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JUNE 2023

Coronavirus Forces U.S. To Pull Some Troops Out Of Iraq. Pompeo Blames Russia For Coronavirus Hysteria

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Coronavirus Forces U.S. To Pull Some Troops Out Of Iraq. Pompeo Blames Russia For Coronavirus Hysteria

A US soldier runs at a coalition forces forward base near West Mosul, Iraq June 21, 2017 (photo credit: REUTERS)

The U.S.-led coalition announced on March 20 that it will be pulling a part of its troops out of Iraq as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

In an official statement, the coalition said its “training-focused forces” will be returning to their countries within a few weeks. The coalition noted that Iraq’s security forces suspended all training activities in order to prevent potential spread of the COVID-19.

“The coalition remains committed to the lasting defeat of ISIS through our partnership with the ISF [Iraqi security forces], and as the situation permits, we will resume our support to Iraqi training,” the statement reads.

The coalition also announced that it will be “repositioning” some of its units within Iraqi military bases. The coalition claimed that the recent success in counter-ISIS efforts is the reason behind the repositioning decision. However, the increasing number of rocket attacks on US forces in the country is likely among the key reasons behind the decision.

Coronavirus Forces U.S. To Pull Some Troops Out Of Iraq. Pompeo Blames Russia For Coronavirus Hysteria

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks to reporters during a briefing at the State Department in Washington, U.S., February 25, 2020. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

As of March 20, 208 COVIED-19 cases have been documented in Iraq. 17 of the patients lost their lives to the notorious virus.

While the U.S.-led coalition was announcing its decision to pull its troops of Iraq because of the coronavirus fear, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused accusing Russia, Iran and China of fueling hysteria over the pandemic in the West. Pompeo said on March 20 that Russia, Iran and China are making “pretty diffused” efforts to disparage the U.S. plan to address Coronavirus pandemic.

“They need to knock it off. We don’t approve of it … The idea of transparency and accuracy in information is very important,” Pompeo said, according to U.S. News.

These accusations contradict with the U.S. own behavior, which appears to be hysteric. The U.S. has more than 16,000 COVID-19 cases. Many in the U.S. itself are criticizing the government performance in handling the pandemic. The coronavirus problems are strengthened by the economic crisis developing around the world.

Apparently, somebody in Washington opted to find some ‘external enemy’ to blame for internal problems. The list of the chosen enemies is not surprising. So, according to the US State Deparment, all these reports from the EU and the United States are fake and a result of the Russian/Chinese/Iranian-led propagnada campaign. Okay…

Coronavirus Forces U.S. To Pull Some Troops Out Of Iraq. Pompeo Blames Russia For Coronavirus Hysteria

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It’s expected that in the near future, the US and other Western states that are struggling in the fight against teh COVID-19 will increase their propaganda campaign blaming some ‘enemies’ for their own problems. The pandemic issue will be politized in order to shift the audience’s attention from the real problems. Previously, SouthFront covered the COVID-19 pandemic residually since this is not a topic related to military, diplomatic or geopolitical situation around the world. However, now, when the pandemic issue is being weaponized by the US-led bloc in its media and diplomatic propagnada campaign, we will pay more attention to the topic.


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Charles Homer

How many of these troops will be coming home to help implement a medical martial law plan? As shown in this article, at the state-level, the United States response to the coronavirus has been nothing short of imposing martial law:


If a government wants to gain total control of its citizens, the use of health emergency plans is the way to accomplish their goal. By using fear, particularly of disease, governments can more easily manipulate and control the masses. There is almost no restriction that impedes the ability of state (and local) governments from imposing medical martial law, legal checks and balances and due process be damned.


What a pig-faced yobbo.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

“We steal, we lie, we cheat” Mike Pompeo

´nuff said.


Exactly, as we speak americunts are stealing the Syrian oil and illegally occupying that country while supporting terrorist head-choppers!


John Wallace

The idea of transparency and accuracy in information is very important,” Pompeo said, Cough cough cough. If we don’t like it then we don’t approve of it especially if you try and tell any truth we haven’t officially approved of .

bouncer dogsly

Just fuck off back to US and leave the fucking world alone you mass murdering, thieving cunts.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

That’s such an eloquent reply, to goons like Pompous Mike.

Well said!

