonsense is the same, and take the war on Syria, barrel bombs to Gass attacks, this are briliant ex. on manufacturing consent, and then we will always have those that claim the gassing was done by people from the Pleiades, an star conselation in the sky, and some people may even belive that to, but to the slam everybody, people like me into the same binn is an intellectual failure, witch is at best just anoying, at worst, deliberate, and some people stil dont get that either, when I know some of the so called theorys are invented by the same people whom produces the constant stream of bullshit propaganda, do you undestran that, I wont hold my breath but hopes people can differentiate.

The biggest problem is stupdity and ignorance, and the constant whining of people whom cant differentiate, and somehow must since I consder the mayority to willfully be attacking others when they both really dont undstand what they claim is the truth, and that is where we stand to day.
I never read most of this things? this article writes about, even if some of it is true, I dont care, because the more important issues are never writen about, the ones that kills millions, crushes nations upon nations, blaming the victim, etc to cencure.
But one thing do I know, this is done by consent, depiberatly, and some even think wars in this days are meant to be won, jesus they are miles behind the curve, the same is to be about the Russians, whom is more of an copy of the west, and I dont like that, because it have consequences.

But, I know when I link to sites, I dont go good for everything they write or have on their sites, but for me its not the point since I am case oriented and focuses on the path it take to any given time, like the war on Syria and now this CONvid uh…. pandemic, and so far the counter arguments are just plain silly, when I dont trust the politicians nor the western MSM, even when the so called tests are basicaly useless, etc and then what do we have, an flu, hyped to be something its not, if millions where dying I would belive them but thats not happening at all and take the vaccine hysteria, even when it officialy confirmed, thru an law suit, people stil belives the spectaculare evil Gate/s, whom where thrown out of Inda because of creating an Polio epidemic thru their so called vaccine, even then I read in so called Russian alternative sites about how wounderdull Vaccines are, when the facts are the oposit.
How the f…. is this possible, I really dont know, but people are dumber than ever this days, and I belive that, as I dont even like to compare people to sheeps, since I would never call an sheep dumb, it lives acordingly to its abilitys, while humans have the potential to go beyond sheeps, but infact isnt.

Then we have the real deal, I could give you an crash course in consciousness, abilitys, potential, etc, to other things witch is so far out for the morons that I dont bother, give you some scraps but for now just keeps my mouth shut, because people are just to f…. stupid and are scared of everything, even their own perseptions, their own mind, the reality straight infront of you, and I dont go into the Reptile nonsense, all tho I dont even rule that out, because I have seen some things most of you dont even dear to think about, like Archons, they are real, I could even give you the methode to see them, but when i wrote this most of you would just riddicoul that to, because it falls under the “insanity” of religion.
And that was just one, there are much more.
This present world makes me feel like Miguels De Cervantes, Don Quijote wading in an world of dead meat where they see nothing, hear nothing speak nothing and have an attention span witch I can dawrf with my brass farts.
Thank god for my cats, at least I have intellegent begins to company me in this days of living in an destert of desolution, that would make the Sahara brimming with life.

Have an nice day.
Take care.



“The biggest problem is stupdity and ignorance…” you say. Very true. Like from you and your like minded butt buddies around here and elsewhere. And you really need to take your meds, especially your Imodium for the verbal diarrhea from your upper anus, kid.

Albert Pike

“…since I am case oriented and focuses on the path it take to any given time.”
No you are not! You are full of yourself and completely confused in this world with Trump and Putin being Lubavitch, and with a Q-PsyOp run by the old Zionist/Satanist PsyOp Master Paul E Vallely, and his buddy Michael Aquino from the ‘Temple of Set’…

Damien C

Not one single doctor working in a hospital ward dealing with Covid-19 anywhere in the world thinks this is a hoax …


If such a being existed out of the millions of doctors fighting this every tin-foil website in the world would have them on 24/7 the only people in the medical profession denying Covid-19 are former GP doctors with TV shows catering for the dooms-dayers

Listen to your doctors NOT the MSM or the Conspiracy sites get your information from qualified frontline professionals and NOBODY ELSE

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I’ve been listening out, from what I hear quite quiet for this time of year.



“Published : March 24, 2020; Updated : April 3, 2020

The President of the German Robert Koch Institute confirmed on March 20, 2020 that test-positive deceased people are counted as “corona deaths” regardless of the real cause of death: “We consider someone with a corona virus infection to be a corona death … said the RKI President when asked a journalist (see video below).

According to experts, the number of deaths is severely relativized, since the patients die in many cases from their previous illnesses and not from the virus. Data from Italy show that over 99% of the deceased had one or more chronic medical conditions, including cancer and heart problems, and only 12% mentioned the coronavirus on the death certificate as a cofactor.”

– RKI relativizes “corona deaths” –



– Dr. Birx Confirms Anyone Who Dies WITH Coronavirus, Regardless of Any Underlying Health Condition, is Being Counted as a COVID-19 Death –


https://youtu.be/_MrqOViK1YI 3


It’s fact that Jews are depraved perverts who institutionally rape their children during bizarre blood sucking rituals with canibal prostitutes 1,000 times every week. Some of whom are infected with venereal disease and murdered in the process.


That surely helps your credibility, AH. The sad part is, you actually think things like that even if in this case you might have been trying to be funny but failing, which is a congenital defect you have.


You’re the one with the credibility deficit. I walk the talk.

– New case of neonatal herpes caused by Jewish circumcision –


– Israel’s Chief Rabbinate Says Oral Suction at Circumcision Is Preferred –



Do you wear an upside down crucifix? In your depraved world people condemning pedophile rape are AHs and the degenerate perverts raping children are God’s chosen people.


Something else is going on whilst the Burgers are locked up at home, and the land is quiet as a mouse at night ……………..5G masts are springing up like weeds after the storm, and the land is being devastated by deforestation en-masse, because “The trees block the 5G transmissions………………… Why is it that 5G has not officially be tested for its affects on the Human organism ?????? Why is it that Jewgle, Jewtube, and Facebook have all been gagged, forbidding anyone from speaking out about the connection between the Pandemic and 5G ?????????????


– MN Senator and Dr. Reveals HHS Document Coached Him on How to Overcount COVID-19 Cases –



I think the theory of BG creating a virus as part of an action / reaction / solution play holds plenty of water.

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