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Counter-Terrorist Operation In Almaty Continues (Videos)

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Counter-Terrorist Operation In Almaty Continues (Videos)

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On January 8, the counter-terrorist operation in the Kazakhstan’s city of Almaty continued. During the day, shooting was heard on the streets.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 4266 people have been detained by the police so far. Among the detainees are foreign citizens.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic, 18 security officers were killed. The list of victims that included 7 officers was released on January 7.

Counter-Terrorist Operation In Almaty Continues (Videos)

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Police officers in Almaty continue seizing weapons and ammunition from rioters.

A large amount of ammunition and stolen property, including bicycles, televisions and cell phones, were seized in a garage workshop in the Kalkaman microdistrict.

A large cache of machine guns, sniper rifle, pistols was uncovered and 139 radicals were detained in Zhambyl district, in one of the villages of the Almaty region. According to preliminary data, citizens of a neighboring state were among the detainees.

The police officers found a large amount of money in different currencies, including tenge, euros, dollars etc.

The detained extremists also supplied the protesters with alcohol and drugs.


The damage caused to business in Kazakhstan during the riots exceeded $200 million. More than 850 organizations were affected in the former capital of the country Almaty.

The risk of a food crisis in the country is high.

Some shops in Almaty do not sell more than two loaves of bread in one hand. Large grocery shops are still closed, despite the fact that they did not suffered from looting raids. There is almost no meat, chicken and other products in the stores, as the supply chains were blocked for a few days.

Major gas stations in the city have also not opened yet. Public transport in Almaty was stopped.

Counter-Terrorist Operation In Almaty Continues (Videos)

Karim Massimov

The former head of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov has been detained on charges of treason.

On January 6 of this year, the National Security Committee launched a pre-trial investigation of a high treason, under Article 175 Part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On the same day, on suspicion of committing this crime, former Chairman of the National Security Committee Masimov and other persons were detained and placed in a temporary detention facility.


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Lance Ripplinger

This mess in Kazakhstan sounds like another “color revolution”, orchestrated by the CIA and British intelligence services. It is good to see that Russia learned from the Ukraine disaster and responded to the Kazakh’s calls for peace keeping forces from the CSTO. If Kazakhstan were to fall to the west, that would be an major threat to Russia. Hopefully all the countries in CSTO hold strong.


Why are you calling people who are fighting against dictators and against increase in prices of fuel, basic needs and inequality terrorists and people who terrorize the masses leaders. If it would have happened in the West they would have had a just cause. The guy in charge has been ruling Kazakhstan for more than three decades pocking the resources with his clique serving Russian and Chinese interests. Dictators will not last forever no matter What Russia does. They will be gone soon or later. It is the same in Iran and your platform calls people who demonstrate for their basic rights and a better standard of life US agent. If these governments are so popular let them have an election under the supervision of UN and without ant restrictions and see what happens.


Agreed, South front lost my respect with the angle they took regarding this Kazakhstan protests.

I’m now 100% sure they will always take a pro-russian stance on any report they make.


While the protesters have grievances against the government regarding increase in price of energy the protests was also about covid restrictions tryranny gripping the world which the Kazakhstan government was happy to impose on the citizens.

It’s a shame that South front is not looking at this angle. I have always thought South front is objective in their reporting but I guess I was wrong. Labelling protesters as militants is ridiculous.

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