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Corruption In The Anti-Corrupt System

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Corruption In The Anti-Corrupt System

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Since Ukraine’s Maidan victory, foreign influence has exceeded all the reasonable limits in the country. While initially it was only about foreign advisers and observers inside various government institutions, later the West moved on to creating totally auditable parallel power structures.

After several unsuccessful attempts, Western experts realized that reforming Ukrainian law enforcement agencies was a futile undertaking. Therefore, the curators decided to launch a scheme tested in the countries of Central America and Africa, and establish a parallel system of law enforcement agencies.

This is how the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAPO) appeared, being fully autonomous entities.

Corruption In The Anti-Corrupt System

NABU logo

NABU is supervised by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. NABU detectives do their internship at the FBI base in Quantico. Their work in Ukraine is directly supervised by FBI field agents. Moreover, all the necessary equipment for NABU’s covert surveillance and wiretapping has been arriving right from the States by diplomatic mail. The Bureau has a force cover group trained and equipped by the same Americans.

To address corruption issues, NABU created a network of undercover agents, whose historical task was to provoke bribing with high-ranking officials and MPs.

Procedural support of criminal intelligence is carried out by a Specialized Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office. As recorded in official documents, SAPO is an independent functional unit of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office missioned with supervising compliance with the laws during NABU’s pre-trial intelligence.

For a while, a full-fledged anti-corruption system was only lacking a court to this effect. It was founded in 2018 pursuant to law 2447 of Ukraine On the High Anti-Corruption Court (HACC) (hereinafter referred to as the Law), which was initiated by Petro Poroshenko and adopted on June 7, 2018. The Court got rolling on September 5, 2019.

Tellingly, shortlisting judges for this major judicial authority of an “independent state” should be supervised by a Public Council of International Experts. Their opinion is also fundamental when agreeing on judge candidates, and they get substantial material incentives from the government. When engaged in HACC candidate selecting procedures, they are paid as much as Supreme Court judges. In addition, members of the Council who do not permanently reside in the territory of Ukraine get a reimbursement for living and relocation expenses.

Let’s get back to the new law enforcement agencies – NABU and SAPO. All along, their activities have aimed to intercept Ukraine’s financial flows in the best interests of those who arranged them, i.e. the United States and its Western allies.

Political scientist Konstantin Bondarenko noted:

“There is a group of people, an entire political field of anti-corruption campaigners. Among them one might list Saakashvili, Nayem, and NABU agents. They coordinate activities not with the president, but with US representatives in Ukraine. They seek to gain favor with those considered Democrats sitting at the embassy and taking their lead from Biden, not from Tillerson or Pence. Their guru is John McCain, whom the US itself calls rather a Democrat than a Republican. So, these are their beacons. At the same time, they aspire for creating their own field and their own independence out of tune with the president and harmful to the coalition.”

On December 6, 2017, Petro Poroshenko Bloc’s Artur Gerasimov and Popular Front’s Maxim Burbak submitted bill 7362 to the Verkhovna Rada empowering the parliament to impeach credit to heads of special-purpose anti-corruption bodies, and allowing that the president dismiss NABU director for even minor administrative offenses. Moreover, it was planned to consider the bill the very next day after its registration, on December 7.

The response of Ukraine’s Western “partners” was not long in coming. On request by the Ukrainian Voice of America, the FBI issued an official statement regarding the functioning of this US state agency in Ukraine, branding NABU and SAPO employees as highly professional staff.

At FBI’s heels, the World Bank also hastened to express concern. The IMF as represented by its head Christine Lagarde demanded that Ukraine ensure independence for NABU and SAPO.

“We are deeply concerned by recent events in Ukraine that could roll back progress that has been made in setting up independent institutions to tackle high-level corruption,”

the IMF said in a statement.

And the UK government issued an official statement fearing that Ukraine’s anti-corruption bodies were in jeopardy.

But the highest outrage certainly emerged with were American government officials.

The US State Department went public to say:

“The recent events – including the disruption of a high-level corruption investigation, the arrest of officials from the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), and the seizure of sensitive NABU files – raise concerns about Ukraine’s commitment to combating corruption.”

“We are proud to have supported the creation of these agencies, and we will keep assisting them,”

US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch stated.

Joe Biden ‘s adviser Michael Carpenter wrote on the following his Twitter page:

“If the Rada votes to dismiss the head of the Anticorruption Committee and the head of the NABU, I will recommend cutting all US government assistance to Ukraine, including security assistance. This is a disgrace!”

Carpenter’s tweet

To avoid misunderstanding between the curators and the mentees, Marie Yovanovitch carpeted the entire top of the People’s Front Party – Yatsenyuk, Avakov and Parubiy – late on December 6 and gave them a talk, after which the Verkhovna Rada rushed to remove bill 7362 from the agenda the very next day.

I want to remind you once again that the new anti-corruption bodies were created by the Americans with the sole purpose of controlling the “native-born” authorities. Therefore, they incidentally pitched in with attacks against high-ranking officials, including those from Petro Poroshenko’s inner circle. Someone had to make it clear to the “natives” that their lives and activities were under control, otherwise they could have embarked upon an independent policy, which is nowhere near acceptable.