Zionism = EVIL

Just watch how all this unfolds, the Americunt swine are finished.

Xoli Xoli

United we stand devided we fall

Zionism = EVIL

Exactly, what kind of savages put sanctions when there is a pandemic globally?

Lone Ranger

Hear, hear :)


Got to let Russua, China and Iran try their hand at it more. Fair’s fair…


U$A is a thieving, mafia state shithole!


Zionism = EVIL

You Sire are a gentleman and a scholar and I could not have summed it better. The FACT that the Americunt arsewipes are cutting and running from Iraq and Syria soon are the mounting casualties the mother fucker swine cowards are facing with the deployment of new generation of aerial hunting drones and IEDs that have totally restricted the demoralized child killers to a few small isolated bases and even those now come under daily attack from resistance forces. The other obvious reason is that the bio-corona weapon has backfired and the Americunts are shit scared of dying in large numbers on the stolen lands California, Jew York etc. KARMA IS A BITCH INDEED!



Sounds like a convenient way for America to avoid losing face when they pull out. Oh well, let them claim it’s only about Corona if it makes them feel better.


I think also financial underpinnings for deployments are coming undone.

Wayne Nicholson

$1.5T in QE got them half a day of rising stocks then poof … it was gone by noon. So they threw in another half trillion and not even a dent in the freefall. Interest rate at zero. They’re fucked.

Jens Holm

Of course they and we are not fucked. Some are fucked. After the Corona things slowly or fast will improve again. Some companies and activities will be bought by others and we will climb again.

I will say the stockmarket was overrated. Now its very unerrated for a period only.

The main problem is the short term employed, where Our Goverment try to give them some help.

We might agree about its wasting money trying to support currencies with more loans as long as we dont know how long the virus make those fluktuations.

The prices for oil and gas will make more loosers then winners.

I again will ask people here and in the rest of the world to become more independent from fossils by investing in windpower and solar electricity.

Its cheeper. It makes no smog and warming up the planet is not there. Danes are used to many windturbines and in periods they already produce more electricity then we use. We do export electricity from them.

Next will be to have enough electricity for the cars even that change for several reasons is not fast. We do have space for it.

The only minus is, so many are not nice, but we try to see them as ugle and needed money.


Oh yes you hit the nail right on the head intelass, You should try to open the taupe shop in california, think ye good at it!

Wayne Nicholson

“After the Corona things slowly or fast will improve again. Some companies and activities will be bought by others and we will climb again.”

First if you think this is going to be over in a couple of weeks wake up ….. we have no way of stopping this virus . This wave alone has only begun to affect Europe and hasn’t even started in the USA. It’s going to circle the world in waves until it’s either out of fuel or we develop a vaccine. China stopped the virus in Wuhan by shutting down the country and enforced isolation. The day they announced no new cases in Wuhan they discovered new cases elsewhere from people returning from abroad.

Second we live in a market economy at a time when there is a massive stock bubble. All the efforts to print money to stimulate the economy is on the supply side of the balance sheet. $14T of capital has vanished into thin air in the USA alone over the last three weeks. The fed has dumped the same amount of money over the last 3 weeks as they did over the entire 18 months of the 2008 financial crisis.

here’s the kicker …. the Corona virus is effecting the demand side of the equation not the supply side. People are not spending money. People are not earning money. Governments are not telling you this but we won’t be back to work until summer if that. That means no tax revenue for government but they are borrowing and spending at unprecedented rates. A war against another country creates demand and puts people to work …. a war against a virus stops economic activity.

So in a market economy just who is going to buy anything after this is over? We are the most indebted people in history. No one has savings let alone enough to survive for months without income. Do you think the first priority of people who have been without an income for months is to go out and buy a car or travel? Banks who have allowed clients to defer mortgage, loan and credit card payments are going to want to be paid.

No one is going to be buying consumer goods and with government debt piled high and deep and the demand for oil falling off a cliff the petrodollar won’t be generating much income for wall street bankers so just who is going to start consuming to restart the economy?

So why not print money and give it to consumers to spend? With the massive levels of government, corporate and personal debt and no activity to generate income how do you keep hyperinflation at bay? The only thing that has kept inflation down was the USD’s status as the petrodollar but with a depressed oil market that shield is no longer effective.

