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‘Country 404’: Zelensky Administration Seeks To Ban Opposition Parties Ahead Of Local Elections

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'Country 404': Zelensky Administration Seeks To Ban Opposition Parties Ahead Of Local Elections

Ukrainian Comedian President Volodymyr Zelensky

The post-2014 Ukrainian leadership continues employing best democratic practices learned from their foreign sponsors.

Now, the administration of President Volodymyr Zelensky, through its pocket ‘patriots’, is seeking to ban two opposition parties – the Opposition Platform — For Life and the Party of Shariy – just ahead of the local elections set to be held on October 25, 2020. The formal reason of the move proposed through the Public Council under the Ministry of Justice is the parties’ supposed ‘destructive actions’ against the Ukrainian sovereignty and national security i.e. calls to settle the conflict in eastern Ukraine by political measures, protect the Russian-speaking population, fight street violence and political terror (a cornerstone of the Kiev regime’s internal policy) etc.

According to local media, there are high chances that this move will get a further development and the government will really try to ban these opposition parties. The United States, which is the most democratic country around the world and the puppeteer behind the modern Ukrainian leadership, de-facto has only two political parties: the Democrats and the Republicans. So, the Zelensky administration likely feels itself obliged to follow its footsteps and create own ‘two-parties system’ led by something like the ruling “US Puppets” party and the opposition “Puppets of the US” party. Other parties that could question the current Ukrainian course that already led to the economic collapse, deep social crisis and the state of chaos across the country are not needed. In any cases, the government widely employs direct attacks, detentions and even killings of opposition figures, journalists and activists as a tool of its internal policy. So, this will only make the situation easier.

The next logical step of the ongoing ‘democratic development’ of Ukraine would be not only the bans of opposition political parties and media organizations, but even religious organizations supported by a majority of the population. For example, pro-government ‘activists’ have repeatedly called to ban the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) on the territory of Ukraine and seize all of its properties. The fact that this church is the only canonic Orthodox church in Ukraine that has a wide support among the nation is not being seen as any real obstacle.

At the same time, the Ukrainian leadership and its Western sponsors are not shy to claim that the Kiev regime is the democratic shield defending Europe in the front of the Russian aggression. If all what happens in Ukraine is “democracy”, this easily explains why multiple countries around the world do not support this kind of “democratic values”.


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This neo-liberal/neo-con madness imported from the US can only be treated by a bullet in the head.

Harry Smith

Ukrainians had a chance to vote a pro Russian president, but they preferred a clown instead. They thought they were voting for Ronald McDonald but got Pennywise instead. So now Ukrainians are punished for their own stupidity. Or they will get smarter or they will end their existence.

Антон С

There is no pro-russian candidates since 1991th.

Harry Smith

Here he is https://www.unian.info/politics/10613259-ukraine-s-prominent-pro-russian-politicians-medvedchuk-boyko-meet-medvedev-in-moscow-again.html

Peter Jennings

Sorry, i lost interest at ‘Vladimir Putin’s crony’. It probably saved me some time.

Lone Ranger

Disney called they want you back…

Harry Smith

If you will stop writing stupid comments in Internet it will save you half of your remaining life time.

Антон С

This one is Yanukovich number 2. As I said previously, there is no pro-russian candidates.


To Dangle a carrot in front of a donkey is what was done in all the ex soviet states and in Ukraine the carrot was rotten and many Ukies still chased after it.

Harry Smith

Ukrainians fully deserved what they are getting now. Or they would get smarter or they will disappear. And if an Ukrainian became double smarter of his current stage he recalls that he is Russian in fact. :)

johnny rotten

And this is the infamous fate that they want to impose on the entire human race, excluding the illegal state that occupies Palestine of course.


So this kind of lawless state Belarus fighters for “democracy” want to impose?

Harry Smith

They do believe in their case all will be different. Don’t ask me why. It is very common thing that revolution is made by ignorant and retarded people, at least for the State Dept revolutions of last 5 decades.


“Idiots keep repeating the same always expecting better results…..”

I think I understand… Other “revolutionaries” were not true “revolutionaries” because only they are super mega, hyper “revolutionaries” now and they will finally have a “true” revolution.

Lone Ranger

Ukropisstan is not a country, its an Oversea Protectorate of the U.S. aka a colony, like Puerto Rico.

Peter Jennings

There’s nothing quite like banning political parties to ensure a healthy democracy. :)

Considering banning political parties in Ukraine is hardly surprising. The US and nato chased the last democratically elected leader from the country and gave Ukraine a rat and then a chocolate puppet, and then an idiot who talked the talk by doesn’t walk the walk.

cechas vodobenikov

strashna—-sadly ukraine has been reduced to a failed state…what can they do? Emigrate…USA will do nothing for them except increase the corruption…like the Georgians they believed the amerikans—lost South Ossetia, Abkhazia….now lost Crimea and the Donbbass…even the Moldovans provide autonomy to the Gaugaz—do the Ukrainians know about pridnestrovia? Poroshenko was raised there

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