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JUNE 2020

Countries by Total Nuclear Tests (Infographics)


Earlier this week SouthFront released the analysis entitled Possible Scenarios of the Conflict in Syriathat depicts the worst-case escalation scenario (including the possible nuclear escalation) of the conflict in Syria. Additionally to this video, we want to remind the well-known list of countries by total nuclear tests. Another interesting well-known fact is that the United States is the only country that has used nuclear weapons in combat.

Countries by Total Nuclear Tests (Infographics)

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  • Pippo Spano

    pakistan 2 ……image show 7 in roman numbers

    • The image shows countries by total nuclear tests. So, yes, Pakistan – #7 with 2 tests.

      • Pippo Spano

        sorry for stupid question thx for answer

  • northerntruthseeker .

    You missed the secretive nuclear tests by Israel… One most definitely in the south Atlantic Ocean in cooperation with the South African government back in 1979… The infamous “Vela incident”…

  • paul

    China ?

  • Peter Jennings

    Only one of the mentioned countries has used it deliberately on humans and that same country is itching to do it again in the name of freedom and democracy. The sad part is that some in america actually believe it.