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COVID-19 Crisis In Russia: Lockdown Craziness And Opposition Provocations


COVID-19 Crisis In Russia: Lockdown Craziness And Opposition Provocations

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In Russia, the central city clinical hospital in Reutov, Moscow Region, is forced not only to fight coronavirus infection, but also to attempt to break into its territory supporters of the hardcore pro-Western opposition (led by ‘non-system’, Western-funded politician Alexey Navalny).

One of the most recent prominent cases involved ‘opposition activist’ Anastasia Vasilyeva.

They came and wanted to get to the hospital. We have established a quarantine regime due to increased readiness to fight against coronavirus infection.

We explained to them that we have quarantine and they cannot drive to the hospital grounds. They allegedly came to give charity help, we explained that, firstly, we don’t need it, the hospital is fully equipped with all personal protective equipment,” Garik Khachatryan, head physician of the Central Clinical Hospital, told the 360 channel.

He noted that if Vasilyeva and her associates somehow want to help the hospital, then they can first write an official letter addressed to it.

Although the head doctor emphasized that all the needs of the institution are met to the extent necessary by the regional Ministry of Health and the Government of the Moscow Region.

The doctor also denied reports of the neo-lbieral opposition’s supporters that the controversial video message about the lack of protective equipment that appeared on social networks was allegedly made in a Reutov hospital.

HINT: Modern “liberalism” (often called “neo-liberalism”) is the ideology of serving to global financial monopolies and market speculators in general. The goal of such “liberals” is to increase their personal level of consumption with the minimal possible intellectual and physical work, using the margin simplification of modern communications and IT technologies, for satisfying their selfish, mainly bodily, desires covering them under the guise of post-modern sophistry. Thus, they swallow public resources undermining the steadily development of the humanity.

He explained that the personnel actually captured the medical workers of the Pokrovskaya hospital in St. Petersburg, but even there the management already commented on this topic, and said that there was no such thing.

“I consider the situation that is now unfolding around Reutov hospital to be pre-planned at the moment when we are fighting around the clock for the lives of patients in this difficult time,” Garik Khachatryan summed up.

Anastasia Vasilyeva and her associates have already noted strange “aid actions” in other regions. Previously, Vasilyeva took medical masks to hospitals in the Novgorod region, which already receive a shipment of 50,000 personal protective equipment kits every week.

Later it turned out that the masks carried by Vasilyeva are even unsuitable for use by doctors, since they do not have certificates.

Additionally, with these actions, Vasilyeva practically ignores the regime of self-isolation established by the authorities, although she herself repeatedly called on everyone to stay home.

Another reported perpetuated by Latvia-based Russian-language media outlet Meduza (which ‘accidentially’ is focused on providing anti-government news from Russia) is this:

A patient died in the hospital in Ufa.

On April 6th, an elderly patient with diabetes and pneumonia died at the Kuvatov Republican Clinical Hospital in Ufa.

According to the head of Bashkiria, Radiy Khabirov, the death of the woman was caused by “cerebral edema against the background of a progressive ischemic cerebral infarction”, but the posthumous analysis on COVID-19 was positive.

According to the Hospital’s head physician Elsa Syrtlanova, on April 6th, quarantine was introduced in the Kuvatov hospital. The Ministry of Health of Bashkiria clarified that all employees, including management, remained in the building.

A video was published, in which an employee said that the hospital would continue working over the next two weeks, but they wouldn’t leave, as to adhere to the quarantine.

“We will work day after day, as far as I understand, until we die,” the person in the video said.

On April 7th, an unnamed lawyer spoke with radio Echo Moscow, saying that the doctors in the Ufa hospital were not notified about the quarantine and that the administration not familiarize them with the decision of the head physician.

He, furthermore, accused the administration of the hospital of escaping through the window, and there’s even a video purportedly showing the situation.

And it is shared by none other than Anastasiya Vasilyeva.

In response, the deputy head physician of the Ufahospital, Elena Elkhova, in a conversation with the 360 channel said that the administration did not leave the building. (while the video demonsrates opposite)

“I am in the hospital on the eighth floor. The head doctor is here too. Chief accountant, chief economist – everyone’s working. Nobody escaped,” she said.

The head physician, Elsa Syrtlanova, wrote on Facebook that employees of the procurement department who transferred computers for work at home were on the video. She did not specify why they were allowed to leave the hospital building, despite quarantine.

Meanwhile, Russian citizens are dealing with the emergency measures in their own way.

A video was shared, showing a man attempting to run away from doctors who are in full protective gear.

A local resident (on the video above) was earlier taken to a psychiatric clinic with symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections.

After being tested for COVID-19, the man was released for self-isolation until the results are ready.

The test came back positive. And when doctors in special suits arrived for the 28-year-old patient, he began to run from them. As a result, the sprinter was still caught and taken to the hospital.

Another man, living in Norilsk was filmed attempting to go outside during the lockdown, to walk his pet.

The video shows that the cat wasn’t exactly keen on going for a walk in the snow, but the man must’ve been fed up with sitting at home.

Note that walking a pet is a legitimate reason to violate the introduced self-isolation regime due to the epidemic of coronavirus. There is only one condition: walking is allowed within 100 meters from the house.

Another hype topic exploited by the pro-Western opposition in Russia is the supposed suffering of businessmen in the country. While the lockdown really damaged the country’s small and medium buisiness, personalities of ‘heroes’ promoted by pro-opposition outlets and political activists to promote raise eyebrows. Most of them are rich persons that barely need any real social support from the government in the current conditions. At the same time, the situation with real small and medium buisinesses suffering damage remains underreported.

Summing up, it becomes obvious that anti-government Western-backed forces are trying to use the COVID-19 crisis to destabilize the situation in Russia. They successfully exploiting the gaps in the government’s coverage of its actions in order to paint them as solely destructive and negative for the population and economy. For example, in the case with the UFA hospital, the government tried to cover up the situation instead of announcing an investigation into the situation and informing the public about the result of this investigation. If authorities call some claims and videos fake because they do not provide a wider picture of the covered situation (and background), it would be useful to publish additional data that would explain the situation and allow to contain the negative reaction of the audience.

A successful example of working with such provocations is Kazakhstan. For example, in 2019, a series of videos providing radical and destructive nationalist views appeared in the country’s media sphere. This campaign was aimed at instigating ethnic tensions in the country. Authorities reacted to this situation with an investigation of all cases involved and employed methods of persuasion as well as administrative punishment measures towards the persons involved.




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