For appearance’s sake, “anti-corruption campaigners” worked tirelessly, as we might guess. Since their very emergence, we have witnessed numerous high-profile criminal cases, including against top bribetakers. But were there any dramatic sentencing decisions or heavy prison sentences for those investigated?

The performance of Ukraine’s anticorruption services is reflected by the principal body’s operating effect. During a 2018 meeting of the Verkhovna Rada anti-corruption committee, its chairman Artem Sytnik said that over the two first years since April 2015, NABU helped the government return 115 million hryvnia, 174 million in 2017, and 107 million in the first half of 2018. That is, for the entire period of work, NABU returned less than half of the annual salaries of its employees to the budget, since for 2019 alone, UAH 867.5 million was allocated to it, which is 10 million more than in 2018. Of these funds, 515 million hryvnias were spent on the salary of the Bureau’s employees in 2019 (472 million in 2018).

In 2020, the agency was allocated UAH 919.1 million from the state budget. At the same time, NABU detectives reimbursed losses for the year further to accomplished criminal proceedings in the amount of 103.5 million hryvnias. At the same time, Artem Sytnik himself earned 215,204 hryvnias in November 2020.

In 2021, the figures were disgracefully small, no need to voice them. Six months into the year, it was only possible to confiscate some 8 million hryvnias to the state revenue, with the agency’s budget exceeding 1 billion.

What conclusions can be deduced from all of this?

Ukraine’s fight against corruption is one of the most corrupt spheres, incredible as it may seem.

Amid clashing Ukrainian clans and Western curators, key state structures masquerade as corruption fighters to engage in intercepting control over financial flows or obtaining embarrassing evidence against top-level officials.

Moreover, while traditional entities like the SBU, the Prosecutor General’s Office and the national police seek personal gain, the “new” departments (NABU, SAPO) are more often used to obtain compromising material and control over officials. For which, in fact, they were created by Western management structures, though.


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Edgar Zetar

You have to be a Moron if you accept the solutions from the people who started the issue. USA Hegemony establish in every country conquered an Olligarchy and caste or breed caste system based on the alliance to the USA only, also they instruct them they should destroy anyone who wanted to take over them or diminish the power and rule they give them… Long time ago I realized “Corruption” is the tool they use to control the system and to Govern entire Countries… Corruption is a dual tool, you can bribe them and also you can use to accuse them and then remove from power and put your own puppets in charge.

Marshal Antonescu

Absolutely true; look what I stated above. Almost the same things.

jens holm

So USA control Russia and Ukraine. They are twice as corrupt as USA?

Russia also has the biggets dwarfs.


This video is fucking beautiful. https://funker530.com/video/russian-armor-stays-in-atgm-kill-zone-suffers-losses/

my patient need another injection

what a great country,SLAVA DOLLARS!


Just as much worth as the other dollars around the globe, nothing! Toilet paper has more value.

Tommy Jensen

If US continue to corrupt Ukraine in Kiev offices, Russia will retaliate by killing more Slavic brothers on the frontline.

jens holm

But they dont. And yes we now the infantiles of Russia well. They are just as corrupt as Ukraine and even 5 steps lower then Ukraine by international transparensy.

But that of cource does not matter from You having everything correct from Putin by RT TV and more reliable then Jesus and Karl Marx.

Marshal Antonescu

Everywhere where kikejoo’s invade a country there will be same ‘technique’ of the fake democratic dualism. EVERYWHERE ! JUSA is the perfect example: both demo(no)crat and republican so called opponent parties are theirs own construction from beginning. Same in all aspects related to the life of a kikejoo stolen/kidnapped sovereignty: the problem and the solution have the same authors ! Corruption and anti-corruption are no exception but instead one of the most used pseudo-dialect dualism inside a prisoner system.


Seems like some Half Jewish man 80 years ago understood it better then the current followers of his ideology

jens holm

We actually lives outside the prison.

We see no kidnapped sobereinity as well. We are dependet and mainly do well by that.

Youshould wonder why so many try to come to here and almost none try to gohome again.

The DDR fence was to keep people in. We make fences to keep people out.

jens holm

Actually the political system is taken from the French Constitution just as many others.

But of course its in own context.