No Jens …. we are headed to a depression and a long one. Gambling has worked since the 2008 recession but the luck has run out …. like in 1929 we had the party …. now we have to deal with the hangover.

Jens Holm

USA itself are doing well. They also are not hit as much as many others according the upside downs for oil.

The big producers are. The Norweigian currency has fallen a lot and Russia makes westerns happy selling a lot of oil for almost nothing.

Jens Holm

Its a normal procedure for all countries to make them come home.

You say they say – But they dont.

You must have a total memorylack about those troops. They are there because they are asked in after all troops had left.

It doesnt say they should stay there forever. Its a contract. If Iraqians say they and we are not needed, its fine with me.

If You are able to read Popmpeo says its the american parts of the training the Iraqi army, which retreat.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

And here was everyone thinking it was actually Iraqi militias and Iranian backed forces.

Jens Holm

Everyone is not everyone.

Its a very big base having Iraqian fighting troops as well as the Iraqians guads the safety perimeter.

In it there are american heavy troops as well as many teachers from Nato to improve the Iraqian forces. Those foreigners all are asked for by the Bagdads.

This is not about thinking. Many here has a terrifying low level about things, which the like as well as they condem. And relative well informtion has been available all the time.

Much like You are taken away from all informtion apart from Your own proppaganda, I see that for the deep state speakers right here. They all come from higly censured countries.

A lot of things being deep can be writen here in the open from newspapers as well as referred from Our goverment and Parlament.

You deny to understand how western economics work and who is who is who in influence and You not even has a language for, what You dont understand as well as You are not able to listen to or read about it.

Lone Ranger

“We lied, we stole, we cheated” Mike”dirtbag”Pompeo -2018


He’s not a dirtbag, he’s a bag of dirt!

itibi ra

Actually, he’s entirely full of shit.


“ When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” Sherlock Holmes

So, “we lie, steel & cheet” Pompeous the shithead is out drooling nonsense again, but then again, He is just an Moronikan, not much of an surprice, stupdity so bad its only beaten by Trump. Yup, trancapapapacy and eh accuCracy, as if this bag is shit knows what this words even means. So, I knew I was right when this hysterical freak show called Corona virus kicked into motion, and derailed in an hart beat into been something witch they is lying about, fudging the stats, you know the word, lies, dammed lies and statistics, and in this uh… epidemic, they have dragged the shit into new hights. But, the ugly truth is, I didnt go fully for the bio-weapon theory, but now I am not that certain anymore, not that it have to be an bio-weapon, but the effect of it, when I know only one nations insanly evil Gov, incl this sack of shit and the trumpthing, thats whhat they want, never let an crisis go to waist, and the blame game, to divert the attentions into an issue witch is de facto irrelevant, when its comed out anyway, weapon or not, is what have the Imperial banana republic done, and why have they done this.

Remeber, the Impisses have crashed the european economy, with moronic sanctions witch have bleed europa, and wars, witch is feeding refugees in millions, killed millions directly or indirectly and ruined nations upon nations along with the 5 colums in the EU, an EU whom even gave their own members the finger, and made everything worse, and when they countered it was with draconian idiocy, like the little freak MaCrony to Mutti Morekill, they have no gone total bananas, and spews shit in every direction I will this time again link, to articles witch if this dont awaken you/us, we indeed will go down in flames, because as said before, the AmeriCunts are evil, an people without any kind of morale other then lying, steeling and cheeting and their actions speaks, and we know also that our MSM witch is run by the same people whom is cashing in on various bailouts/austeritys, of course while sprinkling scraps on the people, and smal companys will be wiped out, but never the banks whom is becoming an black hole, witch we pay for, of course, and then we have the second biggest evil, the MIC, medical ind. complext and this time, they both have the same agenda, world dominance, and I never trust anything anymore of what our MSM writes, they accused some of us for been “conspiracy lacen” while it turned out we where dead on.

https://www.repubblica.it/cronaca/2020/03/19/news/coronavirus_tamponi_da_brescia_a_stati_uniti-251735473/?fbclid=IwAR1ytNmiwl4CrB5tEDcJg17X4457gznnscy9kO7QDWqyTuDHcPsnTKxOu3Y&refresh_ce (its on italian) Nice friends, huh.

Remeber Trumps denile of the buying of vaccine/medics, that was an fact, and this time its about stealing/taking away things the Italians needed.

