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Coronavirus Outbreak In Europe: Criminal Negligence Or Preplanned Action


Coronavirus Outbreak In Europe: Criminal Negligence Or Preplanned Action


Europ is in panic. It’s targeted not only by a new wave of illegal migrants sent by Turkey and the collapse of energy markets, but also by a coronavirus threat. Over the past days, Italy became the key center of the coronavirus outbreak sparking declarations about a total lockdown.

The virus, known as Covid-19, has now infected close to 115,000 people worldwide and resulted in more than 4,000 deaths. The majority of these cases are in mainland China, where the outbreak first emerged. As of March 10, a total of 80,761 cases and 3,136 deaths were registered. However, Beijing seems to be gaing an upper hand and the rate of infection has been slowing significantly in the country, and the situation stabilizing. Over 60,000 people recovered and during the past 24 hours, there were only 26 new coronavirus cases registered in mainland China. The nubmer of coronavirus cases per 1 million of population stands at approximately 56.1.

South Korea, which was another epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, is also dealing with the situation successfully. The toal number of cases is 7,513. The number of death is 54. During the past 24 hours there were 35 new cases registered only. The total number of cases per 1 million of people is 146.5.

The situation is fully different in Europe. During the past few days only, Italy (mostly), France and Spain turned to be the center of chaos and virus hysteria. The speed and scale of the outbreak is surprising. According to live updates, there were a total of 9,172 cases registered in Italy with 463 deaths already. 1,797 new cases and 97 new deaths were registered on March 9 only. The number of total cases per 1 million of population is 151.7. This is higher than in China and South Korea despite the fact that the density of population in Italy is much lower.

The crisis in France and Span is not so acute, but it also surprising.

Coronavirus Outbreak In Europe: Criminal Negligence Or Preplanned Action

Source: worldometers.info/coronavirus/

Europe has almost 1.5 months to prepare for the spreading coronavirus problem. However, no effective measures were apparently employed. The disregard to epidemiological norms and measures needed to combat the oubreak is among the key issues named by local sources.

Until recently, all limitations and measures employed by Italian authorities were merely a formality. On March 9, the northern region of Lombardy and 14 other provinces were placed under lockdown. Additional measures included blanket travel restrictions, a ban on all public events, the closures of schools and public spaces such as movie theaters, and the suspension of religious services including funerals or weddings. However, Italy is already the center of the outbreak and all these measures appear to be at least late.

For example, India, which is located relatively near such centers of the outbreak as South Korea, China and Iran, did not fall into such a crisis. The difference is in the measures employed.

There is little doubt that the coronavirus threat is overestimated by mainstream media and governemnts. Covid-19 is in fact an ordinary viral disease with a slightly higher mortality from complications for people of old age or peopel with weakened immunity. Another open secret is that the current hysteria over the outbreak is being successfully used by some players to achieve their own economic and geopolitical goals. Looking at the current situation in Europe, one could suppose that some forces have seized an opportunity and are now fueling the coronavirus crisis intentionally.




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