LIBERTY in the new York Harbour is a symbol for that and made by the fransk-amerikanske Union

Harry Taylor

It is a continuation of the Corrupt Oligarch Controlled “United States, Incorporated” in Washington DC. People of the United States need to stop feeding the PIG. THE WARS WILL STOP . A Tax Revolt to save the whole world from their Greedy Tyranny.

jens holm

The higher tax the higher livingstandard and age. Thats Western Economics.


jens too stupid to research transparency international—any that is not lazy moron can verify their recent ranking

jens holm


2021 Search Score Country Rank

88 Denmark 1

88 Finland 1

88 New Zealand 1

85 Norway 4

85 Singapore 4

85 Sweden 4

84 Switzerland 7

82 Netherlands 8

81 Luxembourg 9

80 Germany 10

78 United Kingdom 11

76 Hong Kong 12

74 Austria 13

74 Canada 13

74 Estonia 13

74 Ireland 13

74 Iceland 13

73 Australia 18

73 Belgium 18

73 Japan 18

73 Uruguay 18

71 France 22

70 Seychelles 23

69 United Arab Emirates 24

68 Bhutan 25

68 Taiwan 25

67 Chile 27

67 United States of America 27

65 Barbados 29

64 Bahamas 30

63 Qatar 31

62 Korea, South 32

62 Portugal 32

61 Spain 34

61 Lithuania 34

59 Israel 36

59 Latvia 36

59 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 36

58 Cabo Verde 39

58 Costa Rica 39

57 Slovenia 41

56 Italy 42

56 Saint Lucia 42

56 Poland 42

55 Botswana 45

55 Dominica 45

55 Fiji 45

55 Georgia 45

54 Czech Republic 49

54 Malta 49

54 Mauritius 49

53 Cyprus 52

53 Grenada 52

53 Rwanda 52

53 Saudi Arabia 52

52 Oman 56

52 Slovakia 56

49 Armenia 58

49 Greece 58

49 Jordan 58

49 Namibia 58

48 Malaysia 62

47 Croatia 63

46 Cuba 64

46 Montenegro 64

45 China 66

45 Romania 66

45 Sao Tome and Principe 66

45 Vanuatu 66

44 Jamaica 70

44 Tunisia 70

44 South Africa 70

43 Ghana 73

43 Hungary 73

43 Kuwait 73

43 Senegal 73

43 Solomon Islands 73

42 Benin 78

42 Burkina Faso 78

42 Bulgaria 78

42 Bahrain 78

41 Belarus 82

41 Timor-Leste 82

41 Trinidad and Tobago 82

40 India 85

40 Maldives 85

39 Colombia 87

39 Ethiopia 87

39 Guyana 87

39 Kosovo 87

39 Morocco 87

39 North Macedonia 87

39 Suriname 87

39 Tanzania 87

39 Vietnam 87

38 Argentina 96

38 Brazil 96

38 Indonesia 96

38 Lesotho 96

38 Serbia 96

38 Turkey 96

37 Gambia 102

37 Kazakhstan 102

37 Sri Lanka 102

36 Cote d’Ivoire 105

36 Ecuador 105

36 Moldova 105

36 Panama 105

36 Peru 105

35 Albania 110

35 Bosnia and Herzegovina 110

35 Mongolia 110

35 Malawi 110

35 Thailand 110

34 Sierra Leone 115

34 El Salvador 115

33 Algeria 117

33 Egypt 117

33 Nepal 117

33 Philippines 117

33 Zambia 117

32 Eswatini 122

32 Ukraine 122

31 Gabon 124

31 Mexico 124

31 Niger 124

31 Papua New Guinea 124

30 Azerbaijan 128

30 Bolivia 128

30 Djibouti 128

30 Dominican Republic 128

30 Kenya 128

30 Laos 128

30 Paraguay 128

30 Togo 128

29 Angola 136

29 Liberia 136

29 Mali 136

29 Russia 136

28 Myanmar 140

28 Mauritania 140

28 Pakistan 140

28 Uzbekistan 140

27 Cameroon 144

27 Kyrgyzstan 144

27 Uganda 144

26 Bangladesh 147

26 Madagascar 147

26 Mozambique 147

25 Guinea 150

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25 Iran 150

25 Tajikistan 150

24 Central African Republic 154

24 Lebanon 154

24 Nigeria 154

23 Honduras 157

23 Iraq 157

23 Cambodia 157

23 Zimbabwe 157

22 Eritrea 161

21 Congo 162

21 Guinea Bissau 162

20 Comoros 164

20 Haiti 164

20 Nicaragua 164

20 Sudan 164

20 Chad 164

19 Burundi 169

19 Democratic Republic of the Congo 169

19 Turkmenistan 169

17 Equatorial Guinea 172

17 Libya 172

16 Afghanistan 174

16 Korea, North 174

16 Yemen 174

14 Venezuela 177

13 Somalia 178

13 Syria 178

11 South Sudan 180

Share how your country is doing

Last edited 3 months ago by jens holm
Marshal Antonescu

And that is according the ????????????? another kikejoo’s NGO or association ?

Putin is sad

Since 2008 the Russian Federation spent billions of rubles to modernize the army. Four weeks of Special Military Operation in Ukraine and I knew I was robbed.

Marshal Antonescu

Everywhere where kikejoo’s invade a country there will be same ‘technique’ of the fake democratic dualism. EVERYWHERE ! JUSA is the perfect example: both demo(no)crat and republican so called opponent parties are theirs own construction from beginning. Same in all aspects related to the life of a kikejoo stolen/kidnapped sovereignty: the problem and the solution have the same authors ! Corruption and anti-corruption are no exception but instead one of the most used pseudo-dialect dualism inside a prisoner system.

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