And that they did nothing, and why they did nothing, cue bono. This f…. knew and I start to belive they, the AmerCunts started this, and never underestemate their evil. https://jackrabbit.blog/2020/03/the-empire-games-covid-19/ Its an f…. scam. Nothing but an f…. scam. Its what that comes that worries me, not this virus, but ignorants will always hang them self on the MSM bedbug wagon, since its about hate propaganda, and China is their main target, like the Trumps Kung Flu, etc and the best thing, if there ever was any f… doubt about how false the MSM is, the expsoing of the ugly truth about the so called “Alternative Media” is what I realy like, everything from ZH, to the insane propaganda coming from so called right winged alt media witch means the same as the MSM where they are based upon their owners, whom are Jews.

The truth is, there is no alternative media, some few, and they deserve respect, but the large ones are 100% fake. Then we have the good news, Cuba, hehe, and China, the exposure of the corrupt EU, and again this time they did it all them selfs, and hopefully, european nations finaly awaken to the truth about what EU is, bitches for the NWO aka The Imperial banana republic. The best thing to do is to kick the Moronikans out of europa, ban their corps, and if they want to stay, pay to play of simply eradicate them from our realms, so others may come up, we will benefit from trowing the scums of this earth out, the banana republic will become an 3 world shithole, and let them have it.



Being clinically manic will get you to spew very long crap. Best to take your meds.

Jens Holm

You forget most of the world luck down like that in several versions, so all are hit and in same boat.

This is classic known virus and bakteria war. If we were totally mad and only had money in our minds, we should do nothing and let as many as possible ogf the old people die.

We see the same cynisme in Iran, Iraq and Syria. Too many are unimployed, so let them kill each other until its solved.

Assad must stay

Good keep withdrawing and don’t ever come back

Zionism = EVIL

The Jew virus in occupied Palestine is dying too. The Americunt bio-warfare has scored a very impressive home goal :) Another 6 months of this circus to follow.

Xoli Xoli

This gay Pompeo plays.blame game while knowing it is him who order the infection and spreading of coronavirus in China wuhan province.


Everyone knows the virus came from that Chinese weapons lab right there in Wuhan. What is less known is that the Russians who created it for their bio-weapons program brought it to that lab and in typical Russian style had a really bad techno fuckup. They really shouldn’t hit their Vodka rations while on the job.

John Wallace

Trouble is very few people do know where it started and the truth behind it. To say ” everyone knows ” is utter crap in a misguided attempt to validate “your” propaganda. It may have started in China or it may have been concocted elsewhere but in either case very few people know with absolute certainty. So your whole comment is nothing short of absolute and utter garbage which is indicative of your credibility. Based on your comment I would say with 99% surety that your credibility is if not zero then so fucking close to it , it doesn’t really matter.

Ivan Freely

John, he already admitted that he’s making stuff up in the past. I guess you missed that post.

John Wallace

Most likely missed it as I don’t often read his garbage . Mind you he is not the only one that spews waffle to stir the pot. For what advantage eludes me other than giving themselves a big hard on and thinking they have achieved something useful,. No matter as with the tide going out we shall see who is wearing shorts. .. or is this virus a means of …

Xoli Xoli

Thank guys you are most important compatriots of the world for its existance and sustainability. I am so glad that you people who speaks better English then me.Have hit the snake and a propaganda boy Jake on his head .Even Holms sees his utter nonsense as rubbish.

Jens Holm

There are no indications on that at all.

The chines dont need some primitive Russian help to make nasty virus like that. Many scientists in the world can do that.

The main problem for that kind of war is spreading it out, where You want it and not get hit Yourself.

Both China and Russia are hit hard. So are those countries runned by CIA and Mossad. Well those are hit hard. I can only see USA the comming days will see their protection is very limited and they can expect many dead ones as well.

The coastline states such as New York and California are hit hard.

You should stop that kind of writing. The virus is all over the world but not registrated al over the world.


You call that advanced,you are one very serious sick fk that needs a headshot! Either way ye soros/lgbtq goons will pay the price for lieing ye viles asses to hell! Make no mistake,to date you have failed to prove a single valid point (period)

John Wallace

Well the US has more cases than Iran now so it is biting them in the arse. I did say last week America by it’s own incompetence and stupid superiority beliefs were only a few hundred at that time but were sitting on an exploding time bomb. They were laughing at Iran for being so bad but now they are worse. Only China , Italy , Spain and Germany have more cases but the US let it get out of control and spread to who , they have no idea.. If Biden or Trump are the best the US can come up with God help USA because no one else will.


