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JUNE 2021

“It’s A Coup”: Catalan President Slams “Worst Attack” By Spain “Since Franco Dictatorship”

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Originally appeared at Zero Hedge

Update (1510ET): Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont addressed Catalans, Spaniards, and the rest of Europe on TV saying that the Spanish states’ imposition of Article 155 means “liquidation of our self-government and cancellation of the democratic will of Catalans”.

Puigdemont said Mr Rajoy had set out to “humiliate” Catalonia in an “attack on democracy” and said removing powers from Catalonia was the “worst attack against the institutions and the people of Catalonia since the military dictatorship of Francisco Franco”.

Puigdemont also said Spain “closed the doors ot a request for talks, and should set a date to discuss the attack” and “Catalan institutions cannot accept attack by Spain.”

In a striking accusation, the Catalan president said that “Catalan institutions dealt a coup by Spanish state.”

Puigdemont then switched to English to appeal to Europeans, says democracy also at risk in Europe: “Catalonia is an ancient European nation”. He also announced a session in Catalan parliament to debate “the attempt to liquidate our self-government”.

Puigdemont concluded by saying “Long live Catalonia” to which a silently listening crowd suddenly burst back into cheers and chanting.

However, Puigdemont did not specifically declare independence, but said Catalonia will not accept Madrid’s plan to curb region’s powers, leaving one tiny, final loophole…

*  *  *

As we detailed earlier, with Spain officially pulling the trigger on Article 155, and activating the Spanish Constitutional “nuclear option” this morning, when PM Rajoy said he would seize control of the Catalan government, fire everyone and force new elections in six months, attention has shifted to the Catalan response. And as we waited for the official statement by Catalan separatist president Carles Puigdemont, expected at 9pm local time, we found him taking to the streets, where he led hundreds of thousands of independence supporters in protest around Barcelona on Saturday, shouting “freedom” and “independence” following the stunning news from Madrid earlier on Saturday.

"It's A Coup": Catalan President Slams "Worst Attack" By Spain "Since Franco Dictatorship"

The protest in the center of the Catalan capital had initially been called to push for the release of the leaders of two hugely influential grassroots independence organisations, accused of sedition and jailed pending further investigation. But it took on an even angrier tone after Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced his government would move to dismiss the region’s separatist government, take control of its ministries and call fresh elections in Catalonia.

According to municipal police, over 450,000 people rallied on Barcelona’s expansive Paseo de Gracia boulevard, spilling over on to nearby streets, many holding Catalonia’s yellow, red and blue Estelada separatist flag.

"It's A Coup": Catalan President Slams "Worst Attack" By Spain "Since Franco Dictatorship"

Catalan regional vice-president Oriol Junqueras and Catalan regional president 
Carles Puigdemont attend a demonstration on October 21, 2017 in Barcelona

Protesters greeted Puigdemont’s arrival at the rally with shouts of “President, President.” The rest of his executive was also there.

For at least some locals, the time to split from Spain has come: “It’s time to declare independence,” said Jordi Balta, a 28-year-old stationery shop employee quoted by AFP, adding there was no longer any room for dialogue.

Others disgree: “The Catalans are completely disconnected from Spanish institutions, and particularly anything to do with the Spanish state,” said Ramon Millol, a 45-year-old mechanic.

Meritxell Agut, a 22-year-old bank worker, said she was “completely outraged and really sad.” “They can destroy the government, they can destroy everything they want but we’ll keep on fighting.”

Catalonia is roughly split down the middle on independence, but residents cherish the autonomy of the wealthy, northeastern region, which saw its powers taken away under the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco. Which is why, as many have warned, Madrid’s move could anger even those against independence.

Barcelona’s Mayor Ada Colau, who opposes the independence drive, tweeted: “Rajoy has suspended the self-government of Catalonia for which so many people fought. A serious attack on the rights and freedoms of everyone.”

"It's A Coup": Catalan President Slams "Worst Attack" By Spain "Since Franco Dictatorship"

Meanwhile, the anger keeps rising: as a police helicopter hovered above, protesters booed and gave it the finger. “I wish they would just go,” said Balta, looking up at the sky.

The Spanish government’s proposed measures still have to be approved by the Senate. But the upper house is majority-controlled by Rajoy’s ruling Popular Party and he has secured the support of other major parties, meaning they will almost certainly go through.

Puigdemont is expected to make a statement at 9 p.m. For Catalonia, and Spain, it will – literally – mean the difference between independence and remaining part of Spain. It could also mean the difference between peace and a violent crackdown by Madrid on what it has seen since day one as an illegal independence process. For the Catalan leader, the stakes are huge:  El Pais reported Puigdemont faces a charge of sedition, punishable by up to 30 years in prison, if he formally declares independence or tries to change the Spanish constitution.

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Michael Qiao

we need another Franco and Hitler, we need fascism back

Daniel Castro

Catalunians should listen The Rollingstones wise words:

“you can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need”

They’re about to discover what they really need, a reality shock.

Michael Qiao

they need to learn from the Kurds in Iraq


You mean, how to risk losing not only your life but your autonomy as well, that lesson?

Michael Qiao

you nailed it


Thanks… sometimes it’s good to spell it out.


Sure beats the hell out of talmudic capitalism

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

“…which saw its powers taken away under the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco.”

Catalan was a stronghold of the anarchists and Communists during the 1936 Civil War. And it seems nothing there has changed much.

At the end of the Civil War Franco actually granted an amnesty to the revolutionaries. Personally, I think that was a mistake. (Franco is one of my heroes.)

Spain needs to crush this quickly and arrest all the ringleaders.

Michael Qiao

Is Hitler one of your heroes? (he is mine)


You like methamphetamine as well? ; )

Michael Qiao

Hitler never did any drugs, that is another Jewish lie



Petrus Levelleri

Good news. The self-government of Catalonia is not abolished. Madrid takes control temporarily to restore order, legality and prepare new regional elections. The Catalonian govt that broke the laws will be dismissed and arrested. That’s the right thing to do and it’s what will be done.


And what if they re-elect the same parties?

Solomon Krupacek

put in prison that catalonian fire-eater!


Just take up arms and rebel, fucking cowards.


Beware: Catalonia independant movement is a trick. It’s important to know that Europe was created by the CIA after WWII to expand US inflence both economically and militarilly. It’s also important to know that European Commissionners are not even elected, but named. THAT MEANS THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY.
In fact tthe purpose of Europe is to sumit people to US financial, economical and commercial interests. This can only be achieved by lowering countries hability to protect populations. The idea of dismantling Europe


They should dismantle all the bigger countries, better for democracy. Just look at the most democratic countries, all small.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I support ethnic indigenous CATALAN preserve so the indigenous have full rights to self preserve their ethnic group.
FRANCO was dealing with massive Zio-Marxist invasion which were genociding Nun’s by the hundreds at a time.
If time would have been different, Franco and Catalan would have hammered out a peace deal that was amicable to all sides. I hope Catalan’s see this.
Anyway, we are now in a new era where each ethnic group wants their ancestral home lands back to prevent racist from moving in to racially replace them.
I support Catalan independence!


You are fucking nuts! There is no catalan race, moron!

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