Everyone knows do they? Lol, stop talking utter shit.


British patent,I don’t think so,and by the way vodka and rakia kills corona virus,flogged!

Zionism = EVIL

Jew FUCK, I thought you lab rats would be dead by now LOL

Julio Cesar Perez

The internal thoughts of Pompeo, we in the USA created the Corona Virus to attack especially China, but something escaped us, so he does not understand the concern of the countries and the people, so he thinks that everything is hysteria, especially Russia


That’s only in your demented brain under your tinfoil hat.


You’re no different, you think Russia created it without any evidence. Lucky for you there is still plenty of tin foil at the supermarket. But then again, you’ll need toilet paper to wipe the shit off your chin.

Jens Holm

You should read about corana.

Keep distance to other people. Dont cough and cut of Your forever dirty hands.


I am a very long distance from you. And yet I fear catching the swine flu, just by making this reply to you.

Jens Holm

Most of our pigs are at very closed big farms of 10.000 – 20.000 or 30.000 far from people. For the moment we have 15 million of them.

So You cant be contaminated by me. It is possible to be vaccinated agaist it. Even so it can hit You but only will give You pigtail.


Halliburton temporarily lays off 3500 (furlough)…



And in a few weeks, it will hit Russia really big time. They are going down.

Jens Holm

Yes, several others based on oil are in high risk. Putin only has a few gold bars under his pillow.


Oh yes for sure,just a few bars and they painted them too,and the price on the bowser is terrific,regardless oil + gas is the true #1 powerhouse geniune billion dollar export industry,next are the ores,great for powering the world,next are precious metals like gold and other viral minerals,absolutely dwarfs the banks! Lets forget russia as the worlds #1 most gold backed currency as in mirrored,unlike usa whoms golds is gone all to china,youd think iy 25 trillion debts Either way,assuming russia only has oil,gas,ores+ gold say only just that, Ny stock markets can’t keep up,why?Because they lacketh productivety,fkn derr!


You have failed to prove anything you ever posted to date if not the opposite, that is ok,see when a persons level of ignorance is only rivaled by stupidity,that helps no one,absolutely no one,other than wasting the others oxygen on planet earth (period)

Luke Hemmming

Anyway they can to lay the blame on either China, Iran or in this case Russia. Doesn’t matter Pompeo…your still a fat cunt.


LOL…turn about is fair play.

John Wallace

you forgot ugly , lying and others . A cunt is useful so may I suggest a soft prick unable to raise itself too any level so useless.

Jens Holm

Its a very strange site. I have to spell everything correct and not use english as I do in the english world. Reasing and talking about women is haram and I never get any comments, when I write about how I think things of Yours are bad.

But motherfucker, rape, pedofilia and cunt is high ranked as long as they are spelled correct….


Yes, as long as it spelled correctly. :D Denmark now has 1337 cases. If you are in self lock down, does this mean you will have more time to pester the SF posters? How is your supply of toilet paper and hand sanitizer? If you have any to spare you should put it up for sale on EBAY. :)

Jens Holm

I have to be more home, but my “late retirement jobs” is very needed.

We need nothing aprt from hand sanitizers. We just have catched some thieves, which had stolen 12big boxes of that cleaner from a hospital. .

But we do have a lot of water and soap.

I do have a small flat named “summrhouse”. I will stay home, because I have to meet many there as well as will need to do shopping.

Its much worse for people getting fired even they get some compensation from the state. I am sure all the children being home from school is a difficult one.

You should write a little bit about Yourself too. I might sell You some toiet paper with discount on EBay.


I am taking some time off to be away from people. Hope to catch some springtime blooms in the high deserts and mountains of southern CA. This should lift my spirits. :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1886b34c2e59bcf8e627ab964eb0bf39dbf94989aad1b14499554865e2ab3c04.jpg


Perhaps Jens could trade a roll of toilet paper for a book with English grammar…

cechas vodobenikov

hofsdter found that only amerikans fetishize the alphabet—Boorstin described the amerikan reduction of thinking to spelling as “the amerikan spelling fetish”


What’s de point of ye english id it beareth no truth,nor facts,nor proof,nor substance?


LOL…the first place I saw any blaming was on Russian sites like this and on Putz Putin the Poisoner mouthpiece media like RT and Sputnik News. It was blaming the US for infecting the Chinese even intentionally. So stop the lying. And damn, you and they are continuing it. But since the Kremlin has developed the false narrative that Big Bad He-Man Glorious Mother Russia is immune to any such puny virus, they will not act in time and Russia will likely go the way of Italy big time. I like Karma even if it is in Russian. Bye bye Putz Putin and his RF.

Jens Holm

Yes, Suptnik was one of two being dysfunctionel again and again.


Spu tnik are full of sht,they are the enemy of the world never the true friend of russia!


Corovirus is a joke and you’re a fool to be falling for the hype. The whole thing is just a big giant nothing burger, and like the good sheeple you are, idiots like you are perpetuating this BS scare.


Go shake some hands and lick some public door handles, sport.


Sick people like you wishing evil will be rebuked,wait and see sick troll,iy will be you and your kind whom will suffer the most,make no mistake sick troll,you are allready infected in ye sick fekn head,and your curse has no evident power either way your fkd,use ye filthy spoon dig ye grave!


LMFAO…oil price war, natural gas price tied to the oil price, national budget and export revenues dominated by oil and gas revenues, playing Soviet with Coronavirus info until it is too late…YEP, bye bye Putz Putin and his RF. Time for the folk in Siberia to learn Mandarin…

Jens Holm

I think the image should show dead in % pr contry

Ivan Freely

You left out Iran and China in the title. I was about to say something about it. Click bait perhaps?

Jens Holm

Well, go on: Say something about it.

I can say the Russian military propaganda has blamed US for sending out that virus. Thats a written fact.

Add please.

Ivan Freely

Nothing to say. IF you bothered to read the article, Iran and China have been mentioned.




Anyone who is not aware, 20-30 thousand Americans died last year from “influenza” as it was reported back then when a chemical lab was closed right before the china military games where the US took part in …. makes you think

Jens Holm

It certainly hit You hard:) Next time they will take a leg and sell it to Hesbollah.


This bloke is kinda losing it,Russia sets the free oil trading standards which interm drove the usa’s fake #1 oil producing concept to an array of hysteria,particularly exposing the blatant lie,so then he confuses the medias hysteria with both,either way,Russia has things under control,drink vodka,rakia kills coronas


Yep that binging will really work. They found it was the only way to kill the Virus and stop it’s spread in Islamist Iran where Vodka and Rakia are banned. However, industrial wood alcohol is not. But look on the bright side. The Islamists are doing just fine with their toilet paper supply.

cechas vodobenikov

insecure feminized amerikan males—“by the tyranny of the school m’arm”. Boorstin, bleat like little girls “only in amerika is the father vestigial–the amerikan mind and conscience is feminine….”Geoffrey Gorer this is obvious: in civilized societies, males take the initiative—in the USA it is females….these sexually repressed racists where more rapes per capita exist than all nations now demonstrate their puritanism and insecure feminine nature w the “me-too protests”. LOL…in a letter to Le Monde 100 prominent French females described “me-too” as “puritanism” apparently French females enjoy sex—today amerikan money worshipping automatons r so sexually repressed that they sexually assault their mobile phones “amerikans r the most prudish people in western civilization–they sublimate their desire by chasing the dollar”. Freud “the artificial sexual scarcity in amerika derives from the amerikan money neurosis”. Philip Slater of course this regards their imperialism–French historians observe that the German occupies did not rape French females—the sexually pressed ameikan soldiers aped more than 1000 French girls in WWII


Pompeo and Hillary in one bed


The “training” of Iraqis will take only another 150 years. Training, what a load of bull…


the spreading of the corona virus more than likely was planned in tel aviv and directed at Iran with a few misdirections included – but the preponderance of evidence leads you to tel aviv, shameful but the jews in palestine have no shame and as always, keep lying, keep killing and keep stealing. just on thing to do – eviscerate the scum from the face of the earth – now.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Someone should have asked Pompous Mike what “diffuse” meant!

There’s not been a bright thought passed through his head ever since he learned how to use a spoon.

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